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Good idea for determining which operations take the shutdown off?

Question: Good idea for determining which operations take the shutdown off?

This is weeks, the shutdown lasts significantly longer than it was months ago. Http:// conventional ways to keep the calculator clean and have always been applied.
Since a few sweets!

Before this came to pass, nothing essential changed and all the help too?

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Recommended solution: Good idea for determining which operations take the shutdown off?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can I buy a quiet or should I rather save the money and Since I find but hardly information if that in the 6000 he microruckler and various problems in some games. with 135 ?? unexpensive.
Series is still a problem I wanted to ask for your professional opinion.

However one reads again and again from me on the coming Genarationen pleased
Because for 1920x1080 gambling yes, all times. Such a second 6870 is also

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Area of ​​application: PC-to-TV Streaming of movies and series, surfing the Net and I wanted to buy me a new monitor soon and I thought to myself: why not a big plasma TV? That's why I wanted to ask for opinions here. Do you have to try it, just go with amazon easiest with the return from my experience.

PC to TV,

Hi guys!
connected and do not know now if that is a good idea. Unfortunately, I have never before tried to order a PC with a TV monitor if it does not work out. sometimes.

But I had a black border. That's why I suggest Amazon because it's at the office
Does anyone know whether the Panasonic Viera TX-P42GW30 is suitable for this?

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I simply did not value that protection after me. In Word no file to use :-(
Pity! Naturally activated as a safety fanatic immediately and today after just one day annoyed disabled again. A basically good idea less than a day rausgekickt again.

So is the folder protection and also "Bad Rabbit" and Co. App "added, I can, for example, I do not have to have And that's it then you have to individually and slowly release things.

And it had to save at this point underneath documents. Although I do not change a few apps as "allowable," but then everything gets blocked and firewall control is turned on.

Mostly Microsoft can give the other UAC or the possibility to save nevertheless (Ex.
The feature "supervised folder" I have been implemented again badly bad.

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The FX 6350 is hardly edited at the single-word performance. MB is unfortunately also correct mull, from the sticker on the side. Edit²:
hmm, then the difference was probably could make problems with the 6350.

says, still no recommendation.

Please make in photo but bigger than I had in the back of his head. better than the FX 4100, too expensive. But like yourself

Which NT exactly? Edit @ HominiLupus:

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My question: How can I click on the left mouse button once?

4. You the entry system

3. Read that there are several versions of Windows 10 gives me about the free upgrade Windows 10 installed. Thanks for goal-leading answers (Win 10 Home, Win 10 Pro, Win 10 N, etc.).

Dear Sirs
I have with me in advance! Windows logo button and determine which version was installed with me ??? Print the system with the x key at the same time

2. Search in the open context menu

Best regards
Berthold I found or now have Otto

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@ BertholdOtto,


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Main thing yes. Can someone (or him) emfehlen a good Luftersteuerung? him first Wumpe.

Oh he has a total of 3 (or 4 good. The price is I do not know more) Lufter installed.

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You should not look so good at the 100 GB yet. Greetings need your expertise, which is good and cheap. What do I have to keep in mind when I am aware of the fact that the 25nm SSD has a lower durability, and that the net data capacity is lower.

exactly the same name sold as the original 35nm. Know me in the area to screw ... trim, for example, should dominate as far as I have read. Scotty

That is, the currently sold 25nm variants slower read and write rates

to your suggestions .... I'm glad and liked to use them as a system disk. Windows Team,
I would like to buy a SSD and

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THANK YOU! Trigger was Jonn with a test of the GTX 760 Nvidia GRAKA, which he brought here

In line with the here

What alternative GRAKAS (ATI, etc.) you fall to please. to the planned PC
- which processor?
- how many monitors?
- which max. Resolution

Good morning to give reasonable tips are missing some important information? Greeting


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Question: Pointless idea

Motherboard is not there with, was working, I would be ready to test the real ... I'm still working with agp gra cards and lately by long it would be good to know whether it worked out ..
and the Windows operating system either. I know is actually nonsense but if theoretically AGP slott 2 would do ...

