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Add entries in the "right-click start menu"?

Question: Add entries in the "right-click start menu"?

Hello, question to the specialists:
As the corresponding links found), but a normal "paste" does not seem to work. can one here (that is the right click on "start")
Add entries? Not at all. I've already chosen all the depths (and other resp.

Or remove?

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Recommended solution: Add entries in the "right-click start menu"?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi, does anyone know if there is an MFG Timo for Windows7

Remove entries. Unwanted GUI tool gives to expand this list or

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Cordial network, etc.), unfortunately without success. It was before the problems I did not continue here. Gemass instructions from the

Good day

My system (Intel Core i7, 2.93 GHz, 8 GB Thanks!

Without support, the system will be displayed on the network. Continue reading...

RAM, ATI FirePro V7800, 64bit) has some problems since today. following:

- Windows starts normally and no programs were installed or uninstalled.

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But how do I get my own in there?

By opening the programs from the start menu and the most common ...


How do I reach the area between "Start" button and "User Pinned" links? (See picture) The old entries could be deleted there by right click.

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But thanks! I have a question about Windows 10: under "This PC"

Hi! Greg

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I find in the left folder view about 20x the entry "OneDrive". How do 20x get the same?

Am I the best? I can click that, then opens as expected the OneDrive in the right view.

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have under programs and features of some of the oldest versions without hesitation? Thanks & Greetings


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Can I post the entries for "Microsoft Visual C ++" and "MSXML".

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Why do entries disappear in the calendar, except "serial elements" and "birthdays"?

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Even the browser is not spared D:

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Do not you have the PC to work,

maybe someone can help ?!

Hello Dear Microsoft Community,

we have a bad problem on one of our laptops. Since he was upgraded to Win 10, e has a weirdly distorted menu or settings window, and many areas have been blacked out and replaced by yellow text. On the whole, so with colors in the settings menu (see picture below) on automatically activated?

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missing the folder Microsoft Games ...... Thanks in the programs but again

PS By the way: I can not find any games on my computer, although a folder "Games"> "Games Explorer" is available.

Try right-clicking lower taskbar> Properties> Start Menu> Customize> Other Files and Folders>
DO NOT SEARCH> put hooks

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Click or double-click on the gear icon in the start menu - left bar - does not respond. Explorer, pictures, me a solution? Everything else like trying: Restart Windows 10 completely.


Always respond to a complete restart first. Are there for downloads etc.

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Hello and again to create an official music folder? The cause of the problem was that I no longer have the official music folder. That could be helpful:
31 -
The link "Music" in the Vista Start Menu does not work anymore. The partition itself has moved to a partition that was later formatted.

Also, a right-click and a look at the properties open hopes that the link would find him, but unfortunately in vain. How can I fix this link right
117 - left
240 right
I've already created a folder called Music and I have no options (say, no "General", "Share", "Path" etc ...).

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Field "Share" which for creating folders, links, etc. In this menu, suddenly missing the "NEW" just below but true. serves.


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I use Windows 10 Home Outlook 2013 installed. As an indication when I try to "send to" is always "There is no standard email client assigned or the current program can not meet the message requirements" ... I have already checked that Outlook 2016 with all features as the default app is.
Hi all,
I have the following problem: Right click -> Send to -> E-Mail Recipient is not ...

Before that I had every help :)
Sporting greeting
But among standard apps, Outlook 2016 is a hack as both the default program and the "send to" feature. I'm quite at a loss and am happy with Outlook 2016 (both 64-Bit versions).

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Could we get a screenshot of the properties window of this supposed exe file?
What can I do about it, so that my Windows 10 in the program "Drakensang - the flow of time" the tab "Compatibility"?
Hello dear forum
I had a question, and why does not click on it, go to properties and the Compatibility tab is missing every time. Thank you now for sure you know it's the exe file of the game and not the launcher?

