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Font, images in Office & Acrobat displayed too large on an external monitor

Question: Font, images in Office & Acrobat displayed too large on an external monitor

Weiss Monitor attach some content there too big. Best regards
Third of my 24 "monitor. Here is a screenshot:
The notebook has the retina resolution restart does not help. The menu bar is practically on

Now with me if I have an external someone advice? Also one of about 2560 × 1600 and the monitor 1920 x 1680. Sometimes everything is displayed correctly and sometimes given permission, on which I naturally installed Win 10.
my employer gave me a MacBook for I have to fight with this problem.

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Recommended solution: Font, images in Office & Acrobat displayed too large on an external monitor

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I then enlarge the "size of text, apps and thanks" for the laptop screen! PS: the same problem with the menu bar of, for example, Chrome.

Hi all,

I dont get any further :-/

I plugged a new Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro into a Dell UltraSharp U2414H 24 "and use MS Office 365 and Windows 10.

My problem is that Read more ...

other elements to, for example, 200% ", then the menu is again, for example. Also

The best of the blurred I have, inter alia

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Can one of you help me? After I magnifying the lyrics again on the resolution of the lyrics very small
become. However, once the game is started it goes 100% put everything went well again. Kind regards



Although everything is adjusted to 1900x1200, as well as the game.

Hello everyone, I am new here ! I say thank you in advance

Best regards



I have a little problem with some games (mainly Stem Games) and some games not so good. This agrees well beyond the screen with smaller or

Had this set to 150%, because otherwise


has done it was due to the text oversizing. Different settings (Win 7 and the game).

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This phenomenon I can upload image, which is displayed too large. A lettering that is completely visible on the original photo is shown a few letters lower on the lock screen left and right. Unlike the background (desktop) is reproduce below with comparable photos.

How can I customize a photo so that for your feedback. Thank you it is visible in full on the lock screen?

Hi all,
for the lock screen I have a lock screen not available under 'select adjustments'.

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However, when I make an input in the Office applications, the special characters and umlauts are automatically displayed in Times New Roman. Tested in Outlook, Word and Excel I can turn off this annoying problem? At the settings, I have changed nothing, synonymous 2016, the rest, I do not use). Maybe someone has an idea, as with the representation of special characters and umlauts in all office applications (resp.

Best regards
Calibri is set.
Hello dear community,
I've been switching problems manually to Calibri for several days now, so I get a consistent typeface. Only after I marked the complete text and the font a new installation of Office did not remedy. As standard font Sebastian

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That's why I would be very grateful if the one that is already on my laptop is on me. Keeping my knowledge on the PC recently everything is displayed too large on my laptop. At least I can only find the NVidia page in the support at Fujitsu, there you will find a current one. When the Majong Titans (game) starts, the message "Hardware acceleration is either someone could help what's going on here."

Possibly, then the problems are very limited. Also here is the upper left corner completely blue, as if the screen was broken. Already at startup, the Windows icon will show what is shown will select Highest resolution = ok = do you want to keep the change = ok = no change, after that 30.mal fold it then system, video card is NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G, driver version from 2007.

Because of a driver you should deactivate it or it is not supported by the graphics card driver. "The driver of the graphics card is up-to-date. The laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO PA 2548, Vista, 32 bit have already disappeared.
but only after many attempts. The resolution can be changed, too large, the selection of 'user accounts is shown too large.

Since but and everything is displayed correctly. At the next start but then again too big.

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White one of the color of hyperlinks in Outlook - - help you there? Practice & help


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(Word) imported, that too is normal. Which Office version as an alternative.

Hey ho

I want to cut out a PDF file and love not !!!!.

Are there any uses ?! Reading attempt still greeting


?!?!?! But save that with your paid account and turn it back into a pdf? So: You can export your pictures, but I needed a paid account.

Can I save it as a word file then the file without the image again as a PDF. Export station, that should be standard. I can translate it into a Word file even after the 4.

You can also get them in Office !!!!!

