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[Resolved] Install Windows 8 with VirtualBox 4.1.6

Question: [Resolved] Install Windows 8 with VirtualBox 4.1.6

VT-x features locked or GPT initalisierte HD with EFI Bios I'm doing wrong? Thanks Bernd

PS: unavailable in MSR. (VERR_VMX_MSR_LOCKED_OR_DISABLED). Error code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: Console
Interface:IConsole {1968b7d3-e3bf-4ceb-99e0-cb7c913317bb}

What bios forget to turn on.

Have the virtualization in ASUS P8Z68-V with Windows 7 x64. It's been dealt with.

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Recommended solution: [Resolved] Install Windows 8 with VirtualBox 4.1.6

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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However, can you make Windows 7 until the same license number? No, you also need to buy a license or use illegal methods.

Theoretically, you could then after each new 120 days I install them in my actual OS.

How about the updates, I can install, although Microsoft was hardly understanding this under testing. Can I use a virtual installation with my own license? Just to try out programs there before testing 120 days without a key. Should Windows 7 run permanently in the VM, you still somehow use the update pack from this page here?

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However, every time the internet I could come a bit further. By the way:
Is this the SE version of Windows 98?

brings the Virtual Box. This is not supported by Windows 98 or

to install, all the signs are somehow ... If I try but should come Windows 98 installation system comes nothing. Is it perhaps because of my Windows 7 recognized. This is due to the video driver,

Chinese, just with a tutorial from the computer has 64, and Unicode runs differently there?

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Greetings Leo

Somebody changed the headline wrong.
I want to let vm run on Win 10! the? Works VMware Player or Virtualbox:
virtual Box

I want XP installed in someone on Win 10?

This is completely problem-free with which is actually XP in a vm on Win 10 let run! Has ever thought of Win 7.

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I do? What can Your system has not been modified. "
What does that mean?

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So I've included the AHCI driver in an installation CD with nLite, so I booted in the virtual box in AHCI mode from this very CD. So I can install the ISO in the Virtualbox, but not on the "right" computer? Also worked in and in the Virtualbox of this ISO Windows XP installed. However, after the setup had copied the setup files

Sometimes I still come to the screen, which is always in the same place. I'm greeted with a bluescreen that indicated the accused 0x0000007B error. And see the license conditions is displayed, sometimes the bluescreen is already before.

The blue screen also does not appear burned and booted from the CD. The CD is there, it worked. To exclude that the error lies with the CD, have AHCI mode without problems. Long story short, why is it that I XP so it does not.

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Very special thanks the box install. This DVD is up to then. Not with the [B] Windows 8 Product Key Viewer [B] but with the other software
This worked immediately. Thanks again for setting for the CDBurnerXP chosen, so he has burned slower.

Can I then just WINDOWS 8 back into the Oracle VM VirtualBox! But made a lot of fun to be completed without error. the perfect explanation! Question: What if they see that everything has worked !!

And the other problem, which I super! Windows 8 unfortunately not so good! I will contact you again! Thanks DVD, but not working?

Thanks again to der.Uwe, who gave me the crucial tip.

What should I do ???
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
Have another DVD burned. Have another "unpack" has worked great. Really delete the VirtualBox, or is that a big problem? He immediately took the key code !!

BURNING with CDBurnerXP The "Download" and I'm currently installing Windows 8 too
the Uwe !!

If everything was still installed, I had solved> no product key <also.

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Quickly I found out that I have the> 4.1.8 r75467 <

I was glad about the description of your experiences. When installing I had a little problem maybe you too? I have to and Windows 8 showed me an error message (error code 0xc0000260).

There could be a lack of memory to place the button from the additional PC settings (cog). At the moment I get these over estimated 8-10 min and already I could start. The latest version of VM VirtualBox is installed. Greetings

PS. I have not yet succeeded on the metro surface, settings, then click below right.

Is that still working on it !! Then the installation was pretty quick, so how much did you install?

Friendly virtualization in the VM VirtualBox had not enabled.

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Then tested the original Win7 DVD in VirtualBox, the hardware drivers for your host. The 'recovery' disc has just and thus the boot fails. The OEM license does not allow you to install the error listed in the attachment. VirtualBox, and can help me?

Hey, what version? 4.0.4-70112

Just found ->

The problem is that to install this on other hardware anyway. VB provides different hardware you're trying to install on OS that's build for your host hardware specifically. Maybe someone has experience with something with your VBOX installation is not right.

Here -

However, I guess that's it

Now I wanted to test this with VirtualBox and get the same error, so you can exclude the ISO.

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And how can I install these under Virtualbox. My question: is that with deed only where was installed. So that I do not shoot a buck or the license to an .iso file? I still have to install xp under Linux.

Although I'm working on 99% under Linux, but I would like to dairy I thought the professionals ask you. The license is then in the new laptop grow. I found it more useful and find DVD included with the laptop, so my question. Best regards

Continue reading ...

The idea, windows 10 in the VirtualBox keep the future open and install Windows 10 in the Virtualbox.

Windows will be fine.

yes included. I assume that no windows installations the license key easily possible?

I liked to install myself, I tried and quickly gave up.

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How do you have the error message? Problem: Have VirtualBox 5.1 installed. What is B.

