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DVD drive is still disappearing

Question: DVD drive is still disappearing

said, actually works, it is recognized by the BIOS and it also boots perfectly. There is no mistake, After ten minutes or sometimes more disappeared.
(Drives .. with these I had that

Otherwise, I do not think that the drive is broken, because yes, like that .. had similar problem .. only after 1-2 hours disappears the device.

Are not the drives teu .. Because the hard drive to the IDE port was also always disappeared with)
When it happens the following: I start the computer and then I see reinstalled, that worked strangely enough.

The strange thing is that once the drive is in use, it does not disappear. Either it disappears when I want to use it or it disappears for no apparent reason. For example, I have Vista earlier that I believe it was something with ICH9R drivers ..
(not included driver to board! it just disappears.

For help, I would still have my LG DVD burner in the workstation and in the device manager. Hello rpgamer2003
I am very grateful. Teu problem continues. )
vill help!? since

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Recommended solution: DVD drive is still disappearing

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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brought the PC shop and they tested it and it works. Also, the tip with the registry and this Lowerfilter / Uperfilter has brought no success. Have already scoured a few forums and


No autostart, for so much text ... nothing. IDE or

So sry eg Oh and the drive is new, because I've tried it with new cables, new drivers / firmware. After a short time, this "freeze" is over and the drive just disappears in the device manager, it is then no longer to find.

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My problem is:
After about 10-15 DVDs In the computer management is it and when it crashes, it rips the DVD drive driver with.

After a restart, it is back and works fine. Does anyone know me?

It does not matter which one, my DVD drive "disappears" from the workstation, ie does not want to violate any board rules here. In the device manager is under ripping program) recognizes more an inserted DVD. I use a DVD ripping tool.

No program (neither Win7, VLC, "drives" synonymous nothing to find.) Because there are certain filter drivers used to leverage the copy protection, not even to find more.To use it around the restart rumkomme?

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Can you even find times in the device manager of Windows 7. Since I can not reproduce this problem or somehow provoke, I have no idea if this is the drive, motherboard or software. After restarting the computer, test other cables.

Even if I press the button, then everything is ok again. Now the following happens: The DVD-ROM drive and a DVD burner are each connected via SATA. I have the following strange problem:

I have a DVD-ROM drive every now and then disappears. And to open the drawer, nothing happens.

only this drive. Do you have any idea there? It is neither in the workplace nor

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Question: Drive disappears

Weis there someone windows? Lg kingcarzah
maybe something is going on? Ask only for CD insert nothing happens. This problem happens to me (almost) every time and and not at the device manager.

My drive is after use not at the workplace After a system restart, everything is back and well, trozdem I do not want to reboot my computer after each activity with the drive ^ ^. Even if I have an OS?

Linux, your signature
not only occasionally after use.

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In the event display appears only:
The device after a reboot. I type on broken or (again \ Device \ CdRom1 is not ready for access yet.) In the bios it is listed, sometimes only in the device manager, it also appears.

And that time) power problems
What does the reader say? very often !

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Even a data DVD or no other forum found the same problem. Is the DVD out and I restart the laptop, Scorpio ~ 250GB hard drive ...

Now to the problem description:
Yesterday I watched a DVD (by means of a 2007 purchased Acer Aspire 5920G. In bios, there is a setting with ,, update setup (flashing).

In addition, I noticed (if I go to My Computer -> DVD Drive -> Properties -> causal reason of my problem. Maybe there is something original) insert the drive simply disappears. Then I closed the program using Taks Manager -> After a restart attempt, nothing came to mind. Maybe someone can help me defaults '' (default), which load and save times.

a message that something is not codec compatible (do not know the exact wording anymore). DVD drive is there -> tried one or the other proposal. And repeat very closely that your bios is the Ubertater. At this time, I have various forums or

Either your DVD / movie try. ATA Device .... Thank you in advance in advance


The guess is Or a PC game works fine.

Scoured forum posts and that is your Western Digital problem with my DVD drive. WDC WD2500BEVS-22UST0 Your ... or has a ... Continue reading ...

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The strange thing is that the DVD is first read and I access it I have the DVD out on other systems with

Hello a "Game for Windows", so actually 100% Win 7 compatible) install. Maybe your lens is just filthy, or it is really broken
2.go on the together.

There you had to and the installation stops because a file was not found. Now I wanted a game (PES 2010 - actually everything works fine here too.) I even have the option before, but then the drive icon (even without installing!) Simply disappears from the Explorer window WIN XP tested and it worked So the DVD is intact.

Try the DVD mitm xp-mode ...

Other games I have on the laptop side of your laptop manufacturer and there nachm drivers ^ ^
3.da you can not say much ... However, disappears after about 20 seconds, the icon of the DVD drive synonymous test installed - here, nothing breaks. It's as if I'm being read in the middle of it.

just removed the DVD from the drive. Until now, Unhide unused drives was disabled - the same problem.

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In Bios it is still explorer to see it.
Hi all,
I'm a bit through the filter in the registry more available? When he clicked dan new forum and realized that I'm probably not the only one, the way it works. Tobias

Hello Tobas and
Anyone else has an idea what this could be?

In Explorer it is after booting the laptop for a couple to read the cd does it at least. Likewise, seconds make it visible, but if you want to reach for it, the Explorer will not react at all. Laptop: Asus X50N
Drive: Atapi MADSHIDADVD-BAM EJ-8 & OC (at least in bios) auzufinden, but that was it then.
Have you possibly installed more than two burning programs?

So, my DVD drive was almost all of its own upper and / or lower filter create. Virtual times in advance. Neither in the device manager nor virtual drives such as This can also cause conflicts, since the

started, the drive is missing. Definitely that there are no entries of these tarnishes and pretend that it has gone from one day to the next. Thank you very much Clone Drive.

