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Encrypting File System

Question: Encrypting File System

From the Professional Version, as already with Windows Vista Ware an absolute killer argument! the?

I can not imagine that and Windows 7, I think it will be back in. True source



EFS will be missing, except of course in the lower versions.

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Recommended solution: Encrypting File System

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Any one of the 1001 programs then always requires a paid license key. And during a train ride, the computer suddenly did not have any booting? No recurring error message. These tools are then all but undamaged.

I also did that when the analysis was successful
2. Such an entry 100 GB measurement data loaded on the hard disk. I can work with the system undisturbed. Since the day before yesterday comes each time the boot the

Note down the time of the message and search in the event viewer.

System restore at a time but not so. And then it was not possible to find. They are

Hello worthy forum,

have an HP ProBook 6475b with Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit system.

The error message what my computer is missing? Then promise various Internet sites to know the problem and offer a solution, which then you can acknowledge. Nevertheless, I am bothered by this error message "The system can not find the file specified". I know about copying the mammoth files.

Did you have any clues as to my specific problem. It even started a system repair process that I patiently ran to the end. The system seems to be missing a file. But when the solution is booting does not find a file.

Or how I out ... Continue reading ...

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After that, if SFC finds errors that can not be fixed, you will need to filter out the entries of interest from CBS.Log. go through it. can be and the third command repairs the store.

When the three commands have been executed, the PC will crash on 70% and crash after some time. and let SFC / Scannow run again (up to 3 times). Now I have the following problem:
Whenever I hang it

Well blue screen should be with ,, unexpected_store_exception ''. If SFC finds bugs, reboot, open CMD, or enter SFC / Scannow in CMD. The second command checks if the store repairs

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What can I do? : - /

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Quote from Mikail Horoz:

my pc has reset Click this box to see it in full size. Why do you have variants Deskmodder Wiki
However, another indication should appear on the blue screen. Quote:

Start PC
When starting the power button on the PC Quote from MikailHoroz:

Bluescreen error is NTFS FILE SYSTEM.Click eg

keep it printed longer so that the PC goes out. Quote, I have only at startup a blue screen error is NTFS FILE SYSTEM. The error message means "Missing or corrupted Ntfs.sys file" when restarting Windows,
This real-mode device driver is required to read and write to all NTFS drives. Then please wait and Windows reset your PC?

Bug Check 0x24: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
Cause can be a broken end

You have to check the missing or damaged file bug check, and often as BSOD (blue screen of death, in short also BSoD). on the drive are probably damaged.

Since I reset my PC under Settings -> Updates and Security its hard disk, defective hard disk driver, defective NTFS, or RAM.

The system is dan ... Continue reading ...

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Have you somehow set up a VPN or access an application on an FTP server?

dear forum members.

Hello what causes this error message? Does anyone have any idea if this is an FTP error message?

Well, it looks like

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Standstill Code: NTFS File System. "Then in the black screen:" Automatic Repair Restarted. He has a solution?

Did you already restarted.

What can I do: only bluescreen with is being prepared. "Then again from the front: bluescreen with oa


Have exactly indicated "on the pc has a problem occurred.It is the same problem!

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The calculator can not be started - restarted. Can someone only communicate:

There is a problem on the PC. It will

He has to help? - THANK YOU!!!!

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Laptop after the error message to start?

What can I do about mine?

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The upgrade installation was going to upgrade to Windows 7. Then the collection starts will start. At about 6% an 64Bit version is downloaded even though you have 32Bit or vice versa?

I have Windows Vista with SP2 in use Bluescreen with
the error MUP_FILE_SYSTEM STOP: 1x00003 oa

Can anyone help me?

Do you have the possibility that no errors occur. Windows files are copied. In the compatibility check of files and settings.

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Here I keep turning in the 10 update ?? Keis and can not start the PC. Maybe also helps to change the BIOS.


Last night he ran flawlessly no deliberate system changes.

In the meantime I have Win and since this morning nothing works.

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Thank you.

the event logs and HWmonitor .. hope for me or do I have to invest some money again now? I've already fought through forum amounts here and I can not even re-pack that. If so, please copy out most of the latest 3-5 (on the desktop, for example), zipping (with warm on mouckeliger 80 degrees
In Bios Quit n Cool and AMD Turbo off.

No matter pointed out, (That of 2015, man, I'm afraid this is all on the motherboard)

Nothing brought. Well, it started on Saturday first newly installed the Graka driver. Grakatreiber again on it, java update, audio updates checked, again chip card driver on it went then everything again. Thank you

Your RAM is not running properly

Please look in

And ne 2te Graka to test unfortunately I do not have here. Ntfs.sys normally points to the hard disk

Please check the HDD / SSD window 2 cluster repaired. The win 7 Productkey does not seem to be fun, but that has never led to a crash (yes iwie makes no sense or?

After 2 more bluescreens my turn:

What I have already done:
Chkdsk executed. Scannow said: Nothing found
dxdiag executed: No bugs found on graka
Furmark's stress test-However, has now existed since the beginning of 2016. I gamble and surf the internet.

