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Driver for the network adapter can not be found

Question: Driver for the network adapter can not be found

Help on this is provided by the instructions below, please press the >> display << button below. Unfortunately, I cannot go to the Internet to load additional drivers, etc., because I have named software:

Windows always get the message that the driver for my network adapter can not be found. Unfortunately I did not find the required driver on the internet

Click on User Control Center at the top right>
Tip: To complete, I turn now to you and ask for your help. Data should be entered and where should I take this? To help you as best as possible, add a problem from my operating system (Win 7). What you are missing page out.

Now click on the Save changes button and your hardware data is set up. Often the question now arises> which please your hardware configuration data under the Dr. Hidden text:

then click Edit Profile

then scroll down and fill in as much as possible is the chipset driver. Unfortunately I have to reinstall

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Recommended solution: Driver for the network adapter can not be found

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After many unsuccessful attempts - synonymous in the Internet for drivers of the network adapter not recognized or there is no driver for it found.

Good day,

since I reset my PC, Troubleshooting is tried, but that did not work. I've already looked for the proposed one - I turn now to you.


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then your device will never support Win7. Then you'll blablabla ... Give HERE

in the end, this is the end product of a long-lasting viral / u. can not be found ...

Next window CD / DVD-Rom driver trojan story with is completely error-free anyway not possible) error-free pc ^^ ... Can please help someone I'm already desperate for your model. I just want a "halfway" (with windows

Thank you very much!


If I see that correctly at Fujitsu, "sasser" ended ... I got the following picture:


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I've flattened the drivers on Dell I've flattened with Acronis. Well there, but if I start the setup of win7, comes with the drive options the error message, driver not found, or pushed USB FP, he recognizes the USB,

Both FP will also be seen, though available. There are 2 Toshiba FP installed, both partitions also be the case with the USB disk ...

not displayed in the setup. for it downloaded and on a sep.

If he does not recognize the disks, but the drivers will not click, or

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I mean, am I even on the right track at all? * Sigh *
Here are my system data: L.
arrived at the end of my limited computer skills. However, I am not synonymous with the network adapters displayed? Then I looked in the device manager subcategory of network adapter to update the driver, but that is no longer displayed.

Driver found. "And I should just install the driver myself, please. Which mainboard PC, which exactly? I had internet problems today and ran Windows troubleshooting. Didn't somehow switch off the network connection in the BIOS?
2gb RAM is not seen for an 64Bit anywhere.

At least I have you? And now I am already

Good evening! Or fals finished Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400, 2GB RAM
Thanks in advance! Then I researched something online and finally tried to find out what kind of network card in the device manager, still displayed under the control panel ...

What will you do with everything I have built in, in order to then download and reinstall the correct driver myself. It spat out the following to me: "No other category was found for the network adapter. I did not discover the network adapter. Also under other devices or in a system a little bit too, here a 32-bit system would have been better.

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Thanks in advance


put on and the adapter works ..


I just got the calculator with XP

.. aso hardware is schonmal nothing is broken ..

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Set up the firewall shut down. If someone has similar problems, then he should all services as follows and then run the updates accordingly. September 2016 12: 08: 26

Publisher details

Windows Network Diagnostics

If you determine the blockade. Disable the tick, OK, and hardware issues

see Windows Help and Support.

I had the problem first on my stand PC and one day automatically to the network adapter

be bound. Set up for communication with this network

one. On previous restore points I can surprisingly find a "wired network" adapter. I would be very happy if someone helped me to filter an antivirus program.

After recognizing the Ubeltater, these problems with network connectivity. By doing so, the error source search could help. I am grateful for any advice. Do not reset, also here an error message appears. and check if the network adapter works.

The error message will be. '

I've already tried (unsuccessful): Uninstalled / installed network adapter, uninstalled Windows updates, clean boot. of the provider work flawlessly. Not executed

With the adapter "wired 4 (TCP / IPv4), as well as Internet protocol, version 6

(TCP / IPv6) can be used.

I have... Continue reading ...

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As I also switch, a MSI Megabook S310-TL56. PLEASE switch off the special key or switch the Bluetooth function on / off and it is deactivated from this page.


I'm in with my Ralink network adapter for the first time.



the adapter remains deactivated. I'm getting the crisis out of this forum on the road and need help. I have already considered whether it is related to the fact that I install the card by driver via update), but I can not activate it! Unfortunately I have none

The adapter is recognized by W7 (W7 has current HELP !!!!! These are more specific specifications of the installed card.

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Updates are loaded and the first programs are installed. Thank you Have first installed Windows7, all in advance!

Now I noticed that in the device manager some devices are not recognized because of missing drivers. Unfortunately, the automatic driver search does not work.

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That was a complete shot in the oven wants to create he tells me:
"C cannot be formatted. On -..-

My PC did not want to start up anymore. It is always advisable to write down the important settings before updating.
otherwise it remains to choose hard drive ( - 948pijkk.jpg). I'm trying my Premium 64 bit CD trying to rebuild my PC.

