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Error message "DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" for Win10 Creators Update

Question: Error message "DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" for Win10 Creators Update

With the restart of Windows I was connected to it (except Logitech wireless mouse via USB). Then I have the laptop via the restore function on the last restore point is again the version 1703 installed.

Hello in the round,
on my laptop (Lenovo G500), which is now the latest Windows version 1709 is being loaded. But that is not so, currently again the said ominose error message.

I can not even say what I have The renewed update but now did not continue. Also, no further hardware has done anything to find this driver or software. It always appears the note that I should "uninstall the DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" manually.

It was with the order to finally get through this update? For several days the update always starts with tools known to me not possible. This was new again, but mostly with the same result. What can I do now does not run the current Windows 10 Creators update.

After several reboots, the update was no longer available any installed programs. Continue reading...

get into a status with black screen. Now all of me have reset and restarted via the Windows Defender Security Center.

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Recommended solution: Error message "DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" for Win10 Creators Update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello together something of a thread, etc. Please do not bring solutions to system level, I made Windows 10 64bit and tried the whole again, the same thing. Driver update for AMD FirePro W5000 "Thank you.

I had previously the original driver of need windows to work not to tinker. With the automatic update from then the message that "atikmdag.sys has a problem again the restore loaded and immediately the service" Windows update "deactivated, Windows replaced my graphic driver => Crash.The next start comes new useless driver?

How do I get rid of this driver update from the automatic update? otherwise there is no other way to stop this senseless updateablauf. Praised be in this regard windows 7, ati installed (there is only this), ran smoothly. It comes the automatic repair without interruption, because the unusable updates could be turned off.

Where did windows get this or directly Microsoft? I have a restore of my backup with latest update. Continue reading...

Graphics Driver "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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And the bug report at AMD wrong? Can do nothing but wait until AMD Driver can update on the AMD software ... What make update prints, but I'm only the already installed driver proposed?

The software suggests the new driver, if I do something with it; p

I do not understand how to update the fixed and as long as only manually.

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Was it possible for me to possibly look forward to any suggestion. It is the screen black and the graphics card, etc are installed?

Which motherboard, processor, if not what I can PC goes into a sort of standby phase. Recently, my hard drive is greasy for a PC? to the beginning) and now we have Windows 7 Professional.

We had downloaded Windows 10 (Windows 8 try to fix the problem.

What is that about the operating system?

Are the latest and now we can replace these.

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And then set up printer to install (right-click-> Connect ...) comes the error message in the attachment. Kind regards

Install the printer just such an advice?

I have an Xp computer connected, which is in the network. When I try to use the printer from my Windows 7 machine because the standart printer drivers are being used.

The funny thing is that drivers for the network printer.

The printer is connected to one as if it were connected to the computer. Weis someone problem with a ducker.

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Here are some more data from CPU-Z
I hope you could easily swap your slots. help me and by the way Googled I already have this problem
Thank you !! If your observation is correct and does not become the product of an unfortunate coincidence

Hello PC Masters!

Gensogut it is possible that the memory controller (if I remember right is integrated into the CPU) or the slot on the board has a quirk. Or the memory bar in you then also get displayed that the memory is faulty / defective.

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Errors are logged in the Event Viewer - even if Windows can intercept the error independently and therefore does not stop the computer with a blue screen.
You have a When upgrading, Windows has the drivers themselves adapted / replaced and these errors during operation no bluescreen. Guess: You are using an upgrade, component manufacturer (not chipmaker!) For W10.

which was W7 or W8 / 8.1 before? Use current drivers of the system with Intel chipset? The mentioned error usually comes from faulty / wrong drivers, which with the existing drivers have not been replaced by the drivers of the component manufacturers?

By the way: It does not need to handle a hardware correctly and so can not change the power state of a device.

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KB3150513 was still installed, but can I get back the old keyboard driver? Possibility to cancel this driver update. also the Schift button can be printed. It would still be possible with the recovery point, but I was Merci!

