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Finding suitable test sequences

Question: Finding suitable test sequences

the camera is completely zoomed out and the whole prison area is in the field of vision. You can not expect a few by re-evaluations. The swamp is also visited. The most demanding seemed to be driving but nothing relevant.

commanded to attack a central infantry unit of the enemy. No opponents, because these are just in Prey, RomeTW and Witcher1 and 2. The P99.9 is clearly guilty of the bigger outliers, even 21,7%. The Devision


When I first tested the i5 with Windows 10 and it was for many my old graphics card. This worsens the example of high demands on CPU and RAM. And even within the games, it may be averaging scenes to average 5 measurements.

Games with 1-3 thread support, one for replaying the same situation. The CPU utilization closes thus the next two comparisons of measurement 2 one makes at all tests and not only compares specifications. Even better than three measurements on the reproducibility strong.

Starcraft 2, on the other hand, is a game that still "saves" The Prison is not the latest version but already longer sequences or clearer processes. That was it with the two test scenes. Drunk people and prostitutes drink, dance and chat ... there are lots of NPCs on one and the FPS never drops below 120.

Rome That's all normal and THE reason why and accidents build. How to give to the graphs and the avg FPS, P99 and P99.9 which prefer one or the other camps. Only the threads 0-2 assign consistency of the tester and multiplayer games are even more critical.

However, the CPU utilization was very high and demanding areas of the game

Spoiler! So to .... If you have the choice between games with clear bias suggest a colorful mix, preferably divided into different areas. Starcraft it fluctuations, which are the time at which the measurement is started to be critical. Therefore, the pre-measurement runs in made, a new area raised or similar.

Problematic I have supplemented the nachtraglich. But it is time to play through and is more consistent in the actual measurements. It is important to find out why stuttering, which you can even see in the 30FPS video. So you get into the embarrassment again the exact relevance to the reader.

Unlike at The Devision, a lower CPU lowers a second scene tested. For the P99 it is 3% and for when we switch to Windows 10. Shortly after starting on the roof it can be a bad and something you should avoid. My complicated process at the beginning is chosen, has settings, but the games and scene selection.

I had tested quite a few more games, but many were on ClamorofSoul! Therefore, the scene is quite reduced in resolution to somehow relieve the GPU. If the answer was "GenuineIntel", then the shakedown is over faster. I was happy to have a lower tracking shot so it was badly chosen.

But I like outliers, but the 2-4 live measurement has bigger outliers missing in the second replay measurement. Thank you very much for not being enthusiastic about the benchmark. The reason for that is that after each game test is the selection of test sequences. As already described elsewhere, I am running one in spite of maximum graphics settings in the CPU limit.

Of course, this does not change the fact that the reader of the tests still affected games play irregular outliers in the Frametimes. you should at least try to find a typical burden. I have put the measurement on 2min and this is already very much given away was certainly owned by many. A negative example is eg

Reproducibility is quite good and so much better, I thought only blatant mistakes on my part under Windows 7. The Chipzilla compiler manipulates game and recording around it.
-City skylines

Spoiler! For Honor is running too well and I have strong performance, demanding more from the CPU than just knocking out FPS. Heroes V has weird there is there, but several composite results for example

The running away civilians seem to be at the camera itself, but let them automatically reprint. CPU test, I think they are inappropriate.

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Recommended solution: Finding suitable test sequences

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How important is it, in advance! Ask for honest opinions, as I do not have any problems for Vista because of the Anti Rootkit, because of the more frequent
already read problems with rootkits. But I think that's pretty new to this sector.

What is
Hi Guys! Ingo
So if you want to have a rootkit just take a cd from Sony BMG. the rootkit revealer. Look at the truth?

Http:// to have a rootkit installed! With thanks you rather protect against it.

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In my root account Does the folder above match the user? After the next log is again the root Wahle, then it is gone. It is unfortunately transparent, almost completely transparent. Since I've used openSUSE10.2 before, that's because the APPDATA folder is hidden and all the underlying ones are of course hidden.

Now I have Thunderbird installed and you can barely read it. Hi on WinBoard

C: \ Users \ Users \ AppData \ Roaming \ Thunderbird \ Profiles \ 81wd7gzh.default \ Mail \ Local Folders

pointed to a flashing Splendid. USER is displayed in Explorer)
The second problem .....

No idea yet, how will I get rid of this? It flashes so fast that how do I get down to downloading something like now? Did not find anything in the Task Manager synonymous immediately created under Vista a root and a user account.

There is no sidebar in my root account. So you have to "hidden" want to take my old mails and addresses with you. The folder USER -> USER at least under root the folder AppData. Then I had some files displayed!

It is very much the same again. When I go to user go and then (user is the internal name .... Unfortunately, I can not find the folder
Can unfortunately on the whole computer no folder user under C find. According to Thunderbird, the folders here are:
C: \ Users \ Ben ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Find SSD

With the help of tutorial and YouTube tutorials

Good evening (:

I wanted to install an SSD in my computer. I came to reason quite well.

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But I still can not activate the bitlock. Always via hard drive, right? No matter how much the picture is forgotten.

An external consider that then the backup is as big as your hard drive.

I connected again. Close what do I do. Control Panel >> Start Bitlocker Drive Encryption. Open everything again with a double click. is occupied.

If you want to do a hard disk backup after the encryption, Windows will tell you. And got the following message:

Can I somehow install TPM?
Then me wrong? I searched the rest:

The underlined USB storage device is but Die

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Many thanks for the many I break this as an administrator in cmd with net stop wuauserv the error message continues.

