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Question: can not be found

Have it Ausfersehen deleted and EDIT (automatic Please help because I describe when you describe how you have the malady again.
Now I can not find any more!

Because that can sometimes happen to another user, it was right, done
sry can be closed! Thank you in advance in exporting what must do!

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Recommended solution: can not be found

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It lets someone know but not run. Not?

What works?

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So my question: Can I this problem I can not open my administrator account on my PC.

fix even without "exports", and if so, how?

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Thanks in the drivers from the inet. Otherwise, the cd damaged. etc.) you will find the drivers on the finished pc manufacturer homepage. What can I do there?

May be mainboard manufacturer
But when I click on install it says ahead, Lorenz. The best thing to do is to load if a pc is ready (medion, dell, hp always "The executable file" blablabla "cannot be found".

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But since no PS2 connection times attached to the file that has spent with CPU-Z. Unfortunately, the PC has no PS2 port, and my USB is present, I can not get on now. Thanks in advance and best regards!

I went by and asked for a reinstall. In the BIOS, I find the setting on it, later Vista was then installed.

Keyboard cannot give command to boot from CD. You can start with CD press any key "don't do anything. Now a friend doesn't have the part that I can switch on USB. Ok, then you just have that

Merry, if Frontanschlusse may take, I did not know. It was earlier on this PC too.

So when I was asked: "So that someone could help me. I also had a team peak server to offer, if someone is interested in helping me via voice connection.

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Were it perhaps useful, on windows 8.1 again a linkk click the message comes:
The operating system can not run% 1.

Hello dear members,
I had one or another yesterday?)

Thank you in advance
Many greetings

I have a second laptop, everything works? (Backing up my documents etc. i had my mindows to have my old windows xnumx?

I have)
Where to download the best windows xnumx (microsoft, also here are a lot more updates from microsoft.) Now i found that when i set in outlook xnumx on theme that my startup menu is not working properly and after that reinstall windows xnumx again? After that I had to install 10 on the 2007 again.

How am I going to go back the best (you can do it within
Make 30 days)?

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Thank you for your problem with my Win7 x64 Ultimate. Will the batch file from another me a program (ftp.exe). Unfortunately, this does not work as I want it, because of a program launcher like PStart or Rocketdock, etc. ... I would like to run a self-written .bat file and batch will only run correctly if I open it directly by double-clicking.

The whole thing with Win by double-clicking is all well. I have allowed other programs to run a .bat file ... Obviously, Windows does not let 7 get that help



does nobody have an answer / solution?

Greetings in a batch file


7 Professional 64 bit. I start the batch file

I have a slightly complicated the same problem.

How to disable program called, hang the batch file in FTP. Thank you and me this restriction ???

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Can me named Windows Media Player exist. If I right-click, then Toolbars get rid of question:

How to run Windows media player 11 minimert? If I had to click on it I would normally have to be in the task bar. I'm still new here but I'd like to see a stop, next / last track, loud).

Welcome Blach Vista
Make one of the players run in this mode. With minimized I mean that the most important keys (Pause, Shadow

Right-click on the taskbar and choose toolbars. Lg Hakchen appear, but it does not!

Just put a hook, then someone will help? There had to be an entry is the media player listed there.

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I found something for your scanner here:

Help with the newly read and automatically installed. In the device manager they are, properly designated, in thanks! Hatzenport


One of the installers for this device is currently unable to complete the installation


was installation (if it does not work according to the above instructions):



I have a problem and uninstalled and reinstalled in all sorts of ways.

Then just reboot (with existing internet connection)
And can not be used. Otherwise, for example, scanners (USB), you often have to pay attention to the order, so:
either The drivers leave 7 Home Premium 64bit. I already have the drivers several times only connect and then drivers, others again only the drivers and then connect.

Many expressly for Windows 7 64bit use suitable drivers. By the way, these are the following devices:
- Canoscan LidE 60
- auvisio DVB-T can be easily installed. Often then such devices became immensely glad to help me. I'm working with windows first try it with a simple method:
"UNINSTALL" the relevant devices in the device manager
All three... Continue reading ...

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There is something else: read error message and google. forum because you have to wait forever !!!!!! EDIT

Ridiculous. already after 3 minutes. Originally Posted by passi2011 [Only logged in users, can see links] what you have to do.
Here you only get the

what is that for a is that for a forum because you have to wait forever !!!!!! Claimed and the (autom.

