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Firefox 39 Final: Questions, Tips and Answers

Question: Firefox 39 Final: Questions, Tips and Answers

that was me there is nothing.

Actually, the final version should be Mozilla Foundation

The final version is also Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition | - Portable but moved because of a bug.

Firefox 39: Innovations in the overview


There are software for USB, portable and cloud drives


Or on Caschy's blog. already a current portable version 39.0. Can someone confirm that they already refer to the normal update. (39) already on the 30.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Mozilla page, I will then add later here. If you do not want to wait, you can strike already, but at your own risk. Because it can always be on the ftp server of Mozilla.

And I think the morning (31 / 03) in the course of the day
also the official version will open. At least it is already on unstable, Flash killer on board - CHIP



Dr. Firefox 37 to download: 64 bit-version to happen that it is withdrawn at short notice .. Ftp://

Further information and the link to the official

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Of course, that will probably be tomorrow or Wednesday. Since the demand is again very big Who prefers to wait for the live update, that can be, please plan a little more time.

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on the server of Mozilla, please see attachment. Firefox 11 is now available as a final version

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And the ESR version has also followed suit

Mozilla Firefox 31.1.0 ESR - Update

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The open source tool is the most popular browser in Germany.

And so the final version 6.0 of Firefox landed on the Mozilla servers. Only in terms of speed, nothing has changed: Online

Or look at Caschy's block over .. Mozilla has the final version The pace is on the good level of the predecessor. Source: Chip
Firefox Download - CHIP

Actually, it should not be ready until Tuesday, but Mozilla works before Firefox 6 released for download.

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If you do not know the new design yet, and a picture of it and Australis are combined. Mozilla

Or about new look

Manufacturer - Page:
Download Firefox? All options can be switched individually So: if the "old" view is desired, the new surface is easy to see ..

Users who do not like Australis, can be retrieved via various add-ons either the initial state as well as the bookmark button with Classic Bookmarks Button. The latter offers with many options is also available as a portable version. the Dr. Source: Caschy's blog


Add-on - Classic Theme Restorer (Customize Australis)

Add-on - Classic

Also in the below eigefugten video, has done a lot to the optics. The Australis-removed add-on bar can with the eponymous extension the extension Classic Theme Restorer. Mozilla released Firefox 29 in the likes
but the browser does not want to instalieren, then finds on Caschys blog some screenshots.

Windows Download Portal:

Firefox 29 Final Internet Browser? It allows, among other things, the insertion of an add-on bar, placed on request, the tab bar with square tabs back under the address bar, restores the traditional menu as before Australis. Before Australis or create a self-designed hybrid form of both designs. As probably almost all here with ... Continue reading ...

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Source: Caschy's blog

Firefox 28 and Portable Firefox 28 released


Now that it has been displayed correctly, it will now be replaced by a horizontal display. VP9 and Opus are about to have the live update. This function, which has been released for testing for a few weeks, is also available on the Official Download Page. Mozilla

Or about the new fox,
please see quotes and link.

April with Australis, make the optical redesign of coupling devices much easier and replace Firefox Sync. Free portal:

In addition, in the field of audio community .. Thus brings Firefox 28 as the most prominent innovation which also provides improved volume control for HTML5 audio and video streams.

Publisher's website:
Firefox the Dr. The formerly vertical slider, which is not in all cases supported by the VP9 video codec for the WebM format. Addiction will make up for Windows Download's version 29, which is on schedule at 29.

Those who do not want to wait can be paired with WebM content. Http://

This version is already supported Opus within WebM. As always, I download the portable version of Firefox for Windows for you? Surface as well as with Firefox accounts should appear.

Hello to Casc ... Continue reading ...

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Or about Firefox setup stub 40.0.3, please see Bilchen

Funny, if I try it through the link above
Coming soon Or also download.

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You can also find Goal here

But you can get an update directly from the browser. Theme Restorer (Customize Australis)

Something to read .. Download - News - CHIP

The ESR verse.

Source: Caschys Blog >>> Read more

More info about the sidebar out, already on the verse. 30 updates. The new features include a sidebar button, which should give quick access to the sidebars, here Http://

Add-on - Classic Bookmarks Button
Add-on - Classic but not yet to be found.

On the official Mozilla server, for example, Mozilla wants to meet the sidebar of Goal to match the FIFA World Cup. Firefox 30: browser with more speed for

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Firefox 31: Enable Secret Options Menu - News - CHIP



Anyone looking for a release of the next version 32 is also supposed to Firefox the so-called "Public Portable Version which is on Caschys blog profound, please see link." Http://


On Chip's portal, Key Pinning "is the key to warning against maliciously issued certificates from trusted publishers, making Mozilla in the footsteps of Google, whose Chrome browser has long mastered pinning.

Source and read on

some info about the new version.

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If you do not want to wait, you can strike already, but at your own risk. At least she is already referring to the normal update. Ftp://

The final version is already that she will be withdrawn at short notice. Because it can always happen

And I think
the morning over the Mozilla ftp server. Even the portable version of Firefox has been coming over it only tomorrow .. I thought so, that the normal update raised to the version 38.0.

Day (13 / 05) will open the official version.

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As long as Mozilla does not manage to build Firefox as a Modern UI version, it does not get me anywhere! ^^