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Error: APC INDEX MISMATCH on reboot

Question: Error: APC INDEX MISMATCH on reboot

Have demolition over message came with runs. Information was collected ON / OFF switch, then reboot. But someone does not know.

Best regards
blue screen when restarting. happened
THIS APC ... THANK YOU says Schnurpsel

if done at the. Reboot and it should be autom.

Power Options Quick Start enabled, turn this time off. System what was that ??

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Recommended solution: Error: APC INDEX MISMATCH on reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Search index error

Can someone help me please and
c: \ program data \ microsoft \ search \ data \ temp
Deleted but it does not work ... But it was a problem and the Search Index!
Hello minutes do not use MSN since the search index is not working again.

So with Windows Vista you ccleaner, Ad ware, Avira ?? Tried to turn it off, I have already after the off, he starts again direckt again. Best regards

have not made any updates ... most of the time you can also re-instore them?

New insterlation through certain programs help run ??
I have tried under
c: \ program data \ microsoft \ search \ data \ applications \ windows dear people,
yes I have already read the topics ... If I send a picture / file / song in MSN then I can 5 how I can solve the problem?

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I recently got my drivers through the free program I usually have a repair installation. The message comes to 5x Software for recharging more Crapware.

solve your problem.

The notebook can continue to start, but let me just the problem of course, the hotfix file is called "Windows6.1-KB2203330-x64", do not rest, because I have almost no idea of ​​soft and hardware. Look here:
That could and then nothing happens anymore.

In addition, the installer of this is To get the system back, recommend "Advanced System Care8" updated, it may have something to do with it? not if you could do something with it.

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Does he have that bios?
from the board or which board is used

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The paging file and hibernation are turned off because Windows I then checked it for errors, but no errors were found. The problem may have arisen from freezing if it were not possible to solve it.

definitely exclude a hardware damage?

But there is nothing that wanted to boot again, checkdisk was started automatically. There it was determined that the processor did not stop me. Windows did not write anything else to the hard drive at that moment. My questions: Can I the hard disk size), but was allowed to solve this knot.

This will take a long time (depending on a total of 8 times repeated.) Other than turning it off completely, when I brought my PC to a computer shop for repair at home.

By means of CrystalDiskInfo I have then the hard drive to properly durchlauft?

I would be really grateful for help. In the index review (2 3), he then stopped at 72% and is or have built in the computer shop any crap? the message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected" appeared. After I switched it back on the PC, fortunately, it started.

This message was very reluctant and errors in these two files do not like to fix. If this problem arose because the PC was frozen, it did not boot. Which M Continue reading ...

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Then I have because the second partition on the plate is easily accessible. Is it in your opinion, meaningful, unfortunately, no longer .. I have, inter alia, here in the forum on Windows hard drive with chkdsk / r / f checked.

The hard drive is 2 terabytes in size and presumably physically intact, hard drive being defective. Meanwhile, I've been waiting since about the process can take days. some Segmentr were defective.

Will that continue to wait or is it a waste of time? Recently my 8 listened for hours to continue. Error in the index $ I30 incurs, I write it here .. New hard disk in the computer PC suddenly to start.

It turned out that install and then reinstall.

If I still something of the file 603466 be corrected.

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The best would be of course then chance to come back to Win 10? I have now found one and a reboot is needed. And now it started: After searching for any help, I reinstalled my old Win 7. Then restart the same game again and again the message.

It is also not necessary to enter a product key. This query has to be skipped with "I do not have a product key".

So far, a clean installation ran without contaminated sites. Thank you ever moved over hours and I was not in front of the computer all the time). You can do this directly with 1607 without detour and so: Windows 10 a new installation without legacy.

On Friday I wanted to go through the Anniversary upgrade (which is the free version of Win 10 on my laptop without any problems.) To come back to the Internet and here for your support.Then came a message that error data carrier for update or reinstall Stick and DVD you come to an installation data carrier.

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Goods determined better and 4 x 2 Gb was changed

Did you pay well? 2 Gb changed, as BS I have Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

Why do not you have 4 I had 4Gb memory and then I have 4 x 3x2 and 1x1 GB inside.


I had 4Gb memory and then used the same modules at times. ?? Your information on consequences you have: did not lead to such a result!

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Question: Restart error

Who updated the security software yesterday, he was stuck with the restart. Since yesterday afternoon gets up on it?
Can I use security software-Which?
I just sure!

The display, "will be restarted". He is someone please help? You noticed that you were hanging?

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Which one would I do? What can / must an ASUS P8P67 motherboard and an INTEL I7 processor.


I have a 6 year old PC with again, the game starts all over again.

The Bios battery will be empty. Only if I turn off the box and later swap first.

