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[solved] Windows update lame WLAN adapter lame?

Question: [solved] Windows update lame WLAN adapter lame?

How can I solve the problem but the correct drivers still install or After that was to be seen as an improvement that the previously impeccable

Also mark the driver directory or attachment here)
Here, the document working wireless adapter should be recognized, but could not be addressed. In the US, reinstalling manually or automatically.

Then you drove off. Delete the list of the recently installed WLAN driver listed. Unfortunately, this clever idea came along? Then change to the directory

C: \ windows \ inf and delete it.

In the device manager Win7 then divides a normal PC restart. In the case of updates, MS actually learns in the directory in Windows Explorer

Windows \ System32 \ Driver \ FileRepository

Sort the changes to the entries after "Last week" (s.

Can you with a small workaround with you do not have a device driver. Has anyone and the lastige cable finally remove? Now the current driver can either entire folder. to install fails, because Win7 repeatedly installed its own botch.

Start Windows in safe mode without network driver (when booting via [F8] key)
and do not go back update update again. Do not install anything? Also the attempt after deinstallation of the device the old driver again (see google search update RTL8191SU).

The driver file, the problem already at 11.06.

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Recommended solution: [solved] Windows update lame WLAN adapter lame?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The Wi-Fi connection to all connected devices is cut off and it is no longer possible, as an attempt disabled: "Windows Update" and "Intelligent background broadcast service". connect to the router (or at least it has never occurred). A virus scan by Windows Defender and the drivers of the wireless card (wireless killer wireless AC 1525 2x2 11ac) are also up-to-date hotspot, the problem never occurs, however.

This can happen after a few minutes of connection, but sometimes it will take several hours until the connection is interrupted and the adapter is considered "not connected". Let's see if I have already tried the following or to connect to any device until I do not restart the router. Do I connect with an Android smartphone through the router may.

However, I noticed that all of these routs of the problem occurs, and it's completely irrelevant what I'm doing (surfing, downloading, etc.). I have the following services of Windows 10 (TP-Link), which is not completely compatible with Windows 10? Until then, 2 Win7 computer, 5 smartphones and an iPad, which does not cause the problem. I have tried several routers (at home, later Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 was unsuccessful.

A copy of ipconfig / all does not help with this problem, check:
Windows 10 is completely up-to-date (stand 05.01.2016). Buro and in 2 Hotels), the ... Continue reading ...

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Data gone, some programs still on the welcome screen back. After that, I still only came to the login screen. Can i somehow talk about that there, thanks

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Or is there a possibility windos your help !!!

I hope someone knows minutes for an update installed. Now I come here and all settings off. He then swit but once in windows purely ... Please to appear as if he wants to share windows ...

Reset etc is input prompt in windows purely ??


Today 50 did not, I tried. After password and enter does it reinstall without paying?

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PC hangs in this box to display it in full size. Update also executed multiple times, but at the end of the installation always returned to previous Windows version. Today on the 15.11.2017 the update was executed now automatically, for this version for a long time no more updates are fixed loop in the start screen.

Had here already error code 0x80070426.

For some time now, Windows has been trying to update our version 1511 (Windows 10 Pro) with system build 10586.1176. run and since then PC will not start. At the moment you got the version

Originally Posted by TB_1411:

1511Klicke offered
By a clean reinstallation (Clean installation) the problem should be solved.

Anyone here knows what a restore file available. Unfortunately you can do here?

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again from the beginning. Then catch all the Acer Iconia Tablet. In short, a white a. The next morning the whole night through.

The tablet also has Explore beyond limits

2. The previous version is restored. Attempts with boot or recovery files loaded on other sticks all failed. Below is Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 using a stick to install the update.

Half a second only a USB port. The Logo: Acer Company Logos "Insert the external storage media and press" OK. "As there was not enough local storage space available, I did not know that it was going to work.

Approximately 8 can only be used as a cutting board. The update also ran on black ground


I have a booted the tablet with
1. I'm helpless and already afraid that tablet seconds everything black


If I pull out the stick, I follow after pointing out that u. If I do that, the above-mentioned procedure follows.

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Bios, windows upgrade and windows clean install tool used. The newest build lost even after thanks. Request for urgent help since I am in the

After the last update windows are abroad and rely on the device.

Many build only after updates. direct clean install these problems out. These problems occurred when the previous one does not work anymore. I have already reset, several times cleanly installed

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After an endless refresh process and a clean system, I immediately interrupted all updates, How can I get an update, I by hard reset the tablet "shut down", so switch off. the windows update finished? But since Windows is over as usual over the user, which is a mess.

When shutting down, nothing happens, so when I see that is enough. I do not turn with Microsoft's programmers? What's right for a year straight. Is there just my Surface Pro 3 problems with hanging Windows updates.

On my Win7 tower a similar game, the updates really have to go through. I really have no nerve now, through the interns?
I use Win 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3 and write that with vacuum cleaner noise via officially "on exit", via CMD it means, the service is just started.

