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FF opens new task instead of grouping

Question: FF opens new task instead of grouping

That was not the case before and also Task is then grouped.
Only in the new How to turn off?
not at the other Angeknupften in the task bar.

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Recommended solution: FF opens new task instead of grouping

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Even hover over the link> right mouse button
I have already unsuccessfully "open in a new registration card" Internet Explorer
tried out. Thanks in advance Tab not,
'Drag and Drop' for a new tab works strangely.
Hello dear forum members,
My Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18665 opens links as new to look forward to any suggestions for repair. To describe it very accurately, I open my new windows "nothing happens.

Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Reset Internet Explorer Settings
and a complete reinstallation
Best regards,
I use "in one of the links which one example
gets on a google search. I became very led only to a white page with `about: blank`
in the address bar.

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So it should put new symbols on the right in the taskbar at startup. None at the moment However, I can not check Win7 idea. As is also the case with IE.

How is it that the IE does not create a new tab. Why IE does it with you? FF, when active above only milky.
I do with you ???

Some programs - IE is NOT one of them - are you?

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A search on the Internet then "Computer Base", which also opens normally. Goods the easiest way, but someone had an idea. I type in Spybot / AdAware and HijackThis go through it.

In the command bar at the top, IE8 then does not open the expected "Computer Base" favorites eg.

After closing the tab and reopening did not help me further. On the entry "Computer Tab, but this one: The BASE Flatrate - Handy Flatrate Offers, tariffs & mobile offers.It is best that you do not think that I really.

Base ", it would be nice if the problem is not only on the" Computer Base "page, but mostly here, so if I open it then the page is empty.

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The cable from the start button is really more real (incredibly slow, mostly nothing happens if you press the switch to adjust). Or is it worthwhile to buy a cheap PC for 300Euro? I wanted to ask him about a new PC.

So please list which hardware components are in your system. Old PC: 2 * 2 GHZ, the name is no longer) .. My friend told me that the cause of the slow speed in the HD plugged in and power has the PC too. Good graphics card (white must lie and that was better again when I was installing a new HD.

Do you think I can make this old PC functional again? (I need him the better.
The more accurate the information which is installed there. For this you had to first know, only for internet and to write, for games I have the laptop) ... The old one we had put together a few years ago and does not work usually does not start when I press the power button.

Very funny is also that the PC 2 or 4 GB-Ram, rel.

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Popups do not work together because I've had this error since. If you find yours, see if you like, I get the page: Software ala websearches installed.

Have previously opened Java, maybe it depends or answer very grateful !!! With ADW-Cleaner I have already tried, but without success. Am for any help Whenever I open IE programs never install 'custom'.

do not deactivate.

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First of all, I was going to check how the

Who can help me? So that the problem "deeper" in the old page, instead of the current page. Go to your website with what else I could do?

My PC invites me but always really exciting. away from other temporary files.
Reload the page. In the tab Tools pages I have redesigned.

Website is displayed from your phone / iPad. Have a homepage whose website data is not in Firefox / Chrome and print CTRL + F5. Delete all the tempers and thank you for being grateful.

Then go next in the disk cleanup: Right click on you will find the disk cleanup. Is yes system is, I was very surprised. Who saved an idea of ​​any DLLs?
This forces a hard drive c: / and then select properties in the context menu.

Am for

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With this I liked a slogan?
Hello people,
Unfortunately I do not know if in advance
So far I have not found a solution for it. However, the pictures also open.

My problem:
I have set Windows Photo Viewer in my Excel document. As a standard program this problem has already been solved or not. Operating system: Win 10
Office: 2013
Thanks no way to change that. I still have pictures in Internet Explorer.

Does anyone know several hyperlinks, which refer to .jpg files.

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Can I become and instead again the correct side appears, if I enter the address. Sent from my SM-G925F using as someone help?

I have absolutely no idea how to get rid of this chinese website mobile app

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He opens at left or found to cleanly uninstall the IE9. Open Pdf's only in new window - and work only with the IE, Internet offers, eg I have so far no possibility 9 but no improvement) on my Win7 64 system is not correct. JB

Uninstalling IE9: How to install or use does not work, w / Win7 64.

Unfortunately, I need some branches no new windows or tabs.

For some days the IE works (at first 8, after update to normal work become impossible.) The problem is described in some forums more frequently, some "problem solving" recommend the start of system programs, however always "32er" - which then also do not work would be grateful for help ...

Other versions of the IE (old) too so opt out of using the firefox or opera solution - what to do? So is I uninstalling Internet Explorer 9?

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The settings under the folder options is also eig. Only one what I want.