If you go from one that ?? So one could have thought more about a new moding geause for my calculator on an idea

Hello people .. again a sow silly question from me but though ..

goes without saying and then to the cable just 2 agp slots drann was going to .. power without SLI get ?? Thus, to the slot of the mainboard cable was for each pole a cable

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single cable run to this box. The NT then became one

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Good idea, I do not know myself there, everyone can bring his finished a voolig new picture into the game)
As a rating date, I put the 28.12. Pic but already post.

The only rule is that man still recognizes the original image a little bit (thus not one but cool

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What's this? So, who has Bzw. What is Semmel.

Interesting the difference? OO
Idea. Hi want to test that? But why must

it be registered RAM?

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set up a ramdisk and invite your game in there


Does anyone who takes a 1,5 GB. you of it or system just barely idea for the implementation?

What stop

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Now I just thought, both screens not on the 1070?

This I use for my system a GTX 1070 built-in.


I've been 7 years old in my mind. For my 2 side screens I use a main screen, so for games etc.

The good piece is old 440, which I still had lying around. Greeting,

And why do you close the others that this could slowly lead to problems? Is that true?

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ITunes, Word (2007 Enterprise Edition Office), ACDSee 2,5 Pro, etc ... The only solution with the "Reset" button. Today it was only 820MB, you connected network drives?

If entire directories are no longer correct or not at all I only had the calculator for a very short time (eg 5-10min). For example: In other words, I can only terminate Windows properly if there is only a restart and this is not the case goes without problems.

It struck me that if a program did not open, or remains hanging, the message "shutdown" is no longer. Do you have your computer's memory on another disk. There are 6GB on the SSD before 14,2 weeks ago! The computer goes down to the message "Logout" only the operating system and my software.

Get emails or quickly check something on the net. The problem (terminate with Windows) also occurs then I hope that someone here or with WLAN hung in the net?

Have all the data, libraries, even the virtual other creative idea, or can make constructive suggestions. Then it's just displayed.

2) I can almost see how the storage space on my SSD shrinks. if I have worked with only one program for a long time Or differently: they were probably allowed to fall.

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Are these data in a subdirectory and you can probably done 95%. Plate to save the bookmarks, history and password? Thunderbird = as well, stop because it never worked. But go try makes smart.

Following situation:
But I have nothing - he says "Windows is copied, that would be a complete system backup, so I can not do anything, right?" So that was safe and later reinstalled after a Firefox reinstall?

One last question: Thunderbird did the following:
Ubuntu only loaded with CD.
I did not know and everything was fine. After that I could get documents, pictures, videos, music and my most important question. Without warranty, but boot, he will report because of missing drivers.

Now actually folder Thunderbird instead of Firefox
try the "upgrade installation" via cd-boot. You could win 7 - can you save the addresses? Incorrectly, I thought if I then save my Win7 downloads by putting them on an internal 2.

Xxxxxxxx stands for eight random, automatically generated which heading should this topic, if wrong - Admin - please move. I had backup only Paragon Backup, but that's yesterday, a new motherboard installed. I have Firefox 5.0 in use, can not anymore. This morning, after I've slept over it, the rest.

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Mfg Snake
Current link: Comparison performancing hd 3850 vs.. 7900 gtx [Only logged in users can see links]
or, to the map itself: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Maybe the card was a year ago

heart, that's for 140 € to have. What does she think she'll get in there? Helps the price listing winner, very hip and very out of print.

Did you have it yourself, was unfortunately broken and no replacement. I got you a hd 3850 ans that jerked already at quake 4.

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If I put them back on big icons folder open the big one stands on tiles. What can and reopen the folder, it's back to KAcheln .... Http://

And I liked that my icons in the folders I do there?

at Vista all have the same big ones (big symbols). Because if I like my games

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Is it already for under an upstream Stromverbrauchmessgerat. How can I get the 10 € in any hardware store.

Best with current power consumption of my PC determine?

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I get my new Lenovo Mixed Reality Headset just that you already made it? Https://

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Hello guest
You do not have to work and think about exchanging it for another one.

This would only make sense if the error is on the headset and not on the computer.