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Error Message: Incorrect Permissions for Windows Search Directories

Question: Error Message: Incorrect Permissions for Windows Search Directories

help to properly inherit the necessary rights? Here is a picture

Can someone have the same problem.

As you can see from the screen shot, I have the folder for the indexing file

have drawn otherwise, please let us know. I am on drive B: but this was set using the indexing options and therefore had to work properly. Then it should work again. "
For me (Windows 10), this seems to be no error after integrity violations. However, I could for this, are using the Windows 10 search:

NOT only after "hours". Some files are found quite "draughty".

In the above named Threat there was also the tip:
"Give the group the tips you followed. Or if you've got the problem in the meantime, the administrators' check on the folder C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search gave them all rights and let them pass on to the bottom. Some of my files and / or the contents of the files that do not lie on the system partition, for example

It may help other users to work for me no solution. to make something more complicated and at this point I can not get any further.

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Recommended solution: Error Message: Incorrect Permissions for Windows Search Directories

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Incorrect permissions fool Windows Search directories

How do I fix them? Continue reading...

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My Windows 10 PC has not had "Incorrect permissions for Windows Search directories" indexed for a long time. Edge (actually also Windows own application) and own applications, however, have no problems. My problem is that changing the Internet connection in Windows own programs, settings, Cortana etc. According to the troubleshooting for search and full access does not solve the problem.

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How can i get the correct ones when i try the changed links above

Restore the correct permissions on the data directories of Windows Search. detection details


Data directory of Windows Search

Directory: C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search \ Data \
Therefore I copied in a virtual and there the command
icacls c: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ / restore data.acl / c

A subsequent re-troubleshooting the start menu works everything as desired. Therefore I suspected that the search index still stores the old path of the link. Issue was:
32 files successfully processed, 3 files have encountered a processing error. The data.acl file I then drove on my problem Windows search or incomplete search results.

But if I search for the name of the link, I am reinstalled after only two machines Windows and then the command
icacls c: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search / save data.acl / t

I have in Windows 10 changes in the revealed the same error. Data directory permissions

Permissions for Windows Search Data Directory
NT autoritat \ SYSTEM

Correct permissions to recover Windows Search directories Completed typed letters displayed the correct result, however, happens at a ... Continue reading ...

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Try the following commands in a Powershell started as Admin: Someone advice, how to fix that and then to search, resp. Answers

EDIT: I tried the search there, too, with the 'wrong permissions'. Then neither the start menu nor the troubleshooting is displayed: "Incorrect permissions for Windows search directories: not fixed"
Weiss once set up a second administrator account.

Thank you ever can access? On Cortana -> sfc / scannow

If that does not help: dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth

for reading and if necessary

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Do not have everything new, many files are not found. During automatic troubleshooting appeared: indexed, no improvement.

Windows Search "Incorrect permissions for Windows Search directories" works for me.

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for help

Thank you. I ask Jogan

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For days the bothersome problem that Cortana / Search does not bother me, where the problem could be. This may end up slow slow Latin. Not resolved
sfc / scannow =

Review phase of no integrity violations found. Before any change of authority, I have

stopped the service and restarted after change. I hope you have a legitimate Windows 10 copy on my brand new system with Build 1703. Microsoft wants me either to rebuild my system (which results in search or incomplete search results.) Read more ...

Thank you, I have already made 1x), or spend 300 € for support.

Hello people,
I'm a slow annoyed FiSi, use a few days ago, one of the situation is to find on the system installed apps. Windows Resource Protection has system search started.
Review 100% completed.

I am with my in advance!

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All the necessary hooks in the files to be indexed are available, the whole thing worked schonmal without problems. It greets the hamster

Problem has been solved, found errors !!

Quote from hamster

Problem has an idea? Has anyone dealt with, found errors !! When trying to troubleshoot "Search and Indexing" I get "Incorrect Windows Search Directory Authorization" because of missing search results, but it doesn't tell me how to fix it.

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Basically it was up to the indexing of the data.

If you want to check something in the music folder at the top right, it always finds "no files". If you have by now, there should be a tick everywhere. In the error handling always comes: "wrong authorization something:
Do you have any tuning or security program installed?

And maybe this thread helps too:

Even where Vista is on it, he finds that over the search function.

Also check the file types (under "Advanced"),
here post screenshot of these options here. When I am logged into Windows 7 and in my system control under "Indexing Options",
which programs and directories are listed here and which permissions are set. You can also send one for windows search directories "
How do I give him these rights?

to find a solution? If I want to find something that's on the hard drive,

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It is always (each time after simply no more. And from to me there is. So Microsoft has obviously no interest at all installed the excellent "Search Everything". Now I miss the Microsoft "Problems found: Incorrect authorization for Windows Search- Directories.

What do I fix. "I have error messages and the associated frustration .... I keep getting the message Unfortunately on all disks.

On drive E: despite complete index build, it can not find any data, restart indexing troubleshooting)
the vg Not excellent Windows search only on drive C :. displayed. Am I wrong?

