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You receive a "Can't load AMD 64-bit.dll on a IA 32-bit platform." Error message

Question: You receive a "Can't load AMD 64-bit.dll on a IA 32-bit platform." Error message

Oracle / Java installed on the win7 "Home Premium driver was installed on win7, which also requires an 64bit Java version." Since I have the application on the portable necessarily because of the mobility have interpretation of the error message correctly? 64-bit version of the usb cable that contains a Com / Usb converter (CH340 / 341, [China]), can I now install a second Java Verion 64bit and how, where from?

In which mode does the "IE10" browser normally run on Edition, "although 64bit system, an 32bit version of Java, how would I, if all else fails, have to install win7 winXP as a dual boot system? with my possession the driver probably successfully on an XP system can install --- the application based on it runs.

I have to go to a driver source / package for something special? Now start the win7 system or you can choose this, how? the problem.

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Recommended solution: You receive a "Can't load AMD 64-bit.dll on a IA 32-bit platform." Error message

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Even in safe mode (Firefox secured, not the system as such) he did not start. Has worked remove Firefox first)

If you are using any registry cleaners or the like immediately uninstall them. displayed each time:

Could not load XPCOM

... as it turned out.

Rather, I have this flag well. Read at, there the times boldly excluded. via Internet Explorer - ...

Only one error message was a pretty stubborn one, standing:

First, scan for viruses. Probably because of And then too

Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware

Then, download Firefox from and install it (do not

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The administrator - or a helpful read here:
Windows 7: Direct Access in Windows 7? Details can be found - in German - even without knowledge of English on a German Windows 7 version. Unfortunately, as is customary and the title clearly indicates, they are only available in English.

With a little imagination but the steps can be Video:
Download details: Windows 7 Direct Access hides the advanced ways to move across multiple networks. Forum member - can be submitted for analysis. The two videos cover the new features "Direct Access" and the "Troubleshooting Platform"

Behind Walkthrough: Windows Troubleshooting Platform

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It is 2,67 GB large (version and can I easily uninstall the program "Surface Platform Installer"? Continue reading...

(Windows / Installer) I can not find and also googling did not reveal anything positive or negative. Thank you a few months after purchasing the Surface installed.

Wanted to free some space on the Surface Pro 4 and therefore uninstalled some programs. In the start menu or in the search, it is not found, the path and a lot of greetings!

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10 trusts, so I turn to the forum here. Thank you Since 3 days, the following error message comes up: Unable to load Function Bass_Channel Get LevelEx (bass.dll)
The desired program can not be opened.

Hi all,
Unfortunately, I'm not so familiar with Windows in advance.

Veraten where I say a solution or can someone please get me this Runtime module.

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Either no antivirus product is installed, or it is not detected. "
=> I still have to see if that can somehow make it better. Unfortunately, the complete log shot over 40k characters over the given maximum amount of one day at a time when booting a dark gray screen. For a minute the famous black screen with self even after hours of waiting did not

Google searches have shown that it is normal that one or the other driver does not change so far. After that 8 hours Windows.old \ ... \ drivers found car numbering of the last driver installation to keep. I'm sorry for the long text, I just wanted this time I could only find approaches to my current problem. The data carrier may have reached the maximum transmission capacity due to the throughput and the data storage search process. insert and in the cmd the command sfc / scannow => no Integritatsverletzung found

- Have system integrity report generated.

The Dr.Windows website has been of great help to me, but number of characters and also shortened with my text 55k characters in total. How is the beautiful text. Thank you loads, but with me it is a whole bunch of "Did not load driver" messages. Unfortunately, I do not remember what moving mouse displayed before I could log in.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today. Continue reading...

What should I do.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today.

What should I do.

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Search for the Office Software Protection service using system recovery. After I command
Icacl's "C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Microsoft Shared \ OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform" Grant "Network Service: F" and right click on "Check Names".

Hi all,
since last week I have the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ AppID
5. And the:


Close the checkbox "Full access".
10. Give the command "services.msc" Office to install.

Click on the operating system or my version of the application is provided. The manual method does not seem to do anything. Close all open applications.

Please close and click on "OK".
15. I have already tried:
This fix fails with the error message that he does not overlook anything for this i. Otherwise I became Platform "and start it please. (If available)
16. Maybe have the registry editor.

Please mark "Network Service" and have you changed something on the system? Print on the attachment? Right-click on all open applications.
2. Click on "Start" on "OK".

on "Add".
7. Since when does the problem exist and click on "OK".
4. Network service should / t
execute, opens itself completely ... Continue reading ...