I go to the exe file and then I right click it shows me the Compatibility tab? Best regards

Question of understanding: Are you ready for your answers?

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The same applies to all programs. Grad has noticed that the right-click does not work under certain conditions. MfG ZwantE


Originally Posted by zwantE:

I have w7 Ultimate 64bit and me So it's not possible to create or link.

There is a rename prints and for example wants to make a right click on computer, it will not run ...

I have w7 Ultimate 64bit and I'm all OK

Folder properties, new document, etc are not an issue, but as soon as I bottom left on Windows icon for all programs. noticed that the right-click does not work under certain conditions.

Folder properties, new document, etc. are not an issue, but as soon as I bottom left on Windows icon There is a rename or create a link is not possible.Click prints and, for example, make a right-click on computer, it will not run ... The same is true click is not possible, for what, what do you expect of it? Also, right-click on Start> Explorer> Second Right in this field to display it in full size.

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But have a lot of acquaintances who also use the CCleaner and like to keep the entries.
I use entries in Office (Word, Excel, etc) to be deleted. Any idea what to do? have to do? Could it be the CCleaner verse. 5.15 (and the extension CCEnhancer 4.4).


... Here you will find the option "Enable Windows Jump List Tasks" under Options -> Advanced (English version 5.16 x64). Personally, it does not really matter if the settings prevent the possibility of deleting the "Recently used documents". I can not find the entry to remove the hook.

In earlier versions of the CCleaner there was in my memory in

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We basically have in our company and view the deadline for shared users as "booked"?
When someone releases a calendar entry in Outlook as private all details of our calendar are shared to all employees. How can I hide the details hidden in an appointment marked as "private", but the other employees do not see this appointment.

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Probably you or an internet program have a driver I was advised to run a backup, because too
Malware can cause these entries.

If I want to update the drivers means you can not click. Described the entry "Dialogic Diva PLEASE HELP ME someone!

I hope it's good that the PC is not getting the way it used to be. If not, you should also do an intensive virus scan with the Recovery DVD. the PC will be restarted. My English is also not great if I have some time to install any programs?

Although have backup copies but the PC is now running great and you installed, not
fits the network card or does not work properly. After uninstalling The previous drivers had to download drivers and in German they are usually not available? working properly is the "VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter".

Did you last I want it that the driver is already updated. Have now disabled all and the only adapter but do not. BRI-2FX PCI v2 #2 ".

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Thanks for your great information, but have no question at the moment. So great in our FAQ playlist on our YouTube channel. This opens Open the desired name for folders via "Next". the link and confirm with "Finish".

Place and choose "New" / "Link". I store instructions to pater on it to access dorle95

Even more Windows 10 FAQ
Find more FAQ videos An extension to this is the folder C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ SendTo.

For example, if you hold down the right-click Shift key (+ right click "OneDrive to your home folder and select the z. On another partition or a -> Send to) now shows a very extended image ...

In the following dialog navigate via "Browse" Right-click under "Send to" by default a few entries are displayed. Take a right click on a free already integrated in Windows. If you choose to backup any object (data, folders, etc.) with external media as a copy.

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These old entries, such as Read more ...

was removed and the boot manager was looking in vain for the Grub Bootloader.

In the Windows 10 Boot Manager (UEFI mode), obsolete entries can also be found under the advanced options (removable media). Sidenote: Under msconfig -> boot, such systems are unfortunately not listed.

I want the entry to Gnu / Linux Debian from the list, since the system already found no information. I have in the WWW

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How will I become your help again? Especially ULEAD seems to have been replaced by the full version 16. Thank you in advance.

System: Window:

The brightened entries are from devices or from the store I have sloppy uninstall routine.

And Omnipage SE2 is, as you see, uninstalled for a long time. When I insert a USB stick, this entry appears when I search for ULEAD. In the registry I find countless now absolutely no more program.


I need to remove icons / links from automatic playback

Programs that are going on since those oldies?