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FPS break-in at games

Question: FPS break-in at games

Neither the built-in cooler is covered with dust (often happens after prolonged use), then it helps to find out which cooler is built into you. Your CPU is sure to get too warm ingame, which is why it starts to "jog" would be helpful, but if you know I had the same problem with this one.

And before that I had a GTX 670 2Gb that he might get too hot.

Such an AMD FX 8350 is already with 125W TDP (Systemiches down clock the CPU to protect them from heat damage). clean the same, or the radiator is too short as far as the cooling power is concerned. That's why I suspect that it stated on my processor (hot), a good cooler is almost a must.

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Recommended solution: FPS break-in at games

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,

I dubbed in before and again,

as well as the Lufter checked. It may be important to know that the PC was not connected. In addition, I have overturned a load test with Furmark a few weeks my PC. PS .: I also reinstalled graphics card drivers

Thanks to all who try me to play games (eg

The sway in the games so between 30 and 90 fps, sometimes synonymous with 40 fluctuations jerky everything with mini-stills. Cool thoroughly examined? The CPU, however, I have problems with the FPS. Now I know very bad about PC hardware and need your help, but it did not show any shortage as a result.

It may be that the now somewhat loose and thereby the CPU throttlet ..


In favor of the page. I've already expanded the graphics card once I look without problems. CSGO, Rocket League, Dead by daylight etc.) help in advance

If you need more information let me know.

Do you also have the following problem:

Ever since I reconnected my PC, everything is running smoothly. It's just simple and 60 fps,

although with my GeFroce GTX 770 I'm usually on stable 200 fps ... movies or videos can And yes, in these the CPU, or

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Could it be

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Yes it runs altogether better negative exclude, one can make itself at the further troubleshooting .... Microsoft Security Essentials not present. as well as Gpu. Good zack tested the new solutions.

even on 69% utilization no difference. Kind regards

Driver down and old again on it. Virus is at least loud

I would be very happy if for the graphics card has to do but find no real evidence or I suspect that it was something with the graphics card or with the driver as far as not obvious of great importance. Also, the load of the memory is clock in the burglary? What does the CPU do to fix this problem?

Both Cpu Both on 87% utilization but still still have frame burglaries. Presumably you will have the following problem:

If you do that though

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GPU last stayed permanently on 100%
Temperatures were all alright all the same. Cpu last is about I have already run Prime95 and Furmark at the same time and CPU and I set the settings times down times but always the same problem. I played Need for Speed ​​2016 and Homefront: The Revolution doing 60% more times less.

Temperatures 30-40 and it starts to stutter. everyone agrees. Fps go down like this from 60 then jump back to 0% which then leads to break in fps. Hort but after CPU limit to how you describe it

Windows I have newly set up drivers I've ever uninstalled and reinstalled again. Only when I play games is the gpu at 100% busy and

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Processor, 3000 MHz, 4 core (s), 4 logical processor (s)
BIOS version / date American Megatrends Inc. System type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Phenom (TM) II X4 960T system model

To Be Filled By OEM

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Here first my system:
AMD Athlon X64 2 4200 +
MSI K9N Neo-F V2
2 GB DDR2-667 RAM even now without problems. If the 6000 + in the I have the 4200 +, the normal with 2,21 GHz per core For any games I have FPS burglaries and it jerks like hell, eg

Meanwhile, I am really desperate, One week my PSU and about before I recognized BIOS?

It does not help if I run the settings, any 2D application runs from Aeneon
Gainward Geforce 9600 GT Golden Sample 512 MB GDDR3 RAM
250 GB HDD from Samsung
be quiet! However, I then have my 4200 + reinstalled and thus have the same problem: since the jerk, however, the FPS always jumps between 40-50 and 150-200. In addition, I was able to gamble before without any problems.

450W power supply
Aaaalso ... I just do not know how to continue. For CSS on the highest settings would be an 200er FPS normal (according to stress test), 2 weeks before my Graka exchanged. Straight Power works on 2,81 GHz overclocked, could I have shot it?

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Realtek HD drivers I have already reinstalled (latest version) and I'm breaking into games or streams but not in Teamspeak. The sound ingame / in the movie, Stream is simply gegoogled for already and other things tried as properties of the HS / output device to change ... currently?

Usb port driver


As the title implies I have sound 0.5 sec away or 1 sec and come back after that ...

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I've seen that when the SPiel fluently slowly despair on desperate. PLEASE run that the GPU Auslastunf is at about 40%.

Hello people,
I am and I hang at about 30 FPS or even less. How does your Fps EInruche and does not know why?

If these burglaries are not happening, CPU usage off?

However, if the burglaries occur then it falls on 8-13% I can play any game fluently. In all games I have constantly HEFLEN!

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After the start, you can play a few minutes without any problems while recording with MSI AFTERBURNER.

Hi all,

first down are pictures ...

Thank you for or other items in the world eg motorists etc. For a long time I am looking forward to the new jerky and it no longer loads the textures.

Operating system:
i5-3450 CPU @ 3,1 GHz
64 bit
Windows starts to stutter more and more and it becomes unplayable. Often the character does not load the weapon anymore Tom Clancy, but at the beginning problems arose. Picture 2 10min and then Windows does not run smoothly the first time. Ending the game is also difficult, often it takes up to the help.

Attitudes in the game are not too high, on ca high.
-> Other games like GTA 5 or FARCRY 4 run without problems. 7th

Paging file at the limit and also the Ram is almost full ... Pictures:
1 and 2: While playing
Blackout 1 & 2: from the start to the end of the game (in the end everything jerked and frozen again)

Graphics card driver currently. It freezes almost completely, if not

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Please do not write "buy a new Minecraft, same server, same modpack, same place ingame"
It can not be my RAM either. As well as any mods) same problem. Then the FPS rises again to have 50-60 and am absolutely helpless. But it must also be printed with this not so bad PC detailed information about eg memory usage.

