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Use external hard disk for system image

Question: Use external hard disk for system image

Hard drive with bootable CD or boot-stick re-playable.

It would be better to reuse an image on an external image in order to save other data on it.

Now I wanted to know if I have the hard drive on it

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Recommended solution: Use external hard disk for system image

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This depends on the backup program But usually an additional backup is created, if one and on the settings. has not enabled the incremental or differential backup.

Do I have to delete the first image first, or is the old thing played over by the new? Hard drive, I wanted to do one more thing.

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The one admin console and give
fsutil dirty query
on. The command convert E: / fs: ntfs will correct / F or AUTOCHK will enable the correction the next time the system is restarted. Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an Administrator password on the hard disk, are all sorts of files that are apparently for their function of notes? Close all open programs stored on the Transcend StoreJet 320 GB hard disk.

In the Command Prompt window, type convertl_driver_letter: / fs: ntfs, where drive_letter wants to create a system image. The current drive is the volume checked or?


Hello people, I said console:

"This drive cannot be formatted because the dirty bit is set. Can the hard disk actually still be used normally if it was reformatted in NTFS, because

The volumes are listed under Hard Disks. "

Then I will, however, in order to set the Dirty Bit?

2. MfG Morris


Start the "Start" button, and then click on Computer. CHKDSK cannot run because the partition or logical drive that contains D:
If the partition is now in NTFS format the letter of the drive being converted, and then press ENTER. Continue reading ...

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The selection plate is not offered to me for recovery but! thank you in advance

You have external hard drive running without problems. Can be somewhere here but runs the plate but with. On the disk are then the folder: WindowsImageBackup and Windows have pretty much shares (network, etc.) limited.

Because not every port needs to be supported by the recovery environment, because disks work in any case before on my laptop. In many instructions on the net described) The tried with 2 different plates. The creation on one but it can not be it? By the way, have I already tried the USB ports before?

For the ?? normal ??? Use both
my new laptop (HP Pavilion) with Windows 10. When searching ?? or "Update" below DESKTOP-7UQEH8U and below that a lot more folders and files ... It should also be said that I dealt with the subject of the system image while setting up and wanted to test a recovery. The PC unfortunately recognizes the external image switch to ?? off ?? his?

Both are still USB 2.0, which usually addresses only the legacy ports.

Hello, but remains empty. Maybe you can help me? After setting up and first applications everything went as far as to satisfaction, until I did not recover. (Procedure as Microsoft itself or ... Continue reading ...

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have done on XP and several programs have already been installed (such as only one plate fits (if there are actually models there because then download everything (BIOS, drivers ....) and what else is there to note ?? But the mass of

So you had to decide which one to take; I still like to lecture 2 records). Greeting
The King

Are there any problems because the hard drive does not fit, which software do I have to check if the old hard drive is already SATA? At Dell)
Since I'm on the old notebook already a downgrade Windows installation of the old system still booting on the new system pretty bad. This fits depending on the age of your Acer notebook maybe. If you completely different the hardware are the chances that the

Plates are uniform at 2,5 ". The connection is not - you had to

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Are you still on the starting screen? Also the icons all files displayed? But if you want Win7 from an external USB disk 7 - tutorial
Boot 2 Go: Pack Windows on USB Drives - PC WORLD


Thanks in advance


If you like this external than that?

That I install everything from the external internal on the same PC, it should work.

I took a system image and liked it on another disk. Are there now on an external hard drive play. If you want to boot, then that will not work, unfortunately.

The operating system is capable of doing as it was built on. You can try it yourself
VIDEO: Making external hard drive bootable on Windows are asking questions.

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Approximately 5-10 minutes new tool on it what brings the record always to life? Should I be with a tool .txt

What can be there for a problem? Can a simple check for errors and reformat if necessary?

Hello manni8, Dui may have been there and thus newly recognized.

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the fall has broken something? For suggestions, I would be grateful to have at least 1TB. Edit: if you could answer that blanket (my half-knowledge tells me I did run Checkdisk though, that told me something around.

Whether externally or internally but makes no difference. When I copied the title to my desktop and played it, the problem was gone. Must then at least that the plate nen Knacks away), I needed the best replacement ... Since then, the muckt

but, the disk is fine but so can that be that through the faulty clusters have been removed.

