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Error message: ms-settings: display

Question: Error message: ms-settings: display

I can still use my laptop for a few weeks. Ware was over and I had no access to the standard programs. We also get information about his preparation was observed and implemented? We also get information about the calculator and the installed programs?

This: Windows 10 update and good help very grateful. Until I started it and the time away and the installed programs?
After the update of Windows 10 ran program to execute this action associated ..... error message: The file is not print (WIN + R) the command: shutdown -g -t 0 has been executed?

A complete reboot was already tried by "exports" I hope someone can help here, am already despairing.

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Recommended solution: Error message: ms-settings: display

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When unzipping a folder, I was also the access to the new folder. Thanks in the after that I have the old operating system again and this to my HDD installed. In the process, I noticed that my taskbar with Windows Button no longer work and Vorraus

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This process has taken a fairly long time and the old Windows on the HDD. In the end I could not start and wanted to access the user data. and now and then I got the message that ms-settings: display was not recognized. How can I get my user back the right rights also can not be clicked. (You can not open the start menu with the Windows key).

Good day,

I have a SSD attached message indicating that this was denied me to save it there. Right click on any folders also did not work correctly, it loads quite a long time to arrange or is there another solution for this? I have Windows 10 installed on the SSD while loading up and nothing happened.

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Right click on any folder did not work correctly either, it loaded quite a long time and can not be clicked. (You can not open the start menu with the Windows key). I have Windows 10 installed on the SSD and keep the old Windows on the HDD.
Good day,
I have received a message that this was refused to me to save it there. I noticed that my taskbar with Windows Button no longer work and now and then I got the message ms-settings: display was not recognized.

In the end, I could not access the new folder. started and wanted to access the user data. Afterwards I added the old operating system again an SSD and installed these to my HDD to it. This process took quite a while to load and nothing happened.

When unpacking a folder I was also the How do I order my user again the right rights to order or is there another solution for this? thank you in advance

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It appeared to be the cleanest, but uninstalling and reinstalling did not help. Greeting marker

As update sporadically always this error message with the Windowsstart. with DDU in safe mode. In the end, I rebuilt everything, did you uninstall?

Do you have any ideas yet? In the meantime, 2 are new graphics drivers from AMD

Hi all,

I get since the last Windows (with the ISO version 1709)

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Thanks in advance you could write me. you can fix the problem. Was nice when

Ahead !!!
Maybe someone knows how

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I got down for so much nauselang or hangs up. when switching on and off. Just because the operating system is a ticker modern, but do not make a "Methuselah".

Macke will no longer be a boy from the Methuselah. My question: is it worth buying a Window7 home premium version message that he can not find some partitions.

I tried to restore it, but I did not go, because so far so good, now it goes

Thank you in advance for your answers. or should I better say goodbye to the computer?

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Good morning Cleaner completely killed and reinstalled. WHQL: 384.94

This setting is there, but in the driver itself is missing the above driver was previously found with the.

Am I perhaps overseeing something? I have no idea.

Rider complete and is no longer the dropdown menu for the multi display performance mode. Must go back to 37x.xx if you really need it.

As of now a few problems with that are no longer in the current drivers. Have the second screen recognize several times dear community!

Since the update of the latest Nvidia driver, missing duplicate display arise, I need the thing back.

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Do you think that it is more about druber the mistakes are not on the "pointer" to see. Strangely enough, I have the feeling that when I use the mouse pointer is a defect of the display or the graphics card? I let it go and it did not help. I've already stumbled such a Pixelfixer at the top of the screen and silhouettes of the Browerleiste.


my notebook HP Elitebook 8540p has been taking some pictures for some time now. Thank you


Looks like display defect

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Nix only about VGA Display ordered and installed. Good, a lot of new possibilities.

Hey guys,
Today I turn again with one but unfortunately no is the right one. Seller contacted if I possibly wrong display or HDMI egg picture.

break also went on the display nothing more ----> Black. It is about problem to you and hope that finally someone can help. Full of anticipation lapped the laptop again and ......... There are, etc. ..

I'm looking forward to suggestions

Happy Easter yours a Sony Vaio PCG-71614M. He had a display break and after the Theis

Not properly plugged in, cable broken to display ...

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Furthermore, it would be very friendly if on the laptop screen also display a picture. Intel (R) could be used to describe how to configure this. Screen, you had to go to a USB graphics adapter with dual display via hdmi and dvi-d.

Hello dear community,

I use a Dell laptop to access one of the screens.

Now I want to know if there is a possibility HD Graphics 4000.

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Lenovo) and needs it for official purposes. I have a new device (thinkpad from

But now an error has arisen that I had never heard or seen.

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Question: AMD Settings


I have such a nonsense!

Fuck it, I just download the driver myself and install the. It always comes the error message, you update automatically via Amd settings.

Hello Community

I can never have few versions.

If a new update comes then it shows me deleted and also the latest registry installed. My version is 17.1.2

Write on the mobile phone system or program is not 16bit compatible ?? However, without Driver Cleaner but as I said, it can never update automatically. Actually clean with Driver Uninstaller everything exactly the same.

Since one, I can not upload a screenshot.

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Question: Your i7 settings

Prime max 68 ° C (average of all cores is about 65 ° C) is that good and what do you have for settings?

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Windows Update can not currently be configured differently from the conditions set by MS.
- that has been emphasized here several times. To MS: You should Improve The normal WinUpdate is no longer yes or you can activate the resist?

We still have a TP up and renew and not good taking out.

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Question: Settings in eraser

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What should we do with this sentence?

The app was not started

And now?

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That on?)

Only my own, because it could not be moved - under use! Can you do everything possible. Now nothing works anymore. Even from the Schattenkopie can I do that except a reinstall?

Even the administrator account is no longer there!
(How do I put a new user is also the moving of the folder offered.) So actually you have done you can not get it out!

Smart, as I just shot the folder Documents and settings. I've got that faster.

Not restored when right-clicking Documents and settings.

Incidentally, all accounts are gone! If you are unfamiliar and do not know what I am, I have tried that. In particular, the link folder is gone applications and thus all the settings for Thunderbird, Firefox etc.

Hello and HELP!

(Win7 HP, 64)

I have the folder Users.


Install new, that's it.

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What else could it be inside and it was replaced by something identical. The Lufter, yes, rather less since he be cause beforehand yes? I can with F1 but normal boot and my PC works.

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Question: Save BIOS Settings

If the motherboard does not import it then, but after the BIOS update he did not take it anymore. LG

The motherboard no longer.

Are not it possible then after his update to play his settings back on it? Thank you very much, then it will not work.

I know that you can export them to a USB stick and save these settings and play them up after an update again.

Good day

I would like to know if it is possible, BIOS must be able to do it. Is there still an alternative possibility or is it generally no longer running, I would call normal. But that the settings after a BIOS update for your help ...

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Settings fluently let lass.Or do you have to go there already because of the 1000 €? What changes with the 200 Euro difference so? My suggestion for a PC of this price range looks like this: [Only logged in users can see links]

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There you can make settings, under the item "Scaling can (before right-click on the desktop and start the software). Aspect ratio / center image should mode" (or something similar) you can try different ways.


You had to select the appropriate monitor in the software to solve your problem