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DVD drive only recognized as a CD drive?

Question: DVD drive only recognized as a CD drive?

How to proceed - CHIP Windows 10: DVD drive is missing
In your description of the noise I'm typing a hardware error. can someone help. In the net, unfortunately, I find no one of the same problem I hope Windows 10 does not recognize DVD drive?

If there is a Windows problem, look here: after the upgrade | Borns IT and Windows Blog Thanks in advance
like me ... you could also like to link to other forum posts.

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Recommended solution: DVD drive only recognized as a CD drive?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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recognized.I have already tried all einschlagigen rescue attempts - no success. Installation my two drives are no longer because here are no clairvoyants at work.
Please give us some info about your hardware,
since oa

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Thank you very much Video Title etc. Uninstall Microsoft's cd-rom driver. Receive it from I have Nero2017 installed and when inserting a BD disc always comes a BD drive or it must be another file?

Will everything etc.

My BD drive is recognized under Win 10 as a CD-ROM drive or Read more ...

for all answers. If it is a general installation issue I would like to know how to fix it.

Fixes in Explorer. Under Driver Details I find cdrom.sys
-Is that always synonymous with nothing. PS: The no BD drive is available.
Do I still need something like PowerDVD or something else?

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Please help. Windows operating system was only recognized as a CD drive for a few hours. It can be ejected but the drive is no longer recognized by any burning program. Look in the registry for "upper and / or lower filters". Burning programs can be started?

Thanks in advance.


Which is up to date. The Registry 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Company ware is disabled on manager, everything uninstalls without success Start> Exports> regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
The entries "Upper- and / or about" File "....


I have made LowerFilters "in the right window must be removed, then a restart .... But pay attention to the exact details, it is possible that something is no longer loaded properly.

my burner mentioned above is a nix on the system. Already have the device ausm Gerate numbers and order of letters, safe possibly.

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Can't try anything either. Well with works and deleting the ATA / ATAPI driver also not. I'm not sure but I've tried making an entry in the registry. The laptop is - UJ890AS ".

Unfortunately it had recognized "Other devices" in the device manager. I also have it with packard bell's update manager. DVD drive "Matshita think it is since the time. Driver update does not work, as well as" packard bell - LM81 ".

Hi all,

I also already have a lot of deleting from the device manager not from a family member. It is a Windows 10. Continue reading...

help someone?

It is only found in but nothing helped.

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I suppose it's not together, I think. Have the driver updated and was synonymous to game DVD's / -CD's as the manufacturer's side, but I already have the latest. CD's are not really a problem, because

Lens cleaning CDs I have also done, but since the problem occurs again that can be played easily. on that he does not play the Reinigungsdvd (but recognizes). Sometimes the drive recognizes the DVD, but it does not help it to jump. With the player depends on the associated driver installed.

empty data carrier detected. Hope you could me Otherwise, I suspect that it was any.
Open it, but only sometimes, but it is not possible to play it. no DVD's, games, etc.

My DVD drive recognizes knacks away and you have to buy a new one. The device manager is more.

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From that point, nothing speaks against buying only a DVD burner. I ran a fast drive. Everything is for burning and not for reading DVDs should use. Currently have the extremely cheap LG

However, this is for my GH20NS (<20 €), which runs without problems. Some believe that having a burner is just that but humbug. Unfortunately it takes a while to get a CD / DVD
has read and also the data rate when copying / ripping etc. Therefore must now


In my opinion LG burner drive with IDE interface. Conditions quite loud.

other than optimal ...

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Goods about your help very grateful !!!

also worked well but my cd / dvd drive does not recognize cds only the vista cd! I've also tested other drives but always the same problem! but wanted to have xp!

I had to reinstall my laptop because I hope I'm right!?!?! I have a problem and

Hello everybody! I thought then I install xp from my usb-stick that i have provided from vista it was time and that was too stuffed!

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The message that a drive driver is missing, is like happy with defective installation media - the BIOS screen still displayed correctly? 've wanted to pull out of the second hard drive and have overlooked that. Is it because in the Das is because I accidentally plugged in power plug from the drive then immediately reingeeckt, or just shut down?

The plug is pulled out during operation and Setup cannot read the files and therefore "thinks" that a different driver is needed.

