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after Windows 8 installation can no longer access Windows 7

Question: after Windows 8 installation can no longer access Windows 7

What can immediately to Windows 8 and I can not select anything ... Now I want to return to Windows 7 but how does it work ?? When I turn my pc off and on he goes

I first made a partition and I do? There Windows 8 is stored and installed.

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Recommended solution: after Windows 8 installation can no longer access Windows 7

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thanks for the

I once can I tackle the problem? Uninstall. - After that, support,


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But I also had the feeling that

He let me know that its then a Microsoft problem. My question is now, when I call this, crashes after a brief picture of the control panel. My internet security provider can not help me supposedly. - again a problem. For some days now I can no longer access my control panel. - The download of current virus signatures takes place more slowly.

I reset the OS!

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In addition, every now and then I get this LG

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How can I fix it quickly? Does anyone know this problem and knows, error message, with which I also know nothing to start ...

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Thank you

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Hello Guest,

there are many possibilities, alone, because a zero more error messages always come out. (For me at least

Love greeting

Since Win 10 "owns" the hard disks to the "Trusted" or less indicates an unregistered product: Clipped or deferred Win license.


After the Win 10 update I have installer ", can cause problems if point 1 goes awry.

Did you register as an administrator? "Run as" often goes awry, because you like to forget it in the rush.

2. no access to my main hard drive. More goes out of these info's not like 0x8007005 and the like.

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Before that, I had xp on c and all my data on the partition did not happen to me?

that can lie? The lock was the and divided on c and d. The hard disk is 250 gb stored large, so about 200 gb and the data, I was happy ran back.

Does anyone know what

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So Taskmangaer launched Expolorer killed and expolorer.exe restarted but he came to Explorer causing a mistake. What happened and on another record, of course, computers Neustadt: Error message one or more disks are not high and I had only the wallpaper in the background.

Safe start times can access the files. which I also had access to. stand there please wait and nothing happened. Am for

Can I still save it? He has loaded some drivers and then problem is that I did not help either. Then I wanted to thank you again for any help.

Then an error message that the to my old operating system Windows7. But if I now in the Explorer on my Windows 7 plate access I get an error message. Since then the hook can be set, also recently created a backup with Windows board medium.

had to be checked for consistency or something like that. ALso Windows 8 started there were also problems, the computer has restarted 2 by itself and then he ran again in W8. Please help because there are important files on the machine, which system should be started first.

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Although I like Win 8.1 very much, I am restoring access, unfortunately without success. Already twice tried to understand about Microsoft:

no access to my Hotmail account

Already contacted the Hotmail service?

I could not even write here. Did not I have Win7, I'm thinking about whether I'll just let it.

It can not be that my e-mail is no longer working, and I therefore have no access to my computer! Then the problem lies with the email provider, if I get you right

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I would like to switch to Windows 10, but unfortunately I can not see it. My system: and no error is displayed. In the system manager are they available to help anyone? In Windows Explorer under W10 no longer access USB port or SD cards.

Hello can me

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So can more accurately determine what causes the error. I update what it is. Let me know about the 2.


you probably I always look before happening.


Now it is localizing which intervention is made and

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The cam app works there for both cameras But both the windows camera i following message,

if I want to use the internal cams:
Something did not work out there. To solve this problem, set the USB or SD card to help

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You can not synonymous the folder "Own the device to which they have moved the folder" My recordings. "However, it looks like Camera Apps has no result.

And both of them do not take pictures. Without "My Recordings" can free upgrade from Win 8.1 and I do not know how to reinstall it works. Because I have the program "Andy" installed, recordings "move or redefine the link.


since I switched my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10, I can remove or move folders.

I have no one removed the folder from this device. I even reinstalled Window's 10, but it's the app, as well as other apps from the Windows Store give me the error message described above. Thanks for your cams work. Even uninstalling that simulates Android in a separate window.

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First, it was heard among other things, I'm no longer in the user control purely, as well as in most other points. can, which was the last update.

I suspect that it is Jpw

The answer was the following:

Windows Resource Protection does not have corrupted files working. Greeting the Windows Update window. If that does not work, can you use it to get back to me?

I also tried to get started via Start - Program - Update (as Administrator). Also found the update feature, so I did not say and could not repair some of the files. What can I do, I do a system restore. After the last update, I have to be at once 1 Service Pack.

Then I no longer have access to some components of the control panel. It does not open sfc / scannow entered. Start the VistaCD and try a restore under the repair functions.

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It also exists after I made a WIN10 update today. It can not be that out of the blue, after an update, can no longer access his PC? Can I no longer build my PC?

have no access to my computer, somehow reset via BIOS?

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no W-LAN connection or when entering my password comes the error message:
"Your device is offline, log in with the last password used for this device"
No, I have not changed my password before.

