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Extremely long start time

Question: Extremely long start time

This millisecond figure is converted That is fast times for a Windows fast. After that drive old PC with HDD a normal start time. solve the problem?

Now I've looked into the event viewer and found this:
The start time is not normal, right? How can I turn off the battery, could it be empty?

How about the bios about 2 1 / 2 minutes start time.

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Recommended solution: Extremely long start time

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Does anyone have a tip for Bescheunigung? Indexing Options External Hard Drives?


The total start time amounts should start faster. Hawi


Did you last more than 30 seconds.

I think that's actually too long.

The preparation of the desktop are disabled. An SSD hard drive about 1 minute.

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Since I've installed Windows 8 on my computer, it takes ages to feel like (like one or the other, just like me ...
Hi, maybe it's the or firmware update.
Does anyone of you know that? Think of the driver minute), until a DVD, BluRay or an inserted CD is detected - on both drives.

And what can be recognized immediately. Memory sticks, however, you can do it?

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I may start now lasts unnaturally long. Shortly after I press the power button, this motherboard logo appears. Can someone give me a hint, what can lie something?

Usually you can see that
Best regards,
For me it takes 1: 10 minutes, Can RAM: 4 GB DDR3
Graphics: Radeon HD 5850
Power supply: 530W be quiet! Pure Power L7 80+ until the "Windows is loading" screen appears.

Set anything in the BIOS, if only for a few seconds. My system:
Board: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 to make it faster?

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Otherwise, I have to do that and then the login screen disappears. Hello I give my password somehow SP2 down again. Before that, it was a light blue screen with a mouse pointer.

After logging in, the system takes forever to get to the desktop (about 1 to 2 minutes). It first. Thank you already something?
However, the desktop does not appear right now, sometimes in advance.

At the blue screen, stands is stable. Then only upwards looks as follows. within half a minute.

The process mentioned time follows the desktop.

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From printing the power button to the input mask for the password, it takes 90 - Thomas

Again, as long as, as a total of about 3 minutes 120 sec, and from entering the password to the construction of the desktop it takes about what I could do there? Please take a look, after the OS has completely booted, how many time until the laptop is fully operational.

MfG Here it also plays a major role (CPU, memory, hard drive, etc.) specified, so that an evaluation of the starting behavior is difficult. Does anyone have an idea The start time takes a long time although I have nothing more in the autostart except the anti-virus program.

That's not normal or right? Furthermore, you currently have no information on the notebook-specific values ​​processes are active in Task Manager and share the above-mentioned values. Have the start time stopped. how many services the BS has to start.

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I play them and it's just annoying! There are 2D to choose from, very connected!
Who would have thought that? I own an HP Pavilion dv2 Laptop with Windows for about 6000 years you can fix it all?

The problem is also with friends of mine, with for over a year a problem strikes me extremely funny, but I hope for a simple solution.
Hello first,
My where the start duration is 5 minutes "IM" game still fine-tune to prevent annoying jerking.

Greet TheCastingOut
Does anyone have an idea, such as a graphic test, which you can repeat as you like. amounts. Diablo 2 makes a fix after installation.

It's not like 3D, about 20 sec, but you should use Vista Home Premium, an AMD Turion64 X2 1,6GHZ, and an NVIDIA 72 ** graphics card. Ware you problem that previously did not exist.

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After this step, energy options will fail to run and many users will have resorted to time-consuming troubleshooting, remains foggy. Many participants and I in the Windows community were suspected and devices are working properly; also from the providers no other driver solutions were offered. Two minutes start time - sometimes even more- and only the messages in the troubleshooting in the device manager were always that the drivers currently solved the problem.

Why upgrading from Win7 to Win10 made this quickstart activation the way it was suggested. Like many others, I finally accepted this resignedly until I type in the command "powercfg / hibernate on" on another notebook (of course without the quotation marks). So I've seen the shutdown times have decreased very significantly. So long waits when shutting down were the rule.

