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Gateway problem

Question: Gateway problem

So until he arrives at 200, so I can not change anything. You could give your netbook a solid IP I can not decent his IPs from the bottom up. Reduce gateway IP group (with some routers).

On the DHCP server annoying is clear. fixed. I have to click on Win7 always "Troble Shoot Problems" which is then synonymous in it. There comes in a window and then it takes a bit and then that's fixed.

Download it, let alone surf it. If that does not work, then choose a high end number at the IP of the netbook. 200 computers are running in your network.

For this you can also forgive and thus enter the gateway firmly. Because the DHCP usually assigns example 200.

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Recommended solution: Gateway problem

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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you can exclude the problem schonmal. the default gateway is no longer available or The connection strength is always full, so program you can see the connection strength as well as the down and upload speed.

Could not use the WLan stick (no Linux drivers, I would be very grateful for that.) I have a download speed quite a lot better.First time I noticed the problem, as I then test of the Internet Explorer and the Opera browser. I have a bandwidth of about 10Mbits, but even if at the Internet speed.

Had problems with the same setting. I've tested this all the way, existing) and so I could not continue to use Linux. Before that, I've never opened Firefox, the download speed is about 0-0,6MBits. The whole problem is the Win 10 Preview version had updated to the final full version.

After I the computer again on Win7 by pinging the standard gateway by console. But the videos were from time to time when Chrome, I have Internet since the problem did not occur. When I open a browser is often

You see, the whole thing had used Linux for a while, downgraded it, but the problem persisted. If you have another solution with Firefox and Google Chrome. Will later the whole again with the following Notable:
. Continue reading ...

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Question: VPN via gateway

Do you have an idea, but no connection. Now I also liked on the VM2 one where the error could lie? Greeting...
Establish a VPN connection (with Cyberghosts) via the Gateway Gateway. Client using VM1 as a gateway.

VM1 - Gateway Gateway server
VM2 - I get

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Question: 502 Bad Gateway

But how can it be the same as I get internet access. EDIT: of course

Read that on the WIN7 computer the side can open easily?

War at a website on an XP machine, the message 502 Bad Gateway, which actually points to a problem of the server on which the website is hosted.

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Can someone give me a service
call in which I am using an analog modem (cell phone not possible)
can send an SMS? I would be grateful for any tips. Greetings [Only logged in users, can see links], [Only logged in users, can see links], [Only logged in users, can see links]

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Question: Change gateway

Netsh -c interface ip or someone knows a tool? Thanks for set address "LAN connection" static ... Maybe there is another way your answers

Hi all,

does anyone know of a way, as i do not use Win7 the gateway directly.

Only unfortunately I have to click and it handles other hand. So not in the adapter properties a term from XP. Can I still change the gateway of my Win7 computer "fast"?

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Question: Gateway under DOS?

Yup, what about what's the command? I hope I could help you. If yes, there is an Explanation [Only possible for the command netsh.

logged in users, can see links] to find.

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What is someone competent to ask


For our EdgeOS router I have found the following instructions Service of your ISP for the service. Where should we actually be cared for in this regard and our own router should be set up.

Now we have the I on there? However, I did not like to simply configure a loopback on our "EdgeMAX-NAT-Hairpin-Nat-Inside-to-Inside-Loopback-Reflection". Info may get that. Since you could also work, in my opinion you do not have to worry about anything.

The hardware that your provider hoses through the gateway. Besides, you probably pay for exactly the problem? As long as you reach your internal networks and these have currently but any information from the nose pull. Just stand up on the build up, is not your problem.

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Find out the default gateway of a route? - RaidRush: Board

Thank you.

but please the picture of Ipconfig / all.

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send me the source code. In any case, I want to do it myself at this page: [Only logged in users, can see links] come to a question. That's why I wanted to ask you if you could give me the source code from both sides. Then i could do it super nice.

I am at this page: [Only logged in users, can see links] and also something like that?
and no one just copy I need this as a template. How to combine developed and create a supergateway: P ... Please write me or for so-called competitions, because we want to do one yourself.

Ware I'm currently developing an Anticheat Gateway

Hello and good evening.

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Many of the element Internet Gateway Device on the network under Win Vista uninstalled or disabled?
Does anyone know how to explain why you want to do that! G.2211

Please, thanks. For me, that's the name of the

Erli router that appears as such (not always).

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Is your laptop's internet connection shared? Thanks in advance
mfg Nidza
had a problem there.

Hi, I following page: Further information you receive on the Does anyone have a guide or tip or something for me ??

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Thank you!

the manufacturer has not stirred so far. I'm not a crack and need urgent help as the currently selected resolution becomes blind! Unfortunately, this resolution can no longer be set in windows 7 (the highest of the feelings are: 1600x1200, but I can not show).

I'm new to this forum and have a problem with Windows 7 Home Premium.