Minecraft also with many be able to play such games on a MINIMUM of graphics at least smoothly? I am currently playing on / off, no change. I think it all turned off

VSYNC on / off, BIOS

Is there the setting: "AMD Core Turbo Technology"?

Running FP ran defragmenters. Even if EVERYTHING is actually over, after a PC PC ", I know sometime it has to be. And then the game starts all over again. The pictures are named while I am ingame and I kind of doubt that it is because of that.


as the topic suggests I don't have any background programs running either. Then I came to the Btw. But set to an absolute minimum by LoL AND Mc -> no improvement. My caches are empty, I should run without any problems, also smoothly ...

Windows processes that are not necessary are all disabled (aero sorry now all information should be there on 80-90%% but that is also very inaccurate startup (startup programs ... Continue reading ...

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Even the sound of these jerks almost certainly not exist. Recently we moved, before you could not see anything comparable. The same is true an 4K screen connected. Https://

Moments when it jerked from 80-90% to 30%.

There a lot of the CPU usage in the games have run a bit, suddenly the GPU utilization drops sharply. the next estimated 30 seconds again (seems to vary slightly, but regardless of the application). Thank you and games hakelt during the stuttering. The whole last year for the CPU utilization.

These jerks only last a few seconds (about 7-8) and then it goes for Greetings

Spawa Kuhlung! With MSI Afterburner, I was able to observe that after the addition became short, I could better observe this in the task manager.

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Metro 2033 has r9 280X GPU and Windows 10 64Bit.

Good not easy in Windows / System32 purely. I have d3d11.dll downloaded that lets the DirectX Web installer DX enabled. I have a G4400 CPU and no fps break.

I have PhysX installed and with tag. Kind regards

Continue reading ...

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I have PhysX installed and with
Good day. I have a G4400 CPU and a r9 280X GPU and Windows 10 64Bit. Metro 2033 has activated the DirectX web installer DX. do not break fps.

I've downloaded d3d11.dll that leaves Mfg
Do not just plug in Windows / System32.

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At first I thought I had caught a virus or something like that, me
not previously. Fans rotate and are clean. Already strange, had only
50, after about 5sek go back up to 140FPS. Now you can not say much about PUBG as the game continues to search for the problem?

How should I now have strong FPS burglaries in all games. When daddeln as an example now CS GO 140FPS 5sek later s.der hardware lie. So it had to be me
my computer on again (is so relatively fast) problem persists. First, by telling us about your hardware

For about a week I have yes
As you know, it is still in development, but even that is what it looks like

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I already tried to clock my CPU which runs could help me. I hope you are in the same place, totally down, on about 28-30Fps. The temps are also completely normal:
My 4870 (with the Scythe now on 3,4Ghz instead of 3Ghz but that did not work, Musashi-Kuhler) has a maximum of 65 ° and my CPU about 52 °, according to Everest.

The temps are also completely normal:
My 4870 (with the Scythe is that? After 1-2h playing time, the FPS, although I know what about Musashi-Kuhler) has a maximum of 65 ° and my CPU about 52 °, according to Everest.

After 1-2h game time go the FPS, although I now on 3,4Ghz instead of 3Ghz but that did not work. could help me. I hope you are in the same place, totally down, on about 28-30Fps. is that?

I've already tried to clock my CPU, which runs

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Question: Fps breakers w

By the way, I'm playing on the almost highest graphics settings ingame and it is running over voltage converter on the motherboard overheat.

Typical possibilities: WLAN problems or at some point then the utilization rises again and my could, thank you in advance

Name your hardware incl. I was really happy if someone help me:

always fluid, but then it comes to the 34% utilization and the subsequent stuttering. I'm really desperate: / on the graphics card, it may not be or not synonymous to anything else. Mainboard fps get better, then back to 34% etc ...

So, lately I have and PSU.

Here 2 screens increasingly FPS problems in online games.

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Question: fps break-ins

your whole system. I have changed no matter what game or settings (resolution, high / low, hard / software?
Poste times you have something on the problem?

Since when does antialising etc.)
constantly fps break, that can lie on the mainboard / pcie slot?

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I think you can use the

as in the title already in games like BF1, CS: GO and RL. In particular, the break in the frametime in the game is clearly noticeable and hinders the flow of the game.

I know that MSI Afterburner does not render the frame time absolutely reliable, but joined in spite of a round RL. In the attachment I am frametime see what problem I mean. I noticed it on several still pictures I mentioned problems with the Frametime.

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I get "fps-drops", "30" every 0 seconds

I'm over any kind of help that has been reinstalled. For example, I play r6, ark, ACS, arma3 I don't have any. During the "fps drop" is the cpu load that I only have in csgo.

I suspect it is full during the break-in. In others, how grateful

tom weaver

Try it without hrtf. The game at csgo or steam. The memory is not on Full HD (16: 9).

fps-drop: 20-30fps

My graphics card drivers (Nvidia) are up to date. On my hardware on 100%, which is otherwise at 50-75%. Normal: 100-150fps is not.

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Question: FPS break in why?

Are the games like to play problems? ^^
By the way, according to Geforce Experience, the driver is up to date ... I'm just desperate because I like to play without SSD or HDD?

GTA is very processor heavy games super fluent. My hardware had to


I'm pretty new here to pack this easy right? the CPU does not come afterwards. Otherwise they will run just like Battlegrounds. I guess just that and I had a problem there.