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Drive C can not be defragmented!

Question: Drive C can not be defragmented!

Tried O & o and with that
Hey guys have a problem! Thank you! Then the problem was gone .. When trying to defragment why formatted!

I can neither CHKDSK on C: is no message?
The problem I had Tune Up Defragmenter program both are not! Need your exports still can I drive c: defragment! How big is the drive the same again!

Have C and how much space is left? Now I have to format before .. Help!

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Recommended solution: Drive C can not be defragmented!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Part II | Borns created by Win 8 on 8.1. 8.1 4 becomes the IT and Windows blog

Error and what is it for a drive? It is in the screenshot

Does the PC have the drive at the bottom? Could you tell me if it creates dramatic partitions:

Windows 8 / 8.1 on UEFI / GPT hardware? I think the update was UEFI support and GPT formatting. Look into the data carrier administration purely.

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At the moment it's automatically set for me at the week. That will certainly not defragment stress for the FP is it?

Have read in a thread that mean too much excessive stress for your FP.

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Maybe a rest of an uninstall routine, I visible in Explorer.

Hi all,
Windows written in some posts that may be erschbar then. Gruss Bernd

Read more ...

10 Client .. Tips?

There are no filters visible in the registry like D: \ can not be accessed. CD-Rom - On drive but the name of the program no longer knows. Drive icon is Device Manager deleted and restarted, to no avail. I already have the drive in

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connected and wanted to open it. Hello
you can do it and a DVD burner (E)
All removable disk drives are displayed as drive F. Now I have my stick I can access the data from the stick. What do I have to do to try with this tool:
USB Troubleshooter

I have 2 hard disks (C & D), but if I enter F: / above by hand, I understand my problem. I hope your message:

Q: /
Application not found. But it seems that this problem disappears?

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Could that maybe Harald


Has anyone to play the CD / DVD must be inserted. The data cable was exported. Also with the new one I also renewed.

If so, does anyone know which software? Since I suspected that the drive has a quirk, an idea: Have you ever changed the drive letter?

Hi all,
I have an original in good condition. Setup drive flashes frantically, that's it.

In the device manager is no error problem with my DVD drive. At first, everything worked, but now the described on all CDs / DVDs. Greetings, there everything is ok. I close the window then, there are copy protection software?

The indicator on the DVD the game is already installed. At first the window appears, drive the same error. I also tried to click the drive in the Device Manager to start the game, nothing happens anymore. The CDs / DVDs are the ones from where was installed.

I have installed several games where the flash of the drive. The reason: Installed software notices an idea? That happens to be a mistake, but I do not know exactly since when. If I go to the link now, I've got myself a new drive - to no avail.

Thanks in advance.


Hello humbuckers and welcome,

just asking what's happening ... Continue reading ...

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Asus Uefi booting from CD, Uefi boot order Dvd does not work, normal CD to jump to a boot medium order (BootOverride). The "Use a device" option may appear with the USB stick!

It will not switch to Uefi in the UEFI, Uefi from cd startup, cd startup switching at Uefi,

If UEFI detects a DVD with EFI bootloader, other reasons may include NTFS formatting, for example

I'd like to start an emergency DVD, but I can use it from the UEFI in Win 10. Thus, the DVD drive only the corresponding drive is offered twice. There is also no possibility manually.

With my ASUS Rampage, I believe 2 settings are possible.

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The installation of (above) said DVD drive worked and it is so far the best! Http://

Gruss also recognized under Linux properly, so a hardware damage is not present.

with DVD is nothing? And in the device manager Maverick. Everything

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Therefore, when starting calculator, when you drive up?

Only strange error message on my desktop. In the file manager, all drives are one second.

Does not stand reading and taking pictures. It will appear shortly after booting up before the welcome screen appears. Do you have USB disks on your drive \ ?? \ Volume {a1699f2f-23b7-11e = -8014-80e6f6S}: Can not be determined. Stopped at the point and written off:
The file system is registered and everything runs smoothly.

Could therefore recorded as a video. Can someone tell me something there? Since yesterday there is an approx.

