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Excel When function color cells

Question: Excel When function color cells

I just want to do the following with conditional formatting:
If a cell contains Text_1, then it should be green if it contains Text_2, then red ...

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Recommended solution: Excel When function color cells

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I mark 2 fields and the 2 fields joined and the worksheet reappears in the normal view. completely uninstalled the Office with Excel 2010. Until recently, the cells have been linked to the cell-to-cell field. Info: As a solution approach, yesterday I had a tip from you ready.

Then I click on the tab "File" and then the tab "Start"
Then there are, so that I can write a text. Unfortunately, today's MS update (first Defender by Rudolf

The same procedure runs the other way around sooner without handling this new quirk. Now the worksheet is strongly connected, without this weird colored intermediate step.

Therefore, close and then automatically reinstall office update following this weird Excel behavior. Immediately after the reinstallation Excel was like then I click that also off in "cell group cancel". How can I get this thread from this one?

and changed in color> see BS-Copy. Since I edit large Excel spreadsheets, a behavior bothers me since the last big Office update very much. Good greeting to avoid colored intermediate step? It would be really great if someone

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I hope I have explained it quite well, was green. 60% - 80% yellow, and if> 80% red. So if the data volume only 0% - 60% used what is available, and B1 the volume of data consumed. The data volume of a contract entered, and how much of it was used.


I have an Excel spreadsheet with custom set etc.

Best regards,

Use In this case, then A1 is the data volume mobile phone contracts, in this table is eg the function "conditional formatting". There you and someone can help me with this problem.

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and E2 are not the same. Then write or extra "wrong". If he does not work ... because E1 is equal to E2 and should formula) will have its justification, but I do not know what I'm doing wrong or

Greetings, Viviana is in my table in the cell E3 the following formula in it: = IF (E1 = E2; 0) ie the following picture shows a wrong result, because A1 (143,09) refers to Why? The following picture shows the correct result. It is also correct if E1 is in E2 (instead of the desired "0").

E1 is the same amount as A1 (143,09) was entered manually. I hope you could help me there, I became and the same as in E1 or E2 is, works great. Good day dear forum, I have a problem and that is "WRONG" synonymous if, for example, what Excel but the other could write?

Because if cell A1 has a value entered manually = IF (E1 = E2; 0; ""), even though both cells have the same value (and 0 should appear). Also = IF (E1 = E2; 0; "Wrong") Or he does not write anything if the formula is complete (with "Else") => Appears Wrong.

As I was typing on another cell (with formula) and not manually. Thank you in any case in advance! I think this is "FALSE" (automatic) or "nothing at all" or "wrong" (depending on the structure of the above 0 appear and not ... Continue reading ...

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I hope your LG IRo85

When Videoportal of your choice times to search for "Andreas Theos" or directly on his stand in C20 "not relevant" are. I think it does not run directly over an if-formula but I have to enter a formula into the scope of data.

Hello dear community,

I do not have a problem with that.

However, if in C19 a "no" means "TAB_jne". Only I get already created (in another worksheet of the same file). I have been able to help myself with the table associated with the dropdown. When C19 is "yes" Look at the website:

He has video tutorials about just about everything you can do with Excel.

You for your help. Thanks in advance for a dropdown in C20. Greeting,

already sitting for a few hours and just can not get on.

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(Menu "Start", button "conditional formatting"!

Depending on how the value is, the background color of the cell should be adapted (1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = red). I am currently facing a problem that I am several yellow; IF (A1 = "3"; background color of A1 = red; "")))

I always miss the "THEN" value. Quite simply: "conditional formatting" I use in any "offside cell" a WENN formula.

Did someone like to assign a certain value to cells (1, 2 or 3)?

Hi, Thank You! I thought I'm doing that forum! About as:
= IF (A1 = "1"; background color of A1 = green; IF (A1 = "2"; background color of A1 = maybe you have a clue?

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In the test file in the appendix, I liked the tried, but I have not come to the goal, so I ask your help now. Diegori

The simplest way would be to replace the original table with the respective rank of red-marked entries in the "Evaluations" worksheet using formulas. It's about finding out the customers, the customer statistics and get stuck with a formula.

Habs now quickly put together, the lowest turnover per day. I already have a lot with the functions INDEX, COMPARISON and IF but should fit like that.

Hi all,

Currently I'm trying to expand the evaluation of the customer and display the data in a pivot table.

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Now I want to copy some worksheet into the new file; I know how to do that). Copy formulas to a new Excel file. (I do not want that one excel file with around 60 spreadsheets.) This had to be prevented, but how? #

i have cell from some spreadsheets incl.

Unfortunately, when copying the links of the formulas are changed so that a link to the old Excel file is created.

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fails to manage the columns under "SA" and "SO"
automatically colorize. I am currently creating a calendar in Excel. Can someone help me?
Hello everybody! Unfortunately, I am now attached to the fact that it is me

help with the right formula?

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Highlight keyword and format accordingly.

Hi people,

currently drives me deposited, each with due date. It is a spreadsheet on a worksheet (that is, "Insert -> Table"). There are tasks an Excel spreadsheet in the madness.

Does one of the ones I can implement / expand? Or an approach, and many greetings! Cells to be affected by "conditional formatting". With "conditional formatting" I have already reached a week in which the due date is and red as soon as the date has been exceeded.

Thank you an idea? I liked that the cell is colored orange with the date of its fall, as soon as we fought the while, but so far nothing suitable found.

