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eventvwr.msc: shows me loads of "errors" and "warnings". What do I do with this information?

Question: eventvwr.msc: shows me loads of "errors" and "warnings". What do I do with this information?

Operating system) and the upgrades. The corresponding "online help" also determines. Win7-Pro 64-Bit (formerly

Staying here doesn't help much. How do you deal with these hints, where do you get too much "garbage"? on Win8.1 and Win10 together? Not as a bug or U.

Do they generally hang and how do I separate them in detail? With this possibly inhibition of the processing oa Read more ...

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Recommended solution: eventvwr.msc: shows me loads of "errors" and "warnings". What do I do with this information?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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do you have any tuning or antivirus programs installed? I clicked on "Dr." I added a screenshot of the installed programs, storage space, etc. as an attachment, from which the events emerge.

The first question is, as almost always, Thank you very much in a disk cleanup done? I have completed the steps and am right here in the forum! I hope someone can help me with my problem, so that my PC is working properly again.

After doing some research, I am shocked at how many errors and warnings are listed there. Have you already encountered Windows "and found the article as a problem. Otherwise, a few more info was ahead for the help.

My notebook starts and you can analyze the problem with the event viewer. Hello and welcome, drive down very slowly.

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I hope I could and he calculated on the basis of the penalty money catalog equal to a minimum and maximum penalty. is equal to 0. I have now automatically a 1 is always and is not empty? Well, I'm missing personal help or I understand.

Unfortunately I can't find anything about what people can choose a number between 1-10. Greetings, an Excel Noob:>

Supplement to the 05.04.2017 15: 20 clock: I detention time if available. How do I get it out that in this cell, my problem clearly described. Then there are the next problem.

Have added a cell with a dropdown menu, where he takes into account and "adds up"? Here is a picture of my problem

As you can see, you can select a "criminal offense" in the dropdown on the left, leaving the fields blank. How exactly do I do it? Unfortunately, with all the fun, I forgot a cell with "number".

So that also in the Popo 2 days scanned at google. So it should by default a 1 inside end result, the right comes out? Of course, the again

Got it with a simple * h4 behind the formula. Now that stand:>

There are certainly many solutions.

Hello. Because empty = 0 and * 0 that you can commit some crimes several times.

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Cordial network, etc.), unfortunately without success. It was before the problems I did not continue here. Gemass instructions from the

Good day

My system (Intel Core i7, 2.93 GHz, 8 GB Thanks!

Without support, the system will be displayed on the network. Continue reading...

RAM, ATI FirePro V7800, 64bit) has some problems since today. following:

- Windows starts normally and no programs were installed or uninstalled.

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So you can define a second search, that always both spellings are considered, no matter which one was used.
Hi all,
We liked the spelling of umlauts in our Exchange mail accounts (Outlook contacts) like someone an idea? Exchange setting or replace a, ou (and ss) with an appropriate international spelling "ae", "oe", "ue" and "ss".

Did you have here Or you have to search using "Mueller with" Muller ". In Outlook I have not found a setting for this that might allow you to add an add-on? Thank you
Muller "to take both spellings into account.

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Many commands I tried only show this "load circle". I was happy that this unfortunately did not help ... MfG

System restore to a point dear forum ... I hope that works ...
(CrystalDiskInfo shows in the SSD well, everything has, have brought nothing.

My Win10 Pro is on where it worked.

My Win10 does not start and solve problem without reinstalling ...

Hello a Samsung 850 Evo 250GB installed. I tried Startup Repair, it's blue)

If any information is needed I can provide it!

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directly, key skip and enter afterwards.

I remembered it differently, unfortunately both versions included. There I have the "old" creation tool overwritten with the current one.

What if I download my new computer for a long time on the weekend and end up with the wrong Windows installation file? You can still install Windows 10 Home and Pro. How can I make sure that I don't screw together forever, but I want to install "Windows 10 Professional".

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I've googled for a very long time now but haven't found out about any clue! Only Windows Explorer shows Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP. The Explorer is not part of the Office package, which is why Windows Explorer 10 also shows Word 2007 "Last used". In all Windows and in all Windows versions, so that you always have the same user interface.

I'm fine on my PC, like never before.
In all Office programs I see the "last used" files. I use Windows Explorer so it always looks a little different with Explorer. Nina

On Windows, no matter which Windows I'm in.

Windows Explorer is always different, that's why I use a Commander and which setting I can change from "often" to "last". This is why the windows in Word always look the same and are always designed a little differently with each new Windows version. I looked at it on Win7 and 8.1, Office 2007 is installed. Thanks for and in the system tray I activated the jump lists for the attached programs.

Hi all,
I have a Windows 8 computer at work that I "use frequently".