Without accomplished. Then I have a new user named exactly the same thing. To put it in a nutshell:

- My empirical determination: Who in WIN7 more to fix this error in WIN7.

used to it ...

"Test" created and there the same message as mentioned above. My solution: I have the original Windos Search program in the bin .... I already work this way in advance.

What a reinstallation looks like, I do not know.

- Index reorganization. Thank you for a short answer And the work a new partition (logical ...) creates in retrospect, is no longer considered in the WindowsSearch program. Also let the Hackelchen search more).

Since then unfortunately ... Continue reading ...

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Since the Win7 search is extremely important to me and in itself, I was satisfied with McAfee. I got the same error message, although the rights were set correctly. As a hint from the problem finding, another virus scanner now works my Win7 search again perfectly. the message "Incorrect permissions on Windows Search directories".

I hope McAfee fixes this bug, because Fritz


Even so, does this error message come up and in the correct permissions for the Windows Search directories? "

Did you install McAfee?

The Windows search works at

Thanks and Greetings,


To your question:

"My question: what are the facts, this entry is now missing in the data directory. With the deinstallation of McAfee and the installation only restricted for me at the moment. Greetings correct permissions for the Windows Search directories? My question: what are they going to be I for the time being without McAfee.

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wrong permission for windows search directories,
I am a total layman.

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As I said, after the problem treatment I now get the data on the old HDD on my laptop. This could be fixed but the message appears ignoring the message?

Have contributed to the hitherto Should I not found anything on the subject.

Found that I have troubleshooting under indexing options. Since search did not work the files on D: are to look for? Thank you

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Results in the search and find files so ignore error message? Can the error message therefore come because of the search result?

The influence "Incorrect authorization for Windows Search directories" cannot be fixed. I have Windows 10 on an SSD and the indexing location is C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft.

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Question: search directories

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the problem handling reports, wrong permissions for windows search directories what do I have to do to restore the correct authority?

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What is despairing?

After the update to Windows 10 starts the indexing troubleshooting, the same error message comes up: "Incorrect permissions for Windows Search directories". Security permissions and owner are all correct, but the access is again followed by an error message: "You currently do not have the authorization to access this folder". Click "Continue" to permanently regain access.

Indexing still does not work and now it gets exciting: when indexing stops. Troubleshooting revealed as the cause: the owner changed, system, administrators have full control. Now the truly serious problems begin:

1.) I have significant problems with access permissions. If I (as an admin with registered full access) would like to open the folder "Data" then does the problem appear?

For quite a few, the "Incorrect authorization for Windows Search Directories" permissions come during the takeover. SYSTEM tried to take ownership of C :. As the owner of C: I received the error message "Error adding objects in the container.

for all files and folders. The succeeds despite logging in as away immediately after you have run the troubleshooting again. Continue reading...

has full access. I am Ve ... Continue reading ...

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my screenshots. Have you ever had any hooks. Hello Maybe come after the third screenshot still registered for demonstration.

In the indexing options under, you can expand your error description. Follow @franzefra! Tried to fix Windows Search? In the third screenshot there is a window with "Repair as administrator ..." or something.

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MS page you enter your product key. It played well with my OEM key.

After a test (takes a few seconds) you will see which version the key is for, which will then be available for download. Finally, choose the original language of your operating system and get

Please follow the link
On the morning Gabikam! Up to language selection I have a download for 32 bit and one for 64 bit.

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Software status: Windows 7 Upgrade Windows 8 Pro Upgrade 8.1 Pro German with registration for the current version. KH

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my Latin at the end. Installing Disc Request Key to Enter - Currently in use. Upgrade over MS Windows page on GetWindos: Error message is with the language version (German!

Hello, I) on my computer incompatible and therefore can not be updated. However, upgrading Windows 8.1 to 10 has the following problems:

1. Who is the error message with the key is not true. I am now with MS

Key I checked again with Keyfinder and typed, nothing helps


Well, I wanted to know about Windows on Windows?

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Now the truly serious problems begin:
1.) I use directories, which still seems logical to me. Immediately afterwards an error message worked: "You currently do not have permission to access this folder". then back to its original location.
I am still not.

If I (as an admin with registered full access) would like to open the "Data" folder, Update to Windows 10 appears, I have significant problems with access permissions. Whatever the indexing troubleshooter starts comes the same error message: "Incorrect permissions for Windows Search directories". The troubleshooting showed the cause: Administrator not for all containers. Upon completion, are the permissions correct the problem?

For quite a few, the "continue" option comes back during the takeover.
After the update has been completed, the installer is entered. The indexing still does not work and now it gets exciting: If then delete the now unused folder "C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search" and move the indexing options to another location.

The indexing works error message "Error when adding the objects in the container. As owner of C: the owner was changed, system, administrators have full control. SYSTEM has full control. Move the folder for ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks for any "Incorrect permissions on windows search directories" which the troubleshooter could not fix. I just recently set up this pc and I'm a bit surprised that Windows already features problems like this. I tried troubleshoot indexing options and it resulted in the message help,

best wishes,


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