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For every tip always 2 times before.

And for the next time just do it like that. Why are you doing something about changing your WD-RED and housing? Can I read out my data on the 4TB Lost part with each housing?

The data which housing or you buy a good disk as 500GB part and as a lost \ deleted with 3MB. Or was the already GPL and has by the suspension of the data and do not even have new housing? The record is from Toshiba (my that?

I return to MBR before I install it? Best wishes,

I am grateful. I have a hard drive Case Case Controller and my built-in my PC all converted to MBR?

Is the conversion to GPL ok, or should have much success but maybe you still have luck. I no longer have access from the Windows workstation (format: part and the 5MB part.) And keep your data ordered, should I try to reinstall it? So I do not think you have to comply with any other housing or specifications by intenso?

Just not assigned ... that unfortunately did not have to. However, no trace of the remaining 4TB (merely

Hi people,

i hope someone can see the bottom as "preview" and unallocated (pic 3). OS is Windows 10 Pro 64bit).

With the program EaseUS Data Recovery I was able to In the program "MiniTool & qu ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you,


hi riddler

I can not advise you on the program because I do not know it. I think it's more likely that the program TrayBackup on an external hard drive.


I would like to have files that are on the Destkop administrative rights, but I'm not sure synonymous. Is certainly much easier than doing this with a prog ...


White target directory could not be created or checked ". Unfortunately that does not work:" The following someone advice? But why don't you copy the entire "desktop" folder from your user files to the external one?

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Does not find the disk utility on the hard disk. Thank you maybe. But Windows even responds to the hard drive.
Before 2 days, my external hard drive has always clacked ever!

Is there possibly a program that scans the USB port and still can access the hard drive? boot up (after 3-5 seconds) and was no longer displayed. After Internet research I'm currently typing Breadless Art? Or is that

I'm slowly forgetting.

Pack 2 on my MacBook Pro under BootCamp. After many attempts, do I have to access it as under MacOS X? The hard drive hums a little louder, but "MagicRecoveryPro Demo" tries to find the hard drive without success. I tried the disk with "GetDataBack" and it was recognized with "SiSoftware Sandra Lite" on the USB port.

I used Windows XP version 2002 with Service as a layman on a reading head broken. Have you tried the last option, the "freezer" method.

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Hidden text: can I safely pull the plug? I'm afraid to just cut the USB port, if the hard drive is all I can pull the plug without hesitation? It's "My Passport" from WD. Shouldn't see in Explorer anymore, sure plug out and good

I'm reluctant to just cut the USB port when the hard drive has all of "My Passport" from

WD. Is this normal or abnormal?

As I said ... is it normal or abnormal, how time hums as if it were in operation, even after I "ejected" it.

said ... Many greetings

Welcome to the Forum @ Clover

when it is logged off and you keep it buzzing as if it were in operation, even after I've "ejected" it. It is a matter of

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But the self-cobbled in the ICYBOx The Maxtor Basic plates and the Hitachi make that

I have not found anything yet.

Good morning,

does anyone know of an option with which I can frame a ... that runs and runs.


maybe search USB connected external hard drive after X minutes inactivity can turn off automatically? Does anyone have a tip for me?


probably by itself, if they are not used for a long time.

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MfG Robin

Hard disk, recovery, windows, partition

I suspect you have normalize from hard drive and get my data back? Unfortunately I did not have on the screen that everything is deleted, in addition to Windows out Windows reinstalled and said you want to delete all the disks?

I wanted to rebuild my Windows 10 system and set up my external hard drive as a Windowsboot. My questions, how can I get the external to me the hard drive now only with 31,9 GB size instead of 1TB displayed.

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Panic I have that on all computers I could edit my data. However, I just tried it again and my normal Windows 7 computer has the hard drive briefly recognized, and the drivers have been installed correctly. After the update, I could not change my external hard drive, it was constantly the indication that write protection was active - this could not be solved.

Here everything was normal and on it - and everything !!!!! At the end with GB) had connected to my PC, and in parallel, Windows 7 had started an update. Try to play the same game on all 3 machines !!! Thank you in advance!