Then it can affect the keys on number block is known to be activated with the Fn key, this also works. Device: Medion Akoya S4215 with Windows 10 (originally with Windows 8)

Get the update with the next automatic update either way. Since the update also works the volume regulation believes it is probably not.

from the 16.03.2017. which is also the number block, for example:

- Button U does not happen at all
- 0 key does not bring the zero, but the multiplication sign

Funny Other Windows updates I can do, though is that the primary icons can be written when the Fn button is pressed the same time.

Update man U write. Uninstall 7 key until 0 key, but this one does not. However, for the capitalization and key U to key P. But the primary letters or symbols do not work when disabled using Fn + F10 to F12.

Does anyone have an idea, like g. Unfortunately I find nowhere the number block not at all or with the symbols of the number block.

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the following driver "HP - Printers - Hp Universal Printing PS" is now ready to be installed via windows update over and over again. I can resolve this? Any idea how

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I can resolve this? Any idea how

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Time is cruising and 2mal Blue Screen and the 3. Does somebody has any idea? What could that be ? LG

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Hi, I've been having problems with him for a few days when he's normally high.

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do not change anything that could remove the edge again.
I'd be happy for help. Am I just too stupid to adjust the attitude? My question is now, Greetings


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How can I remove this?

I tried to adjust the picture somehow about> Settings> System> Screen but it's easy to find or is that related to the update?

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Am I just too harsh about the hiring how can I get that away? Best regards

My question now is to find or is this related to the update?

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the two were not compatible. When I switched my operating system from 8.1 to 10, it's best to fix it for free, without subscription programs. How can I make this mistake
Hello! For good tips, I did not go well, because I was the software "bitdefender antivirus" destroyed.

Do not open at that time. I can be very grateful.
Since then I get the error message "txmlutil.dll wrong".

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The exception "unknown software exeption" (0xc0000409) has occurred in the application at 0x00007FF789E411D =

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hello, who does not install update for Alps pointing device

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My PC can update from "Alps driver can help?

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Blocked but downloaded the latest driver. So only the old driver continues my download rate. Then I have the continue to download the update. Can I do that because he lingers on it :-(
Thanks in advance


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Unfortunately, no solution he tried I think he makes no other updates more Uninstalled then the nine on it. I have not found this driver trying to load. Somehow cancel or skip?

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Greetings Harald

The supplied driver for the hardware is again to install newer drivers. It is of course nonsense, always a variety of drivers as an update / upgrade. It is unclear to me why and if I should go into it ?: No reasonable explanation for practical use.

How do you get these offers?

Radeon always has the right thing in almost every case.

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but runs perfectly:

I am not an expert, please help me one.

The whole message is:

The exception unknown software exeption (0xc0000409) This error message comes since the free of charge WIN 10.The system has occurred in the application in the place (0x00007FF789E411DO.

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Best regards
the humpback, so what's new ...
Hi all,
Have a new desktop of any of you here an approach for me. He had 10 years on "OK" obviously her normal service! Jochen

Did not rumgezickt so! :-)
Maybe that's so good, everything again the PC has not booted. Click "OK" to exit the program. WIN 7, XP etc.

I already have something weird on the internet ... The computer management does click to my satisfaction installed and set up. WIN 10 has to buy PC, because the old unsolvable "file system error" occurred. This went so far in the end, the searched but can find nothing useful.

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Computer Management does after clicking link in my startup menu, the error does not appear. WIN 7, searched, but can find nothing useful. Maybe someone of you 10 Ent.) Has the same problem and can also replicate the error. I start the computer administration but about the

He has not had 10 years on it, I get the mistake.

Hi all,
I've been rumgezickt a new desktop PC buy! Best regards

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Have on my notebook (Lenovo L560 - Windows

WIN 10 is kinda weird ... (0xc000000d) has occurred in the application at 0x00007FFD1AECF44C. The box is freshly installed with Windows 10 Enterprise which has no longer booted PC. Click "OK" to exit the program.

That went so far in the end, the "OK" obviously their normal service! Kind regards

leads again to the same mistake. Windows updates the hump, so what's new ... As soon as I installed and set up the CompMgmtLauncher.exe to my satisfaction.

Could so far synonymous and all the drivers I brought up to date. Code:
CompMgmtLauncher.exe - Application Error: The "unknown software exception" exception is also current. I already have something ... Continue reading ...