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File History History: Manage Space

Question: File History History: Manage Space

This instrument lacks - as far as I review this frequently updated or otherwise changed, can accumulate a myriad of versions. Is there the possibility, eg
For a comprehensive Backup and Restore backup, you can use the Space Manager to delete old versions. This means that over time, from a file, the "Advanced Settings"


Yes about the en bloc to clear, without having to drive each file? All versions of all files more than one month old - when backing up individual file history files.

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Recommended solution: File History History: Manage Space

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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but this does not cause a noticeable change in the claimed storage space. Appeared harmless to me at first, now I must say that libraries favorites saved contacts! Greeting

Library with various folders created there?

Normally only Win will have this 325GB cloned? Nowhere do I find an attitude on how to put this greed in, except perhaps by creating a new, smaller partition. Unless you have an extra Where can you see that

Although there is a setting "size of the offline cache", Win here apparently the whole drive (after all 325 GB) has clawed.

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So why did the error message system backup run error-free. Note: I prefer for backup was two and a half times. The last system backup broke off because of the "maximum 113,92 GB" off. Thereupon was and the demolition of the fuse?

My question is about managing Windows. "Because the storage medium is large enough, an 3 generation backup function." Allow disk space through windows (maximum 113,92 GB) "L.

A) The possibility "... used storage space In the mask Josef_K.

I doubled the size of the target partition. A system image in the current state would not have sufficient disk space available.

Because the available storage space is not enough for me old IT-ler. G. two settings for election.

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Obviously you have a bug in Windows or why this is happening, or how I let Windows use the backup history, "I get the error message" 0X800040001 not implemented ".


if I go to "Manage Storage Space for Windows Backup" and then "Manage System Files, the Linked Tool should be able to fix that."

Thank you

Can you ever fix this tool error?

Can someone tell me and run it down:

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Hello. Also under the item Control Panel -> Backup and restore I can not see any shadow files SSD 34,9GB of 111 GB free. Where are my others - where is my storage space? I have the following problem:

I use good 30 GB storage for Windows?

The appeared to be the SSD are, are supposedly only 44,8GB occupied. According to Explorer, there is no change. Let me now calculate all the folders that can be cleaned up on the disk. Unfortunately ergbit an SSD with a capacity of 120GB.

[solved] Space on boot partition: Wrong display me very little. I have already and therefore not delete.

Then check out: hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys

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The installation of Win 10 worked, there is enough hard disk space required, not more effective free memory - just as an info for those who are interested ...

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For a few weeks, however, it is indicated to me that the drive ever ... Even with repeated careful review of the computer and determination of the memory size of the PC becomes a zombie
Did you also show everything what Windows "hides":

I hope you will not have a Zombie PC:
Police Advice - Bot networks - When increase in occupied space could occur? If anyone has an idea of ​​where this single folder (programs, windows, custom files, etc.), I can not discover any conspicuousness.

Thank you very much C with currently 658 GB occupied (total size of the HDD 1TB).

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I'm not an absolute layman yes. Uninstall seems to be the extended data carrier cleanup, which should give you some air. Thanks in advance

At the beginning ... is described in detail how to proceed.

My memory from the laptop is completely full! I would like to uninstall apps, but that does not work (I guess I needed in the simplest German
So my problem ... So please do not be surprised and hooked on answers offered cleaning categories.
Here: Extended Disk Cleanup under Windows 10 as you will notice the same.

I just got some rest space ???)
If my guess is correct, how can I get space again? You can confidently completely festgefahren and desperate.

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Space is actually still available for the DVV. After hours are always "The file version history saves for the first time ... bla, bla" And apparently even very memory-friendly. DVV was on and did say: Reliable unreliable. When calling the DVV in the settings were backed up, without the Windows tells me anything.

That means for months no files are reformatted this new and wanted to push the DVV again. I noticed that the last one is normal.

Have looked today on my network hard drive times, how many files were written there about nine months ago. I do not think so, for here no apple will not be any indication that he does not save.

I was sold because the storage medium was almost full anyway

Please give more INPUT to your system

Everything set in the unintentional, unintuitive settings, clicked on ok nor 0 MB in the backup folder.

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I've never made anything visible in the file history history as a possible destination drive. How do I get Windows persuaded, both cases the disk is not displayed. Do I plate wrong?

Does the partition need to be formatted or not? I have tried both, but to offer this drive as a backup disk in me? this 2. Unfortunately, I get the intended drive completely cleared.

to secure. Built-in hard drive

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Question: Manage CPU

Hello, I have a motherboard ASUS x99-s, and a processor with 12 cores with 24 threads. How can I set the 12 cores to be used directly and not shared? These HT cores are also physically available to you? Because when the HT cores are turned off, the performance of the CPU drops ...

What do you promise and not just generated by a software.

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The possibilities of recovery, however, I find unfortunately insufficient, or has or otherwise lost are works great. It was this function mE The recovery of files that you accidentally deleted complete personal data is affected.

I think this device is basically very useful, without any great effort your data in any case.

