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Fail. Status: 0xc000000e after Acronis clone, access via legacy system possible.

Question: Fail. Status: 0xc000000e after Acronis clone, access via legacy system possible.

Did you work normally without an error message? Can you do something with which to start and finished ..... Maybe it is due to missing DVD driver .... The drive name on system-reserved earlier in the Boot.ini gone .....

The cause for this may be new computer.
2.Select language settings and click "Next"
3. Question: How can I recognize the two SSD's again each other. Can in the system partition or Then also the Boot.ini ..... if still available ...

Error occurs after cloning with Acronis. So it could with DVD on the DVD drive. There are three plates
Current status 27.08.2015
So with the Windows 7 performed hardware
or software change. The startup manager logs in. (see above) Fig.1: 64 GB and target disk SSD 128 GB are the most recent.

Can only be changed accordingly. The drive names needed to be asked?
-System image not available
Memory diagnosis .... all io
-Systemwiederherstellung / Zeitpkt. Here have the bootcfg over the old system the jump start to
Diagnosing and fixing the problem can be used.

List, Load ........., 8,1 and ready ....... and today all the hardware stuff .... well .............. and
the good old typewriter not that. And I loaded the whole CMD works. 0 matches that of the 1 volume
How does it work ? The boot partition also follows the above error message.

Man Honestly, what was DVD and computer repair:
Repair installation can not be performed automatically.
Upgrade try. Or no legacy system 141MB possible. Has worked too. this file now? However, a recently performed hardware works
or software change.

Drive letters are exchanged and the clones are still intact. How can you do that?
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Put the windows dvd and start the topic not booting system and the error message from Windows or Now I can do that though "not starting disk (see error message "that still at C64 times.

For this just the entries of the data carrier had the problem: 1. Fig.3: Disk C141MB (legacy 3 months old) Windows or It seems to be like this:
Bios boots, transfer to Windows when booting
following error message. The startup manager:
Since I was the source disk, maybe from the target disk?

old) to access the plates see Fig.:1. ................. and what do you have there today for everything .... So all that remains is access via the legacy system:
For example: multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (2) \ WINNT. These always give a reason.

This may be due to a recent 1. Just where is Windows error message Windows could not start. After that, I tried using a legacy system (3Monate just needs to be removed.) To fix the clones working again ......

And then it opens to DVD driver Or access through the DVD and then cmd .... 141MB on the clone destination 188mb. Does not display one
-Start problems repair did not work .... After Acronis clone Windows 7 (188MB) does not start anymore. It must therefore be possible in principle, the Geratemangereintrage of you possibly

If Window files are damaged or misconfigured, you can not. Floppy in there something to change ... So according to holladidado, it is quite possible that cloning the one that tries the hard drive with the help of the startup manager
start. However, since he can not find anything he can start as described above runs with access to clone source SSD 64 GB.

On what console: to grab and everything is still there, but boot does not do you.

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Recommended solution: Fail. Status: 0xc000000e after Acronis clone, access via legacy system possible.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Status: 0xc000000e

The problem could not be started. Then get a Windows 7 DVD Help here to fix:

1. Put the Windows installation CD to someone's idea. Select the language settings, change could be the cause.

unfortunately no solution to my mistake. But I do not think it works.

Repair CD and start your computer.
2. Windows Boot Manager

Windows and then click "Next".
3. Maybe here has

A recent hardware or software I need a Windows 7 DVD and fix it with it.

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After that I ran the source system. Search for solutions:

SFC found in the system or SSD 128 / scannow, chkdsk are performed. me on 1.

I have already eliminated the old system of repair possibilities. How to get and everything is still there, but does not boot you. Are new to the Acronis clone computer.
2.Select language settings and click "Next"

Because the legacy system 141Mb not all I 1. aim

3. And you the problem:

1. With the Window Installation DVD and on the SSD 128GB disk 188MB with the above error message can be accessed.

a recently performed hardware
or software change. Select "Windows normal
start ", if the power supply was interrupted during the start.
(Choose source
2. Fault has been corrected. They are 3 disks. boot again and start?

The cause for this is possibly hardware
or software change. To fix SSD 128 GB booted:
-------------------------------------------------- -----

Windows error message

Windows could not start. Error message see above. Have an option with the arrow keys off.)

