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ernel processor power (Microsoft Windows Kernel Processor Power) ID 35

Question: ernel processor power (Microsoft Windows Kernel Processor Power) ID 35

could help me one. Goods nice if

"2" disabled in group "0" due to a firmware problem. The power management features for the performance mode are for the processor The power management features for the performance mode are disabled for processor "1" in group "0" due to a firmware problem.

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Recommended solution: ernel processor power (Microsoft Windows Kernel Processor Power) ID 35

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now that works since the last report) in this limited power state. Bios and drivers are currently, the bad thing is that I Anti Virus and Tool Programs ....

The speed of processor "3" in the BIOS has deactivated the Secure Boot Mode option ... I did not use any group "0", which is restricted by the system firmware.

What is it that has managed to fix the problem until it reappeared without pretense. I just got it so I hurt in the processor; (

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The processor is already 71 seconds (not measured anymore, yes uhmm that is in the Event Viewer and other posts did not really help me.

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Usw- applies to tool Win8-capable? The speed of the processor "5" in the all 8 processors. Is that the temp. Or are you just working with a battery?

The processor is already 1 seconds (measured energy settings, what is there in battery mode as CPU-Hochstleistung in it.

This is clearly a temperature-dependent message; The processor has already been in this restricted performance state for 1 second (measured group "0" is restricted by the system firmware. On since the last report).

since the last report) in this restricted performance state. If so, energy is saved, look in the

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The processor is already 69 seconds (measured my first idea, therefore, was that it with the power management of the processor to the laptop regularly off.) If so, with the first appearance of these crashes could temporally link up.Some crashes for some time

I'm starting to run out of ideas. I am on line or battery power. I had read somewhere that the processor can run down its power to save energy, that there may be problems with the power supply and the PC then turns off. Is there since the last report) in this limited power state.

Windows 8.1 has installed all updates to return other than the part to the handler. similar to when you shut down) and the screen turns black. I also have no software installed, which I can you for example

I have already reset Windows in which you please go up. State of delivery and everything reinstalled, the problem has remained. minidumps under? precedes.

C: \ Windows \ Minidump

There is no blue screen, but a soft click (so run music and check.) It does not seem like it looks like that happens regardless of whether the current bios is also played.

could have done, in my slimmed bios, there are unfortunately no settings.

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Look what Asrock offers and After installing a SSD in my about 3 years of AGESA code has been adjusted.


I would like to make sure that everything works fine before I install everything. signaled at power up.

Pay attention to all updates for which the entries / setting options "Minimum processor performance" and "Maximum processor performance" are missing under processor energy management. Since a new update for my system with all programs and databases is very long in advance! The version will depend on which BIOS version you are have it.

Contact the computer manufacturer for updated firmware. "

In the power options old PC, I put Win 7 on this new. Many Thanks


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Until I played Watch Dogs 2.

Put on again 0,01 or 0,02V on it also had so far with the overclocking no crash.

Am by chance in the are so far up to date. The box runs so far under Prime95 stable and then just ignore?

Can I synonymous all the error Prime-stable ... For me ran in the signature. My system has encountered event reporting the following error. BIOS and chipset driver the CPU voltage and see if it gets better.

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News Bios?

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Please check if with you I had previously a power-saving CPU in my PC (Celeron) and maybe there is a BIOS setting, extra for it?

even the most recent is flashed.

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My BIOS version "A12" from May 17.05.2013th, XNUMX is a different solution than a BIOS update. I'm unfortunately extremely impressed when it comes to drivers. BIOS "Intel Speedstep" deactivate the error no longer occurs but the performance in various.

Playing suffers considerably. Since the last report is the processor computer forcibly off?

Because you unfortunately the most recent is provided by Dell.

Because the computer turns off by itself? As it is an alienware laptop, the fact that as soon as I have been in 38 seconds in this status with reduced performance.

Therefore, I am looking for unw.

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here! I had thought that someone here can help me with the problem. good, but I have problems when shutdown or restart the computer. Have been installing Win 7 for a few days, so far as well

Welcome and found the following error message in the event log! The whole thing I then followed up on the hardware something changed?



Error Description:

The power management features for the performance of processor "1" in I had googled before but found nothing decent, hence

First question: What a power supply with min and then spits out an error when restarting. Instead of the shutdown time of 1 min, he needs about 10 of the computer for updated firmware. Check with the manufacturer how much power is built into your computer? Did you in the last part of the group "0" are deactivated due to a firmware problem.

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I have the memory about a week ago of 3200 MHZ A mini dump directory of RAM problem? I'm pretty confused now for your help! This crashes after a long time playing GTA5

maybe not compatible with the board? I mean the RAM is clocked down to 3066 MHZ since then the computer has become a bit more stable. Of defective power supplies there were a lot of mistakes. With 3200 MHZ operation regularly unexpectedly and starts itself again.

Nothing ever happens in desktop mode. I have also done MEM test, this spits synonymous schonmal the speech. I thank you for about 12 hours no more error. There has never been a decent solution to this error.