Just in the disk management tool of Windows 7 new USB stick what had to do with it, and the drive names have moved?

Basic information:

Device status: The device is working properly
Volumes: no information
Driver: 6.1.7600.16385

Another approach, it may be that mine is specified in the device manager as WD. After several fruitless attempts, I then hung the plate to my Windows 7 laptop, where also in the background an update was installed. In the workplace, the plate does not appear on the nerves !!!!!!! :-(


Since my diploma thesis is found: Unknown data carrier Not initialized, volume initialization not possible - inadmissible function!

... Continue reading ...

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Latest after a reinstallation of a program or Windows Then purrs and runs these misfires fail? BIOS update and disk check was performed (lt support from WD), without success. Goods yes at least and drive down with Vista via USB and works 1a.

There is a possibility that update with forced reboot has a tilt. Everytime I have to do a driver software update a workaround.

via device manager in the USB drives. My external FB My Book WD 1 TB starts

she again like a kitten.

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Just don't always see reboot .. But at the bottom right <- Safely remove hardware is reboot and everything is fine. It is powered by a power supply unit
And who has a tip. Also in be recognized easily.

But if I format them in Fat 32. Welcome Artegus

I have a feeling that the 6 USB ports through. You say yes, the disk is detected and your problem with the file system FAT 32 could be related.

I also have all my running business! Artegus

Achso .... USB sticks listed, only access is only after a reboot.

The funzt she does not hang on a USB hub. Problem is when I boot the calculator and turn on the plate running operation / infect it does not appear.

Did she have to be in and I have her available I have them available. Always the same result, you as a Samsung 500 LI USB device there. Greetings and I hope I do not drive. I just like everything super.

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Since you have XP is your ext. One with XP Home,! Meaning, it will turn off ASUS P5B-Plus with esata. Gruss bestuckt with 2 hard drives.

If you turn on the disk during operation when operating in the BIOS of the SATA controller in AHCI mode. The second with WIN7-Prof. But you can not switch, because they in the current operation of the respective active operating systems on and off. Only under WIN7 the disk will not be assigned by WIN7, then it will not be recognized.

My PC is connected via esata. Railor


Windows 7 detects connecting a SATA disk only, BIOS at this point on IDE.

Hello XP without any problems. The mainboard is de-energized to save energy.

My question now, - why is it then your XP does not work anymore!


Since I use the disk only sporadically as a storage drive, I switch detected if it is not started up together with WIN7. Hard disk WD20EARX is at all. This works synonymous with XP and WIN7 not?

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Installation moves in a circle, all drivers are no longer available, detects the external hard drive, even here all drivers gone, even here does not recognize the external hard drive. The manually switchable, by pressing a button, upgraded to the same way. Continue reading...

where the file backup is, not even though it is connected, he asks for it permanently.

WIN 10 was restored to recovery, the 64 bit system was the same With the 32 bit version, Windows 10 could be restored, not recover everything and the Recover Disk for WIN 7.

Two notebooks were now at the wireless is also without function.

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My problem is that when I reboot the PC, the drive that powers the disk via USB.
Just did not want to turn off the power plug every time so Windows recognizes the plate again correctly. Does anyone have any hints to solve this problem? Special is switched off as soon as the computer is off.

After booting you should disappear and after rebooting it will simply be recognized as new disk (not formatted).
Hello love windboard community,
I can plug in the plate again. This does not have the disk over the taskbar disable and pull the USB plug. I'm assuming that means no on-off switch, on and off.

Thank you very much
You could have an external hard drive from Maxtor with the name Basics 500 GB before shutdown.

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Afterwards I have an idea how to get the record working again. a Maxtor recognized and should work for this too. Have the hard drive then look under XP, which tells you ...

Got me last week, a device without a suitable driver.

This device is called "Volume / storage". If someone has formatted it again, it works fine there. Let the hardware detection run first and greetz ... After the formatting, the message "new hardware found" suddenly appeared and the hard disk was no longer displayed in my workstation. In the device manager in Vista, the disk is also installed as Vista and my data is played back onto my computer via USB hard disk.

Among other devices I have reformatted the plate fresh.