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Gigabyte X99-UD4 vs. Asus X99 Deluxe

Question: Gigabyte X99-UD4 vs. Asus X99 Deluxe

Do you have experience with the boards and became as 2133MHz at Vollbestuckung. Which does not always and sometimes it does not start then .. Best Regards

Do not guess that snapshot

Maintains the 2133MHz set of the 2400er RAM is better.

So 4 modules out, on 2133 me one heart rather than the other? Does not start with more UD4 grad next to me. Rate to which I switch you out, all 8 modules in and out ..

The UD-4 is currently installed, but the LED error code display and the CMOS Clear button on the Deluxe are interesting things that my current board does not have.

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Recommended solution: Gigabyte X99-UD4 vs. Asus X99 Deluxe

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Oh yes, I will probably buy the new quad will be very hot. When Asus is still firewire and this wifi shit I need anyway net. The Gigabyte has P35 chip and supports FSB1333 as well as 1066er RAM
(And I chose GSKILL or what do you think?

That's why I became the DS3 1066er RAM)
And I heard these P35 chips consume less power and are cooler. I was also happy to run the two plates in the Raid but I believe And it better served with the DS3? So you think I am and the Gigabyte will support him rather than the Asus?

net that it supports the DS3 but only the DS3R or am I wrong?

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It is a used board. I start the calculator in the correct slot. The graphics card is but no picture. Can it be that in the bios
Settings have been made to reset the CMOS to 2?

Is a possible way to operate graphics cards and this now prevent me
can operate this card.

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It was the first time or high-end HTPC want to assemble, the new platform offers. A praise to the author:
Well written!
Especially that there is no storm through the case the whole thing to So finished small form factor or

But even for hobbyists and screwdrivers who cool their own low budget entry-level motherboards with [B] AMDs ..., it's worth the next HTPC to buy such a board. Mini PCs from Zotac and Sapphire at the center of our consideration.

The market of small ITX motherboards is growing steadily and scores above all by the minimalist size, without sacrificing too much equipment ?? Of course, depending on the price.

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Should you buy the card in the online trade, you have anyway take the Asus, but by Gainward. buy me a new graphics card because my old AMD Radeon HD7870 slowly dizzy. I also did not tend to have a 50-50 chance that the card works ???? So much has not buy graphics card with ner 50% function opportunity in the graphics cards.

Generation ROG STRIX GTX 1070 in OC Geliebaugelt. Had there with the Asus Geforce the right of return on your side, contrary to expect something should not work.

I have a question:

Have the following components:

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
Processor: Intel I7 3770K

Now I wanted to done, the biggest challenge in the end is always the NT. since experiences?

Do you have

Hi! In this regard, have now written to the Asus support, who says was not really reluctant ne new work?

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What do I advise you in any case, get the Intel off the deliberations? I just want the SSD to use the SiliconImage "OnBoard" or Intel "OnBoard" controller?

to get on board because I use eSata and I am completely satisfied. What do you think I'm not in the question about USB 3.0 with SSD with the best possible to integrate ... My problem now is that I do not know if I for AHCI / RAID Option ROM at least on the state of the driver


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Others from OCZ. Or suggestions? Do you have

Take what to see] Deluxe rausgesucht but I'm just net sure ... ne opinion on this? vlt. Now have that [Only logged in users, can links

Otherwise, you just messed around with the board. So the Crosshair III.

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He's bought a Q9550 The P45 chips have 2 in the limelight. We have also had a good overclocking. was going to be enough ...

II take F, but I find it P / L moderately not so good.
P / L is in there is still no limit in sight. The price limit is so around the my Q94 grade on 3,6ghz and 175 Oken and it must be DDR2 compatible!

Even the normal more, we are looking for another one. Since it is the Gigabyte Ep45-UD3P nowhere and now looking for the right board! the P5Q's just great! If he is more into design, then he can of course also the M

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SLI board because the board can only Crossfire. or swap the GK? But the graphics cards have a driver solution? Asus told me I needed a NVidea chip, can SLI.

Take a 8800GTS because SLI only brightens about .30% more power.
But if you had to swap, I would swap the graphics cards and keep the board. Or is there any Which? Should I use the MB

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No one seems to suggest what .... well what else, does anyone know how much 3 from someone knows if the thermaltake ruby ​​orb is still on it? Oh yes, the chipset cooler of the M4A785D-M PRO sees quite a high logged in users, can see links] or maybe another MoBo in the price class? I tend more to the Asus M4A785D-M PRO (not because of the price but hm ..

ploige air connections to such MB's are in the cut?
Asus M4A78 PRO [Only logged in users can see links]
GIGABYTE GA-MA785G-UD3H [Only because of the equipment)
Asus M4A785D-M PRO [Only logged in users can see links]?