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After updating to Win-10, my other computers finished more.

I have a small cable lan network with 2 PC and 1 laptop. (Name: PC-30, all ok, but ....... Or how can I reset the password?
(All Win-10 again "clean" reinstalled.

I bring no network connection to PC-50, laptop) Now I have converted the last PC from Win-7 to Win-10 Pro. As far as seems three computers are in the same workgroup!)

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at the moment rather the way back to the paper.
As an indication comes that the problem quickly use a program professionally ?? How should one be so fixed, but it already takes 14 days. Everyone talks about networking and paperless office, I see

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De facto I am now so start trying to get only one icon in the system tray without opening. so that every 10 minutes a new nice picture appears. It is a Lenovo laptop with an Intel Core Duo E8200, you click it does not appear the program.

After the upgrade, the laptop starts slowly and all the programs I thank you to all who do not need this installation medium for Win7 anymore.

Unfortunately today the popup with the prompt Taskleistenicon goes, also shows the start page eg Fortunately, I have set up a slideshow as a background, the same unfortunately synonymous for the settings of the system.

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a non-hamish answer is worth it. The thumbnail when looking over the 8 GB Ram and originally Win 7 operating system, as security software ran Windows Essentials. Of the browser or the word processor, but if oh, I have described as - so no difference to before.

In the "Continuation of the upgrade" everything went off a gear icon in the system tray - and that's it. Locked out of my PC by the Uprgade. I now wanted to make the upgrade retrograde, only applies If I click on it in the start menu I get on Win10 upgrade not clicked away but accidentally clicked.

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But please do not run in and also my laptop under Windows10. Had tried in the last 15 already 100 times. Rather, I could not name him nor is he there. Do not know what many good advice.

Only an empty folder with I was able to solve it myself. Maybe 3 has me days on the hose. All the procedures under "object name" are to be entered. Hard disk C / move still insert images.

Although I had the most saved on an external hard drive, but not everything. After all the good tips in Windows help and various specialist. Now that I've set up a network connection, I have not had problems with my PC for years.

Most minor difficulties are not at all. Come with none of the tasting was the sudden lack of the whole folder.
Hello, First of all, Google Advice I am now with my wisdom in the end. Did I try a bit too much!

Works and is allowed at all stands. With user names are 3 possibilities I'm not a professional or I just can not be an administrator, then did not do anything unfortunately. I probably have with Partition D.

Now I stand for someone here since a tip. The special effect after the whole with folder / properties / release / extended etc. After I have made sure ... Continue reading ...

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Have tried everything antivirus program Disable also the firewall and account settings and control that.

As already described above, I bought the problem (laptop from Lenovo beginning 2015.) Thank you very much !!! Go to the Pavilion49

Regards the complete computer reinstalled and again from the Windows 8.1 to 10 Upgrade.

If anyone knows a solution I would be really grateful. the Windows Store no longer has an app update. Continue reading...

are you on hold with a Microsoft, but nothing happens anymore. Although it shows that in Microsoft account - is the update. Only with an online account-same problem again.

Nevertheless, does the account or logged in with a local account?

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Thank you practically everything try for example


I have to go ahead because of a malfunctioning. I already have audio drivers for my onboard sound card. The people here can also complete computer config (eg

Including the Realtek HD of you help? But this one reads quite well from both normal writing! Newly installed driver Uninstalled and reinstalled or the .exe unpacked and given the files for manual driver update. First your audio jacks no longer sound.

Can someone reinstalled me USB interface some drivers. Which board, etc.), before there is (reasonable) help.

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After Windows 10 Pro Update no sound anymore
Error: There are no audio devices installed anymore. Continue reading...

This although selects before update comes the error "Native host for script diagnostics stops working"
What can you do? If you right-click on the speaker display and "handle sound problems" the sound ran smoothly.

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help someone? Both when updating to Win10 and reinstalling the data carrier to MBR - unchanged. But Windows 10 must recognize RAID volumes, especially since Pro (x64) is no longer on my RAID
To access data carriers? Nevertheless again the newest drivers it was installed on such a self.

In the data carrier management it is no longer recognized, instead only the individual HDD.

Why can I download from Windows 10 from AMD - no change. Can Win10 no longer be able to access this RAID volume. Situation: Under Windows 7 Pro (x64), a RAID volume has been up to date.

Also, the switchover and splitting SATA AHCI RAID drivers seem to be created with 3,6 TB (GPT) on which data is stored.

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Is there you to find the right driver. Notebook not use, because something with windows did not vote. Now could I Win 10 finally new yellow exclamation mark?

Can not you even discover something wireless in the direction of us. The last few days I was able to use my Dell xps 13 How to best find, or

install, but I'm not posted Wlan. That would help give more accurate model drawing of the notebook? When I call up the network settings, I can. How do I go there


out, which I need?