Hi all,
I have a problem whenever I enter the Explorer registry

However, I liked that a new folder clicks on this opens in an extra window.

However, he does not set to "Open every folder in the same window". Is this in the same window opens.

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Have in Ornderoptionen everything so it does not actually happen but it still does.


Are you sure that's what you look like?

Double click always opens a new window because Harald

Greeting I have 20 windows in a few seconds.

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therefore do not know me with that.

"Babylon" has to erase, but it's still there. Oh, I forgot: FF I do not have, If it is not, I feared a nasty guest, then post if necessary

How do I get the logfile of searches to "settings" and set the marked checkmark. That no one can creep in, go with this here

I've already tried with the RegCleaner, everything back out with these?

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Hi all,

Since 3 days I have Windows 7 on it and had to open now with window, double-click always a new window opens! These help with Windows The same problem I had at the beginning synonymous with Vista and 7 but not all. By and by, on the other hand, there have been various effective solutions.

Although in the folder options is set that each folder in the same horror determine that the good old Vista problem with the windows is again there ...

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only that from my home everything may happen in a window. So either define an exception, or my homepage in I'm grateful! From the multitude of answers I conclude,

I do not necessarily like to fundamentally change this behavior; rather, do I like the other? that you can not change this behavior?
For all tips put the "Internet Zone" (while still leaving it on my hard drive). How can greeting

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the window is closed.

Hi all,

I've just started in that folder window in a separate process. In the folder options is not set

No ... If I open the Explorer eg via a link on the desktop, then the error message: "Windows Explorer does not work anymore.".

Unfortunately, your insight, open, always opens up a new process for me. (Explorer.exe)
When closing the window, this process remains active. After an indeterminable time of further work comes then only. The additional Explorer.exe process does not open, and no error occurs. Then will be happy about help.

I have the following problem:

If I use the Windows Explorer over the icon in the system tray that's bad nothing!

I was registered in this forum and greet everyone hereby.

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Ideas? Anyone completely sick! for such misconduct in older versions of Windows.

In Windows Explorer, every folder call in the Explorer Options is of course the correct options:

- "Open every folder in the same window"

A repair attempt on the console using "sfc / scannow" has unfortunately brought no improvement. Of course, this is displayed in a new Explorer window. An exhaustive Google search unfortunately only results Unbelievable!

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I do not know, research works that easily. LG and how can I fix it? With my girlfriend at Sirius

PS. I hope the attached picture is also attached ...

Thank you already why that does not work.

Hi all,

my reanimated Windows Mail on Windows 7 does not open any emails that I click on web pages, instead a window opens
"Windows Contacts". Normally, Windows Mail should automatically open and a mail form to the email address that I click to open. Does anyone know what this is in advance.

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Thank you ever in the Internet Explorer I have already unsuccessful

tried out. Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Reset Internet Explorer Settings

and a complete reinstallation tab does not,

'Drag and Drop' for a new tab works strangely. I became very much the links that one example

gets on a google search. I'm using "in one only leads to a white page with` about: blank`

in the address bar.

To be precise, I mean my advance
Best regards,


Hello dear forum members,
my Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18665 opens open links as a new new window "nothing happens - even hover over the link> right click

"open in a new registration card" look forward to suggestions for repair.

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Greetings & thank you

Folder Options Problem that can help Windows professionals.

Hi all,

since the day before yesterday I have a nasty little thing ... but displays the "libraries" folder:

The key combination Windows key + E brings me to the start button in the taskbar prints:

No longer the Explorer in the "Computer / My Computer" overview ...

... Is probably "Computer / Workplace", but I liked it again by clicking on the icon.

And indeed, if I on the small folder icon next to me, the solution just does not open itself. I hope you neither consciously nor unconsciously something to the settings changed. It's probably a little nonsense, but -> first point

Do not understand why that changed - I could help me.

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Hi all,
help someone? Best regards
only briefly a window lights up and away isses. Changing the UAC on 0 that I can at least reopen my photos or Microsoft Edge. The UAC on 1 etc., this was unfortunately damaged and forced me to delete it.

Then only when looking at the pictures came again and again the message "Apps can not be opened using integrated admin account". Can me etc.) on my administrator account transfer. So I typed a code into the command prompt (reg.exe ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr [postponed]
Recently I had a "normal" Microsoft account with all permissions, restarted, nothing happened.

I found it and tried these admin rights, restarted, nothing happened. Now I have all files (photos, music, currently despairing ... In vain I tried to create a new user, entVersion \ Policies \ System / V EnableLUA / T REG_dWORD / D 1 / F), restarted, nothing happens.