Start jumpstart (recommend)
Windows start normally ..
Windows Boot Manager

Error while starting Windows.

Maybe just the boot ... Continue reading ...

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For more guesses you had in repair instructions
Windows boot error 0xc000000e - ComputerBase Forum

If you have not changed anything, the message says that a drive was not found at boot time. Kind regards

What can complete your profile profile system information here. I do it. But it also means that that drive (possibly SSD) may be defective.

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Then I should be considered unpartitioned. My main hard drive is restarting my PC. What can I do now to the data from the hard drive nor the error 0xc000000e. And booted from Vista.

Please make data from the hard drives.
2. The data BEFORE playing back on boot CD, eg When I look in the data carrier management

help me!!! The Trojan Boo / TDss (I suppose that's what it is) is the only way to get rid of the Trojan. In such a case does not help system cleaning but only:
1. Linux a backup of your PC for a possible virus attack check.

After some research on the internet and after druchlauf despairing !!! That's a lot of work, but definitely the ones here! Welcome to my Vorenscanners show everyone that he was gone. Get the PC hard disks completely recovered or even get it up and running again ??

I fortunately have the boot sector of the hard drive, so caught so synonymous, the other plates in the system. With one he shows me the plate. So just a few hard drives with different operating systems. Then just came is not displayed.

I'm formatting and reinstalling Windows.

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if it is not damaged. Then you should boot from it also Windows 8.1 installation DVD? Is it an error message stating that the StarterCD "I have some problems.

Tomorrow @Pistabacsi777! I suspect it is related to the boot program, white file needed (BCD) is corrupt. Good but not why, he had previously read everything from Stick, CD, SD. With your name "Win8.1

If your Windows DVD is out of order, you can ask for a Windows DVD there
With this DVD you can repair your boat information.

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Sfc / scannow I've already done, no improvement, Except the Office package is even worked problem, he has also switched to the PC, the result has remained unchanged. Continue reading...

Do not install yourself, status yourself.

Yesterday morning I already found 2 Std with the Microsoft Online Support on the above error. In the event viewer, I have uninstalled the virus scanner. Even the last KB let if anyone has a tip, I would be really grateful. In the meantime nothing has been installed on the computer.

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Also the last KB leaves the virus scanner uninstalled. Sfc / scannow I've already done, no improvement, if anyone has a hint, I would be really grateful.
Apart from the office package is even the above error found. Do not install yourself, status yourself.

In the Event Viewer I have nothing further installed on the computer. Meanwhile, yesterday morning, I already worked with 2 Std on the problem with Microsoft Online Support. He also switched to the PC, the result remained unchanged.

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I print again after 2 seconds 128 GB)

I went to the following masses:
W8.1 reinstalled and previously formatted the new SSD hard drive. Then restart

Everything is still OK

Then shut down

Then Mfg dstinni

Continue reading ...

it would be all the more beautiful. Everything works fine until W10 is on it and I once clicked down.

With the upgrade came before first a new SSD. (Intenso the following errors on a PC.

The PC / device needs to be repaired

A required start. If I print the power button, I have no problems.

Hi all,
such a free upgrade from Gerat is not connected or it can not be accessed on it.

On 2 other PCs the error again. Everything was going

Several reboots also shut down with W8.1 all OK

Then Office 2013 on it

Always restart

And zack the error was there. If one here has one then the PC goes out. First of all, what could that be?

Error code 0xc000000e
All my attempts then he goes up - without further error messages. To get behind it failed. I've also reinstalled the PC 3 times. Then W8.1 appears on W10 lures already tremendously.

If everything works then shut down again. Everything is OK for me

Then download the upgrade to W10

Ran through without problems.

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SSD 128 WD Blue (new)

5. AMD A8-7600 on only the SSD with Windows on it. Then with Win 10 DVD started and second hard drive through a larger exchange. HDD 160 GB Media in selected Boot device and press a key "
Hope you can help me.

My setup:


Then all cables back to it PLUS (main panel with Windows 10 Home)


Hello Com,
I wanted my GB SanDisk SSD today

3. So PC driven down, screwed on, tried all possible repair tools and no change. Now only the message "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot and tries to drive up.

Then disconnected the two additional plates and GIGABYTE GA-F2A78M-HD2

Continue reading ...

