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Fax rings with telephone call

Question: Fax rings with telephone call

Does anyone know remedy for the fax Lt. The fax comes in anyway (if the phone is not accepted) and will be forwarded to 2 email addresses. Fritzbox setting is not the ring then synonymous with the fax.

otherwise feasible with the type 7320. If a fax comes in, then the fax number is not mitklingeklt when a telephone call comes? Now comes in a call, the printer takes place.

No expression displayed on the outgoing post, but the phone number from the same sender.

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Recommended solution: Fax rings with telephone call

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: PC rings

Windows10. What can, or will be the reason and above all how do I put it off ??
really! How should that go or sound?

Thank you very much

My PC rings "punctually" all 15 min.

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I have reminded the calling person (s) that it works? Stefan

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Caller is: 0019 798223402. Unfortunately, it is not me Microsoft should announce the problem solving via email. It would be an urgent problem I received three calls on my landline, where I did not answer the second call.

Like the number of the recognized on my PC.

on the 06.10. (12: 10 clock and 13: 45 clock) and today, so on the 07.10.2015 (09: 09 clock), it is possible to establish an e-mail contact with Microsoft. Thank you for the answers).

The calling person signed up with the first names "Dieter" and "Alex," saying broken calls were ignored and Microsoft should be reported. In the forum I read that such German with Asian (Indian?) Accent and asked me to continue the conversation in English.

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Microsoft does not answer to you easily when away, beware !!! Continue reading...

Are you cheating?

Have external telephone call from Microsoft (English) received you have not previously contacted because of a problem contact.

Is EVENTWR running in Windows, I had a problem.

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In no case visit the YouTube page Tuhl Teim DE

Among the many respond to such calls. Videos there, is also one to find, which deals with this problem.

Is it that the support calls?

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As a middleman in this issue, share this thread. How is after probably the call sent, but it does not ring. We see in the contacts the partner, this also us. Eric March
we have bought so far S4B.

Ab that fix? Only we can not (once) call each other, the description

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Yesterday I did the update on 8.1, but I can not handle it. I've already searched all the settings since then, the phone does not ring when Anrifen and the alarm is almost mute. Can anybody help me further? Once read settings for Windows Phone Ringtones, Volume and Sound | Windows Phone - Help & Instructions (Switzerland)

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Question: Hard disk "rings"

OK, normal hard disk status. order

Poste, fully reared, a picture. Smart values ​​in Cystal Disk Info are also quite normal. So against Sentinel and post a picture.

Check it out with Hard Disk should man quickly get a new one? Info about:
System tool for drive monitoring

Is it safe to continue working, or the Smart values ​​in Cystal Disk Info are too