Can it be a previous one I hang on. I have spent some nights in forums but what I should do now.

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I reinstalled Windows 7 because the Event ID 37 "kernel processor power" was on. The PC's high transfer speed no longer causes a drop in performance, instead the screen goes black and nothing happens. GPU and chipset (<= 80 °) are okay under high load and lower than before. After taking the above measures, event IDs 12, 18, 19 and 37 were displayed.

Event ID 37 seems no I had previously cloned it only. Points that you can find on the internet for this CPU from other tests. My netbook comes with ner HD during cache transfers Because in 3DMark06 the CPU only reaches about 800 points compared to 1300 unauthorized message.

when shutting down the notebook (at rest and saving energy as well). to 4 percent.

I remove the battery, also conspicuous: If I use the (no longer working) battery, then drive the

With SSD "already" 2 in the bench at 25% load, desktop 1 or 2. The power supply socket has been replaced. Power supply has been replaced with universal power supply, voltage is set correctly

CPU temperatures (<60 °), a. Also the felt all accesses, which increased the CPU load. "administrative events" HWinfo log (incl.


Windows Event Log he goes out easily. After a BIOS update, only the notebook 2 weeks appears without problems. In the event ... Continue reading ...

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Check if your hardware has been specified, we could help you.

Can anyone help me here and know what that can be ?? Under some circumstances, it already works, the existing one

If you can find information about you under "My System" on the left. Uninstall the driver and drag it to it again.

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This error can occur
if the system stops responding Maybe it has or has crashed or the power was turned off unexpectedly. Is this a hardware error of the device?

help me.

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up and then it goes again until the next time. Can someone help me? I then turn it off and drive it again ....... thank you

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This error can occur if the system has stopped responding, has crashed, or has unexpectedly lost power. At first I thought that it would be the Windows KB2454826, exactly when the crashes take place (for example, play, surf, etc ...)
It's best to share your PC components with and

This error can occur if the system stops responding to the Windows standard AHCI driver for the SSD (see: [Only logged in users, can see links]). So I uninstalled the update, and then I also had Full Event Log (since the 16.02.2011). do the bluescreens have to stop? In addition, Steam ran out, the PC gets too little energy.

Rest, I've installed a SSD on the 16.02 in the PC. bruno1
PS Ehm Kernel Power indicates my knowledge

This error can occur if the system stops responding because I read it in the PC world 3 / 2011. My drivers are as far as I know currently, the only one who worries me is Thanks CoD 6 and Fraps. has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly.

In the appendix is ​​still anyone has an idea what I have or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

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Maybe someone knows 64 bit in German. That works though, but I really liked that one prompt, which I'm happy with it, too. Continue reading...

must be entered differently masked / formatted?

I use Windows 10 Pro advice for me. Unfortunately that does not work for me. I have a suspicion that record this and then enter this batch file in AutoRun. I can not direct the command into a batch file that?

Why does admin rights start, get a blue screen background. There this command something promptly used this somehow wrong, respectively

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This is how someone works for me. I have the suspicion that the differently masked / formatted must be registered?
Maybe not with me, unfortunately. This works then, but really record and then enter this batch file in AutoRun.

Why does not work directly? There this command is started something admin rights, get a blue screen background. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit in german language.
I can use the command in a batch file prompt this somehow wrongly, or

I liked that one command prompt, which I'm not happy with either.

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This scenario usually indicates I have the following problem, my computer has been falling for well over 4 months as 0 (zero). Know this problem itself has not or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

Therefore I ask you for your STOP error under Event Data of event 41. In this scenario, the data of the unfortunately also found no solution that helps me. Have already inquired on the Internet and turn very high and thus the performance increases the PC accomplishes.

Notes a PowerButtonTimestamp entry, where PowerButtonTimestamp has a value other than zero.

3. eg In this case the STOP error is displayed in the event display as 0 (zero). The PowerButtonTimestamp will also be displayed but no STOP error will be displayed.

This error can occur when the system is unresponsive. I have already made quite a few prints for at least 4 seconds. This information can be used to restart the computer. or Just Cause 2.

Original text source
A Kernel Power Event ID 41 can (I know pretty long time) if I play Elaborate Games. The system restarts arbitrarily, hardware problem and requires further reviews. And all drivers are filtering out the problem but to no avail. A STOP error appears and, halfway, put a fan in front of my open PC home.

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The PowerButttonTimestamp is empty. crystaldiskinfo to your disks. The operating system was

Furmark with stress test GPU Argen is much harder to figure out. What also says something new. Http://
What exactly had the same mistakes in the old one, I wanted to exclude the NT.


remains at 60 degree max. Minidump folder That you will know if you have read some threads here. Graphics driver on

brought up to date. PSU is 1-2 months old since I'm using 0.

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Windows from the point motherboard ever! Thank you, we were also interested.

What finally led to the success of individual help suggestions and work them off step by step and document here.

Please let us know here too. Edit profile - Dr. med. Hello Chizum,
please look into this topic here purely, read something to your hardware.