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EAX-Q35 industrial motherboard

Question: EAX-Q35 industrial motherboard

It works on a Pentium Core 2 Duo CPU with 2,8 GHz (E7400) and 4 GB DDR2 Kingston RAM modules. Kind regards

What should build Windows XP Games PC. You can find the manual for the board here:'s%20Manual.pdf

Is the mainboard suitable for gaming at all? I didn't want one of them to be suitable for gaming ...

I have one together recently!

Hello EAX-Q35 get motherboard for free.

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Recommended solution: EAX-Q35 industrial motherboard

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Best regards
in excel? What does the formula look like?
Good day,
How to convert a HH: MM to industry hours ??? Formula is:
Industrial hours = real hours + real minutes / 60
How should I enter this formula in Excel for me to get an industry hours, minutes ???

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Now there's Windows 10 and have even more programs and Einstellmoglichkeiten.

We build test machines and supply computers.

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Intel may plan to get the number of cores to sell as an i4.0 element ...

Since Intel had to choose already with total solutions (or at least partial solutions) and Intel then produces the desired processor.

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In addition, there is the mobile edition for smartphones called "Core", which will again be available in the well-known "Professional" and "Enterprise" editions. Read more: Windows 10: Variants planned for cars, industry & Co -

Of course, Windows 10 will be like its predecessor in addition to the basic variant, which also includes small tablets based on ARM processors. In addition to the usual expenses, a few more SKUs are to come on the market, which are intended for specific purposes.

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The bottom of the ranking ... Nevertheless, I think that's good

With its Guide to Greener Electronics Greenpeace denounces the electronics companies that are particularly characterized by neglect of environmental protection. Anyone who looks at the fingers.

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Each of these programs (except for that of MSI and the UEFI) showed me temperatures above 100 ° C and that at different places. PS: The MSI program shows me the same temps as the UEFI. The dimensions I have system can continue to use and what temperatures I should trust.

Hello CB User

Have a little problem


with my motherboard the MSI B250 PRO VD. A buddy had advised me with different programs the temperature

Now I'm wondering if I measure that out and look at the UEFI as it is warm. Greetings, Maaarc96

hang on you as screenshots.

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After the update I wanted and brings an error message. if still unexplained yet to come to light. The compatability test from Then I wrote to Gigabyte.

Otherwise it sees operating system is Windows 8. Updated to win 10. Continue reading...

Good day,
I have my calculator windows but was positive.

After that, I wanted the program to see if everything worked. Following answer I received:

Dear Sir, run the gigabyte easytune6 program. The program does not start after positive compatibility test of win7 prof. The last fully supported uninstall, but that does not work either.

I am easily irritated and have my doubts,

Windows 10 is not supported on this hardware.

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That's what I did several times and once I accidentally switched ram timings to 8-8-8-24 from 9-9-9-24.
got a short circuit or something similar? Do you think that the mainboard jez calculator anymore. Lufter run a power plug stuck ^ ^ the mainboard was therefore still under power ....

In the internet and in the manual I then read that one 2 poles with the other hardware Graka-CPu -.... And what is Then started and in the BIOS

have recently put together a new pc. connect to each other or remove the mainboard battery for about 10 min.

After that, everyone started.

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And it's in your budget
I only know that (ASRock 870 Extreme3, AM3, ATX) are paid and unfortunately it has to be replaced. Only I have no idea what to look for when buying.

it costs a maximum of 100Euro, at least Hello,
The days of my motherboard

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Often there are also used Y cable or provide power supply with many together. Maybe this is always done so - imho Pin DC In) are probably also 1: 1 to the HDD connector (Molex) passed. I'm unsure if A on 12 V only 1-2 Molex, purely from the plug should go quite.

Ergo that were up to 24A when cranking, rather 12 has probably enough here synonymous 4Pin. The following motherboard is in my possession:

For this, I'm considering purchasing the following PSU:

From HDD
power connector JPH1 provides power to
onboard HDD devices.

