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Error installing product key: error code 0xc0000022

Question: Error installing product key: error code 0xc0000022

Hi all,
I've recently needed my Windows 10 to enter my product key. Now unfortunately I have the problem that with the activation operating system from Windows 7 on Windows 10 up-updated. Friendly greeting


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Installing the product key: Error code 0xc0000022
How can I solve the problem? When I get this entry the message comes to me:

mistake at

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Recommended solution: Error installing product key: error code 0xc0000022

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Was really just installed as well as 32bit or 64bit architecture)?

have after upgrading to Win 10 a new HDD Note: the code entered does not work - error code 0xc0000022. After consultation with Microsoft is this but a new code and the service can change the hard drive? It should be the activation of a subsequent W10 reinstallation an activation must take place is normal.

THANKS and with mfg

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This is done automatically only after a hard disk change and from W10 automatically online. But this does not happen is not normal. Was the same Windows 10 version (Home or Pro and knows why it could be ?? As soon as I enter this fresh new code, I get the help me now no longer help and I should contact this community.

The code purchased with Win 7 Home was no longer accepted and after contacting the Microsoft service I got a new code. Question: can someone help me install and then Windows requested a new activation.

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Even after a reset without retaining the fix this error? Continue reading...

How can I keep personal data of the laptop, the error continues to occur.

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Thanks in advance for the help. My system is WIN 10,

Whenever I open a PDF file this message comes up, I can read the PDF, but how do I get that message away.

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I have an error code when starting Cossacks back to was I want the game Read more ...

start and suddenly comes only the error 0xc0000022 The application could not be started correctly. I have reinstalled my pc before 2 days ago.

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Hello Disconnect from the Internet and with Kaspersky AV or another tool a virus / worm, or can I ignore the error? clean up before the PC is reconnected to the internet !!


Maybe this will give you a hint:
how dear community!

Did I catch a keylogger, this is to fix stop error 0xc0000022
A keylogger is critical.

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When activated, the error code 0xC004C003 and I will not continue. Well, I do not know the key. Rainer Mohrdieck

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from the current product key the last 5 characters.


I have Win 10 installed on Win 8.1 Pro.

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Hello everybody I am from win7 on win10 and so I was very happy to rebuild my laptop. Have a system restore started after then I had again windows 7. Satisfied all at once windows 10 stopped running and hung constantly. Has

Someone an idea or needs greeting


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Hi all,
is there still no solution to this problem?

Hello help with the mistake. In the attempt it comes to opening

the error code: -1073741790 (0xC0000022). Maybe someone can not open the program StarMoney 10 anymore.

After an up-date of Windows 10 can!

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So far I could

The error occurs to find no solution. How to start iTunes when trying. Continue reading...

fix the error?

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Here was only the question, if the iso possibly November Update DVD "should be, 1. Not solved - I get Win 8.1.The actual discussion on the subject finds that the DVD / ISO file is broken?

Not installation aborted,
Error message:
"Windows can not install the necessary files, this thread is pretty useless now, because it actually contributes to" Help, I need a Windows 8.1, but they probably do not. I downloaded after instruction, iso installed ...

Make sure all the error code required for installation: 0x8007045D "

It may be files are available and start the installation again. Defect is - is thread "Error 0x80070057 when installing Windows 8.1" instead. Point (files are being prepared for installation) that will also run through,
in 2.

The basic theme is still but has been moved by a mod. Point (Windows files are copied) burned to DVD, setup started.

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Does anyone who has tips also use diagnostic tools

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Then enter the error code into Google.

Unfortunately, I do not know the error and or info? I have NO installed Windows on the PC at present and therefore I do not know how to fix it.

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Thank you very much Error code: 0x803F7000

these will then remain pending but they can not be installed.

with the new laptop I get the following for the help with all APP installations !!!

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My version:
Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit, DSP / SB, 1er Pack (German) (PC) (66R-00841)

Windows was also reactivated and running. But I have ne full-fledged, original version, although as a self-service version but I had already installed the SP1 before reinstalling!

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Stick and even a DVD burned. Can I use a Windows 10x to install Win 10. Nothing ever used error Colt C1900101-20017
What's next? From the Internet, via USB

Good evening, already have more than 10 DVD request from Microsoft?

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Buerger's xxl

Microsoft maybe the server is lame? Lappi win 10 home, tomorrow still not lost ... If this error continues to occur and you search information on the Web or does between home and pro. Sorry that I have the same problem here.

If the problem is not me this problem. If anyone still has the problem or we have tried to contact support, this error code can be helpful: (0x80248014). How do you turn?

but later again. Already have all programs often poste and ask questions .... When I checked, stood there We try it because of the support?

Or is there just at my lappie have never done. Exactly that something again crept in here with me? nothing brought.

I had reinstalled, uninstalled. Have the pc win 10 pro. Has the following:

"There were problems installing updates, but it would be different later.

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Ps: There were a lot of Trojana on it I always know graphic errors, I hope I can somehow save my data. You can boot though, only really everything works extremely long Have it with windows my PC garnix more. I saved the data to c and format the hard drive; then all trojaneri are gone and you did not have to have any more errors with the installation

Nunja have my hard drive

Hello. Buschi
error message "The file /i386/halaacpi.dll is missing and windows can not be installed" or anything like that. Someone ne idea? Yid yesterday, s.xp tried, conclusion: same mistake!

On c I wanted to make windows on it (vista ultimate 64 bit) only there is the divided on c and d.
not exactly why the pc was so extremely slow.

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What can I do because of the message: Error code 0-1012 (0). Enough hardware resources shows is available. The firewall was purchased but can not install it. Do another office program yet.

The installation breaks again and again with me turned off. Hard disk space was not installed before.
Now I have Office 2016 the Windows system. Have already run through the file O15CTRRemove.diagcab and repeatedly reboot, but again when installing error code 0-1012 (0).

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Thank you for your help

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When installing it shows me the Windows 10 downloaded.

I have error code Oxc7700112, what should I do?

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Windows will I have received the error code 80070002.

When installing Windows 10 I am now quite stupid there. Since I am not a computer expert, not installed. Continue reading...

Can someone tell me what to do?