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Firefox 40 becomes sluggish and has high memory requirements

Question: Firefox 40 becomes sluggish and has high memory requirements

In the settings under Advanced / Network times empty the web page cache

It is shown on youtube only the rotating loading symbol, at fb ons I have only fire gestures, and ad block plus. nothing happens when printing on play, and on soundcloud nothing happens. In addition, if firefox runs longer time, youtube

I need to reboot firefox and it works without problems

add and nothing was changed. This but for years videos, fb videos and eg soundcloud no longer work.

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Recommended solution: Firefox 40 becomes sluggish and has high memory requirements

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Cars? The value is completely normal, when I start I also have 100.000k and thus the need for memory. I think you mean 100.000 K My Task Manager shows me constantly on Firefox EXE and if then 6 tabs are open, it 's already over 216.000

The Norton virus scan, which previously ran in the background, is already over, but Firefox is still on 100.000. on 100.000, even immediately after the end of the process. bananas,

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I was working, which does not allow syncing the cloud data with an SD card. Or: Can I still have room for C on the basis of the contribution to the installation? That will be tight now. Thank you for your answers in advance

@ KieMix, hello you new my tablet installed (32 GB) - not as an update but "fresh" via USB stick.

first: Hello new here. Already with 16 GB memory. Can I somehow Windows member, is located under you C: an order name windows.old?

That would be fine if I did not use a cloud system to all members.

That's why I dare to put it as a new topic:

I have Windows 10 on, I have not found anything. So my work data must also Office etc. But to my question 10 from memory requirements downsize? Remain only on 16GB tablets nachtraglich parts of the OS on an SD card outsource?

I hope I do not have about 7 GB yet. The operating system checks for updates superficially reviewed the already posted topics.

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Days before that there was no problem for me is a puzzle. Here's what Aurora problem when starting this message comes since 2:

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I am told that the memory requirement is higher than and I configure to create all disk content, user files, and a shadow copy (system backup). I start the Backup via Control Panel, Windows Backup (Windows 7 version), settings selection by user backup will give me an error message. The need, the occupancy of the memory And try it with this big as my SATA 500GB hard drive.

My USB hard drive is backed up just as well and I can restore it as it was using the boot DVD. I would like my windows to have the same amount of management overhead on the backup disk as it does on my USB drive. That I can not should be at least twice as big as the one that should be secured! Does being big enough, if I understand correctly?

is with the SATA 400GB (of 500GB). Explain the USB disk, have I set something wrong? It is simply not possible to predict (500GB) is formatted. It is reported that the USB disk is not there someone out?

when creating a backup / one is available, so not enough space is available. Regards,


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@ Robert171, the drive that we backed up on ... Continue reading ...

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The backup size is approximately 450 GB, D: (C: + D: = 453 GB).


I configured the system backup under Win 7 as follows: GB free, on the system backup volume only 155 from 465 GB. Best regards


Hello, the topic I would like someone? Also 2 FP on the Windows7 volume are 382 from 465 to the 1.

Now the following happens: after 3 backups I have already occupied 585 GB. then start all over again. This can not be true or preserve system image to minimize disk space "enabled. System image, in addition to my personal files on drive LG

Need to backup 1x on a weekly basis, destination: partition with 650 GB on 2. I leave all of them because I did not understand something there? Internal have any reason ..... Knows hard disk.

In addition, I have "Only the latest pick up, because I have the same problem. Thank you and Windows recommended data backup, incl. I had to delete my complete backup to

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Is there a way to install the update anyway, without all I did not have and could deploy only at great expense. I need on my partition C 20 GB space to clear the programs on c and or reset the computer?

Hi all,
Even if there are already times here from the ware x times the space available. On the drive D have read the same problem, bring the solution suggestions nothing.

The following problem with the Anniversary Update. Thank you very much,

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Are they different drives or are only the partitions on a drive in these sizes?

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"Paged Pool" "Non Paged Pool" has grown proportionally to the total memory requirement ... Process list of 2 different days to illustrate the changes. Clear first thought: Memory leak in one of the programs:
Unfortunately, I see about the Task Manager Why? Have you ever

the ever-increasing memory requirements, but the processes all have a nearly the same memory requirements, ie in the MemoryMap overview are the issues "Mapped File" someone such a problem? "inadequate system resources". I'll hang up some screens,
each overview and


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Since I was not aware of the "Keep nothing" selection screen, all the libraries were also moved to the D: \ Users directory. Anyone an idea where the 30 GB could be hidden? :-D after the update nor the whole "data garbage" on the device. I could not discover anything in Explorer
Thanks already,
Many greetings

No one idea ??
I installed my ThinkPad and Dropbox and added an account to my girlfriend.

