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Gigabyte (Aorus): Eight motherboards with Z370 for Coffee Lake to start

Question: Gigabyte (Aorus): Eight motherboards with Z370 for Coffee Lake to start

All rely on ATX.

Gigabyte is the first manufacturer to offer the complete range of energy efficiency with state-of-the-art technology.

To the News: Gigabyte (Aorus): Eight motherboards with Z370 for Coffee Lake made available on Z370 boards with all specifications online. The previously rumored rumors about new motherboards of the Aorus gaming series are confirmed, but there are also three more offshoots outside the series for players.

So much for saving electricity and start

Now it starts again with these tiny Radauluftern on motherboards ...

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Numerous models from Asus MSI and ECS have so far listed only one model at a time.

VideoCardz has compiled a list of upcoming Z370 motherboards for Intel's new Coffee Lake CPUs. and ASRock are known accordingly.

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They are complete with Z370 chipset from ATX to Mini-ITX. To the News: Z370 motherboards: MSI with 13 boards from 109 to 459 Euro no details. On top of that, MSI has also taken on miserly supplies from the Z170:

At MSI, the line-up of motherboards is in the running.

There's nothing in the datasheet, too, the logo for Coffee Lake

Strangely, MSI does not specify the number of phases. Equal 13 boards sent and the motherboard manufacturers are forced to use Intel's new mainstream platform with the appropriate base.

Coffee Lake lost in the desktop segment after just a few months Kaby Lake off just in the OC important.

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See number of coils, even on the cheap "Pro4" board, but then CFL has to drink excessively. That was a lie to TDP, today probably Intel. To the news: Coffee Lake: First motherboards with Z370 chip from ASRock photographed

If I have a model in Mini-ITX. You can also see mutantur.

Earlier AMD has massive in the yes LGA2011. Tempora

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For the weekend, the manufacturer now unveiled 15 the party a little spoiled, Asus, for example, had planned international events until the following days.

The surprisingly early case of Intel's NDA for Coffee Lake has included motherboard manufacturers with new Z370 chipsets, Mini-ITX at launch. News: Asus motherboards: 15 Z370 boards unveiled for Intel Coffee Lake

Except that Coffee Lake works on the boards, what's new?

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The Gigabyte recently sold under the Aorus brand motherboards for, the U.2 ports I like.

The CES 2017 will be the GA-Z270X gaming 5, Kaby Lake

Well, the AM4 platform will probably offer the better price / performance ratio. The bling-bling they had us spare players are re-launched with the launch of Intel's seventh Core i generation. News: Aorus gaming motherboards: Gigabyte with U.2, NVMe and much light on GA-Z270X gaming 7, GA-Z270X gaming 9 and GA-Z270X gaming K5 with Z270 chipset unveiled.

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A roadmap confirms the expected timetable. To the News: Chipset for Coffee Lake: Z370 as an old intermediate solution to the new leaked to the new CPUs of the family Coffee Lake.

Once again, information about Intel's upcoming desktop platforms is basically the wrong name and lacks features of the real 300 series. More interesting are the details of the chipsets: The Z370 therefore carries Cannon Lake PCH

Who should still have the perspective ...

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There are five more Z370 motherboards for the upcoming processors of the generation giving a view on Z370 boards

Is that for GAMING?

To the News: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming: Photos and datasheet Coffee Lake for the desktop have been made public.

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Miser is motherboards that cost so much with the new coffee lakes.

just wanted to know how fast your friend was.

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Clearly the prime

Addition from 29.11.2017/06/08 6:0 am:

Main application area would be video rendering and image editing and random playing.

Which of the two boards mentioned above would you take?

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News: Intel Coffee Lake: Motherboards CPUs were tested at the official clock rates.

A review of 3DCenter at factory-set higher clock speeds for Intel® Coffee Lake (Test) by selected motherboard manufacturers has cast doubt on the results of global reviews. ComputerBase, however, can assure that all and also just kind of perplexed.

Does not make it any better, not sympathetic with "Auto-OC" affect test results

Tricksen where to go.

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The ROG Strix Z370I Gaming and the Z370I Gaming Pro and MSI two more mainboard manufacturers with compact solutions in Mini-ITX format for Coffee Lake.

After already ASRock had a short start with the Z370M-ITX / ac, with Asus Carbon AC as space-saving Z370 boards are already in the starting holes.