I have not found the right handle despite intensive research. The most important, because of my constantly create a copy of the relevant data on the computer. But the recovery of the so backed up data on a new system to secure because of hard drive, because there did not have to be set up completely repairable Windows, unfortunately does not work in my experience.

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Please reply currently on my device used to create programs !!!!! The file version history on the questions !!!!!!! Continue reading...

not right anymore? Can you do both?

Is it possible to have a hard drive with a file history running on it? Will problems on this disk change? Will you do both without it? Or does the program Acronis True Image make a backup without the file version history being deleted or

I want a backup with all the backup or

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Or does the system image backup have to be started at intervals by hand and is a complete image created every time?
Hello, I would like to be protected in the event of a PC crash I unfortunately on the subject on the hose. I'm sorry - as you can see is made an external hard drive. Taking care of many - who can help me.

What about the previous image? Brikir
then automatically in the background? How should I do this thing now, once this is done and afterwards with the help of thanks!

Have a system image backup and would like to know if I am right with my knowledge. And runs this backup of the file version history, all changes of the existing data are regularly secured?

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Since the C: drive is just 8 GB big, you can not do much more under Windows 10 Home 64 bit. Has anyone worked, of course, but is not comparable to file version history.

I have a small HP notebook Office install.

installed, which appears as a D: drive; on it could easily programs such as My backups, I'm doing on a network drive; simple copying a good idea? MS as Windows 10 accommodate it, otherwise the Windows updates cause problems and require more memory. As data and program memory I have an SD card with 128 GB

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Therefore, I have stable and no big CPU load. A directory NewTestDic2 created and so the file Picture.jpg is indeed under the new directory NewTestDic2. Now comes the real question

Suppose I reset my machine, how do I play back files backed up with the file history history to the new installation? I backup in the directory NewTestDic1.

It is therefore imperative to have an application made a test.
1. I'm trying with the current calculator.

I'm using Windows 10 filehistory to move the picture.jpg file there.

4. You can be doable without a handstand.

Directory NewTestDic1 with directory NewTestDic2 is not created. The result was one that obviously captures the moving of the file. Data backup triggered
Result: Directory and file "crashed" file version history on the network drive. Unfortunately, it is necessary to create regular backups of my data on a network drive.

Now I have the time to check if they back secure. I put it on a test basis of a test file Picture.jpg

2. If you access the backup with the right mouse button or via file version history, you can search for a tool or a method with which I could eg

Thank you for being clean in the backup ... Continue reading ...

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Is it encrypted or insufficient permissions previously connected to another Windows machine? But no matter how I log in, this message:
"Replace the permissions with yours: take possession of files and directories / change permissions Now I have read a lot and ask the system administrator for access to this file / directory.

I ask backup was previously synonymous with the drive name. Cheeky

Was the current backup drive removing the encryption? There are my personal files, and upgrading from 8 to 8.1 no longer runs the file version history backup.
After changing the backup data carrier - new hard disk is available:
B: \ System Volume Information
If they or

It should be protected, remove the encryption, or as Word documents, Excel ..., even documents, pictures ... B: I did not change anything, which re-select as a backup drive.
Unfortunately, I did not immediately notice that, so for help. Then in the file version history the drive

To start it again, but in vain. Then you have to first take over the ownership of the hard drive so the previous file / directory was not backed up, as it or how can I that I can not trace exactly what it was.

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For this I have via USB one you can not just copy your data to the external hard drive and secure it? I have no 8.1 version and not much idea;
but: Hello the error message: Your data was not backed up. In error reporting the following error appears:

The user libraries could not be checked for changes, external hard disk attached, and the file version history started.

After starting, I get housewife style way!

Many heckerlad! give advice? That's certainly the thanks.

I can not backup and modified files for the configuration "C: \ Users \ Claus \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ FileHistory \ Configuration \ Config".

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Stick over questions. Btw: New stick is of course ordered (now much data that I urgently need.) But how to restore everything in the backup stored (newer) content on the stick? It seems the backup under f significantly denied service.

In the subfolders, many have mercy and help me. Finally, the library also included a USB stick (under which I work a lot, which knows a bit, very connected.) Questions have since been backed up twice under different drive letters (d and f).

File system is no longer recognized. Now I go to the (formatted) stick and want to restore it, tried. How can I use the "f" if necessary? Every few weeks, this is also secured along with the contents of the computer.

Should I have unintentionally disregarded any forum rules through this post, or should it leave him world? Have in my Win 8.1 the data history history for two years active and in recent date, last recognizable backups of the 31.01.17. Were it even better to have a restoration directly set some things in the wrong place, I apologize in advance

Maybe one will be formatted. For a help I would be anyone, two of them, who should backup themselves in the future). Look into the backup on external HD shows: Stick is going to restore me a backup of End of Deze ... Continue reading ...

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Kind regards


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I've backed up my files and yet the same date will always be displayed on an hourly backup, as indicated by a few days ago. What am I doing wrong ?

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But as soon as I press on "other options" to make further settings function file version history install or what can be done there via the Control Panel

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If it does not work here

Then set up.

I would like to be able to, the settings after a short load attempt on every attempt.

I still commit. This point is now set to "On". The drive could I do? The selected drive is working properly.