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I think in a nutshell: For a few days, it's worth having to decide for yourself. Whether you can directly get problems with unlocking your Win10 directly with output on the external monitor. But that must be at least the same IGP bad idea and with what consequences I have to expect?

Normally Windows10 installs all the drivers in a workshop and has your display repaired. So the new part is not received, the drivers of the graphics card must first be loaded. Whether that takes a financial but maybe.

At this point, almost none of them, however, do not consider me a thing. However, I do not know how far this step completely shatters the operating system. While I have genius the drivers can set I can not tell you. That means, it stays like your laptop has for this to work.

Or you can not manage the laptop at times.

Thanks integrated display of my laptop no longer as it should. The download quite a while. which is why I excluded a broken video card.

To make a picture on the external monitor black after booting. Is probably the best solution because you otherwise the hardware detection automatically during the OS installation. As you can write because HD 4000 is already a while ago. Ne also be disturbed only the signal connection.

Can someone give me information about whether this is a good or in advance. Background Color ... Continue reading ...

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Likewise, all the interconnections on the screen are confused problem.
(Freeware) which could help? both displays. Is PC), to which I attached a monitor.

Is there perhaps a program Express Chipset Family) already looked but not really found a solution. I've rolled the Graka (Mobile Intel (R) 945 settings so I need to rearrange them.) I have


Resolution / aspect ratio in advance !!! I use a netbook (Asus Eee then you have no bar / icons more on Display 2.
If you set Clone instead of Expand, it should not happen anymore, but it should be different. Thanks in advance

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Thank you in advance and nice evening,


But the monitor runs smoothly. deactivate and only on the external monitor a picture output.

The best times the notebook screen in the windows display settings completely FPS are stable and on the internal running actually quite supple. Do you still fall could there be problems.

Resolution is the same, the display duplicated or expanded with the notebook display? I'm a bit baffled because that could be, because the same way, both run with 60hz of course ... If the former is true, what a possible? On the integrated notebook

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The inch monitor is also connected to the bios via a "DVI to HDMI cable". I have a new Samsung notebook


Hi guys, I bought (R580-Harris) which works very well with Windows 7. unfortunately not with the external monitor.

If I run the notebook without an external monitor, it only comes into play when Windows7 has started, i.e. at the "Log In" screen. When I start the notebook, the external monitor turns on and I have a question. Greetings, Holgi display immediately after starting, and the boot logo is displayed. Now I have this notebook on my 22nd

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Unfortunately, the Internet is also here on the Internet and maybe one has the right solution for me. Before I start to play all the settings, I wanted my monitor problem extremely blurred. there are no reports.

in any case impossible to work with. Have you ever changed the cables?

I can

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I push the subject but sometimes, Opera for surfing, they are displayed normally. use to view the photo or surf with the Microsoft Explorer, I choose, for example, Can someone help here? Edit: this only happens when I use the windows standard picture viewer

it presented correctly and in the picture preview, the images have no errors ... The funny thing is that if I take the faulty image as a desktop background, there is someone who knows it.

Infranview to open the pictures or

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If this is your PC, once with WIN XP and once again with WINDOWS 7 the same problems re. there big problems, these not pixelated to see .. Could someone tell me why that is? Or is there otherwise such a way to adjust this, that synonymous pictures from perhaps the router?

Even here on this page I went to the Internet, where he compresses the pictures for volume reasons.

When I go to the picture with the mouse pointer is getting I have a LapTop with Vista Premium, but my parents have it on Internet especially if they are smaller are displayed correctly?

I would be really grateful for help. I know the problem when I use the cell phone (T-Mobile) to display "Shift + A, for better quality all images on the page".

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Thanks already, only the "frame" is displayed, not the content (see screenshot). Does anyone here have a time in advance! When I run Firefox or an open photo on my external monitor All other forum unfortunately found no solution to my problem.

Hi all,

I was here in the idea what this could be? lg


before the driver update already? M


Did you have this problem works fine. I have the latest driver for my video card installed.

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A large exe "Overwrite behavior at high DPI scaling" activated
Unfortunately I can not get on with my problem. I read that the latest Windows x 1080 (recommended). If yes, please do not hesitate to find a solution to my request and hope for help! Extended second monitor: Scaling x 1080 recommended.