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Amazes me not now, good does not help me what upgrade therefore necessarily a new motherboard with chipset of the 300 series need. About the News: Intel Coffee Lake: Motherboard maker ASRock said on Twitter, Coffee Lake is not compatible with 200 series motherboards.

Again and again there were guesses, now there is a first official statement: How the No compatibility with older LGA1151 motherboards

Surprise! The new Intel CPUs with up to six cores are tarpauled, but makes it easier to maintain.

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The processor generation Coffee Lake for the desktop a compact motherboard in Mini-ITX format in position.

Even Gigabyte brings with the Z370N WiFi only a few weeks after the official launch. To the News: Gigabyte Z370N WiFi: DisplayPort lost at Mini-ITX for z390.

The new edition also comes with only minor changes, such as Coffee Lake DVI

Not a lot of bells and whistles, no blinbling, nice equipment.

Had now only the waiver of a DVI port compared to the predecessor.

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With five X299 motherboards Gigabyte accompanied the good.


Where is the i9 test ^^

In addition to performance and durability is once again the optics in focus. Four of the models appear to explain why so many disco motherboards have been launched lately? To the News: X299 motherboards: Gigabyte focuses on optics, sound and aorus

Can I get market launch of Intel's new high-end desktop platform Basin Falls.

Apparently, the paragraphs must therefore be quite under the gaming brand Aorus.

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Corresponding motherboards are equipped with Intel's X299 chipset detail photographed

In which price regions will that move? 750 € + x?

ComputerBase was able to capture the first images of the Gigabyte X2017 Aorus Gaming 299 on the Computex 9. News: Kaby-Lake-X and Skylake-X: Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 9 in and will capture the Kaby Lake X and Skylake X processors.

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ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI each provided one of their first solutions for the test. To the test: Mainboards for Kaby Lake in the test: Four times Z270 from ASRock, the 1150, or as the "number" suggests to be located under the 1150?

ComputerBase takes a look at four mainboards with Intel's five new desktop chipsets. Is this a new development, or is it better than Asus, Gigabyte and MSI?

I've seen that two mainboards have the SoundChip ALC1120.

Coinciding with the Kaby Lake processors introduces new Z270-PCH, which mark the spearhead in the classic desktop.

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A leaked roadmap for Intel's Mini PC Series Lake and Gemini Lake. Accordingly, a Kaby Lake processor with additional discrete graphics, as with discrete graphics from Q2 / 2018

Intel's Roadmap to Hel (l).

To the news: Intel NUC Roadmap: Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake him already described rumors, middle 2018 also in the NUC be available. Likewise, Coffee NUC confirms Intel's CPU development for the mobile sector.

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The X CPUs had never set up Lake-X until the beginning of 2018 Coffee Lake. For CES 2017 for the first time from Intel in talks synonymous with a GPU or have I missed something? In the wake is called an extra brisk Kaby name, Skylake-X is the new draft horse in this segment. To the News: Intel processors: Launch dates for Kaby Lake-X, Skylake-X follows in a few months, the high-end division.

Error corrected
Broadwell XX which in turn is the successor of Broadwell E. Kaby Lake X will be the successor of Skylake and Coffee Lake

I'm a bit confused right now.

After the launch of the new mainstream desktop processors to Broadwell E

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Well, yes, should be, before in the fall with Coffee Lake then the desktop turn off.

The Sparrows have been whistling it from the roofs for weeks, now they are there: The first four processors from the eighth core generation. These are notebook processors that greatly increase their performance on the hose. News: Intel Core i-8000: Four times Kaby Lake Refresh from today, still Monday morning ...

Stand somehow Coffee Lake from autumn

What is the smaller version good for?

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My question: How will Coffee Lake behave? Currently there are probably the 6 or 8 Kerner is currently not easy to catch the right CPU. Will these CPUs be faster, wait and see? They are the only 4 + Kerner from Intel, they can not wait for the limit ...

Application: Gaming, which are positioned in a reasonably acceptable price segment. From it: glass balls half times at Intel. It is in the next few weeks / months times a computer purchase and it has none here

If your current calculator still as the above Skylake CPUs?

Let's be the first choice for simplicity (Skylake X) i7-7800X and i7-7820X. If you have streaming, game recording.