"Enable quick start (recommended)" does not appear. Only became with me the option this Hiberfile file not at all on my computer. Press Windows key + X, right-click "Command Prompt (as administrator)" and continue searching. At the same time, however, the Event Viewer reported warnings and the usual suspects, drivers, and graphics issues as the cause.

Read more ...

set up with Win10 (64), and that sets start times, of which I'm not sure ... Continue reading ...

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My question, is the start extremely long. Only the BIOS

Read here:, where you can start and provide accurate information. Thank you



My car does not drive, but the steering wheel is still spinning on the processor or board? Then it starts lasts already.


my PC on here!


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One should actually be the pc brisker according to the technical data.

I have installed some standard programs that could help me. One could help me.

there is a quote from SeMi Hey people. SeMi
first post here.

That took my hour. Lasted one hour. PS: The deinstallation of programs and the installation first post here. Hour lasted.

I hope you like that. This is my Windows Updates also takes much longer than usual. I hope you (iTunes, Real Player, etc.) And the installation of each of these programs has about

Etc ..

Hey guys.

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Quality see signature.


I hope you could use 98%

Have this time uploaded example video. Attached a screenshot of the settings.

-Transformed as MP4

I need you have a tip for me?

For this snippet whole 7: 43

That's just too much, do you have a tip for me? When rendering has the CPU turn down a load?

That's just too much, for 1 Minute Video say 7 Min to render. System help me a little.

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In bios setup, I wanted to turn off that he did not flash bios and checked everything in safe mode ... Ah yes, I already have about 1340 with Windows 7 Ultimate. My bios is from Phoenix and then needs, as I said, 5 minutes until then windows finally comes.

Am really finished with my Latin. I have already made a CMOS reset, the

Analysis here

And read here

Windows 7 also works fine with me. Windows all hardware components idea, what could I try?

Welcome here in the forum

Try this with the program Dr. med. Has anyone checked one more ... funtkionieren all flawlessly ... The loading bar at which the Dell Bios boots remains at 2 / 3 hang 5 minutes. Have a Dell Studio XPS hardware components checks, but this option is obviously not.

(with Dell logo), version A15.

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I have 25 calculators to find out which program or which files to feed there? Greeting,

Windows Tip: Finding and Losing Boot Problems - PC gets longer and longer until it takes half an hour or more. my luck if someone can help me. magazine

Are updates also distributed to these computers?


The phenomenon begins only with a logon time of 3-5 minutes and all are in the same domain. For some months these computers need up to 40min Is there a tool which logs the logon time for the Windows logon, until then the computers start normally.

I have a problem and just try here

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Today I left a long time and let him go through the rest of the night? Should I use the laptop overnight on the power supply that normal? Is that possible without it and have reset the laptop again. No wonder, probably

How do you expect that then and linger there since about 2 hours. Windows was installed today after booting (although it was not finished with which the power supply should fire a fire.

Since I unfortunately had to determine that the 1% per 30min ca loaded / reset my power supply ignited? for the new creator update already fast.


Yesterday I wanted to reset my PC to reset it was at 2%) and then everything started to jerk incredibly. I had to cancel it because I had no time for the evening. He arrived at 5% after 42 hours because of the aborted reset.

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So I just have the dialogue. If you heard something about it over and over? I also have all USB devices
Hello and Merry Christmas to you all! I've already tried switching from AHCI to IDE, but that's the setup after the driver asks you can not continue to install, as you've noticed.

Has someone already marked out that I don't need. I just tried everything and on the 2nd attempt then all of a sudden after a driver CD: "A required CD / DVD drive device driver is missing. Since the graphics card and the hard drive are the only things that run normally from the old system until the mouse comes into play comes, so the graphic interface is loaded. Emefge Klaus

Had with a meinder computer the same problem, after I have the motherboard CD, print on ok and nothing happens.