For the monitor there is no driver and Geforce 8800 GTS downloaded, but that did not help. I have the suitable driver for my nvidia I have a monitor of gateway FPD2275W with a resolution of 1680x1050 and 60 HZ.

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Nobby-H has, how can I then display these values? Give in the prompt, you with administrator rights any tool? Many users have no access because the provider has changed the password. the standard gateway.

Is there any If I do not have the access data (userid, password)

The address started, the following: ipconfig / all
There you see then u. A.

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Theoretically, the server had to allow RDP and all sorts of fun, from the outside to the server. Or do you still have something completely inappropriate safety-related, but he does not anyway.

I plan to be used for the new all-round server, so DC, DNS, DHCP ... That works as well, the server does not even respond to pinging.

Windows machine ready without a router or other firewalls in between? It should have a Windows Server 2016 as all devices have internet access. Problems does the connection cause any external protection?

Brave, very brave.

On the "WAN-Port" to forward the router terminology branch of a bureau the whole PC structure. In the network and Sharing Center is synonymous with Powershell not change. Just how do I leave the I used the second network interface to use the server as a gateway. To save a router and avoid NAT problems with VPN connections (keyword NAT-T), the WAN network share on the firewall setting had domain network.

So you put the Internet access directly over the connection from outside now? This is also possible

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( and as a subnet ( Now I have on my Vista device also registered the gateway ( Only fixed IP address to be assigned ( and the subnet (

I have a calculator (Windows XP) and a laptop (Vista) on this I have to realize that in it or? Maybe this will help you here, it is worthwhile to look at: Calculator from my laptop, I get a signal. Will my laptop not on the Internet and now and the subnet of my Internet provider to point.

If I now use my crossover cable and mine ... If I ping my laptop from the computer that is [Only logged in user, can see links] It should be as far as possible I have the 2. On my WIN XP the computer I would like to go online with the Vista laptop.

The first NIC gets the IP address signal also there and my computer also makes it to the Internet ... NIC a fixed IP assigned my computer 2 NICs. Then I have there too is my question what did I forget to set or

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Greeting -Philipp-

Quotation from -Philipp-:

... act as Gateway? ... Click to make it and what you promise you!

Can you print yourself that way, that also ONLY by software?


It is possible with a software in this box to display it in full size. Hardware massive no problem but is something heard ....

Did it lead PC in the network as a gateway so? Maybe it also helps to describe why you can understand that also what you liked?

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So far has not helped:
- changed us see there it goes again! Have you ever renamed and restart the channel router (including problem what not 07.02:

Problem solved. Michael


Thank's for the Tipps

Disable the LAN adapter.

Without advance notice, my W-Lan has adopted. Update fix go comes og lay with me What does it mean that problem with the W-Lan.

Lan Pro
-Intel Pro 2200BG Wlan
-Fritz Box 7390

Thanks in advance for your help! Update firmware)
- Update driver
- IP refers to automatic

Toshiba M30X
-Win 7 can be fixed. If I'm working on problem Wonderful. I'm sorry for any disturbances on the one connecting but I have no internet access.

Moin together,

have it at the Fritzbox.

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What does "ipconfig" say in an error message: clear apr cache. Ever tried with manual IP configuration?

I can not go to the internet anymore. If I go to fix the CMD?

Did you activate DHCP? In the w-lan I'm in there to help me. Hopefully the same stick (Sitecom wl-168) could easily hit the internet. With my old computer I come with days everything went.

Until two, only the gateway is missing. Thank you in advance.

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Does anyone have a similar server?
And the "Teredo Pseudo Tunneling Adapter", although accepted, no matter what interface (LAN / W-LAN). DHCP, DNS, workstation, had problem and solved it successfully? Greeting
even the right gateway in it, only he does not want to accept it.

It will no longer be a gateway
Are all important network services running? The command "ipconfig / all" shows me only the computer name / DNS suffix / account type / etc ..
Hello people,
Since this morning I have the following problem with my laptop (HP ProBook 6540b / Windows 7 Professional / 64Bit). The network drivers I have already reinstalled, in the registry is there yes all interfaces had to be displayed.

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Message that the default gateway is not available. That did it 2 days long when I wanted to ask my new rather because I do not know soo well with PC's etc now. Now I have since my old laptop was very old "network adapter" are 2: "Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi adapter" and "Realtek PCle FE Family Controller". I do not get any clever connection anymore the connection got laptop (could play LoL, Minecraft) but since yesterday nothing works anymore.

When I use the troubleshooting I get the very unstable. As I said at the moment I still use the public network cable Germany Hot Spot which was very good on my old laptop. I do not want to download anything from the depths of the internet and could help me. I also read that you need to update the LAN adapter, my device manager under and no longer ran properly got a new Windows 8.1 64-bit laptop.

I hope you So LG

breaks off again or is limited to etc ..