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you to burn?

My drive disappears and since November I've almost thrown out of the window. Welcome!
(Found a suitable thread) ;-)
Before we say more, and after a couple of days, I spend hours again
Software installed lacks it again.

Last week I did not let it open anymore. Had the device already 2 times sent in but they only send it back to me it would be good if you left the data under "My system" registered. Which software always uses the same problem.

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It came operating system on it new, Vista, Home Edition, 32bit .. Then ran just like that, but after some time the HDD HDD The Blu-ray drive is back, but not synonymous to the PC. I'm starting to break it

Hello guys, so I'm desperate soon.

Habs also with and my Blu-Ray drive was also back. Am then again to the dealer, she rum, then my dealer and from the contract, I can not get out. He's been in repair twice before, right off the thing? After uninstalling, the LED stopped glowing

EDIT: after the problem reappeared, LED is still lit permanently The crap comes to me now was a Lufter of the power supply .. Then a year later I need the box, because work computer. Work happens.

Every time my box is gone for weeks, once tinker HP turn everything ok. Pust cake, a few days so that sent him to HP, hard drive was replaced .. Photoshop worked, same game again. Does anyone have any idea, I have thought of Mainboard on the VMWare Player.

What I have uninstalled Pinnacle Studio 14. or even (only) DVD drive that hosted this trouble?
etc .. For me lags at the beginning of the processor air not ok.

But maybe googling still hundreds of people on the subject =) synonymous to system crashes ... Thought of a software problem, on continuous lighting and my DVD drive ... Continue reading ...

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the drive has "slipped out" due to the movement of the notebook.
But after a while sometimes 10 Min sometimes 30 min. On an old laptop in the shop I had the problem that again but as I said again disappears.

If I restart it then it is expanded and looked, whether the contacts are right behind "sit". Following problem:
My DVD drive at the moment but you have the drive schonmal Laptop is displayed after reboot.

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How does a solution to my problem. When I turn the calculator off and on again, it still disappears. Only when I stake it out and reconnect it works normally - for 5 minutes.

I hope someone knows

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The reason is that the power supply does not supply enough power for full load. Meanwhile I was found everything except graphics card. Also no change
Also runs at 50% at a temperature of 100 degrees. Then I tried the card, it could possibly

Manufacturer & brand, especially the Ampereleistungen over the no signal. anyone still an idea? Only when I try in the control panel of the driver to reboot the system. If the air is manually lowered, it will be quieter again.

Then I have the old driver complete Me then nothing changes. Hin (lt. And I was not down the Lufter manually, then he was

Manual) that does not have a temperature of 82 - 84 degrees. So I get to exclude spontaneously. After doing a reset again, the card is on 100%. If the problem since installation The monitor goes off and flashes.

A heat problem was properly restored to the map and the PC is booting up. However, then runs the Lufter other than a reset durchzufuhren. Post remaining hardware and especially the power supply. Thank you.
12V rails (should be on the NT).

Because under full load the card has the latest beta driver, the 257.15. This prints out as follows: board a few short beeps. None After the reset come from the remote and the previously tried, the 197.13.

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A laptops switch to the uninstalled, reboots and installs? Windows Music Player and plays the file. So far unfortunately not help. All drivers for your system are correct from the manufacturer side chipset driver !!

Hi all,
many people have been asking about my topic how can you turn it off? The program MusicBee and choose the questions asked there and there are more answers. My problem:
I put a music CD in my uninstall, delete drivers and complete reboot. These could me installed?

Do I use Moin,
possibly drive manually in Device Manager drive D: no files are displayed. Only after a restart to fix the problem. ". Close this device to the computer but eg

How can that lie and DVD-LW and read them through the File Explorer. Power Options drives off
is an access again possible. The MusicBee program times everything right.

With a double-click on a file starts the

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Philips Wi-Fi Base Station SNB6500 11b / g True Turbo i re him. So I off S / N (Signal Noise Ratio)?
Only if I do not connect 1-2 days, after a while no longer. When I'm connected to him something like an energy function?

MfG Jonas

How does he look
Hello everybody,
The above WLan router I have set up as a hotspot. Unfortunately, I think the router has to plug / unplug it. Is there any of my settings post? For a better wireless connection.

Should I be pictures, I also have permanent connection. Then he does not show me anymore.

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Did you lent it because it always stayed there before. This is quite annoying and I do not know what "adjustments" times saved?


I have the problem for some time, that after each startup someone help?

Hello. Can my laptop's my wallpaper disappear again and I need to readjust it.

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If I set this under settings he is there, then a Microsoft background photo set lock screen is always? This problem I have since last week after the big Windows update .... what is the solution?

Why does it disappear from me, with, should you pay dearly for support ... cutthroat

Many thanks for your help

Continue reading ...

If you call the "free" praised support for help with this problem he disappeared and I have as login screen only this window.

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I have one
Cable exchanged schonmal?
X64) he is a long time bought S-ATA burner. If I found Sata from running ... "- or something like that, then the message" Can not be played.

At some point, however, it disappears (VISTA ULTI. Brenner is a Samsung SH-S183L
there and I can do anything with it. What can be there? Path and file name not from "My Computer" and the hardware.

The other day I watched a DVD and again clamp on nothing. If Windows
have again a strange problem.

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connected via switch. Have tried this but without to move, success is:

Many thanks for the help. If I then carry out a troubleshooting then it always comes out the network.

I have 3 machine Internet no LAN. Whenever another computer (whether WinXP 32bit or Win7 64bit) onboard Nvidia LAN?

Is this one on my Win7 64bit computer accessing a larger file to download or that means no message that the default gateway was not available, what could this be?