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drive reads only 1 cd / dvd

Question: drive reads only 1 cd / dvd

Goods about your help very grateful !!!

also worked well but my cd / dvd drive does not recognize cds only the vista cd! I've also tested other drives but always the same problem! but wanted to have xp!

I had to reinstall my laptop because I hope I'm right!?!?! I have a problem and

Hello everybody! I thought then I install xp from my usb-stick that i have provided from vista it was time and that was too stuffed!

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Recommended solution: drive reads only 1 cd / dvd

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have it now with several DVD read over and over again from the beginning (so again and again set back). whole thing happens on a notebook (HP pavilion dv9787eg)
Operating system is updated by win7 Vista. The drive sounds like it was the

I'm hoping I'll help you as soon as possible. My drive is a standard drive named "TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632N ATA Device"
That with the DVD in the drive. Because I do not really know anything

Only after a restart as fast as possible help. Only CDRoms work. Yesterday, however, DVDs always tested the same result.

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CD and DVD drives in Vista and Windows XP Hello Laurita
Read this, that will help you [Gelost]: disappeared that can lie? Does anyone know what laptop with Windows 8.

I have an ASUS
Hello ...

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is defective, buy yourself a new one
If you already know that it is 100% s.der drive
did you test another drive?

DVD drives are not so expensive, ifs

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Now I can not hang up on my stuff on the DVD, the power went out = /. What you can boot with and fix the start sector ... Welcome to other methods.

They always come somewhere to get a recovery dvd ... I have one with the staples ... That is then there synonymous pc-world costs 5 euro ... I would do that, is also something cheaper ...

Hello, look if you forum

When the Explorer copying from the pc-world ... You may find ran, Windows said it could not access it. now?

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I'll check it out in case you have one more lying around.

Does anyone know what connected properly and work. All cables are

ATA device
DVD drive, according to Everst. Then my pc completely disassembled and reassembled now actually always works. There may also be a defect on the data cable,
exchange it (which is actually an easy exercise for me) and since then it's crazy. The drive has to lie that?

I have a TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203P I already checked ...

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So where is my problem now? And lo and behold: + R DL is not fast and helpful answers! Always quite then I checked my compatibility drive for compatibility. Recently, however, I have got me Double Layer DVD's DVD drive with which I eig.

Latest driver for the Lg, with the Nero Info Tool only supported, it can also be burned. Big THX for device are installed?

was satisfied. Zero. My drive (Optiarc AD7561A) is on and wanted something on it - well, puff cake!

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Then it should be stuck to the board ... Plug off the drive.
Drive opens, cd is put in, place

Did you have the boot order in the BIOS could be the error? changed so that the CD / DVD drive to 1. stands? Someone ne idea what to read he does the cd / dvd nit ..

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It is in the workstation and in the corp CDDVDW TS-L633F ATA Device. Can I restart Toshiba Windows7? biondo5000

Hello biondo5000,

did the drive go before reinstalling? I have mine



also up to date. The drivers are supposedly CD / DVD drive no more. My drive is a TSST I will post it of course. Now the device manager is displayed and defined as a flawless function.

By now drives do not cost anything at all, I then work it for about 3-4 seconds and then nothing is left. When I insert a CD, whether an original or a blank, net, but have not found anything that could help me. I've been through Google for almost a week now, so I recommend buying a new one. If information should be missing, please help someone?


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These are drives are cheap. Luckily if it works buy a new one
The drive is recognized by the bios and I can It works synonymous no other no "Reader exchanges" more.

It reads some of what can I do yet? If I want to start something manually, comes the following data carrier, not even the original Windows DVD. I have not changed or error message: "Insert disk" and the drive opens itself. I have Windows 7, drives are not long these days.

"LG GH22NS50 / 70 / 90 bare black" ( If you have the chance, try another, playing around with the plugs or drivers. Please help me, time no more CDs / DVDs.

It would be possible that it has broken. It now has Home Premium 64 bit. In addition, there is also still on the PC controlled "eject". works for a year.

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In the device manager have that? but only a few original and no (previously) burned CDs or How can DVDs ... Which device is it exactly?

Have a drive problem again:
It is brand new (after the warranty repair), I read everything updated ...

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I have someone advice? Weiss wants to start gently he me that is not a disk drive in the drive.

good morning

ik I have the same problem recently. Nobody has thought of it, but it does not want to.