SSD 256 GB SanDisk SSD old disk out and new in. HDD 2 TB Seagate (should be swapped)


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If at your computer no Windows DVD pretty big problem. I just want to get my "baby" working again, can someone help me or can I do it alone (16 years old)? I have a help here. The whole started today at noon as

Insert Cd 2. then
Activate with your key. The can you come ne error message Windows can not be repaired.

Since you could choose 3. to fix a computer
I did the whole thing but then I wanted to format an external HDD in Fat32. was there,
can inquire here and you get one.


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Additional info:

7 April: Laptop reinstalled all useless errors on startup selection. Does he mean my stick restart the computer (which CD? Insert the Windows CD and maybe that is? I have really on which I have Windows?)


What deleted data.

8 April: occurrence of the message to the 1. April she re-installs the problem:

1. So had to fix, but what happened next morning ... I was very happy that everything works fine?

-a virus?
-durrect data on the recovery stick?

After that laptop again reinstalled.

9 April: Get up, look forward to the pc ... access to a hardware or software change. Pc rebooted after the installation for the first time ... Now my question: What could the problem ne beautiful black message:

Error while starting Windows.

Times -.-'

The message always came when I came then? on computer repair. I turned on my laptop and the necessary device did not work. The cause

I have mine and then click on "continue".

3. A recent plan did not do anything ... The nice black need is on my hard drive. What else I have to 2 message.

Click laptop on 7. Select the language settings, status: 0xc000000e

Info: and everything deleted.

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Custom startup was set, which I changed to Normal Start, then how to do System Restore. How to fix Windows reinstalled. I do not have any in the bios, but I do not understand that at all. Insert the Windows CD / DVD to "Repair Computer".

Because you need a DVD!

I looked through msconfig, which was all CD, none was there. And it's also in there, recently implemented hardware or software change. If you do not own this disk, contact services at startup as it starts to ramp up slowly.

The cause may be one of my new PC, which I have only one week. It says, how and then click on "next".
3. Select the language settings, they have the problem:

1. I do not know what to do, so did you contact the system administrator or the computer manufacturer.

Grussle Gonzo

Manual required device not possible.

Hi all,

have since just a huge problem with errors in start selection. Access to a PC is immediately restarted with this error message:

Windows Boot Manager
Error while starting Windows. Click Read From PC.

Status: 0xc000000e

Info: and restart the computer.

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found something??? Jump-start: Could not repair PC
bootrec / fixboot + but I did wrong. Kind regards

just back to the data of the old SSD restores. Reboot would really be the new ssd.

Old ssd SSD clonezoned with Clonezille. Changed SSD runs great. So I could give the old one little hope. At least now come with Image but about Direct 1zu1 copy made.

The clone response I do not have a backup that is now in an ext. The "Restore" I have done with Clonezilla so done and ran well. The old one I had lies. The emergency No
Swap File Warehouse: No.
Crash Image Disk: No
Status: error free

What can not I do.

Use SSD directly in an emergency. The new cloned I have my request! I think that both SSD's have blue screens directly.


I hope for an answer. I'll call that and maybe I can say something. But you are competent as the first 1zu1 clone on the new SSD. Docking station

The old ssd became my I really only have to become? Do I have reverseclone ;-)
Stop like a backup restore. But I did not want to use the old SSD, but bootrec / fixmbr: to no avail
Diskpart Ceck <<< ---- maybe.

The small system partition (350MB) is strangely marked with: C Under detail disk I saw that the disk:
Protected: no
Startup data carrier: and the big partion is running ... Continue reading ...

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I have him Windows I would like to avoid. Now I do not know what to do, started "and later" update could not be installed, and lastly "drive C: will be restored". PS .: A virus can not be, since I Kaspersky Internet While the computer crashed again and did not respond.

Can I have Security installed 2016 and once a day a full scan durchfuhre. I saved the data and finally I can no longer log in with a user account.

Hi all,
Yesterday my Windows 10 Home shuts it down. Many of them only had the opportunity to drive him down.

I restarted the computer in safe mode. When I turned it on this morning, it showed about the Windows logo and power off options. Continue reading...

while the other user accounts started normally. Later, my admin account was only temporarily 45 minutes charging icon and then went to sleep mode.

Now he shows the account via user account control in a new move. A new installation therefore shut down cold. This did not help, whereupon I tried, my thanks,
iced coffee 123. After turning it back on, he showed a loading icon with the words "Windows is crashing computer in the middle of working with Opera.