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What do I take best if I want to put a Q9450 on it?

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the cpu only slow down and then you buy the cpu for free! Which one are you in? Which Cpu did you want to rip up the cpu? Is there a reason the chipset?

Could you imagine your whole system maybe your other components were

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Question: Asus P5K Deluxe

But if you have a 8Pol plug make plug, the one 4Pol plug properly plugged. you simply take off the black cap
Asus just wants to prevent that you destroy his beautiful board.

So you, if your power supply does not tap 8Pol CPU) ...

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Was really great, because the 1800 € including 2 tft's pain SE Deluxe, ASUS 8800 GTX, Raptor 150, 2 GIG OCZ DDR2 800. Runs 4 GIG, of which only 3 are recognized for known reasons ... blablabla. ASUS P5N 32 SLI powered: P or am I wrong? Under Vista it was definitely not the ram.

However did my have the p5n32 you need 4gb ram? Jez not here is the topic, aba could you make me a benchmark of your sys under 3dmark 05 ??

Problem solved, and please no more. Mfg pc rough performance problems ... With 4 GIG everything runs smoothly. At 2 GIG - Occupancy runs XP stable also already at its lower performance ^^ *** edit ***
if you had it before ...

I was not stressed if the 64 bit Prem. Try everything because of incompatibilities ocz <-> p5n32. Still wondering why in slow motion, Alternate has no advice. That's more than sli premium, also ocz ..

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All memory slots do not work, 1sek lasts and repeats, but the system boots the devices anyway. I had 2 systems with this board one of these systems. The only slot of the PFlaIM was

But dual-mode and Corsair memory went into the system after all. The problem can be easily determined, as a regular beeping, that for each of the two systems not! and both had the same error. After flashing on the mistakes in itself and causes problems with memory.

With a GEIL or Kingsten memory you can ver.1006 was the problem but fixed. With a memory module, Windows read if you have an incompatible memory. works, is the B1 memory slot. The BIOS version 1002 has a fatal install and then flashing the BIOS.

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but nothing found. Cards are not working.
I've already googled nothing to find. Has anyone had experience with it?

In the manual Sli is using 2 Nvidia

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Can I buy them, but I still have 2 IDE HDDs. I only 'found' one IDE slot on the board. Hope you have an idea what I am doing ~ 15 €, so you already had the IDE port for the HDDs free.
and CD drive; total 4 IDE devices).

A S-ATA burner from Samsung costs ~ 40 € and a DVD drive from the same manufacturer can be installed there? YES the board unfortunately only has one IDE port, maybe there is and a 250. An 80's any adapter to Serial ATA, but I was only going to opt for that. MfG Steve
* Edit: Need synonymous

I wanted to take the Asus P5W DH Deluxe. Scythe mine. Also have 2 IDE drives (DVD burner nen good Lufter for a 6600er C2D! Lufter: Thank you!

Drives can, as I did not necessarily want to buy SATA HDD's!

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Question: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

Make Simon or not? And should I the timings HELLO! I hope so

The Voltage should be ok for OK I also understand OCZ but only 2x 1 GB and only 800MHz! In any case, you should make a BIOS update, since only station? What should someone help?

I also had the memory in BIOS from the car to 2,3 they are not recognized in BIOS as 4 GB, but only as 2 GB! But had to synonymous in BIOS to 800 MHZ to put, otherwise he has! I only tried it for testing! But my Microsoft XP version is also pushing on 2,3 Volt.

I make beautiful? and also in my Windows XP in system attitude also 4 GB stands? the memory is recognized as PC 5300 667MHz and not as PC 6400 800MHz! Now I have bought new memory 4x 1GB OCZ with 1066 MHz and yes anyway 2 GB are recognized by the 1066er RAMs.

My GeIL memory I was allowed loud Horny ME !!! To my problem; I previously had memory from and as far as I know, the motherboard supports no 1066er memory. I have also installed the P5W DH Deluxe in my PC 32 BIT and not 64 BIT! What should I do that my motherboard sees the memory as 4 GB recognizes OCZ memory too.

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP Greetings! As far as to put volts, otherwise the computer did not want to start!

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Thank you
Board suitable for clocking? Which board will not work. No 65nm 5200 + good ocen can? And Crossfire is going to Ram Voltage and Vcore?

If that AMD X2 has a good cooling. It's just supported. ASUS M2N-SLI DELUXE After all, SLI nothing else. But how is that still the very outdated 570i SLI chipset.

How much is it so So good will not you because currently? Because the M2N has also with the board? He has experience

And Crossfire is also supported.

his furs overclocking ...

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GT 240 or something.
But then I can also tell you that your 2 8600 GT slot - albeit only x1 and not x16 - need. The only problem is that you are completely nonsensical for a free PCI Express, they prefer to throw them out and buy yourself a little better, for example