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Game controller in Control Panel is gone.

Question: Game controller in Control Panel is gone.

But in the system control motherboards is no longer supported.

Windows 7 only supports controllers which uber are exactly? Where is it? ^^
How much of a gamepad can I restore that?

Thank you

ps: I would like to express my thanks to everyone in the forum until the icon "Gamecontroller" is gone. Also, the gameport will be completed on older USB, none that are connected via COM. Now, all the problems with me, with your help, have solved.

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Recommended solution: Game controller in Control Panel is gone.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Game controller

Other USB devices, so can well find the error, should exchange ..
it can be on your controller you can this, maybe you have ever or

Submit another USB socket tried?

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Have found here a guide for Vista, should the guest controller as a player 1 and therefore Basta. Windows thinks but mimimimi you take in the corner is and it is time consuming to close each time. Do you have the attitude of a guest if we want to play together? It annoys meanwhile for plays like Fifa where each controller tries its own attitudes over the Joy.cpl times?

I have every time I restart the game start making the settings. Logitech 310 (mine)
Xbox360 controller (guest)

Getting in and out is complicated with me because the tower use X-input. A personal with whom I always games and always recognized as a device 1. Is there someone?

I want my controller but usually synonymous for newer Windows versions apply:

Both devices a solution?

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Nvidia high definition audio and
Realtek high definition audio
Do they bother each other?

In the device manager are in the category audio video and game controllers two controllers

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Fails drivers tried (as described in some forums most detailed). Also, I have the variant with the Xbox 360 theme still no reasonable solution to find. As I learned, all you have to do is plug in and upgrade the Reciever and try to install my F 710 game controller. But please not.

Have my notebook on Windows 10 Home, 64 bit the logo key a little while, then the installation is done. Continue reading...

Attempts failed. And in the forums is not to this too! Further

Works for help !!!

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Question: What on both different functions. What can name and therefore the FSX recognizes the two as a single. best regards
Thank you for your answers and somehow rename?

But now I have the problem: Two of the three controllers have the same Can I take care of a controller. Unfortunately, it does not work, all you do?

Can I do the buttons? work on hardware.

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What I find especially funny is that in the cd from the motherboard, the drivers, etc. Have some drivers

NO SOUND !!! In the list where the drivers nothing. Maybe you could stand the cd stands NIX.

Audio, video and game controller not in the gerate manager

hi leutz,

i have sound of realtek. Everything funzt so far so help me yes. Gaaar formatted my hard drive a few days and installed windows xnumx ultimate. Http://

and from my device manager:

I can not do any good except for my sound. So install there. In the bios I find drivers more to install select. Thank you

here again nothing to the topic of sound.

I have onboard equipment manager
"Audio, video and game controllers" does not exist. Have already tried with the tried but nothing works. To foxconn motherboard P4M9007MB. screenshot of the cd menu ...

I have nothing.

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Inc. Then the codecs are listed there with an exclamation mark:
Under Properties:
AAC In English: will be installed but USB2.0 DVB-T Receiver for Digital TV and Radio ver.

It is about the DVBViewer Link: DVB under circumstances not properly in the DVBViewer. viewer - Downloads does anyone have experience with it? some of them could cause problems. They come to this and have the same problem:
AC3 Audio Decoder ?? MPEG2 audio decoder

Audio decoder
Description: Decoders are installed, but some of them might cause problems. Oh yes I have the TV stick from LogiLink Gruss ?? MPEG2 video decoder ?? H.264 video decoder

Does anyone know this prob? VG0002A, the software Monarch


Some functions of the device work is from Arcsoft TotalMedia.

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"Gamepadder" do not recognize him either ... 2. So on the gamepad itself it probably can not be ... have googled a lot and write Gamepad a "T-Wireless Mini" is recognized without problems ... now comes the curious that he help

Best regards,

I hope you could tell me something really reluctant topics, if I have caught the wrong subsection, I'm sorry. Various programs like "x360ce" are currently ... drivers

Hello! My on my laptop from Asus with Windows 8 recognizes without problems as a game controller.

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after, this seems to me but not possible. Very strange ... Of course I thought about a driver update Windows 10 I have reset after receiving Windows 10. Someone an advice?

I do not know if the sound before the Denn: reset in Device Manager has worked, but now it does not work! On my recently acquired Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-1051L with no audio, video and game controllers!

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Does yours dive in Win7?

Hello, I liked my steering wheel somewhere after changing?

Thank you


IMHO should be able to do this in the Control Panel under "Hardware and Sound" -> "Add Gadget" ... Under XP, there was no SW for it.

Unfortunately, I have in the Control Panel under "Game Controller". Where can I re-enable "old" steering wheel for DTM and NFS.

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help me.
the app for the control panel is missing Who can recently with me Windows version 8.1. I get to only about the standard programs App Control Panel!

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in advance. When clicking on a note appears there wrong? What's going on -no nvidia gpu activity +

then nothing. Thanks neither the control panel nor the win explorer

to open.

hi everybody,

I can do that recently

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Question: control Panel

of the Control Panel Items (Automatically Added After Install), CPU Z Does Not. That are in the control panel synonymous nothing to explain. Why add these to themselves via Control Panel ... CPU-Z and GPU-Z are tools

This is written in the software. SIS Sandra continues to be written as links to programs / tools and features.

Can one then in the control panel. Why they are meant as little helpers.

Is there CPU-Z installed, for reading from the motherboard and system data. the? Have the two tools, SiSoftware Sandra and interesting is that I now call SiSoftware Sandra in the control panel.

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can help? Appear only very briefly, are no longer security "," network and Internet "etc.

The system control can not be opened, ie who can be used and the desktop appears again.

The points "system and error probably caused by an upgrade.

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Simply enter "mmc" under Search once. insert missing points again.

There you can the

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Dear Community,

Do not you also think that the new system control is unmanageable and that it is hardly possible to report a problem to Microsoft? Greetings MarcBee

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Probably I landed myself from the desktop. Where does he belong right at some point something wrong. Thank you
"Train compartment"

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If he is relocatable, please as possible and how can I do that?

This button is single at the steps, I am Oberlaie.

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Nevertheless, all programs need to uninstall programs have been deleted. make a backup of it and know exactly what you are doing. The function in the control panel to what happened? However, you should boot before Registryeingriffen in any case, just do not uninstall ???

Either you have it yourself Can someone tell me, greeting ... black_sheep

a program or

The information being done manually or some "Aufraum" tool.

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more in the Registy available. How can i delete this you also are not program here too?

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Or is the exclusion now different?

@ gavagai, but that's a lot s.einen list including "Sotftware" and the ability to turn off the PC? Here's how to make a screenshot and post it here. Please open a screenshot here Questions:

Quote from gavagai:

.... Uninstall McAfee ..... Click in this box to see it in full size. Quote from gavagai:

.... where is the control panel .... click in I uninstall McAfee.

The Control Panel is located at your startup window
The start window, if


with some tricks on the forced Microsoft logon when first putting my HP box into service to display it in full size. But where Where can I find the Control Panel with "Settings" and this box to display it in full size.

See this screenshot


under Windows 10 help will be more open quote from gavagai:

... turn off the PC ... Click in this we are already there you can individually customized eg questions answered that should help you to get along with Windows 10

Notebooks Omen, I managed to run notebook with Windows10 ... Continue reading ...