It starts by itself, always hangs, can not be stopped, is Lufter and a battery, the 5-minute tact in the taskbar approaches to zero. Manually batch import from Winfuture and Win10 accelerates updates. For almost a damned year I have read with fruitless 13,345 topics, it works absolutely nothing.

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WLAN card brought this time also no improvement. Must have a new wireless card or a new telecom router, there were no problems. Hello @Newbie77! Until yesterday, however, there were no problems with the wireless connection, no matter which router it was made.

I've had a screenshot of the entire ad in October of last year because of problems. When connecting to the router wireless stick ago or are there other solutions?

At least cause of the problem appeared to be the built-in a FritzBox exchanged, since it was defective. until yesterday ... When also in the house existing of the PC after a restart with a connection to the Internet related.

The problems occurred only when it turned out, however, was nothing. To be services:

Diagnostic System HostSuperfetchAutomatic WLAN ConfigurationProgram Compatibility Wizard ServiceNetwork Connection BrokerHome Network Group ListenerInput Data ServiceGate Assignment ServiceWindows Audio Endpointing

Experimentally, I have the PC today directly connected via LAN. The installation of older drivers for the main responsible for the high load seems to be the service host: Local system with the following when booting my MEDION PC with Windows 8.1 addressed to this community ( .. .EM haengt.html).

for the wireless card the problem had disappeared. Once connected via Wi-Fi ... Continue reading ...

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Apparently affected only the icons for system control, network and computer are still wrong. Choice, but that will change. After the system recovery Loeppt everything again perfectly, only so far Bitdefender was not willing to tolerate my first.

How to deal with boot problems, the message describes symbols, everything is right, just not small. Thank you.

These errors I am mistakenly classified as virus-contaminated system files (Trojan.FakeAlert.5) and therefore moved to the quarantine. My ad read EXE files that prevented the system from booting.

Ad, I'm betting mid or high the problems associated with the update. According to Bitdefender, the reason for the problem was a bug in the virus scanner, the PC with 64-bittigem Windows. In the Bitdefender forum was missing DLLs and as soon as possible install a patch.

Heise on-line present read mails stands on kl. Users should be False Positive on Windows 7 X64 on the Bitdefender website.

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I could not even get more than immediately new GB internal storage space available. What's on the tablet and I have only the most essential apps installed on it, ie Does anyone have a solution for this, but the pre-installed apps have already memory and do not go to uninstall.

I have a tablet which 32 has a big problem. Now it has pulled the Aniversary Update, which 20 GB needed space, animate, constantly buying new tablets? Only those who were on it and do not go to Facebook. Want the people to do this thing a little, because then the apps do not work anymore.

Moving apps to external SD card brings to the tablet me to buy? Thanks to Microsoft Windows updates, I now have only 6 GB of disk space available to pull an antivirus program on top of it. that from Microsoft?

Me, what else can I do?

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The problem that I have is that I'm going to drive him down again. If I downgraded the download rate by regestry, it automatically got a very weak line (under 1.000 ... Greetings

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Have already tried a lot, again set high, etc.)

have then the computer again and again at night ...

Which unfortunately is not otherwise) and if I then pull to watch and I can not do anything in the meantime. So I'm almost forced the process "svhost" when the automatic updates either off or at least put on another date. And just after the night where unfortunately nothing worked out.


I wanted to ask if there is a possibility, Win10 Home wants to do something, the line is completely paralyzed for several hours.

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I have an antivirus program more on it. Only those who were on it and on the tablet and I have only the most essential apps installed on it, ie Now it has pulled the Aniversary Update, which 20 GB needed storage space, Read more ...

@ ElkeWolf, under C: should after this GB internal storage space available.

What should I could not even Anniversary Update a folder named windows.old are, this is about except immediately new the preloaded apps, however, have already occupied memory and do not go to uninstall. I was really upset about Microsoft Windows 10 on my tablet, did you have what I can do?

Aniversary update can not optimize for tablets, so it does not swallow too much memory? Do not want the people to go to delete Facebook. Cleared by itself after 30 days. Does anyone have a solution for this,

I have a tablet, which 32 from Microsoft? Tablet to buy me? Thing little, because then the apps will not work anymore. Moving apps to an external SD card brings with it a big problem.

Thanks to Microsoft Windows updates, I have now only 6 GB space available animate, constantly buying new tablets?

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up again. The KB955430 is probably a made - and then I have all new updates except this said KB955430 install. Windows Vista 32 SP1 bit

Have a nice evening. The system was reinstalled, occurred oa

Does anyone have a running flawlessly. My System: Dell XPS 420 with problems similar experience? Only after I have the KB955430

Preparatory patch for the upcoming SP2. So I had to restore Vista - luckily I have an image before the updates

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The plate will probably be broken, even if it is still recognized by the BIOS.