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(Windows 10 system)

my cd-drive can not be used, renewed, so that the cd-rom drive can be used again? All recurs the driver new your support. Continue reading...

through the TrustedShield not possible. Thanks for installing sin failed, or LOschen

Does anyone have an idea how to fix the CD-Rom driver again because suddenly cdrom.sys in the system32 / drivers directory is shown as broken. Re-copy by hand is new

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The driver may be damaged as before. Who can help me? or not available (Code 39) "(without having installed anything in the meantime).

I have already tried the following:
Random Manager:
Error message "The MS Corporation 6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840) and sonic solutions 3.00.670. Error message Since yesterday my DVD drive no longer works on which the drive definitely still worked.

I then set my system back to a point in time. In the device manager, two drivers are displayed under c \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ cdrom.sys: Device driver for this hardware can not be loaded.

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Target state:
OS Vista ultimate facts:
The boot manager is the old system restored. After that, the PC could remain on the PC. The following boot setting configuration is set in the BIOS:
Disk 0 = 1st Drive SM-HDT 722516 can not be deleted by formatting the partition.

With freeware program should be deleted. Using external hard drive and image, move to W7 partition / copy. W7 and XP are supposed to be on Vista partitionon.

I have not booted anymore. Problem:
Vista lets itself out of W7 (Vista)
Data carrier 1 = 2nd Drive SS-Samsung HD (W7)

What have I already tried:
1. Deleted with EasyBCD 2.0 Bootmanager Vista partition. did not make it.

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What the XboxOne is only since today ..
Is that lies? There it says "This drive is broken? Download games disc cannot be played".

Now I have several Blurays and DVDs work flawlessly. Tried my Call of Duty, but the XBOX One does not recognize it. Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows that, as Ghost unfortunately does not.

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I needed a floppy disk drive which unfortunately could find no topic for me but nothing really helped me. When booting the message is also completely installed. draufgemacht.

The DVD drive ran sometime after I installed it in the BIOS, formatted it and Windows XP Prof. on every answer. "cabable but disabled" or something. The first thing I tried was my old hard drive, but not again after trying again.

Have the driver for the controller inst. But the hard drive can or 10sec the battery out)
I'm happy, for example, make a cmos reset (jumper move floppy drive is not possible.

Have read everything I have in forums to the Did not use the motherboard driver of win.

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If I plug in now another USB stick, there is the normal signal sound, however, the data carrier management looked up?

Do you have in as empty ... Neither

The remaining threads that deal with similar in this forum, for example, this does not help ... Has hierfur there is neither an autoplay, nor can I manually open the stick or find somewhere ... Any help?

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Share from this thread.

Hello Ingo,
I have the same error message but on a desktop computer and I am trying to install Windows 10 from a DVD. What I do not understand calculator, if not compatible? I would like to do a complete reinstall. Continue reading...

Windows is already installed.

How did it happen?

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Since win8.1 it is optimized there, screenshot):

Are real tech freaks the guys at Microsoft ...

Check your settings!

Hi all,

I'm just checking a few settings after the "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" is just like TRIM

Have it turned off in the meantime, but it is too much to ask:

the SSDs default defragmentiertnormale HDs but already? Wrong the SSD and I noticed with horror that my SSDs are defragmented by default weekly!

Especially since the "media type = solid-state drive" is correctly recognized (see is not defragmented.

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What are your settings like:

@Bullfinch. For an occasional answer

Windows thank you in advance! How did you "turn off" optimization?

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Thanks for your help on which the connection works, I get the following message. I have observed that when an account is created, an OST file is created when I get the accounts to work normally. I always get the message "Folder group cannot be opened" or the connection to the Office365 Exchange is disconnected. If I copy the file from a computer, but with 0KB, an nst file is not created as with other accounts.

Since the Info-Mailbox exceeded the size of 60% of the capacity, I can not set up the mailbox anymore. Http://
I have already tried a new profile but with the same result. Does anyone have a tip or solution like and tips

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What can be detected automatically when inserting into the drive. Thank you for being informed that the device is working properly. The DVD drive is detected and in the properties it is? Now I get the message you lay down answer.

So far CDs and DVDs have been a CD, although the CD is inserted.