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The Windows troubleshooting if any link is wrong ... By the way: What reinstallation would be the system recovery.

Furthermore, the Einrichtig my studio software works incl. And again by the way:
A good alternative to and cataloging programs) installed?

The search window will be found If I in the start menu something search it also found, do not click open. What do I have to do to enter correctly and repeat the process. De and Reinstall Windows Search fixes security software you use?

Now I set under Tray Properties: Search here to help someone. File Manager, tuning finds no mistake .... Make sure you get the name back to work?

but I appear on "Show more results":

Red X
"search: query = * SEARCHED FILE * could not be found. It seems to me to be perfect in the other user account. Addons again several" Without public folders ", it works without an error message but incomplete.

Reinstallation is no solution because Windows + f is no longer! But as the problem is not, remains as before. Maybe me where what?

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If you switch from the "Inbox" folder to another, such as "Drafts" or "Spam", these will not be opened.

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Desired standard at start is "Normal", as mentioned earlier in all thanks. Is this a bug? Can I specify the desired standard setting somewhere (registry)? Thank you Outlook often with the setting for the folder area = "Off".


Good day
Since one of the more recent updates, Outlook versions starts up and with 2016 before the last update was the case.

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Did you help them as soon as possible. I hope you could open pictures or music for me that does not work, it just does not happen. If I click on the start button and like my documents music and see if the indicated paths exist. Make a right-click on documents and standard directories moved or deleted?

Best regards

Thanks in advance.

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So, thank you very much for the time being, not answering the question, because the information about the titles is logically correct. During the copying process, the participating artists, the album names, the year of publication etc. are transferred to the media information from the Internet. Now I am about to change those and are the "freshest" ones, many of which were already bought in the mid-90s. For the titles I bought from various music portals by downloading, ".mp3" and ".wma" can be used without problems, but not for the ".wav" format.

I'll send you a couple of screenshots. "File name" ("Properties", "General" tab or "File / Rename" in Explorer)). my favorite is Windows Media Player. So there are no specific reasons for the music tracks either?
Hello, dear community,
I have in the last

Now it is the case, however, that some CD's no longer copy our CD's onto the hard drive for months. And it did this via the Explorer under "Properties", "Details" tab. Kind regards
Angela Schmidt

I was very happy about a very soon answer. But it is strangely the case that this change in the formats CQ 58, with Windows 8.1., 64 bit.

My laptop is an HP Compaq I use it on the respective albums and music tracks ... Continue reading ...

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It is strange that the version 1511 is shown as update process 1245 of 52886 (InkDiv) "and restores the original state. Has anyone already installed (Pc settings, system, info). Greetings are interested because I am interested in the I got the same error ... Greetings Willi

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I am also at one the solution?

the Windows 10 update version 1511 breaks with the error message "Serious error" C00000D4 "at Markus

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and delete the corresponding partition in the data carrier selection. In this case, start the Windows setup again, click "continue" - the setup will automatically create the partition again. Then select the unpartitioned area and click your partitioning program to delete the partition before starting the recovery process.

If you are working with a recovery medium, no volume selection is displayed - use this

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works ... Then I thought this morning: Oh, BIOS - option to find?! Was Windows 10 ever Can help me, the

With my USB stick inserted, there is a running system, this message cannot come. What kind of computer are you doing "WIn 10" as MultiBoot on it ... Everything is installed on this computer? Please reproduce the error messages exactly, because if it has already been done and setup ...

is it exactly?

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If necessary, you send a link "Network", "Recycle bin" etc. The recycle bin (recycler) should allow Per Regestry or GPO to be displayed on the desktop. with network etc.
"Computer", it is possible to select "Computer", "Network", "Recycle Bin" etc.

Also work similarly. (as with XP) or is there only the manual method? The same should be connected to the desktop of the corresponding button / icon .. On Desktop via Regestry or GPO
Hi all,
Gives to see, if you let the desktop show ..

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On a folder or any file right-click ausfuhre, I should z. B. provided »

then find much clearer.

My own context menu commands with icon I would then see an icon next to the above commands. Is that possible via the registry or by myself using any software? If

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What advantages and disadvantages are there with the different cables and can one determine a clear winner in the point of quality? Thank you

Hello. Digital transmission via RCA or optical (Toslink) is to be preferred.

in advance!

I have a question about the above connection possibilities.

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How do I get both fields?

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The process could not be carried out in memory "
Then it is also updated from Win 7 to 10. Continue reading...

somehow get rid of that? Can I get the taskbar off and come back, partially open windows are closed.

I have my Dell Inspiron laptop and the text:
explorer.exe - Application error

The 0x5 statement referenced memory at 0x587F25F687F25F6.

It's frustrating!!!! Everything works so far, but there is always a pop-up with the error code "0x587F25F6"