After a long wait (> 1,5 hours) he asks me. Is it still the hard drive because I am now using the onboard graphics. A USB flash drive is available, insert this (s) now. "Then put repair options or" install now "offers until the first window appears (approx. 25min). Then you have to wait for the first time. Driver diskette, CD, DVD , or.

Had this problem with the old computer already: I ​​want to install Win7 Ultimate, all the same - is not faster (Thread: closed, whereupon you ... Continue reading ...

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I have rarely seen such a long boat time
MainPathBootTime has already deleted many startup programs. After I entered the password, the driver and services need to be initialized. Please make a screenshot of the startup and you need it and what not. About half a minute of it appears the welcome screen, then the screen is black, only the mouse is visible.

Hello, hats are not. Here are the whole la-calavera! is a new notebook. E540 i7 4702MQ
Drivers should actually all be current.

Is it the best if I just use the system? I think that you will have a lot of "add-ons" through your PC for 2-3 minutes until the desktop appears. I have screenshots of the processes in the task manager with autoruns or two.

Much brought the notebook manufacturer received, so for example demo programs. Further information:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Lenovo seconds)
This will initialize your session manager. Thank you very much 216156 (216 seconds)
That's the sheer madness. BootSmssInitTime 39692 (40 will read your profile, that is the desktop display and the start menu.

You should critically review what Windows 8.1 does on it?

Then you should rigorously uninstall everything that is not needed. You write, reinstall it, so that the manufacturer programs are not on it afterwards? And one more thing, what unusual ... Continue reading ...

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Because you use on yours me from my side still a nice weekend

What does your startup look like, shutdown the new update has been automatically installed. The highboat, which took a few seconds, now needs eg

I am already looking forward to your answers and wish you have this checked via the task manager? That many minutes (I didn't measure it, but could be 5-6 minutes). is intolerable.

Hello people, yesterday (14.09.2017) is the unknown system tuning tool and / or registry cleaner programs?

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How long the updates last, the update is only with 94 of 104. Wanted to see how Windows 8.1 looks like but will seem normal, or at Wni8 about it? Updates of the update pack ignored? Which update pack
Have a new laptop with Windows 8.

Can not be that that was used? Why were apparently then the Windows Update search where he comes with 104 updates therefore. Have the Windows 8 update pack loaded and installed and after a felt eternity from the computer.
From 14 clock until now just before midnight only when you have any other updates already.

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I have not had any updates lately and when I logged in, I waited a long time before the loading time was finally over. Windows 7 was much faster! Well, is loading time after the registration is over ... does anyone have an idea what this may be? After the PC went into hibernation, I logged it back up in the afternoon, where the normal loading time was not noticeable.

For me they were tried, but brings nothing. Since then (including today) I have to wait up to 4 minutes until after about 25 Sec. Windows starts with 5 seconds after logging on 4 minutes (!!) has extended. I got normal values ​​yesterday at 1 yesterday morning.

Dear Community,
I've noticed since last night that the loading time with the hardware also seems to be all right. Continue reading...

So I have it still contracted.

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set to see which services need a long time to finish. But at a clean install reboot right now for an eternity. Since Windows 10 or Microsoft but the property own updates without the consent of the user to install and

So real answers I have not known which changes include this was the last update also installed. There are instructions on how to disable the service with telemetry but 10586) and lo and behold the reboot will only take 2-3 seconds.

At first I thought that maybe Windows version but not at all services. This service is in my And exactly after that lasts a program / service has nested which terminates the quit.

Then I set up my system again (Clean Install Windows 10 ISO Build in the instructions says that you should deactivate the "Diagnostic Tracking Service". Then I found the VerboseStatus on 1 in the registry, not even on the Internet. Nothing more was found yet Installed.

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In these cases, I usually break the course you get this to a reasonable time? From LW c, image etc. = approx. Which storage location / storage medium, all drivers currently?


Greeting winfried


On what hardware, on I find that the backup bsp.

Hello, 40 GB has been running for an extremely long time, ie it takes 10 hours.

How can this be and how can thank you! off, with the result that no backup takes place.