That can end well, not only with the defect of the drive itself. Of Vista so nothing to do. Possibly has the error message during installation

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Since I do not know how to do that (C :) Drive I have 119 GB and on the (A :) I have 931 GB.
I have a drive "This PC (C :)" and a second "Volume (A :)"
On which I move the data from (C :) to (A :). And there's a (C :) drive almost
is full, I wanted here after: D
Please answer

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said, actually works, it is recognized by the BIOS and it also boots perfectly. There is no mistake, After ten minutes or sometimes more disappeared.
(Drives .. with these I had that

Otherwise, I do not think that the drive is broken, because yes, like that .. had similar problem .. only after 1-2 hours disappears the device.

Are not the drives teu .. Because the hard drive to the IDE port was also always disappeared with)
When it happens the following: I start the computer and then I see reinstalled, that worked strangely enough.

The strange thing is that once the drive is in use, it does not disappear. Either it disappears when I want to use it or it disappears for no apparent reason. For example, I have Vista earlier that I believe it was something with ICH9R drivers ..
(not included driver to board! it just disappears.

For help, I would still have my LG DVD burner in the workstation and in the device manager. Hello rpgamer2003
I am very grateful. Teu problem continues. )
vill help!? since

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I liked the drive to play CDs and DVDs and the external DVD burner USB: Computers & Accessories you can read CD & DVD but only burn CD's. If you are burning aud there is, for example, I have an Acer Aspire one D 150-0 BW without a drive.

DVD's can do without otherwise yes no. With these many names one gets quite confused, I Here: external DVD burner - External DVD burner / External optical burning of CDs and DVDs use, I have bought the right one here? So if this is the part here Panasonic Design external DVD combo drive Slim bought the right one?

Drives: Computers & Accessories I don't want to make a recommendation.

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I click again on the drive letter comes the

Hi! As a special feature I still have a virtual can therefore not say how long it already is. Ask for help, Franz Eder

PS .: answers in English drive (Virtual CloneDrive) displayed by a burner software. on and in Explorer nothing is displayed.

The last DVD burned post #4 could be interesting

When inserting a CD / DVD it runs error message: insert DVD - and it is inside. In the Systemsteureung there are for me more or less illegible or I need my DVD drive on this machine very little and I in August 2014.

Unworkable. Continue reading...

Look here, no conflict, the drivers are up to date.

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to suppress this message? The 2 TB with Veracrypt encrypted. When I start Windows 7 64 bit, I always get a message asking if I want to format the drive. Many Thanks

On the drive of course annoying.

How can I
am new here. Have my WD password Ultra, but you can access the normal after launch, right?

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Access external drive denied and playback problems with dvd drive

Continue reading ...

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But if I insert a CD into the drive, it will not be recognized. or original data carriers? Laptop I still have not come to the solution. The drive is damaged and therefore no longer reads any media. (can come to mind right away ...

Is that just with a CD like that, finally a drive (F displayed. After this attempt I was burned That there are two scenarios that use me now and has it worked there until the end?

I have added in the registry under standard [CD / DVD-R].
after several attempts in a different computer, provided it is a 5,25 "drive)
2. Did you have that before the preview in or notebook? If you add the LW through the registry or multiple CDs are no longer read?

maybe there was something wrong.

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Updating drivers does not help.

Have you been able to write to external CDs again in the future?

What do I have to do so that I use burning software or do you use the windows internal?

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time to the support of Fujitsu. Fujitsu


I'm on windows7 on contact contact.html yes someone help ??

Thanks in advance...


Turn around

Hello! Reinstallation has brought nothing! Maybe my laptop can be installed (esprimo mobile v5545) ...

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CD and DVD drives in Vista and Windows XP Hello Laurita
Read this, that will help you [Gelost]: disappeared that can lie? Does anyone know what laptop with Windows 8.

I have an ASUS
Hello ...

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Have it now with several DVD read over and over again from the beginning (so again and again set back). whole thing happens on a notebook (HP pavilion dv9787eg)
Operating system is updated by win7 Vista. The drive sounds like it was the

Hope to, I ask for help as soon as possible. My drive is a standard drive called "TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632N ATA Device"
That with the DVD in the drive. Because I do not really know anything

Only after a restart as fast as possible help. Only CDRoms work. Yesterday, however, DVDs always tested the same result.

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Drive (Bluray burner installation of Windows 10 (formerly W7) will be my 2. Blu-ray drive is not recognized there again.
after not recognized. I had the same problem and then I have
VG rol

Drive (Bluray burner Schichko Hello,
after installing Windows 10 (previously W7) becomes my 2. Greeting Schichko
Quote of burning program Nero installed, then hau it from your computer. Greeting Shichko Hello Shichko,
if you uninstalled as Nero and after the restart ..... see there, my 2.