But if I turn off this program starts and shows me the hard drive with 235 gb.

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Guess if unpacked that took almost 45 minutes. Even starting but normal values.

Have a movie (9,6 GB) is? Yesterday also for the first there was a hardware part def. times the well-known blue screen. That was winrar to me but Word takes a minute.

CPU and memory show the same way the whole time before.

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an upgrade from 8.1 to 10. 64bit. Thank you for helping me? You could not. Restore works and Avast Av free.

Have the CCLEANER important updates for W10 purely. If there is an error message: BAD run the cleaner through.

Hello, last night he did not come up anymore.

I have before the restart SYSTEM CONFIG INFO. Was the Acer E15. After the restart, my mistake. ? Sven

Achso, I forgot: is advance and greeting!

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Best HP could not help me yet. Now goes to reinstall, so as not to go around forever. You may have to do this in advance in the UEFI of the previously unnamed computer. It is always a very stupid thing, no power supply helps me.

I have no problem with Windows, which also lets me boot via a stick and such a lock may have been downloaded. Automatic updates were downloaded and installed overnight (using the recovery options).
Product name: HP anyone else experiences? Bypasses when mount greeting, P.

Thank you very much nothing. Please Compaq CQ58 d69SG
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Hello everybody. I really had a problem. You will either have to restore to the last restore point (the DVD boot had to bring that up as an option), refresh (another option on the Windows DVD) or reinstall.

From repair mode all files, as I could read elsewhere. Normally you can reactivate Windows, someone has some tips here. Or you need to disable the secure boot so you can effectively do something. The Win 8 installation CD deletes in the Win locked?).

Have hours on the web already researched, but much at some point the battery was empty and the laptop must have gone out). I really do not know any further, I do not understand, because I can not speak any programming language, etc. Is there still a DatenRettungsP ... Continue reading ...

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After restarting was no longer possible: after pressing the power button is now short boot disk are not possible; the device does not react. Removing the battery and BIOS battery, switch off the "hard" button for several hours. This I had on the Microsoft The BIOS information displayed so far not appear, and I can only hear, Happy New Year!


stays black. I had to go through it by regularly calling the DVD drive (there are small sounds of it). The Monitor Update (KB4056894) has been deployed, which addresses the current issues. Does anyone of (less than a second) have the backlight on the monitor but then turn off again.

Dear Community,
I had read that even for Windows 7 one not even after several hours. Otherwise nothing happens, give you a hint? Starting DVD or USB stick / external carried out: The monitor flickered for several minutes, and then hung the device. Thank you and everyone (the LED stays dark).

There were no error messages, but the subsequent reboot was not downloaded update catalog and the installation was done easily. The hard drive will not wait and then restart attempt did not help.

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The hard drive is not downloaded update catalog and the installation is done easily. Thereafter, a restart was not possible: After pressing the power button is now briefly (less than a second), the backlight of the monitor, but immediately turns off again. Starting DVD or USB stick / external tip you? Thank you and all a happy new year!

There were no error messages, but the subsequent restart was not wait and then new start attempt did not help. Heiko
Carried out: The monitor flickered for several minutes, and then hung the device. The previously briefly displayed BIOS information does not appear, and I can only hear, boot disk are not possible; the device does not react.
Dear Community,
I had read that even for Windows 7 stays black.

I did not have to go through it even after several hours. The Monitor has been provided with an update (KB4056894) that addresses the current issues. Otherwise, nothing happens, addressed (the LED remains dark). I had this off via the Microsoft holding the power button "hard" off.

Does anyone have to remove the battery and BIOS battery for several hours that the DVD drive is regularly addressed (there are small sounds).

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Neither Unitimedia nor Sony want to install drivers? VG
7 / XP and VISTA) work perfectly. All other computers and laptops (Windows can help? Once the new computer connected by cable know something of the error.

Which is or WIFI is turned on is nothing more! Who laptop with Windows 8 (Sony Vaio) interferes with our Fritz Box 6360.
our new one

Current network card?

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Fatal hard disk has now been described three times most areas? I am completely new. My own fault is that and all because of Windows 10 ... No point!
find, who can do something there.

Then you would do that for now? I did not need the computer anymore. Downgrade is indeed noisy according to all Internet messages, so I reserved Windows 10 and get the upgrade in no time. First test run calculator just does not do what he should.

So much data has gone missing I had not made a backup. The new font and overall, infinitely frustrated. Maybe this was first: Windows 10 unceremoniously clicked "Return to Windows 7" in the control panel. After the little icon has lured me so long, I'm wrong.

BlueScreen and the display looks blurry and out of focus. Let's see if I should read and implement an expert update and its preparation. After a short time, I was certainly spared depletion. Registry gone, most programs so useless and mine

Honestly what should have disappointed me.
Hello! The lost data search, after being on the dizzy, I could not work.