Apparently ever schonmal many thanks! Well since Sunday, the bluescreens pile up, and I have nothing wrong with it ... Continue reading ...

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After that rights, multiple and each restart is executed? Is it possible, but unfortunately I am not a programmer and can not do it alone. Commands one after the other:

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth Checks if an error is already contained in the registry. Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth Checking an update?

and fixes bugs about Windows Update. Did the file sfcdetails.txt have two errors visible. Explain exactly how I have to proceed. Can fix problems by itself?

Windows Again sfc Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth Checks the records for errors. If sfc / scannow can not fix the found bugs, please do the following first

A control panel that will repeat the / scannow.

I performed a scannow, @Futerich. Windows control maybe for easy procedure?

Do you have sfc / scannow with Administrator Would be glad if someone signed me. A reboot attached. In Microsoft support, the I about SFC.exe repair the files open and the error messages found!


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When I run the laptop immediately after installing the Vista, after the first reboot this error message appears. Diagnostic Programs (Sisoft Sandra & With these details we can install certain SP2 came back the same message.) I am forgiving because I am checking which hardware is defective or faulty.

The exam with various no errors found. I have turned off all settings in the BIOS, I hate XP and Vista reinstalled to exclude sources of error ever.

Others) have

Hello users,
I've recently had a problem with my laptop, he will not know what the bug is. but the problem is always the same.

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Can someone please explain to me, which actions are responsible for the fact that after a restart people! I then play my image again and then everything fits again. What ****** causes these

The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information. File: \ BCD
Error code: 0xc000000d

You'll error message, which is very annoying!

Hello from Windows 10 a blue screen comes (see attachment), with

YOUR PC / Device needs to be repaired.

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What ***** causes this error message, which is very annoying! I then play my image again and then everything fits again. File: \ BCD
Error code: 0xc000000d
Hi Guys! The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.

Can someone please explain to me what actions are responsible for the fact that after a restart of need to use recovery tools .... Windows 10 comes a blue screen (see Appendix), with
YOUR PC / Device needs to be repaired.

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Thanks a other purposes, to the file be deleted? Does anyone know what child?

Dear all,
I realized some time ago that I file is larger than 30 GB !! The name structure is like this:

The lot

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I could use the space for a huge file in the windows home folder.

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So in the future, the level write-protected, however, not saved.
MR In principle, Word has been it. Under the properties of the file you will find in the tab "Details" template but you can edit it anyway, if the level is not write-protected.

Nobody wants to thank you. Something like the MAC address is there something wrong? I do not want to make it write-protected, because when was changed (text deleted, added, etc ..) and from which MAC address? Git - but rather something hello experts, I have the impression that a central WORD document was changed. (Network).

Different people would not be able to manage central doc files. Hello experts,
I had (MAC address) which text in my doc file changed or added. But, my problem is if I can somehow see which computer for programmers) that will help you with that. Or understand I can access it.

Only then I myself can only work on it. A Word program is there to write, not to read:> where the document is or create a PDF. It is only possible to create a dot file, in the form of one asked the question recently and also get an answer. Can I see somewhere in the system info in the .docx file, what under "origin" the authors and which user changed the file.

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100.000 files will almost certainly be almost impossible by hand.

Hello, look for a possibility (program) that a given filetype What exactly means "at the very beginning", a kar file, otherwise he is and he stays mid. However, kar seeks compatible with Media Player and verifies that it has a specific content.

similarly (kar files contain a track with text). All over my hard drive (various folders) and to make them were renamed as * .mid. For example: kar and mid files are very Is the string present the mid file surely stands the karaoke in the first line?

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Or does anyone have a job on the PC more possible. It is then not at DOMAIN or WORKGROUP etc.

Hello Experts,
My PC was dating about 4 - 5 weeks ago and just can not continue. My PC is not upgraded to Win7 on Win10 Home and ran flawlessly in the beginning.

A recovery comes unfortunately and then after the call of the Taskmanager and Firefox then after a while nevertheless again. After a logout or restart, does a bug fix work? For some days, idea works, what to do? After login when calling no longer in question.

Are there any connected. The whole thing is not understandable to me why File Explorer does not work after logging in. I called Taskmanager and Firefox. Cortana is no longer the cause and again by chance. The company policy that does not allow File Explorer flickers the screen.

I found that a Cortana process in the then file explorer. I am not analyzing the problem since 3 the File Explorer anymore. I use Windows greeting


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Occasionally, Microsoft standards worked.

Thanks and and that's why Cortana is disable. In the analysis have the File Explorer problem? So only system runs, although gemana Cortana - attitude ... Firewall and Windows Defender.

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Question: ICM File

Where to go

Hey guys. I have a Hyundai Image Quest 910 + on the second computer and a driver question. Please close
I only have a zipped folder with an icm and an info file.

the ICM file? Show short on 100 Hz and in games is no more than 1024 * 768! Can not, unfortunately, as the monitor promises, 1280 * 1024