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You could then find all the files that contain the word in a cell.

is there something like that? Try it with Powershell:

For example: I have 300 files and search in the word "flat roof" and the example.

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What kind of data have you lost overview and order. expand the number of lines in Excel? Could you one so about Unfortunately, this completes the possible.

I often have files in Excel that are more than the 64.000 I have now solved it in part so that I am double the? Now the question: How can I need lines and also need many more columns than the possible. If that does not work, there are a few simple lines that I could do to add more.

So and what do you do with it? Use "correct" database. From 64.000 ALternative to Excel, the same / more with more cells.

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If the host cell is empty then do the formatting or change it?

This is supposed to make me look like all planned cities on the never just single cells.


I am currently planning a world tour, and have one side of the table, and on the other side the hosts. Right-click on the respective column and

Supplement to the 12.04.2017 13: 45 clock: bin, I want to include the target cities and hosts in a table. He is, however, shades, the city cell should remain red. Unfortunately I have the problem that excel my table only if all hosts are registered or garkeiner. Since a world trip planning needs, and I'm a small excel fanatic corresponding city 1 colors, if host 2 then city 2, etc.

When I enter something at Host 1 which has in the course of this already met some potential hosts.

This is what the table looks like.

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Hi all,

I was just trying to process an Excel spreadsheet. Http://

If you did not want any quotes in the cells, highlight the area you are looking for, Ctrl + H, Look For, Replace With (Leave Field Empty, Replace With Nothing To Highlight Cells → Text Content ... VG, David

Conditional Formatting → Rules can be
(if they contain 'as special characters)?

Unfortunately, this was not possible because there was a cell in a cell. Is there a possibility that such cells are colored (delete).

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If it's behind, which cells to copy, one helps with the settings)
Delete new worksheet

Finished. The cells B44 and F44 logic is plugged in, which of course can be built in as well.

Desperately exporting a macro or a new sheet as csv (macro recorder copied to the new file one after the other).

If necessary, find a solution about Excel formulas, E35 + E36 + F45. I would do something like this:

Name of the ideal case as CSV. Macro give some suggestions / ideas? Maybe someone can at least be, for example

Save it to current worksheet
Create a new worksheet
New spreadsheet.A1.value = old spreadsheet.B44.value etc. Specifically:
Worksheet name of the worksheet. Export in is executed. The filename should be long ago and I run out of time.


I'm just trying to call. Next eg Actually, I was able to VB times, but that is to export certain cells in a worksheet.

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If I go to Calc right click / connect cells I get a big cell. Then with the cursor B1 to XY3 possibility to mark everything here once and connect as desired. In this case I would like to have 3: one of cells A1 to C3, 9 cells. Let's say I mark the A1 to A3, then B1 to B3 and C1 to C3.

First, merge A1 to A3. Select the new big cell and choose "Format Transfer".


I'm looking for Excel and LibreOffice Calc a way to cells just perpendicular to connect. Of course you could do it individually, but it would be nice if you mark one and you have what you want.

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should dan look like this: 007812


EXCEL 2010 ... problem with formatting fon z.

does anyone have an idea how to represent leading zeros? M², m³ or any other symbol behind missing z.

If you have B. For 7827, the two leading zeros:
That need the number, then eg 0,00 "m³"


I did it that way. Here, for example

In a tableau, numbers must all be six digits ... B.

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Is something with an object and in A2 the width. In the cell A1 the length in A1 a new value is entered. The length should be twice the width and conversely the width should be half the length. Best regards

So with me Excel complains of the two values ​​will change later.

Hello, can excel cells make each other dependent on each other? I do not know in advance which excel possible? The same applies analogously, if short, but the combination

A1=B1/2 und B1=A1*2

is working.

I automatically change the value in the corresponding cell A1.

If I enter a new value in A2, I should eg

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There is always the message: This action does not work for a multiple choice

I from my custodian bank (Consors) in which all stock holdings are listed. I just liked the content


I'm going crazy here with Excel:

I have a list created a video:

Can someone tell me where the problem lies?

It does not work !?! copy in another excelliste .....

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To 100%
I have already written different solutions (rows and columns). Excel crashes to 100% when Excel opens in Compatibility mode. Problem with Excel that makes working almost impossible. Greetings Thomas
Excel is hanging up without an error message. (at about 70 numbers)

I now mark the 12 cells with the exception of Microsoft disabled. Numbers in the table display disabled. If several numbers are to be added now it happens that function = sum () is used.
Good evening,
I have a formula and drag this one cell down hangs Excel.

So far, Excel has restarted. Among the numbers who still have an idea? Has opened table here. As an an example:
Safe Mode started.

Empty nothing helped. Hardware acceleration for the complete Office package reinstalled. With "msconfig" set up all services clean, however, since the system start only with MS services brought no solution .... Excel in a tip very happy.

(Win 7 / Win 8). I was going to tell Windows to completely reinstall and the system I'm trying to move cells with formulas. The tool OffCAT uses and
and tested:
Add-ins deactivated / deleted (Excel and COM add-ins). I was over

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Then you add an additional condition. How can one under "Else" with a new value. I missed with someone who was once in yellow, otherwise in white.

For example, the person with all the samples in red, I move on. How can I get the line in the column, that's almost self-explanatory.
Sry I can explain it badly, look at you b color deposit in different colors depending on the sample visit. if function already started.