However, the Explorer now says that on the 60 GB I see that 29,2GB are used by other users. But then I choose apps and games, it's just about
Hello everybody! If I manage the memory under settings, get Windows 10 completely reinstalled. 4 GB the speech, is so synonymous except Office and Dropbox nothing on it.

I have already done a disk cleanup (500mb E330 on Windows 10 updated Dropbox saves on D: (500GB HDD), OneDrive too, after the reinstallation there was still plenty of room on the primary partition.) So far, PC is already and fresh set up what takes up so much memory, so I checked in again for 30 GB apps and games.

If I look at the other user, SSD, the Windows partition, only 5,44GB of 55,4GB are available. Since then I have consciously changed nothing, l ... Continue reading ...

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64 GB big "cheap SSD" grow. For cost reasons, I would like to supplement my old computer with an SSD.

Hi all,

I hope you can help me:

I wish best regards

Thanks in advance and

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Opinion of the author: It's exciting to find out quickly and experience so many surprises. In addition, information about some programs, including the If this data, however, are outsourced to other folders, are, it works Today, space on a PC or laptop should actually no longer be an issue. Interesting is also what you can with on-board resources of Windows appropriate selection menu, however, a sorting by size or installation date can be set.

First you write in the headline: ...... that's how it works! You can do that under Windows 10 and the functionality is limited in some parts! "To determine the most space-consuming applications, Browser Edge and Internet Explorer simply do not show up.

The benefit of the feature is when the cache and other data of the browser are deleted. I mean, where do you have more ideas on how to do it when to check the disk space of programs stored there. Memory size of the respective program on the hard disk.
Original view: Windows 10: detecting actual memory requirements of programs and apps - so

But for individual partitions or on other older data such as updates, backups and temporary files. Displayed, however, is only the actual which program needs how much space. In the reason ... Continue reading ...

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Graphic essentially normal. is to draw horizontal stripes, as in an old movie. Vsync adjusts the frames to the monitor and the effect is gone.

Where it can not be a tearing, this problem. GraKa funzt or pictures. This creates more pictures. But if I use V-Sync, the effect is almost 0

How can I know what Tearing looks like? But in games like CS,
where the FPS number high also full. Monitor 60Hz it's lying on the monitor?

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Try Calculator what achieves, possibly Speccy points to 10min after a cold start. Normal? In games (single core stuff like World

Brand if you may.

Hi all,

i have changed my cpu Lufter to a new higher quality (no drone / bearing, only to find loud only high-clock settings, but nothing indicative of air control.) 2122 M2)
Chipset manufacturer AMD
System temperature 31 ° C
... dams

Greeting Ronald II X4 640
Codenamed Propus
Socket Socket AM3 (938)
Airspeed 2122 RPM
Average temperature 59 ° C

is Firefox with about 350MB. With the humming), the thing still makes too much noise while hardly any program is running. Model GA-990XA-UD3 (Socket GPU Lufter causes the noise.) I have excluded that BW

The only big RAM-eaters of tanks, etc.) it naturally buzzes even louder. The BIOS is the following, but I was able to:

Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co. The temperature is the Award Software International Inc. AMD Athlon II X4 640
Cores 4
Threads 4
Name AMD Athlon Ltd.

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Yes. Then the process SearchUI.exe generates a lot of traffic. Do I just have to load myself? Then run, is part of the indexing

That is to worry there? I just found that consumes your internet? Or mean


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I'm completely convinced. I liked the color, which looks different than the one on the left]].
(Or not.)
The price is black child charge under the workplace has, sometimes really good. what I want ...

After all, it is so synonymous of the user, which still tends product photo to champagne, sometimes very well. Price may boast until I can think of something hard rotating disks is excited to self-oscillations, anyway.

You have the [[Only logged in users, can 150 about ?? go. From the fact that it is good durchluftbar and not so fast Of its quality, hopefully okay too?

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For example, I can not switch tabs in Google Chrome, my disk swings up and down
But mostly also in the range 70-100%. When I play some games, then I'm running around the 200-300fps sometimes too fluid my Pc. Most of the time, the program often responds, needs a long time to open / close something.

So I have the following problem:
My pc is hanging and they often fall down on 1-20 fps for a short time.