Hello the instructions show:

Question 1: Can I run the board with the power supply? Question 2 is so: If it runs, I can s.dem has the power supply so no Molex connector.

me to the forum. Many or less in operation (Molex is well specified to 11A). Since the board is down to 36A (!) On 12V (only on the 8 Molex (HDD Connector onboard)) several disks, maybe even up to 12 stucco, operate? And how fits the 14pinATX of the power supply with ~ 2A when cranking, in operation ~ 1A ,

With 3,5 "disks, one can calculate how operation is possible. But since the PSU only has 300W on the board's 24pinATX ??

The question is what Supermicro understands hereby:

The 4-pin is an ATX 14 pin and 4 pin connector. For me it looks like it's something ... Continue reading ...

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How large is the budget? Why do you have a CPU, and the problem is that I have an FX-6300. MFG The FastPooper

what should get or directly buy an Intel Pentium with the respective motherboard? I want to know if I have a motherboard for the FX but no matching MB?

Hello dear forum

I would like to upgrade my PC with the crate?

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Mfg Florian Pelzer

Continue reading ...

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Greetz BitNik
to exhibit the iwo? And somehow, that's what you can do now. Where? every Windows alert will beep.

When unplugging the system speaker from your mainboard. Hello there you can best

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Current system:

be quiet!

Hi guys, I want to change my motherboard, but I'm not sure 1070
500 GB SSD

Maximum for motherboard 200 €

an example -

Silent Base 600 Damaged Midi Tower
be quiet! which motherboard is best for my CPU, which motherboard could you recommend to me? Dark Rock Pro 3 Tower Cooler
AMD FX-8350
970A-G43 (MS-7693)
32 GB DDR 3
GTX 800 Watt Straight Power 10-CM Modular 80 + Gold
be quiet!

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Greeting Andre

Continue reading ...

License, because I read that it is bound to the mainboard. Thanks in advance. Windows 8 <Windows 10
how does that relate to the

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the setting so that if an external video card is installed, the internal is disabled.

If not no wonder that you do not get a picture As far as I know is mostly

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Price range: ~ 300 €

Love you

Asus Prime B350 Plus
R5 motherboard is recommended for this? Current usage should be what motherboard / CPU combination is recommended then? The i5 is kept without K even a few years? Question is, if I'm not the yellow of the egg ..


1. adopted and I must probably buy a new one.

Hi all,

the USB ports of my motherboard have become 1600 (X)
16GB 3200 RAM DDR4

but unfortunately is more than 300 € .. Can I use the CPU

If the CPU with are to be changed above price range: 75-125 €

2. If so, which one should buy a new CPU. Used boards are "very" expensive here.

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I broke the way virgin CPUs for the socket 1155. Do you ever see [[Only logged in the Ram-Bestuckung should think more about the future. The here to quasi-standard there is also a larger number of boards that allow that. Although not really many and users, can see links]].

However, what does not seem to be avant-garde Z170 chipset are also allowed DDR4 memory. Not only that, there to target the socket 1151. If the handlers, the few still available 1155'er want (or have to) you continue to use your DDR3 bars, certainly not in many traders.

It looks priced, because Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are now heading towards the future. Yes, there are still CPUs but rather turn to other buyers.
The socket 1150 has, at least I can expect further deliveries, he has no reason to correct prices down. No wonder, something becomes scarce and the handler knows he has no boards that offer both DDR3 and DDR4 slots.

Strategically thought, it might even be good to fit the current Skylake CPUs. that is the way, the future already behind. Means for you, that you are also already in the old silicon to be expected, somehow not so great.

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I had main Asus a8n sli an 20 to 24pin? Premium also operated only with 20Pin. Or do I need

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Question: AM3 + motherboard

The gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 what you get here [Only logged in 8320 should fit the motherboard! As soon as I see an FX user, I can see links]