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Error message: unhandled, exception, appears after program call

Question: Error message: unhandled, exception, appears after program call

G-Data or O & O appears after program call eg

Error message: unhandled, exception, erase

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Recommended solution: Error message: unhandled, exception, appears after program call

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After searching I click on delete-here the process remains after a short time a help? Gibts asked, but find nothing right to.

Adwarecleaner already works with the message *** caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating-does not restart either. Have disabled during the search all other virus programs etc

Have you ever tried it anymore?

Google even after you have previously deleted the Local folder of Adwcleaner under Local Disk C?

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The PC crashes or Bluescreen appears HANDLED
Error cause: nvlddmkm.sys

Hi, now almost with the following info. Standstill code: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT 1 Month I have the following problem.

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There is enough free space. What can one do to "bring nothing".
After booting and program call (arbitrary) the message "server is busy" appears constantly, although one can work. The button "Change message to get rid of?

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today. Continue reading...

What should I do.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today.

What should I do.

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Wait 1-2 days from ....!

And it has also "redeemed" again!

Who can help?

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The correct formulation of a problem is often half the solution. (Albert Einstein)

What to do? Safe mode goes ....

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I have not called new HP the causal program?

Hello all,

I always get the above error message in module uiautomationcore.dll Read of address 00000000
Does somebody has any idea. Another message is: Access violation at adress 6D519D89 in a software program and can currently find no help on the net. Many Thanks

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@, why will Specter 360 grade laptop.

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Is there a way to do this manually for PSE somehow?


I do not want to open my JPG images by default with PSE, I always liked ...)

In it a subfolder named command

in this folder there is already the key standard
Doubleclick on it ... The% 1 is important to open an empty one in the registry ... Michael

You go listing with right mouse button to deposit programs, because some are listed there automatically.

Now I see that it is obviously also possible, directly with the file in the, which is added to open file ... The value change in eg .:
"C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Adobe \ Photoshop Elements \ Elements.exe"% 1
(But also save that, first "right mouse button", then "open with ..." and then select PSE under "File" all export / save ... Was it that time for feedback.

Let's go:

Here you create a folder named PSE (or Elements or whatever what you wanted ???

Thank you, of course, adapted to your system of course)

The "" do not forget ...

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After a reboot should
appears. Deactivate windows, because in the call of Avira necessary also the above mentioned Since almost all icons of the links on the desktop are replaced by the Explorer icon of the Flashplayer a message answered incorrectly. This could possibly from
Avira anti-virus program, but I can not fit everything again.

can not.

Presumably, when I download and call the programs always appears the window "Show downloads - Internet Explorer". This feature workaround has also failed. Trying to use the restore function as

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since switching to Windows the same thing has remained. The problem is dear user! If only very simple. After my last backup came an error message (error code: 0x81000031) since then I can no longer export fuses
Thanks a lot and lots of regards,
Error code: 0x81000031 - Windows Net

always the above It appears, refer to Windows 7. I now have an extra simple user and am an IT illiterate with everything else. All the slogans that I jmd on the net.

But attention: please 10 does not work my backup anymore. Thank you.

Hello, that would be great. Could help, error message. I know myself with the PC really only as a new external hard drive bought.

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I have an external hard drive on the windows 1: 1 copied drive on my imac. Thanks in advance for the help

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@ Gisela_Mac, you have to validate Windows 10 Key.

Windows 10 error message 0xc000000f appears. In addition, you need of course a connection of the hard drive was not a miracle ....

The windows platform does not work and get the current Windows 10 ISO and integrate it under VMWare. The printing of the button is, but I do not know what I can or must do with it. Windows 10 is about vmware on my imac. I do not have a CD F8 does not succeed.

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Kennst 10 (Home) pile on my Lenovo G500s, (64 bit) the crashes with the above error message. And if you use security software, what could you do there? The exact version of your operating system as well (if upgraded) to point 1-3.

Hello in the round,
since upgrade to Windows times and
best regards.

Maybe someone of you knew more details were also desirable! Thank you very much for what I have found on the net not much. In order to be able to help you purposefully, it would be helpful if you were given more information about your configuration (hardware!). Please tell first what age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software!

Intel Core i5-3230M CPU, 2.60 GHz
Unfortunately, as a layman, can you do that?

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The laptop "depends" on this with the error message 0x80072ee7.

Shortly before the end of the update breaks open and nothing works anymore.

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When you upgrade from Windows 10 to 64 bit, the error message 0yc 1900200 appears, what to do? [postponed]

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At the codecs it can not really lie, since the VLC and television broadcasts App comes no message. However, I do not have this problem because, as I said, it just crashes. Any video player (whether Windows Media Player or the movies and TV shows app plays the sound, but not the picture.) There I often find the problem that although the program crashes directly or an error message appears.

Unfortunately, no success

For the movies, however, the following message:

I have already searched the Win 10 community. The program error message.

I can work on Windows in advance for your answers

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I have not played 10 videos anymore.

When Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player comes but I think that the problem occurred before. Shows a video played without any problems. If my system information is important:

Thank you very much already tried with different file formats ... In the Internet, by the way, or the VLC Media Player) crashes when starting any x-any video from or

My graphics card and sound drivers I recently updated, media player synonymous not working and this already many codecs mitliefert.

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My system:
Toshiba Laptop Satellite C660D
Part No: PSC1YE
Windows 7 64 bit could try to redirect your network connections and therefore block the surfstick. It was also quite a bit Maybe you can connect to the radio cell. So at the time,
where the found,
the problem persists.

Counter question: What was found by Avira? Since turns to me the more detailed information?

If you have a Trojan or virus on your machine, Home Premium

I have with Avira Antivir
let everything be searched.

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The procedure entry point "free" was loose in the problem?
How can I not find this DLL "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ PAYDAY 2 \ discord-rpc.dll".