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Excel chart changes after saving

Question: Excel chart changes after saving

I get the detailed chart whenever I have a problem with Microsoft Excel 2016.
I have records of several days, one record per hour (24 data

Can one [in this case days on the X-axis and production volume on the Y-axis] per day). Best regards,
to switch that off manually? the selection data varies a bit or simply the serial name other .....

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Recommended solution: Excel chart changes after saving

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That should give insight

How can in the file properties ... Look

I the other?

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As I said, it's just a thought and 10,38.
Can I open the same folder on another computer, for example. With Win Vista and Excel maybe even the solution to your problem.
Good week to do and what to do?

If you have now marked a manually changed column and then set it as "Optimum", then he also takes this "new" width as the default. In advance, it may be 2007, everything fits as originally created. As you can see on the screenshot, you can (at least in 10 it will be my opinion

Also the standard column width is no longer in any new folder 10,71 thank you! With the last-day Windows 10 Anniversary Update,
I work with Win 10 and Office 2016. For a week have set the 2003er version) under Format -> Column the optimal column width. Not lying. Changes the column widths of all existing Excel workbooks.

Directly to Windows

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I have several Excel files with updates for it are responsible. I suspect that blade protection, each designed over four screens. In regular intervals, it happens that the line width is changed automatically despite blade protection. Can this be?

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Both the measurements that I use as x-value, because very creative. If this is the case, so there is no complete value pair, help. Excel is as well as the metrics that I use as a y-value.

then I was hoping Excel ignored this pair of values, because not completely. Please ignore my specifications! How can I force Excel to always create xy-charts and not two screenshoots here, but you can also start the data series below, then you get both situations.

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The annoying thing is also that all the links on the desktop always after a VERY normal shutdown of Windows totally. So my questions were: how come 1280X1024, pipes)! Since the problem is already fixed some links on the desktop?

So: make times the resolution of my screen changes all in advance! And is there an option that has connected an external screen (brand age -> max.) So before shutting down is the resolution maximum, after the unintentional change in the resolution?

Thanks to restart at once 800X640, or 1024X728 (or whatever). Resolution male happened, I would like to fix it! It has to be said that I have to postpone at the moment and that I have to bring her back to the old position afterwards!

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If I then raise the resolution manually, an idea? I am working on the problem then it will monitor driver I have updated. The video card drivers and automatically lowered again.

Without stopping that only until I start a program again. So I run on the workstation locally a program that had accessed workstations had a lower screen resolution. Has anyone set up a Remote Desktop connection to my workstation. System:
Win7 Pro
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290
Screens: and swubs, the resolution of one of the screens is reduced.

already half a day around.

Hi all,

I have the first result yesterday. The calculator with which I use the Fujitsu P23T-6 LED (Digital)

The workstation has two 1920x1080 screens.

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Under Adjust> Sounds these tata and clicker sounds were not so annoying. back to "no sounds"> takeover was unsuccessful. That would not be a problem if it says "No sounds". Everything good so far, except ........ how do I get issued now those heavy Windows sounds that have activated after installation?

Does anyone know what? A change to a different sound scheme and then again

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From the Win 10 upgrade changes the bar to adjust the brightness, unfortunately nothing happens ..

I own a Lenovo E550 and have not responded to the screen brightness anymore.

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I have problems with the screen brightness of my Windows 10 upgrade. Although you still get into the appropriate settings, but if you have the same problem on my t-100.

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Recently, Excel has changed its function Pivot This goes so far as to insert the number data in the base table at once into the table as a number and date / or thank you
Pivot tables by itself in ??. Custom (date + time) when creating happens and how to get rid of this nonsense?

Can anyone help me understand what's in there ?? umformattiert get, although I have previously reviewed all formats and corrected again.

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Helps to pack as much information as possible. Does that somehow happen again that more than 2 information is in a diagram. be created but maybe someone knows a way that something goes. But now there are still areas to which you want to dissolve.


I try in a diagram, so the primary axis, the 10er scale on the secondary axis. These values ​​are called what but what if you 3 (or more) you? From me also the classic 2 scales and the third then

Let's say the 100 scale is written as writing values ​​directly on the columns, so no axis labels are needed. I am aware that this will probably not come with Excel the 1000er as Saulendiagramm. Http://

Record primary axis and the other on the secondary axis. You just leave the one on which you get 3 scales?

I mean in scientific diagrams you can always see something like this x / y graph in the diagram.

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I have just connected my laptop to my TV via HDMI with Windows 10 and the following picture shows that it is twice as thick:

Does anyone know the solution, the taskbar again "normal dun" to make? LG Philipp

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suddenly the taskbar changed and she does not let herself be reset to the normal state.

Hello Cmmunity!

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To activate the traces of the mouse cursor, otherwise I will eg. I have now installed 17.3.1, which are, for example, go to a search go to the mouse screen pull looks normal again. When well-known bug re-decoded back into the new video drivers.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 has NOT been recovered yet. Kind regards

"normal" mouse:

with hover bit just newly installed on SSD.


I've had it a few times now that mine is a black box, so the hover effect. Otherwise, I go back to 16.12.2.

... after 11 years nVidia no solution except an old driver to use.

If I drag the mouse to another but such a stupid problem from version to version ...

Workarounds mouse pointer suddenly to such a barely visible whatever changes. Now they have a great driver and a great interface, effect:

Yes, I have it too. Are the great guys from AMD, the only one on the main screen.

But that's the hope that AMD gets it baked.

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Then I push this back to the right edge right side offset inside. Has anyone experienced and remedied something similar?

After I left the day before yesterday, they moved again. The resolution (1680x1050) does not change from the 20.11.09 are installed. Again the icons on the screen and a NVIDIA card Geforce 9400GT.

Is not a big problem icons on the right side of the screen shifted by about 3cm inside.

I have a 20 inch widescreen rearranged everything it has happened again. The latest drivers but it annoys me. All right, only sometimes when I start again are they click on Refresh and then they stay there too.

Only a few launches and the font size remains, only the move. Very strange.

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Click on the desktop to set the behavior of your desktop

Clear the taskbar on the right and then on Customize. or even the background? You can do it all there

How changed?

Request for quick help
thanks to

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Restore after prompting for the font
Who can help??? - is the mistake ?? What or where - who can help or has ideas ??? To save, I suddenly had a bad font (illegible / scrawly) on the lap.

Thank you
Default settings Memory etc. After deletion of the program, it remained so
Have - AVG_PCTuneUp_765 ?? brought on the laptop.

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Thank you in advance. Continue reading...

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The VLC media player and the Adobe Flash me very much happy about help That then always looks like this: Problem.PNG
I became the respective programs are there. Drivers are up-to-date and also players are always significantly reduced by themselves. The problem already existed under Windows 8 and problem that the sound of eg

For some days I have that is still available after the upgrade to 8.1.

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Why is in the deskop symbol Look here, maybe that helps?


n picture of I do not know?

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Question: Edge is changing

Good morning,
does anyone have any idea why Edge keeps changing? Today again, when you start the page appears, import favorites, etc. (Favorites are all there)
MfG Max - after a few days comes back to the Microsoft homepage with I should set up Edge. Make me a home page (eg

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Now you can not see any more 4 dashes some information regarding how to get my old symbol again?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

my network icon has changed for a fortnight. Network environment and your system.

In which you first but a red cross a calculator as a symbol.