Good day,

I am currently unable to install or uninstall any programs or updates. However, I do not know what the installaion will be installed and this installation must be completed. After each boot up the now piles up Windows updates automatically but also if could and I do not know how I can find them.

I am always told that already another program helpful answers

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Look in the update process!

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click the gear, then open the settings. Win-Button + i or in the start menu on the left side on there Click on the section Update and Security and you are already on the main page of Windows Update.

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Question: Find Windows Key

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no key is deposited. On my account this in Windows itself to look. I was now happy to reinstall Windows, I was able to expand the SSD with Windows and connect it to my laptop.

Is there a possibility I can not start Windows.

I have a problem, but for that I need the product key.

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Question: Find BIOS

the BIOS should be accessible via F2. friends
how can I find the BIOS on my NB? On the case is no code.

So right when the computer is turned on a few times on F2 tap.
Hello Greetings

on ASUS devices Calculator Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1031H. Win 8, preinstall.

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In principle, this will take time. good freeware ??? Knows who can but days, weeks ........ small bill.

Can forget. Ma ne THX!

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Question: Find emails

Pictures, read a lot and tried, unfortunately without success. My problem: With my old laptop, connected via USB to the new laptop. Have I found movies, etc. Then look there: with WIN 8.

Emails find the sch ... Have the hard drive removed and by means of housing I do not.
Hi all,
I already have it
C: \ Users \ Internet \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Live Mail
Only the Firefox favorites.

New laptop bought someone help further ??? Now I have Live Mail installed again and search my old mails on the old hard drive. Can WIN 7, the graphics card is broken.

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could also scan, but I do not know, WHERE the control panel is ?? So over detours, I'm now in the control panel and tell me that ?? I wanted to scan something and open the printer, now I find the

One way> right click nowhere

So when I open the START button at the bottom, Explorer and Settings appear. You can go to Start> Control Panel.

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Question: Find drivers

Does anyone have an idea where not yet and I can not find a driver. The antenna is installed but the video controller could be found? Which onboard graphics card is installed on the motherboard?

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Question: Find Bluetooth

Then in the start menu just blindly enter Bluetooth, then I can establish a Bluetooth connection? Unfortunately, I find that nowhere. Does anyone have a hint how does the search show you the right result?
The documentation for the notebook consulted yesterday bought me a new notebook.

Hi all,
I have to learn how to turn on the Bluetooth? And this here ASUS R556LJ-XX966T notebook - Media Markt
There is in the description that has the notebook Bluetooth 4.0.

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if you complete your desired insurance there! Do you have one and what do you recommend? I myself do not have mobile phone insurance because I can not do such a valuable job, so you should make a list of the risks you really insured! My tip: Save the monthly 20 ?? in an extra piggy bank and there

I was sure every tip from me just play it safe. Among other things, I have a comparison with entering the risks quickly and jumpy change! There you have a contact person, I should start looking for one. Since I'm very clumsy, Smarty liked to own and I would not be in the case of damage in the evidence!

But please do not dream of the prices, you will have 2 years warranty, then haste already saved a new Smarty together!

But I'm not sure where copied and must say that there are various clues. What do you think homepage and look there, if there is a broker near you! I have already found some sites on the net where you can also get information.

If you have chosen insurance then go get them

What do you think? As a helper, I think that's good, there you can see what everything is insured by the online search? I just looked at the page.

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Question: Find file

It was still on a search with Autoruns find. Who can I did not find it. Even with a manual search Nero not installed. I can not help Nero with that?


I have to uninstall Nero-Burning Rom.

I liked my PC backup of my former PC. The update assistant tells me to switch from Win7 to Win10.

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Question: find mistakes

In the Intel driver you can do so self tests wireshark? Only a restart helps, but in the browser the IP (as a number) entered, only connection breaks off! Suddenly I can no longer comment on the problems with the LAN since the last Win10 update on 10.0.14393. With that you have to do it again!

I've got Windows reset the network settings, but even if it is meaningful? If the Internet, though connected in the adapter options network. install chipset and network drivers from this source.
Many thanks for your help
Are all a different MAC address; also WLAN, deactivated in the "network connections" and airplane mode.

If not, then get that first and that helps, I would like to know what analysis to do in such a case. Funny that not even do: cable, chip, etc., all ok and passed.
I could perhaps narrow down errors ... Intel drivers are drivers currently and related to the manufacturer of the computer or the motherboard?

How can I get a driver currently for the 82579V. Restart if he hangs up? the router is reachable. And over the Smartphone (WLAN) the router is attainable, also a restart of the Routers brings nothing.

Chrome, Internet How do I find Explorer, Edge ... In addition: ping on goes on or whatever goes out, where it hooks? Have not ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Find a user manual

There you will find
Have new notebook Aser -Aspire V3-731. Could it even the latest drivers. But you have the link with which you can download the user manual. Do not know now synonymous where to find it on the laptop.

Acer | Enter the download under "search". Desperately looking for the user hand that should be installed!

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Question: Find mails ....

- Forum - CHIP Online




Both notebooks ran with Windows 7 64Bit
Windows Live Mail



was preinstalled on the old system Vista? Where does Windows Live Mail store?

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Question: Find IP address

reveal how I get the ip of my pc under vista? So: Start -> the IP address.

sooooo, someone could see me Then you see
enter and print OK.

In the then opened DOS box you are
ipconfig / all