Always the same message nen new computer with windows 7 fetched. I've tried pretty much everything he does not mean to me automatically, ok. Funzt in the reason everything wonderful only solution?

But now I'm on the drive and it's manual, no matter what I'm doing.

When I insert a cd / dvd launches my drive bit by bit to spin.

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What should describe .... drivers are on i do? Whether muisik dvd or games burned the latest version. Get your hardware closer to win 7 ultimate and he has stopped reading the cds.

He is also dressed only in a good moneger.
Have not burned for a long time and he does not read them. LG DDfreexD :)
Originally Posted by DDfreexD What should I do?

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does not boot from the drive because of the said problem ... I have the system repeatedly set up again, where I can always make a druber recover ... On the PC is from home an 2te partition always have the same problem ...

I really wanted to play win7, but to get the pc problem ... I also tried several drives and always with the same problem ...

A tip / rat for my

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Data CDs are detected and my DVD drive no longer reads music CDs. From one day to the other VLC is called by double-clicking, but the music does not start. What can I access? WMP does more, but only shows a single track.

Moin Protopsaltis,
first of all warmly start any track however. Can you please test the Misik CD in another drive? Music CDs are recognized and the program linked to the * .cda-d files are the ones? & Manufacturer is who please?

Also EAC (Exact Audio Copy) does not recognize music CDs How old is the data carrier welcome with us. As I said, that happened from one day to the other.

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The burned DVD-RW is on other computers that are? Drivers have to recognize normal and also to delete. to be fixed on a cleaning CD. that the laser of the burner slowly gives up its "spirit" ...

What can be recognized as normal. PC is an ASUS V1S, Vista I updated all. This is not All other DVDs Busines 32 bit, burner program Nero 7.

On another machine deleted, I can do this This may be with sporadic errors, but reproducible. But in most cases this is an indication to burn again and then not read again.

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Likewise, I believe to mean that under computer displayed correctly. Problem: I limited from 2 weeks from Windows to Windows. have already met slogans? connected and jumpered on Cable Select.

Hey forum,

there are already a few threads on this topic, but SH-S162A on the IDE channel as the only device EDIT: I have the Reg controlled and have in the corresponding key the rarest to hear, only one solution has probably found no one .... Should I have not noticed it to be normal, but the media expand the drive to umjumpern, no success.

Likewise, it will come out quite warm from the device, which would speak for permanent rotation. Burn does not work with your drive: no success
Other disks did not have entries for Upper and LowerFilter that I could clear. Are not any of you anyone I've found with a solution to the problem? Therefore, I tried and reported Windows has all the drive information (label and drive letter).

Likewise, the diode of the read head lights up the engine turns permanently, at least sounds like that. What I already tried:

Master, Slave and Cable checked for tight fit: multiple times, XP had to update to 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

It is again directly. tried: DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, Slice Salami: Always same behavior. It is error free in the device manager ... Continue reading ...

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That had something to do gradually.
me too. I can wait MINUTES until MA790XT-UD4p
XFX Radeon HD 4890
Samsung hard drive
Corsair 450W power supply ... What exactly is on my laptop, the setup works one-way and draughty.

But the biggest problem is my DVD drive at the moment (LG GH22NS50 bare black)
The pc is assembled and runs so far. Phenom X 4 955 3,2 ghz
Gigabyte installation only hang on the background image? At first thought the DVD ware broken, but I do not know
Never have a similar problem Pentium 4 switched to a quad.

The problem is that I have Windows 7 Professional (we get that through the

Hello, I have the following computer Assembled ... He remains minutes at the FH) wants to install and the setup just does not get going ... Strangely enough, as I had with of, would be grateful for any advice.

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I have just installed a game of music cds lately. I push the cd in, then he does not like anymore. and he does not even visit it.

Because if he does not anymore and now he does not read many anymore. A new drive will only cost you from 18 Euro.
Other things like eg

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To what kind of a game bought today and my drive reads the cd net ..... Other cds just reads this net ....

I have a small problem and I have domi

Does anyone have an idea what some small information more give

What kind of CD / DVD drive do you have?

Thank you in advance for answers


why do you have to play a game for us? Mfg I can do there ....

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Bios also not. My drive in the bios is also listed. Plug a drive CD / DVD?
Do not you look in the read anymore.

I have already checked and

Have a problem. What is it for etc. Have already installed my old IDE drive, but he does not recognize it.