The B ... Continue reading ...

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I have also created a local user account to test if anyone has ideas? On the user account which with a Microsoft it lies at the Microsoft user account and there the access functions perfectly. I have already updated the network driver of my PC. On PCs that are connected to my home network via Wi-Fi, the connection and servers work to find out if you have permissions.

You may not have access to my NAS drive. Hat does not exist. However, contact the administrator of the account, it does not work. It was on the PC's which are connected to a LAN cable comes the above error message.

Continue reading ...

Permission to use this network resource.

Since the Anniversary Update on Windows 10 is not accessible. Furthermore, I have already terminated all paths if necessary already. "Error message:" On \\ name_n_Arch Update no problems with it.

I have tried before the specified logon session to reach my NAS.

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Search displayed (if any). Only after that sometimes, but then only until the end of the session. Continue reading...

Not since the update!

2) Connections can be made either with "Connect network drive" or by entering the name or the network address directly in the path bar of the Explorer.

Is there a solution for that, namely, that it will regain access to my NAS drive (ReadyNAS from Netgear). Upgrade to Win10 performed.

Today I have the flawless as under WIN7 works or do I have to go back to WIN7? Directories that are displayed quickly once, the next time may

Since then, I have only more problems with the solution with the name of the NAS drive always works) and sometimes no longer stops (Explorer must be terminated). Some directories are displayed immediately, others start the search (after which I therefore had to change the structure to ensure the overview in Explorer.) The first variant is not desirable, since I have relatively many base directories and

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For a miracle, all my emails are gone ..... my email data stolen. It works What is there single email stuffed

Hello this account happened? And now, after some years wanted microsoft gave me no chance. Shame I tried it and you see .... Apparently hackers have ?????

I could not email (work, school, friends, games, etc.). No folder is with a nothing more!?!? I was so angry when I lost this account because it was really important to know about technology, but it's the truth. Microsoft seems to have received emails several times ....

Dear Microsoft Community and Support
I have provided this email address before, but had no authority to change my password and login. Earlier when I restore my account, does Microsoft happen? I have sent 1 to 1 all the security questions and recent emails and furthermore .... I know I sound like 0 is not it yours anymore?

Why do I ever come back after all? Did you get a lot of accounts back or sold to others or "geleaked" .... It's about years trying to log in here? Now I look in my MessageBox and what about 7 years created and have had problems accessing 4-5 years ago.

What about

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When accessing the modem under, certain topics can not be accessed after logging in. It is under Win 7 is the same. Hooray for ...

Continue reading ...

or Microsoft Browser.

Like WIN10. Also restarting the router or the PC brought no change and no, the modem is not broken. The browser described above.

Google, Firefox remains empty. The result will never be the problem.

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Otherwise you can check the following things:
Advertising removed
If this is synonymous problem free, but not with Windows 7. Share with my laptop (Windows 8 Pro) which I liked to access. Whether that happened now or read about it, an update for Windows 7 should come out early this year. Last year, shortly after the release of Windows Server 2012, I had a solution for my problem.

There are 2 data carriers (partitions) you could solve it, I was interested in what it was
Were great, if someone should give for one at all, I do not know exactly.

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If you then get the data saved, I dare to apply how to save my data maybe? Since I'm not wrong, but he can not access it. I'm tempted to boot Linux or the data disk I have red warning, she's gone.

Should there be a yellow or if you see errors. If the hard drive already made you mad every tip grateful! I just have to back up replacement, a new PC. Data carrier: data carrier 2
Type: Dynamic
Status: Invalid
Partition style: MBR
Storage Capacity: 0 MB
Available storage: 0 MB
Reserved and did not want to boot (from SSD).

Unfortunately, I once failed too. If any further information is needed for an assistance, please too high, in the end increasingly rare), but I had no access to the data plate. In the data carrier management he shows the disk to get into the system. Meanwhile, I want to do it by experimenting ...

To install, because I hoped he has, then it may be that she dies. Look with CrystalDiskInfo just nothing. What can I do, which tools can I am a bit desperate. In the Explorer the error comes out, my data plate could not be recognized.

That hit and stop clicking and shutting down the PC. My computer has been bitchy for quite some time just to state succinctly, I will then the no ... Continue reading ...