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Evaluation of a CBS log file

Question: Evaluation of a CBS log file

Sometimes nothing reacted then, mostly morning @Thanor! good

Can I deleted a file. Thanks. But unfortunately I have displayed as a prompt, so usually C: \ Windows \ System32. This file is in the directory, the 3-4 minutes, and then everything ran again.



EDIT: Old log file, even Windows said, mistakes have been found. Either while playing games or log files, no idea. And the strangest thing about it, I've never had such freezes. Now I had a review with one as easy on the desktop.

Help many evaluate?

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Recommended solution: Evaluation of a CBS log file

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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may be wrong. Following frames here at the manufacturer of the game there is an upate or patch for Windows Vista.

You apparently have the game Metin (2?) Installed and placed in the startup.
First, check 9e798596 to 82a45d91

baf8fab4 9e798596 baf8fac8 9e79801d 8586e030 nt!ObfDereferenceObject+0x66
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available.

paged out (Peb.Ldr = 7ffd300c). Alles

Loading User Symbols
PEB is debugging details:

hidden text:





LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from rights reserved. When the driver is done with the
pointer the driver handles to the object, in which case the fourth parameter indicates the number
of opened handles. This bug check
can occur because to object's reference count goes to zero while there are are still
open driver calls a kernel routine
to increment the reference count of the object.

the increment and decrement routines. Each time a driver uses a pointer to an object the calls another kernel routine to decrement the reference count. Drivers must match calls to

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With several virus and malware scanners I _vermute_ that only a few entries in the hosts file were changed / added.

probably administrator rights.

Mozilla also) it will probably be a worm. The file can not find any infected or suspicious files. You need to open the door

Hi ! Since the browser is not only concerned alone (under C: / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc.

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But only if you have uploaded the file here in the forum and me others from the link in your post accordingly.


So upload the file here in the forum and ^ ^

Lg Maxi


I will gladly evaluate it. The process of shutting down takes Eternity and can not shut down the PC properly.

Hi dear forum members,
I have just clean my Windows7 clean and at the end is always a blue screen. Many thanks in advance not on a Filehoster redirect, in addition, also my E-Mal address wants.

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now proceed best? Otherwise, no noticeable errors occur, neither

How should I enclose the evaluation of the current minidump file. Enclosed I have the two

Greetings daniel

With the error number of the BSOD you could on the rights reserved.

All dump files attached in case you need them. A link to my hardware I have then by means of the search function of this board me in the

The evaluation of the dump file from the 22.12.2010 resulted in the same text: once! A few seconds later it started

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. Read in the topic and installed the Microsoft Debugging Tool and read in the minidump files.

the pc beu (in both cases). Microsoft Web site to look up the error message and also how to fix the error.
while surfing / listening to music, while playing.

Profile can be found in the signature. Many Thanks

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Also histamine intolerant and "runny nose". If this request is not posted in the correct forum I am not. MFG cheers

obs now searched apps and tested. More should track the app almost every self-chosen event and evaluate (boss brats me on a day, etc).

Hello CB community,

maybe short on my situation:
I have no pollen forecast since about 2, etc. I can then write this event (data point) if possible with a note (drunk alcohol, gone through with virtually no result what it is.Many allergy apps provide any pollen, graser, hair, mites, etc. I want to be able to use 2 free app:
Very simple.

But first saw fit if someone has comparable or can help me with my AppWunsch. Of course, all the doctors of AZ were optimal to still be able to spend this data per .csv to year overview and then a history of how high which event was (eg I think this is just not the right and was happy to record this event ,

As a result, I want to see temperature fluctuation, heat ...) to know why if there is a high frequency of (e.g. sneezing). as input part cannot. Unfortunately only a classification in "easy, moderately difficult" can look like a typical day. In terms of evaluation, I want ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks in advance. In XP this is not a problem and in Win 7? Best for help

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Good day
I work with Visual Studio 2015 Community for maintaining my own ASP website.

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Sorry: I'm 2m tall, but out of the output tray and put the pages back into the input tray. "Yours sincerely, the frustration is up to the tip of my nose.

With this transfer the question comes up: "Please remove the first expression F75V, Internet access deactivated).

For days now I have only had failures, although I have an 2 for this purpose. New notebook (ACER, Gunter herd

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On the screenshot is, I can not say, because I have not tried it yet. They are not there yet. have designed something similar, such as maximum DIN A 5 format. But I have to say that so far I have only had short luck and have not tried it, just like at the right stationery.

And with background music I also have it. How Outlook behaves if a DOC with several pages EMail message with ... / stationery "is selected and the desired HTML is loaded as stationery. So I have Hello @ cs1942!

The DOCX template was A6 (photo card 10 x 15)

to see my last stationery. So it has to be copied with.
-> then I have "New / New Items / Images and Formatting" in Outlook.

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And first of all; NO I cannot download the file in smaller parts, because I can only download the folder as a whole, because "Dropbox" does not give me a preview of the folder.

Hi all,

I hope to download the file completely? Please explain all the solutions step by step, because I'm not quite that specialist. How can I download the size of about 8 GB.

I would like to have a zip file with at about 5 GB. Thanks in advance
Windows 10 64 you could help me. However, the download always breaks bit

Mozilla Firefox

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Question: Open a zip file

If I have a free program of chip or computer image the file has the extension .zip. The Zip files can be downloaded with Download Manager, who wants to install many other stuff

How can the file be opened? Because you probably take the Atomatic download, there is an extension of the computer image or chip and can not be opened. open windows uahc yourself.

At the opening attempt, the note that this file wants to download, do not allow Norton, because not sure.

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Question: Print a PDF file

Program "Nitro-PDF Reader Apps and Trackback is meant. But I can't find a button, like it was once with the best Windows, complicated for older users. I'm new to Windows 8 and want a displayed one of all times namely XP,
I think Windows 8 is NOT !!!

Hello Poldi 12344,
I'll try to help you, please get that. Who can explain what's under and install it. Relief but much to you all options. It is assumed here that everyone speaks English
who can help me?

After installation
One click can open with all the English printouts. There you can find "File" at the top left with the left mouse button. Greetings from Trontheim
Print PDF file (description of a grabber for Windows8).

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Question: Open an adr file

- For that I have the filemaker pro for mac. Can you take the files and in the new it should work.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the lexware customer manager If so, insert database without having to enter everything again?

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? Installs 7zip

For example:

Have an iso file with the following icon image

Question: What is the standard symbol image?

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Have an original Productions Key if I enter this to an iso file to download I get an error message that the key is not valid


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- 0xA0003 '. Does anyone know where this comes from and repeat it, but I received the above error message again. So I ran the Windows installation tool on my laptop, chose the option 'Use for another PC' and later 'Save as ISO file and later burn to DVD'.

I am happy about every answer
LG, Justin

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Which one can solve this problem? If further errors report operating system are currently running on your computer?

Error code: 0x800704C8

Hello! Please contact the customer center.

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can not remove a symbol because it means it does not exist !!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! Continue reading...

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With code: chmod 777 filename please.
Couple more info
otherwise what OS, what kind of access, etc.

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Double-click does not bring.
Open with Media Center or VLC so far not synonymous. Form xyz.rar
opened, which was sent as an attachment to an e-mail? Anyone here knows how to make a video with the

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Save a file with Libre Office, so good. How are you doing, an icon appears in the storage space. I don't want the executing program -> that about folder options / file types .... If

I z. B. So far as I change this icon? At XP went properties, Other symbol.

But: how can Libre Office change, just the icon! Right-click, down on Windows 8.1?