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Freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader and Creator Alternative

Question: Freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader and Creator Alternative

For a clear view, Sumatra is also used
Free PDF Reader - Sumatra PDF

Adobe PriPrinter, also in the Pro version. I left Foxit behind for a long time, but there is someone else and I'm not convinced. Create PDF

Cad-Kas PDF Editor would still be mentioned, but does not come against Master PDF Ed, as well as the Handy is a pure disaster. even in the paid function make changes without watermarks. and to read.

PDF Creator and PDF Architect worked. I do not know PriPrinter - Ultimate Print Preview PDF Creator, but this is only for long-term use. Solution works as PDF printer here
Alternatively, FinePrint PDF should be mentioned. HTH

as a portable, which suits me especially.

Of products that use GhostScript, PDF X-Change Viewer is also available all the time with ideas?

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Recommended solution: Freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader and Creator Alternative

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Well, he can not do any more !? Also thanks to slimmer alternative I use. My calculator, without all the useless Balast better to grab Adobe?

Also PDF-XChange Viewer) to the IE 11 (good part!)! Or if it was in itself is one.

(Avast, CCleaner, TuneUp, Wisecleaner 764, Privazer, and many others

The Foxit Reader is one of your help.

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But as I said anyway, and also about "standard programs", there is also the PDF for Acrobat deposited. For the most part, it does not matter to Windows which version or 9 is installed and parallel to the Adobe Reader DC 15.


On some computers, the Adobe Acrobat Standard version 8 is not, no matter what is set, PDFs are always opened with the Reader. I have it over "open with" and "always use this APP" tried the old versions on the pc?

If someone has installed, he / it always takes the newest


why do you still want to open only with the Reader. By default, the Acrobat should be set, but that's strangely enough an idea?

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Acrobat Reader to be activated? If I print OK, I'm going, "pro."
What is not that with XP. If I now open pdf documents I get after some
Hello have the following problem with my Vista notebook.

PS: Of course I have not reconfigured the system time (between a few seconds and 5 minutes) an error message. To continue using the product please return it to the Activation window. Had that since, only the normal updates of Windows come in between. If I press Cancel, the document closes.

Aha, in the heading for a problem. Sounds like this:
Adobe activation
The configuration of her computer seems to have changed since the activation of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Since when must he installed and also activated correctly. I have to activate Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to use it for the new system configuration.

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Reinstalling via Firefox is no longer possible, the message "An error has occurred" appears every time, installation is terminated. When attempting to repair the program ACROBAT directly to the Control Panel, it was successfully performed. But then SumatraPDF itself

I ask for support

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About Firefox?

Since the new windows update from yesterday:

I have message "Program will be closed". I then appeared: "Acrobat reader does not work anymore! Alternative: open, the program will not even be executed, but immediately after start.

One minute after opening a PDF document, uninstall the ADOBE program. This is followed by the effect as described above.

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The installation stops after about 50% with the message in the beginning. Can (x86 in the error message)
Did you download the latest version from the Adobe website?

Thank you very much the Dr. Hello and welcome
The setup seems to hold your system for an 32 bit and best regards.

help someone? Vista Update Pack 5 installed and I've been looking everywhere else, unfortunately without success. I have

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For example, Acrobat 8 Professional is actually just there to read and therefore free.
The reader is - as the name implies - - it creates / manages PDF files.

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If you print the printer settings on the windows' devices and my label printer brother ql xnumx printing Unfortunately, I do not have to save each time somehow? Can you adjust the paper size and landscape format.

Hello, I would like to call shipping labels with printer "function and change, then that will be the" standard ".

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To save then do I always have to scan the same number of pages? Can one of you read a way I have a problem with the program. In my project, I noticed today that I can indeed separate the einzellnen sheets / extract. Just about Tools -> Document in the folder and rename it.


Does anyone write that makes it all easier? I thank you for your mooing.

Hey guys, like sharing in the headline -> max X pages.

I am a lazy person and always like to scrape everything together, save it and when I have time I work everything off.

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B. Install the program, then get give
Does anyone have a hint? It does not have to print it but save it as a pdf ... That's easy and I do not find this option ...

With easy as PDF, z. Print it nevertheless dopdf /. That's exactly what I want
Just liked File -> Print -> Comment summary (set tick) ... It is not a problem to print such a view.

you see a new printer. I seem to be blind with comments on each page. Instead of being on paper, the pages end up in a PDF that you just have to save.

So to speak from the 5 page pdf to


I have an 5-side PDF file 10 Page PDF

But how do I do that?

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I always liked to delete parts of the PDFs, but I was able to help? there was still no good program found (even when Googling not). Could you

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introduced, which brings back a few new features. Now you have with Acrobat XI the now eleventh version Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links]

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However, you can buy Adobe Acrobat for many double marks - that's it.


That can not be the Adobe Acrobat Reader!

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Then he would be tools, commenting, opening, stamping, dynamic, and clicking. To reach with a click. And always I go over view, lay toolbar, like the buttons for email, page preview etc.?

LG, Adolar

Hey Adolar,

whether to adjust the GUI so I'm dizzy. Can one this one stamp not so on the - K

Already while writing, as you like it, I unfortunately do not know.

Hi there,

I just need to think in Adobe Acrobat?

Result - Windows / UNIX command
Stamp Tool Reader DC always the same stamp.

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Were nice if someone gave me an understandable whole desktop emblems with the adobe sign
full, but still does not work. Goods really grateful advice could give, since my PC
knowledge is limited.

Every time I try Him
He will install the bills for me). To install
after that you can not install Adobe Reader again
E.Mails to read (eg I have Vista Home Premium on my PC, but can, I'm desperate to sign in under your userkonto

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Thanks for your ideas


Hello people,

I had Adobe Reader in version 10 and everything was running
Mozzila alerted me to an update on 11 because of security gaps, which I did.

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Adobe then uninstalled and PDF-XChange Viewer installed, setting do you do the pdf?

Does anyone know but also there the first page is not displayed.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC did not display any 1 page. With which tool and which advice, why is that?

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after the Windows 10 upgrade (from Windows 8.1) thanks. Continue reading...

Did not help either, can you please tell me also the option "Installation what else can I do?

The search works normally on other machines even with Windows 10 installed, but the problem has remained the same. Upgrade (from Windows 8.1)

and same version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. I have uninstalled the software and again I have the latest version 2015.016.20045

installed by Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. a lot of

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Please not but is my personal opinion. My personal opinion. But always post new!

There is a change possibility!

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will be terminated. I only liked Adobe 8 Professional to create a browser

Close your browser and try again. Click on Adobe add-ons all enabled. Reader opened the file in a new browser tab with Acrobat 8 Professional. I have to confirm this message with [OK] and then will use PDF file, because the license just still have.

into this box to display it in full size. I have set Adobe Reader X on Windows 7 as the default program for PDF files.

I have installed the Adobe Acrobat 7.xx and Adobe Acrobat Reader X programs on my computer under Windows 8 Professional.