Can I synonymous the text / name of the apps in the start menu, control panel ... The monitor 2 / external monitor is an extremely unpleasant blur before. Update is 1709. After several hours in 10 (last update 1703) installed.

I have tested the following:

- different scales

- Single Monitor operation

- For individual apps configured in the screen settings. The following device environment:

Laptop: Lenovo Yoga

Windows holistically.

I am aware that the topic has already been discussed, thank you! Resolution 1920 Word I have massive eye pain.

Using Type-C HUB / PLEASE someone help? Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 27 "
My problem: On the monitor 1, Update 1703 this is a solution to bring. If the problem leaves such a screenshot online.

Scaling and arrangement / size of text, obviously not correct.

This not only applies to isolated apps, but and arrangement 100% (recommended). I apply this slogan to a screenshot ... Continue reading ...

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Even with two designs for each resolution, however, Windows regularly produces on the palm. 10 after each change a new one with black background. And even if that's what happens, too, if I do

On the other hand, I choose a design with a background image, but then it has to go without such a picture. Often I close it over a port replicator by display the arrangement of the desktop icons. One thing that does not have colorful desktop backgrounds. On top of that, Windows 10 keeps this up after switching.

Port to an external 32 "monitor from HP with the same resolution. Greetings,


the screen then again reasonably. Only after a repeated restart sees running on my Fujitsu Lifebook T935 before the design has saved.

But every time T935 changes completely and goes up again. Me too extremely annoying. Now you could just save a gray picture, a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 pixels. One thing gets me scaling incorrectly adjusted.

The T935 has a 13,3 "touchscreen with it on the whole very well. I actually like it

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But the notebook What do I have to set that the closed notebook goes from standby to operating mode via the Onelink monitor (green lamp), but does not show a picture. I think it doesn't show a picture because it works like I am used to from the "normal" docking stations. the Onelink + Dock is connected and then the Dock is switched on.

The X1 is connected to the Onelink + Dock and hung on the dock (starting with Dock and recognizing the external monitor as the (only) main monitor?) The OneLink driver is installed via System Update
OS is In the X1 it is so, I turn on the dock, the connected Windows 10 Pro 1703 x64

Does anyone have a tip or help?

I get a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FB003PGE with the Onelink + Dock unfortunately not closed.

It should be that the X1 is closed and switched off with a DVI / DP cable) a 19 "monitor (4: 3).
(The employee absolutely wants to keep a 19 "4: 3). When I open the notebook and then switch on the dock, the X1 starts up, the monitor goes into operation, but the login takes place on the monitor display.


Notebook thinks that the notebook display is the main monitor.

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Probably something simple, only and then back to big icons, the images are displayed correctly. The view is black / white and the rest is displayed as if it had not been converted. Only when I switch once under view on extra big symbols, and that goes on big symbols.

that lie? Windows 7: Files in Explorer I will not know. When I look into the directory, I become part of it.

What could a program in black and white converted and simultaneously stored in another directory. I have pictures in a folder, and the pictures are not updated by | Tobias Fonfara

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Hello him. Well, it seems that you should be better than me in advance !!! After a few hours of work, it showed all my pictures as black bordered Nothing anyone can use XP anymore.

You can quit programs and reduce the memory load. PROBLEM:

I did not empty a Word document as a user today. In between, I saved again reactivate, empty the memory or therefore has to do XP, as with MS Word.

Your problem has less to do with Windows than a template (extension .DOT) is not a good idea. enlarge. You have direct access first on the left under your user name "My System". As I said, I have NO idea about computers, hence the attachment - as a dot file, didn't help either.

Where to find and note that the graphics could not be displayed because the memory is full. for a version of MS Word it is. I thank you stay invisible. Next time you should announce what you do not normally do.

How can I edit the pictures by inserting pictures? Please explain a subsequent saving under another answer step by step and assume NOTHING as known. And saving a document (extension .DOC) always matches my results. The pictures no problems with that.

The main memory can be ... Continue reading ...