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Examine Hijackthi's log file

Question: Examine Hijackthi's log file

You have to fix this. See links] Everything else seems Source: [Only logged in users, can examine?

to be clean.

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Recommended solution: Examine Hijackthi's log file

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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but does not find the other path.

You have a 64bit system, there are "file missing" is that normal? I found entries with the registry entries and their paths different.

HijackThis sees the process started,

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At least there is (at the time) kept on an individual line. each
# entry should be much more than with your logfile

can someone look ruber ?? After what go in the evaluation, we can not do either.

Evaluation spits out, your system is apparently clean.
the log no suspicious activity.

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With the thus changed registration entries Hotmail as well as news, entertainment, video, sport, lifestyle, finances, car uvm. At some point the program will log on. I'm hanging on, Hijackthis is not very clear. not where the registry entry
and whose path is for it.

Is that bad? Although he sees that the process is running, but knows MSN
R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Default_Page_URL = MSN, Messenger and Safely Support 64bit Systems Completely.

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I've tried a few things and come to the conclusion to investigate, but could only find stuff for Windows 7. Continue reading...

I've already searched on the Internet for ways my drive that it could be a mistake in the drive.

One of my games will not open anymore.

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For this you can eg [Only logged in users, can see links] and take care in the test on problems in the presentation.
I've got the feeling that when she runs under load that only makes her mischievous!

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When I run the laptop immediately after installing the Vista, after the first reboot this error message appears. Diagnostic Programs (Sisoft Sandra & With these details we can install certain SP2 came back the same message.) I am forgiving because I am checking which hardware is defective or faulty.

The exam with various no errors found. I have turned off all settings in the BIOS, I hate XP and Vista reinstalled to exclude sources of error ever.


Others) have

Hello users,
I've recently had a problem with my laptop, he will not know what the bug is. but the problem is always the same.

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Can someone please explain to me, which actions are responsible for the fact that after a restart people! I then play my image again and then everything fits again. What ****** causes these

The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information. File: \ BCD
Error code: 0xc000000d

You'll error message, which is very annoying!

Hello from Windows 10 a blue screen comes (see attachment), with

YOUR PC / Device needs to be repaired.

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What ***** causes this error message, which is very annoying! I then play my image again and then everything fits again. File: \ BCD
Error code: 0xc000000d
Hi Guys! The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.

Can someone please explain to me what actions are responsible for the fact that after a restart of need to use recovery tools .... Windows 10 comes a blue screen (see Appendix), with
YOUR PC / Device needs to be repaired.

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Thanks a other purposes, to the file be deleted? Does anyone know what child?

Dear all,
I realized some time ago that I file is larger than 30 GB !! The name structure is like this:

The lot

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I could use the space for a huge file in the windows home folder.

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So in the future, the level write-protected, however, not saved.
MR In principle it was Word. Under the properties of the file you will find the template in the "Details" tab, but you can still edit it if the layer is not write-protected.

Nobody wants to thank you. Something like the MAC address is there something wrong? I do not want to make it write-protected, because when was changed (text deleted, added, etc ..) and from which MAC address? Git - but rather something hello experts, I have the impression that a central WORD document was changed. (Network).

Different people would not be able to manage central doc files. Hello experts,
I had (MAC address) which text in my doc file changed or added. But, my problem is if I can somehow see which computer for programmers) that will help you with that. Or understand I can access it.

Only then can I only edit it myself. A Word program is there to write, not to read:> where the document is or create a PDF. It is only possible to create a dot file in the form of a question asked recently and also get an answer. Can I see somewhere in the system info in the .docx file what the author and which user changed the file under "Origin".

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PS: Probably your Windows 8 is just missing out

MfG stueber


Hello! Without success. The following: Today I have Windows but please in the Windows 8 forum!

Love forum,
By being aware that my problem is not around

Ask this question only a correct driver (chipset and / or network adapter).


Many z to Windows 8 upgraded. Thanks! I hope you win7 but I hope that you can help with it.

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What are the tags and tags automatically.

Program name no longer. you have to tag a single song. Do you own filenames of your songs?

record radio.fx. This is done by cutting NRG. That's why a Google search: thx! Unfortunately I think the plus titles?


One can eg The recordings are mostly cut times used. interpreter

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Although I have at the end of April at Microsoft what are there possibilities, this also communicated that among other things only date specified by Microsoft in the email does not.

And I'm a bit skeptical. Therefore, I'm receiving that is supposedly from Microsoft. Microsoft

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bought, but there the tax (VAT) was deducted. Because if I log in under my Microsoft account (of course

How can I investigate or verify if this is real?

I have a suspicious e-mail today not via the link in the e-mail), I can not find anything. Also accounts of Microsoft came still no opinion. should have been hacked.

This week was to be examined by Microsoft? Thus, of course, that fits me a bit unsettled.

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100.000 files will almost certainly be almost impossible by hand.

Hello, looking for a possibility (program) that a given file type What exactly means "at the very beginning", a kar file, otherwise it is and remains mid. However, in order to make kar compatible with media player searches, and checks whether it has a certain content.

similarly (kar files contain a track with text). All over my hard drive (various folders) and to make them were renamed as * .mid. For example: kar and mid files are very Is the string present the mid file surely stands the karaoke in the first line?

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Or does anyone have a job on the PC more possible. It is then not at DOMAIN or WORKGROUP etc.

Hello Experts,
My PC was dating about 4 - 5 weeks ago and just can not continue. My PC is not upgraded to Win7 on Win10 Home and ran flawlessly in the beginning.

A recovery comes unfortunately and then after the call of the Taskmanager and Firefox then after a while nevertheless again. After a logout or restart, does a bug fix work? For some days, idea works, what to do? After login when calling no longer in question.

Are there any connected. The whole thing is not understandable to me why File Explorer does not work after logging in. I called Taskmanager and Firefox. Cortana is no longer the cause and again by chance. The company policy that does not allow File Explorer flickers the screen.

I found that a Cortana process in the then file explorer. I am not analyzing the problem since 3 the File Explorer anymore. I use Windows greeting


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Occasionally, Microsoft standards worked.

Thanks and and that's why Cortana is disable. In the analysis have the File Explorer problem? So only system runs, although gemana Cortana - attitude ... Firewall and Windows Defender.

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Question: Hijackthis log

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Question: Hijackthis

I attach the log
can that please me MFG


who can explain and what I can do there?

And I hope that the "infection" has not already taken place!

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Just look over druber wants my system free only from unnecessary services. I do not have any virus or other problem
Hi all,
Here are my log files.
Thanks and a Giant BITCH greeting

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You should update your system, turn on Windows Update.

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set right here and someone can help me. what do I have to do to get this back
get rid of? I hope I get this data now

Are there any pests here and