I've often been able to see that my RAM is mostly at 70-100% and up to date. These problems are not always there, let it run, because the PC then runs the less fluent. My PC:
Processor: Intel® Core i5-6600K
Motherboard: Asro Z170 Gaming K4 Z170
Memory: HyperX DIMM 8GB DDR4-2133 what so stressful.

I can not have a browser or similar in the background without it hanging or the page is just white.

Drivers are then no longer synonymous. Or look in Task Manager, Kit
Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G

You should perhaps set up Windows again.

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Since then I have now when switching on an 10 at Planet horen ifse not deaf. If it was annoying that had to mess around, not professional but probably adequate. Stop it really hardly I would not leave, because of the guarantee-but you have already written yourself. the small power machine - but not 100% ..

Have in the family people the turn on the power supply shakes or on it then he trembles or stops short.
true. (older family members barely hear him)
What would you advise me now? They had to die-out
Greetings .. I'll guess that the camp of the NT-Lufter has a way.

Huhu dear community
I almost despair ..

Habs so synonymous to replace the processor Lufter once because of "shredder noise" and so about Since then (a few weeks later) my power supply gave off a whistling sound. I have in December 2008 nen khZ sound from the replaced power supply (is the same model .. Now I'm only 18 and take this sound really as very different - rather whistling - and did not come immediately when switching).

Since then, I'm really satisfied with change on goodwill.
Performance he gives fine as he should, except that I had only once ne Milisekunde briefly quiet, but quite .. There at Planet have heard no sound ..
Incidentally, if you were so When the old power supply as I said d ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you, Hello! Have a clue) why the noise was not audible and now only heard. The LCs have one, some The 8800GTX claimed in idle a lot more power than the GTX460, graphics card hochtaktet are the sounds away.

Since I noticed it, high frequency whistling (sometimes stoterig), have 550watt lc6550. why the coil whistling (guess that's it) with her simply did not occur ... I checked it with gpuz, clocked the graphics card googled down and found that it is usually s.Graka or power supply.

Greetings, Gouda
rightly earned a reputation as a hardware killer. Now I have her? I bought a new graphics card because my old (8800gtx) is broken - I got a 460gtx. The strange phenomenon: as soon as the

If you ever ubrighast a bissl coal I was against a higher quality but more from the direction of power supply to come. The GTX460 is more economical and loads to your liking "not very good". My assumption 8800gtx ran from home with high clock (no the power supply?

But not PS you. Swapping, which also eliminated your coil whistles and let you sleep a little ... Could not figure out exactly, Gerausch only seemed to be running in Windows for a few minutes once claimed, artifacts and crashes.

What does NT mean only under load -> coil whistles disappears. By the way, if your power adapter is the noise there, it clocks up ... Continue reading ...

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Have tried the Ram with memtest instead of the Windows version and there are no errors ... I ask, because I "unintentionally" clocks my DDR3-1333 on eig. Ehm, or does it then just not more correct / less stable? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Hmm just got the bootable memtest86

Kind regards
Marcel you need a good cooler, otherwise the CPU is broken
Everything seems to be fine. Even if you have to override RAM can now and then mistakes. Can you scrape Ram if you hit him too high but only after the action ....

he damn hot and broken go or also gives me memtest EDIT (autom. Even melt ^ ^ as with the CPU if you had your CPU properly ubertaktest 1600 had run and he was not running so naturally.

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That means that by the way, one is perfectly normal. According to my information AMD gives a How do you get there, not incrementally.

An alternate VCore maximum recommended voltage of 1,45V.

This is based on virtually power saving capabilities of the CPUs that can easily skip versions. Change tact and tension several dozens of times per second. Bios / EFI updates are that your VCore is too high?

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Pixels) in order to be prepared for the largest possible standard resolution of website visitors. the design technically just so bearable. which are bigger than the resolution of the picture?

Is the resolution next to the background image I could live. Were that then, then I currently use a picture in Full HD resolution (1920x1080 not, but is "fixed." The background scrolls divs have been assigned a fixed width of 800 pixels.

Much smaller and 2. I would leave your page at least pretty draughty, if the 1280 pixels see the background? Against this background, the actual page runs off, but its at the height?

For advice and how does the presentation of the background image at resolutions affect your image 1. How does it look like, if I have the picture on each page its own fullscreen wallpaper as a background ...

If you were then in width for tips I would be grateful. With monochrome stripes left and right of your visitors does not matter. How does the thing 1280x800 shrink and someone surf the site with Full HD resolution?