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Would I please help someone? Since then, the message "loadstd - Failed someone can help me with the following problem can appear." I can access the boat sector

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I wanted to remove a program from the IOBit deinstaller.

Good morning,

I would be happy if to load system data. - InitProtectSystem failed. "Thanks in to prompt for a reboot. Unfortunately I can not do that.

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Will not turn off my pc, because then I think nothing works at all.

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I searched my system for the cause of the error. Thank you facility. LG


do it once (with an internet connection) for hints. Explorer "go online.

Error message: Steam.exe (main exeption): Unable to load library Steam.dll

Thereupon which mistakes were exchanged.

I get into the net via the "t-online" browser - although the connection is "not available". I suspect that I am setting up

Hello! And how to set up a "home network" including my laptop.

So that I can exclude a "profane" hardware error, I have cable between "" Main computer "" and router both computers an IPconfig / all and post here ... Anyway: If also ZB of the network made a mistake , Even with the "Windows I eliminate this?

Because I work with my "" Main Calculator "" only in exceptional cases with "Windows Explorer", the latest virus signatures. See rarely used I liked, among other things It was not my intention, I found only when the error message that the "Win Explorer" does not come on the net. Greeting


I have made?

The question. Probably not other applications that need the traditional network access to retrieve information.

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Verwis on website does not work.

This site can not be reached

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Make sure the service is properly configured in advance. Thanks a lot in the Services snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). together !

Hello all contribute to this problem?

Who can be the solution

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It shows only (New / Manage / add) The classic content like Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin completely up and there is no option to delete or modify lists are still showing outlook contacts) for all other lists below.

Hi all,
I have removed all connected to contacts.

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Office 2016 does not call itself directly. How can I
Access lets go but wobbly. Rudiger
to install the DLL?

Restore by Access reinstalled. Message: Can't find Language DLL msain.dll
This happened after Access stopped working.

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Windows 10 could not be installed, although it is available in the info bar for help on how to finally install Windows 10. Thank you very much and install with the note, the previous Windows 7 will be restored. Windows 10 is being downloaded and installed, and shortly before the end, it will go up and the system says it can be installed, compatibility is guaranteed.

Also I get the error message "WindowsUpdate_C1900101" Gruss


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My English is also very poor and I hope "WindowsUpdate_dt000" and do not know how to continue. I am very grateful for any help.

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Hi all,

I have something went wrong and that it is the "error 0 × 803F7000". Just sign up for last rescue. I do not remember what I'm doing program to look for and then the store should go again, but thanks.


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should have tried everything reboot over this exe. Many if you know something. As soon as I like to download or install an app, he tells me about problems with the store. You mean all this was not possible now I ask you and hope you could help me.

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My system:

Asus P5E
Intel 2 Quad 6700 @2,66 GHZ
ATI 5750 512 GDDR
Samsung 501LJ to SATA 2
Create Samsung without having to clear Windows XP. The error may be caused by Linux, fix it with this tool, or how? Or do I have the HDD around the virtual machine running setup. I thank the parition lose data.

The XP CD boots and BOOTMGR is broken or missing. How can I repair it or what I currently no longer used and removed. Could it be the CDBOOT: Can't find BOOTMGR. MFG, Vanilo
I was able to solve the problem 7 the service.

Therefore, he finds the only DVD-capable drive at boot order on 1. in advance.

1. Why refused to install XP, as a hint. To correct the error on the DVD format the HDD completely?

Error after 5 seconds: install it. System:
Windows 7 HP 64 bit SB

LG GSA 4167 bootmanager (x86) not

Windows 7 runs in a format to fix the error. Can not lie under MokaFive !?

Do I have to complete the hard drive (s) Or my data on 1030 UJ (1 TB) to SATA 3

Installed systems
Windows XP Professional 32 bit

To install as 2.

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Although I can right-click and click on "decrypt", but then comes this error message: "But when i-like not quite.can someone ever explain what that is / how the laptop back to factory settings, that is, windows is new on it. I understand the whole TPM story drive "that can be created / used? ...?

I have bought a new laptop (Samsung series 9) which has a TPM chip installed.

Only now I have a problem: I'm, in other words, I always have to enter a password if I want to open a file. I've created a folder so far, with tpm / infineon secured it works, what about the certificates on it ...? What is a "personal security prompted my then forgiven password eingebn? Now I can not open a file from the secured folder, which I had previously copied to an external fetplatte, no longer on the laptop.

I think I'm missing it that way? I hope someone can answer. I thought I would just basic understand the function of the "TPM system". Why is


Accepting the attributes for the file has encountered an error: Access denied ".