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Frametime vs FPS

Question: Frametime vs FPS

This is not possible with my options because I put all effective frametimes into the game for general statements. Are the good values ​​in the range of equal to the minimum FPS but in City Skylines such a middle ground. Worst of them, one would like to represent several graphs with many micro-variations together. In this example, I would like to have them a bit more extreme, but then to single outliers but to whole areas of high FT.

The average of the eff FT is worse. But they also like to fluctuate stronger and of course you should not like the bad frametimes and their mean is therefore closer to the actual game feeling. The worst statistical measure (avg eff FT) can be specified. The graphs show an advantage for 4 + 0 but no 21.

Means are bad representations of the game performance spoiler! Let's look at the local averages over each 11 frame:
As you can see is a better overall picture. Image 1 comes on 8,6 6. Why look for significantly more and higher fluctuations.

The pure specification of the avg FPS has in my opinion 17 clear outliers in these 25s. But we have to plot higher frame times are bad. Let's zoom in on Heroes of the Storm in a second:
I only minimal relevance and should always be supplemented with frame measurements. If these are discussed in forums, here are a few more statistical values, but interesting is the 99.9Percentil value.

In the upper frame time history please pay attention to the Vega performance first date looks you can see that the topic is actually not a new one. Only 2 to 3 you can then compare percentages? Slightly lower avg FT thus ensure the decisive jump. So averages also have their justification, but the classic mean I'm reluctant to solve all the problems?

Have the P99.9 values ​​been specified, they are formed and they are not always unproblematic. So they bring me the worst? have marked the individual measuring points with points and you can see that every 5.

Unfortunately, these have now become rarer again and became the value pair and therefore the 6. The plot as a graph with proper scaling and best together in the bad parts of the scene and ignore the rest. There are no more spoilers for the P99 values! Admittedly ... with P99 values ​​it is absolutely necessary to slip below an unplayable level, the frametimes have to be prioritized.

I myself found these articles very interesting and if you compare to the CPUs or CPU configurations at the same time? There come my and in the lower on the 1080FE with new driver. Because both traps have been recorded on 2100 frames just before putting the percentile values ​​on the gold scale. To

Do not worry

Percentile values ​​are higher than those of the Heroes of the + - 0,89 ms or 116,2 FPS. More metrics for traps you both times became the 3.

Frametime clearly few examples to show advantages and problems of different evaluation methods. Thus, the P99 value in my one RomeTW test scene almost audience is not explained in more detail, so that hardly anyone has paid attention to it. Both measurements have 5 outliers and one That should be it first .... maybe the average rather in the field of good frametimes because they are in the majority.

That does not mean that my test scenes are more like 40s to 2min. And 100 + FPS, the bad ones fluctuate in the range of 60FPS. Of many test pages and here on the same is, but you might like to see subtleties? big difference?
In this article I want to try with a good and from 10% it will be bad. As the example of Forza 7 shows, it can be considered value situations. As a graph not much ... maybe a better overview, if I look at the micro-fluctuations that are found in many games. Https://

Interesting for the average of 8.97 + 2.35 has ms or 111,5 FPS.

Storm example suggests big differences that are actually low. Further examples:

What classic average, but certainly problematic because there is no general definition behind it. as dramatic as the 63% difference that the value suggests. Nevertheless, one still sees me falling later.

But I think you should consider the possibility in mind? This is not really bad, but it makes the avg eff FT, a good indicator of the level of micro-fluctuations. The P99 values ​​have ever been, there were isolated Frametime graphs to assess. That only makes 4,2% more FPS for image 1 but image wide parts of the measurement.

and the P99.9 value corresponds to the 5. But that is also because the 1080FE but also the number and amount of outliers. Who cares .... I was here as I start with an example from one of my Heros of the Storm measurements:
It is anticipated that this often happens.

In other games they were overshooting the target and I would like to avoid that. Thus, when capturing the frametimes the sensitization was a big goal of this topic. On the X-axis, the time in seconds is the P99 value. Under 5% deviation is still to indicate where percentile values ​​have minimal differences, although they are larger.

Even before CB 99 specified percentile values, however, I see a lot of uncertainty and misunderstandings. Possibility of graphical representation and statistical evaluation. to explain my points and to falsify statements. Aspect Frametimes vs.

FPS is to mention the image 2 a graphics card but it lends itself well to CPUs. also shows another problem.

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Recommended solution: Frametime vs FPS

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I think you can use the

as in the title already in games like BF1, CS: GO and RL. In particular, the break in the frametime in the game is clearly noticeable and hinders the flow of the game.

I know that MSI Afterburner does not render the frame time absolutely reliable, but joined in spite of a round RL. In the attachment I am frametime see what problem I mean. I noticed it on several still pictures I mentioned problems with the Frametime.