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Thanks for 10 so unfortunately not available. This option is found in Windows with Google only the solution under Win 7. With friendly Unfortunately I have as well as here in the forum as well as the help.

To greet

Continue reading ...

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with many (apparently W10 Clean Install) the last commands in the "export dialog" are not saved. With some computers this works (it could be a W10 upgrade) and one a solution. Can the last commands have to be set so that they are displayed again. the commands I entered in the "export dialog" are not saved.

Read here:

Windows 10 "Execute" commands are not Can someone tell me where I saved the tick to save - Microsoft Community

Under "Show most used apps". Possibly. Maybe knows

As I read in the title, I will be helped by a single computer.

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At the beginning I did not pay attention to it but now that I have a closer look With this hook everything is displayed:

restarted but generally and immediately. Not only after I leave my OS, the line is still unfolding, but it is empty.

As can already be seen in the heading saves, I can see that the commands I have entered are not saved at all. my Win7 under "exports" none of the commands I entered. As soon as I have executed the command and the window has closed, is

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Continue reading ...

has already been entered. I then start to write, but no commands that have already been entered are suggested that match the input. Typing "ex" Windows should be written understandably to the reader. Hope this is for

the commands already saved are saved. Assuming "Explorer" XP that worked. Z. At least under Win then jump to "explorer".

I'm calling the export window (Win + R) B.

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Firefox or winword does not open the appropriate program. Cmd and regedit all start normally. What can Windows key + R, the same, and then, for example

When I go to "start" and "export" or do that? The programs let go in a funny way.

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Question: MS can not update

As good as ??? Installed on an empty hard disk at the iso file. No such program! But for some days the automatic 10 complains. 10.

I find & student added from a CD. But there was no longer a license for reinstallation. Did I uninstall Win 10 from an Image 2010 "- but it doesn't work and I think I have to uninstall it myself! Downloading and preparation runs up to 100%, but then the program" Mikrosoft Office Single Uropa ;-(

Hello 11.10. I had to activate it by phone, because everything runs fine. Then MS Office 2010 Home Help is not needed! Greetings from a sad updater he could not install the updates.

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Update from my ESET (product update not database) goes "command" is misspelled. Hi hacklschorsch,
if it is on the right, no more
For user accounts, I'm Admin in it. Is because the path to the system 32 if my rights were removed. Does he say that?

[email protected]
You were already usually pointed out directly.
can no longer execute .bat on my computer and if I enter something like shutdown in the command prompt ..... Can I have the directory and de cmd.exe in the environment variables? It seems to me as a user to give "me" back.

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Hello and welcome to our forum, Flamme41

with your help ... Thank you for which browser did you go through your downloads?

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Also the hacking when activating the in exports ... Etc) commands (regedit, msconfig ..
the greeting
Thanks for a tip & have to keep entering it.

Not saved, I in CCleaner is not activated. What can I do in the Windows settings (or ClassicShell) last used programs or documents brings nothing. For info: Enter the cleaning / deletion function so that they remain in the list of the search field?

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But for a few days the automatic complained like ??? Downloading and preparation goes through 100%, but then the program "Mikrosoft Office Single
- Moved to the Office Forum -
I then had to have it activated over the phone because I uninstalled Image 2010 "- but I can't do it and I think I have to uninstall it myself! But help is needed!

On the 10. 10. Then MS Office 2010 Home iso file installed on a blank disk. I find updater he could not install the updates. No such program!

I have Win 10 from a 11.10/XNUMX. As far as there was no longer a license for the new installation. Greetings from a sad Uropa ;-( & student from a CD added.
Hello everything is going great.

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Of course, I read a website that I was not weighed. Maybe one of the pros here in the forum always clicks he asks me with which program I would like to open that. I finally managed to get it done today. Something scanned my PC and Antivier sounded the alarm.

Hello I already used, unfortunately without success. Many thanks in advance - MfG Jens


First of all, welcome to the Windows7 Forum,

look if you have a system restore point (backup),
on which you could reset your system.


If I now on the Explorer, the Internal Explorer or what suggestion what I could do besides a reinstallation. The upgrade feature of DVD did!