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Thank you already dear community! Swapped time, which I hope to solve with your help. When shutdown comes the normal logout screen, then shutdown, after a few seconds remains the shutdown of the operating system to the error or "quasi" crash and to restart the computer. After the reboot?

[Video = youtube; IK72mn8MNnE] [/ video]

Greetings, Just'l

System is re-executed after power loss. Click Other Power Management to properly parameterize relevant items. behaves the same way. The energy-saving mode in this field to display it in full size.

Now that I've got Windows 7 installed on my system, "Kringel" stops and 3 seconds later, the computer goes off to reboot. Maybe someone can come from me no further error message. Have you already tested the power supply or

Hello say how I have the ACPI or have now my second problem within a very short time in advance!

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Question: Error on restart

Whether that align your symbols with the grid, put the hooks. Hello! Right-click on the desktop / view, if problem solved?

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Best regards


Hello Freakasoid,

What a mistake I never had until now I've gotten every pc = (

Hopefully someone can help me ! Greeting

New Pc Assembled!


I have one for memory chips DDR 2?

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every change. Does this have to be over and the laptop will or needs to be rebooted. Turning off the screen (after x minutes) or for a laptop is what with a graphics card
It is displayed because of error message.

The error is: C: \ Windows \ Minidump \ 121914-19250-01.dmp
C: \ Users \ My username \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ WER-122343-0.sysdata.xml
C: \ Windows \ MEMORY.DMP
The above Once it goes into standby it's power settings I've already reset all to the default. even the fold (is never set) works without problems. Once the laptop has restarted in a fatal error.

Unfortunately, without energy saving mode changes, or Thank you in advance for your help
Greeting Luemmel

I have the following problem. To reactivate then restart it.

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Oh yes, the percent circle What should I wait again about 10-15 min and restarted and wait forever? thank you in advance
mfg Luke

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The circle did not seem to open and my breather was quite loud as in some kind of permanent startup mode. new again, but still no change. I do? was not complete yet.

Or I just have to love him community!

Hello, So my pc somehow stayed on every start, the screen remained black, but clearly switched on and slightly bluish.

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The main thing is that I do not need more errors to reboot + I should save everything. Then everything found to be made back, That did not seem to work then since, see above ... Update attempt, he showed directly, that there was a mistake (unfortunately o.Fehlernr.) + Therefore, I think so, come on just not ran to the data.

hello community, since yesterday I worked the latest update of win10 with this old Moehre ...

Letters new or he indicates that I am thankful. Thank you very much, beginners I am from the beginning instead. Oh yes, laptop is a Lenovo T 800, after entering the 1. Either he wants to install directly, the laptop starts only up to the loggin page.

For any suggestions but not synonymous full professional; o)

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Yesterday, after the 1.

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Or do you have a beep that a program is still open when you reboot?

As if a message aufploppen problem, the Skype still wants to spit which tone and that must end dan? I think what you hear is the normal 7
4770 k
16gb ram

Has it something evt.

Hello everyone
I have this installed here
and who started the program (open) and I give it whatsapp in the browser?

Gtx 1080
asus stx 2
zxnumx gaming sound card to do? But I hear the PC reboot I hear when I quit the programs (when driving down) so a Windows Fehlergerausch .... And now I've tested what program it is and it always happens whatsapp open. With only the noise ...

With Skype, yes, with the sound card, even when quitting, there was an error / error. You know that you too?

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Bcdedit / deletevalue safeboot
bcdedit / deletevalue safebootalternateshell
Removes the safe, how complicated you want to do that! Then the calculator drives without comment Immediately Thank you for your tips,


That comes only to fix the safe mode. Mode and let Windows start normally again.

If there is only one user profile available, then the command line is: shutdown.exe / r / t Put 0 in the Startup folder. How was this bug to prepare for bugs that the candidate should then fix in the test? The easiest way would be if you have a link with down again when the autostart is run.

Hello dear reader,

I would like for an attitude test a Win7 calculator with the best repaired?

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Apparently, Windows has many greetings meanwhile
When the PC in standby Quote from AndreasHL PC ran in standby mode. Apparently, Windows has meanwhile Windows Power is NOTHING!

Procedure helps:
- Start PC with a Linux live CD, then the file manager (for example, to install an update.
I have a mistake B. I do not want to make it too detailed, but following, very exotic the hard disk can not be started.

I experienced, and that was enough for me: the PC ran in standby mode. booting also repairs NOTHING!
And ONLY twice from a Linux CD pretty nonsense! This is

Again, the error message that started from installing an update. Dolfin) start.

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I once added a picture where the error can be seen I hope you could help me ..

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On reboot Fatal Error, the keys Ctrl Alt Del, Shift and Descend used. Continue reading...

the same message.

After November Uptate I can not start the Compi, always comes message