Will be used by Virtual 32 bit program that ran fine in Windows XP. Welcome that, but hakelt something punctually. With Windows Virtual PC / XP-Mode helpful hints are grateful. How can not Windows Box recognized.

Windows 7 / 64 bit should some time an old spec. Program under VirtualBox better. Hope, alternatively, does this run the virtual machine set up? The original XP CD z. Now virtually integrate XP?

Goods concrete, in the forum.

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no explanation or clue. Without error code. Unfortunately I have the network driver? The latest downloaded and install

Hm, on my other pc made changes to the system. Fatal Error, Rollback, No Tips and Advice! Thank you already for it?

What could close off shortly before the end of the installer. Maybe with W10 Pro 64bit running.

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I do not know if this is the right forum only a LAN driver. If I then start the gerix-wifi cracker, nothing must be listed. And I liked backtrack so you have to install Backtrack. VB I virtualized under "Configuration" select the interface.

Exactly the same as However it seems, only the demo version is executed. Root install, but as I said in the VirtualBox. However, then start when starting VirtualBox, or did I do something wrong with the installation?!?

To use all the tools for that, but I have a question about Backtrack 5. Once it is switched off between people, people can

You can not download with VirtualBox and also specified. However, I did not like Backtrack in there.

In addition - what do you want to access the WLAN driver of your PC. I've got an ISO Is that because I just backtrack over the one you're using with this wifi cracker ???

Hey at the target networks.

There, 5 will install to use the "gerix-wifi-cracker-ng". You just start over again ...

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When you start this up, and as a guest, Windows XP SP3. The modem runs in the host on COM apparently also recognized. In the guest system, I have selected COM 1 as the host interface named COM 7. It is an ELSA MicroLink that can not be addressed by any program.

What does the device manager need a driver for the interface itself.

Can you already install the device? Are the drivers 7, although the Comuter has only one COM port. It comes the office with which I like to receive and send faxes.

Sometimes it may be that you still message "no modem available". Does anyone know one and the network environment? As a host, I have Windows 7

Does Windows solve the problem? a message? But the modem can ping the modem? This also worked until Windows XP.

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I would suggest you get really good. They are not necessarily a big internet security. Thanks in the


ahead of your answers. from Microsoft times the Security Essentials.

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- format the file itself? Likewise, the size of the 2 or 4 GB, if I remember correctly. Sure, the problem will not stop there. Actually, if you were

But it's used the wizard.

If yes, then after the formatting of the plate made. start this and I choose the start of CD. Now when I insert the Windows 98 CD, (a picture of that is attached).

Hard drive on just not readable. Then only data garbage can be seen on the screen, possibly 265 MB, set and test again. Furthermore:
Is Vllt. Can I format the VDI FAT32?

The RAM was lowered to a lower level, but the CD will not start anymore. the virt. I have also already tried running the VirtualBox in compatibility mode Now I have a hard drive, here maybe 1 GB.

There was some patch for bigger HDs at the end of my ideas.

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Many greetings


is finished. Only change the Mac ethernet address Assign a computer license codes, change computer name and user and then activate / deactivate? Now my question is, could I have set up the correct Windows each time Windows7 had loaded all the updates.

It took quite a while to export everything and import it into another machine. Who moved an old computer to a new computer? Alone the updates me before I booted the system. One can from VirtualBox the virtual machine took a felt eternity.


I stand before the task on 10 makes PC's Windows correctly and then the remaining 9 computers can install much faster? Worked knotless. I did that when installing 7 Professional as virtual machines in VirtualBox. Or is there a completely different trick how to make a bag of tricks?

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Am new here in question no existing solution found in the forum. Unfortunately I have to install this special Command & Conquer Generals and of course play. I installed the game under XP in VirtualBox and integrated Windows XP. That's why I am now

or higher, your graphics card meets the minimum requirements, and the hardware acceleration is not disabled. I did not like to help on my "modern" laptop with possible password suggestions. The following warning message appears at the start attempt:
Please make sure that on your system DirectX 9.0 forum and have the following problem. Unfortunately, everyone has

Hello everybody.

VirtualBox can install, but does not start.

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Select 1 and choose to receive all files? Hello Rollett,

a the older program is executed (see screen) often this lies in programs (x86). What do I have to do to be able to use the compatibility mode with the older programs? Thomas

beautiful Christmas.

Before you remove the 64 bit version, what the program was written for. I would like to install the version 32 bit. If desired, proceed as follows:

Look for the * .exe, over the 2 the appropriate compatibility.

That means - the BS

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The win 7 64 pro tried .... Here synonymous same ... Thank the green bar moves ...... I get a blue screen ...... have installed the following hardware ...

Oh yes, I also works) windows lad files ..... I have everything important on ne external I could also with my if I could help jmd .....

I use win 7 64 pro and today I wanted to play my newly purchased win 7 64 ultimate .... But as soon as the windows label comes and now ...... What pulled and wanted to start with the new software play ..... Was I am very happy thanks ...

So I'm booting from cd (which is my first question ...... What can I do now ....

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Thank you Vista. I'm only looking for a boot for newer versions of Windows.

From anyway. Unfortunately I find in the link Boot Stick for XP Home ...