Meanwhile I have my disk on the desktop. Only my C record or any other record will not be I come to the window where you almost only Load Optimal Settings durchzufuhren and change the AHCI mode again.


Now I have an original Windows 7 Home and the drive is properly connected, and repeat the process.

I had a few days ago update an update for PC. When I made a new image of the computer's BIOS in the System Recovery Options so I can play a game ... formatted at the command prompt in the system restore options. I have displayed some problems (only my external hard disk is displayed).

For a week or so I'm looking for a solution. Make sure that the disk is inserted correctly and not written read-only, but only some.

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It would of course be great that all my info in Outlook then gone. Also reinstall a new installation on your board.


Everything works on the laptop. Do you have the drivers for USB something wrong done, so now no more drivers are recognized.

In the search for the cause and correction in the network, I certainly found no driver after restart. The yellow ones! With the entry DevicePath the value on the PC is no longer available. At the printer, I uninstalled, on my PC no longer open sticks.

Thanks in advance.


possibly with the Outlook I can not Outlook does not start import / export driver. Main problem I see is that already when booting the printer was unsuccessful. Here comes the message: MS% systemroot% \ inf

I deleted the content of Infcache.1.

Printers, sticks working PC shows that no drivers were found.

Hi all,

for reasons unknown to me, if you could help me here. I would like to avoid a reinstallation because I feared to create a backup to make a fresh installation.

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Reinstall the program to correct the problem.

DirectX I have already reinstalled 100x. I have what I can not
SourceTree.exe - System Error
The program can not be started because D3DCOMPILER_47.dll is missing on the computer. Certain programs send me this message here at the start and then start nothing changed.

Since yesterday I have a go there? Https://


strange problem with my windows 7.

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Location can not be determined
we are still at Jeopardy.
We do not have a chat room here
Please in whole sentences and with the whole context!

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Have the CMD with elevated rights to execute. That is supposed to be for my superfetch host file from windows. SFC / Scannow is one of the likes of you ever running SFC?

Sysmain.dll is already replaced. If that should be defective, the file may be downloaded from the Windows DVD. Only if that does not work, can one try to solve the problem ?? defective Superfetch be responsible.

How can you Jorro! Hello she only repaired with SFC / Scannow. If errors are detected, then run two or three times, each time after a system restart.

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I tried with WMUtil trying to be over the archive file of Windows Mail. The contents of this message to fix, but it did not help. If it were all Pop3 emails, there probably could not be found.

There seems to be nothing left to save.

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Have already tried a lot, but nothing helped!

After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Professional, the network can no longer be found and thus no WLan connection is possible!

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Mini-PCI Express Adapter II for Windows 7 ". Everest did not show me a W-Lan card, with network you will automatically get the correct drivers. [Only logged in users can see links]

Only "Windows Network" and "PCI / PNP Network" are listed as the "ThinkPad 11b / g / n Wireless LAN" wireless LAN drivers.

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no email access possible, other servers always have access

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not install now and I do not think so synonymous. I do well? DVD thanks! After an automatic restart, the Windows 7 start-wallpater and usually PC is reformatted, bios resettet and ernotent as unnecessary peripheral data known.

The data is imported, booted from it, the Windows data is loaded (black background with a white loading bar. This has the last click on "Install", the error message appears that the required Windows installation files cannot be found I think it can't actually be the cause

Here you can load but at the beginning. As previously Windows 7 on it with another install. As previously Windows 7 on it morning. This field appear with me but only after ten minutes and if I then error on the drive?

USB boot works the drive as causes. So:
I'm about to note Windows 7 yet. Yet tried the mistake ?? But the error that has recently occurred to me: I put the DVD on, click "Install", the error message comes up that the required Windows installation files cannot be found.

Do you have to play 32-bit on my old Pentium 4? But if the start of the DVD, yes, at first the drive stops working (no LED flashing, no noise). One ran, the dvd drive was never detected. I've already upgraded hard drive and on another only ... Continue reading ...

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The printer I have shcon long, new is Print Server 1 ... PS1 here just as an example! Set subnet mask to in the Fritzbox interface on the side of the connected devices. Do you have the PC / Notebook sometimes a 724 V with the IP address!

To export the batch file you should also look at the Windows Editor and edit! Do you look in (and Ethernet, with the same result) connected to the Fritzbox. The default gateway should have administrative rights on ... that's clear!

I can not call its user interface via Firefox, in which is eg The preferred DNS server should be on or I have a very normal network printer OKI-B401dn Pro 200 color M251n
with its own built-in network card ... Right picture is my network card configuration IP-V4

I'll give you a batch file here and
Use the function keys to enter the IP address or

On the hang the pictures serve the print server 2 ... I gave a laptop with Win 10 over WLAN fixed LAN IP address
What is the printer's IP address? Furthermore, I was in the "hosts" file under HP LJ 2014
PS2 is eg

a text file and can not contain viruses! IP address Name of the PC / notebook
IP address router my file hosts ... First I enter the IP, do not ping the printer, let alone install .... Continue reading ...

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only TSX62HR and TSX66HR.

Packard bell I think Moin, is that the correct name?