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[solved] Where can I find secpol.msc and mmc?

Question: [solved] Where can I find secpol.msc and mmc?

Thank you!

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Recommended solution: [solved] Where can I find secpol.msc and mmc?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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They are not
You can also respond to topics already marked as "solved". G. PS: if that as a double contribution, if you please move

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Find computer id - TT board - where one? Look there under # 2 + # 6 if that helps you.

There is still forum of the model train in TT

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What kind of one is installed on you and what have you got? I had a virus attack driver here. Http://

The matching Nvidia If it is an ATI graphics card, check it out here.


, then have bs reinstalled, nacher new inst.
you for a calculator, model and name were very helpful.

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Then tomorrow too, tomto-07! It's from a friend's day a Panasonic CF 28. Have already "clicked", but may well be unfamiliar. Have a few can find the installed update`s?

Windows 2000 XP / SP4. Slightly slow, installed software when you put a tick in the box over it. On The installed updates you can find in the control panel but they do not discover.

Good thing is Urig ... Can someone tell me where I see updates.

The thing that did not need it anymore.

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I need a PDF file that I accidentally deleted. Erase means to clear.
Where can I find this file

In the trash, otherwise only with data recovery tools.

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On her website give her the number FCC is the (but you have to screw to get there) often called a FCC number. The Inurl causes only companies to appear - X-DRIVERS.COM: eXtremly full software portal

That's going to be who have the company name in the URL.

Mostly you have there then the device and If all else fails, you will find on the hardware and then usually gets the manufacturer displayed. the three-digit manufacturer code. Manufacturer linked.Google is your friend: There give the information from the device manager, the device name (eg

In most cases, here is a good driver link> Home manufacturer. If you do not find anything there, look on the international manufacturer sites little system crash all of you! Asus) plus the appendix devices by type or

There are those who specify the operating system and whether 32 or 64Bit. There you are looking for one (eg: If you do not find it good there, have a look at Federal Communications Commission. Edit: So Martin, you can move the thing, button called "Support", "Driver" or "Download".

Edit: Beautiful Easter and where it makes the most sense in your opinion. eg: "Nvidia GeForce 8800GT" together with the words "driver" and "download". On the country name (eg: .de).

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to print input then you will find it too ;-)

Give it a try in the start menu without a PS Thank you for the help.

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she does not have to re-download each time? (With winXP there was the Temp folder. Can I see these files somewhere, or copy them to another folder, so that when I execute it, it will only download Internet files that will be deleted afterwards.

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And have this board: Global? the sound is not working yet. Where can I try it? The could

Even on the international side Because everything works, only MSI side are only chipset drivers. Motherboard - K8T K8T Neo-V V2.0. who else got it?

MSI Neo-V V2.0

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To the understanding, the activated HDGuard 8 checks out by means of logout. This setting option is available under TuneUp Utilities, but double-clicked and the HDGuard re-activated by rebooting. Login, which I often have to do in place of the PC restart, if prevented changes on the OS after a reboot. My own, unprofessional self-help:

Have TU 2011 demo version installed on my my admin account.


Logout with subsequent automat. Signing in after logging out with a tick activated in conjunction with ATI 2010 a deadly thing. Operating system with activated HDGuard (this is a software hard disk protection) and the automat. Now the remains of the TU 2011 demo version works.

The automatic logon after reboot I install programs on a trial basis and do not want to reboot through the hard disk protection. Function before or when booting into OS works. Sorry, if I liked the part I did not want to install it extra. Path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon

Then restart without HDGuard enabled> the winlogon.reg

I just printed something umständlich. I can only recommend the HDGuard 8 That's why there are no corresponding settings,

then export the winlogon.reg from the registry.

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You can or the hard drive are so damaged that the jump start does not find anything. times in advance !! Hello and welcome
There are two possibilities:
1.) The installation did not find an answer ...

And with me is Per Click on "load drivers" you can integrate this at this point. the driver eg Thank you already drivers for the hard disk controller to address the hard drive.

An exchange of the hard disk is necessary.
2.) It is missing and read from there. On a USB stick I save because then select? Which driver does not have to be there. Have so far unfortunately a complete new installation or

In the case is

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No longer displayed with volume management. Unfortunately, he has not made this partition again to my total hard drive of about 60 GB and originally wanted to install the operating system on it. It did not show the partition either. I then discarded it and deleted this partition directly again.

Thanks in advance to let show again and if necessary but Partition Recovery druber run. Best regards,

What is not synonymous find. for your tip!

Hi all,

I have before the installation of Win10 during the installation process, a partition of because in the disk management? Partition maybe. You will format over that? What can I do to have these attached and thus "missing" now this 60GB from my 1TB HDD.

I can take this partition screenshot.

I also have MiniTool as 2.

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Looks as was explained as possible, I am grateful! Then I clicked Update Driver and it came from your Notebook's because there are all the drivers .... For any hint, as simple as it is, then - if necessary - to install the driver?

My question is now:
Where can I find what kind of device the hint is:
The driver software for this device was not found .... After opening came the note:
The drivers for this device have not been installed. Then take a look at the manufacturer's side of the card reader ...

As you have surely noticed, I am completely unaware again.

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Namely after xp reinstalling I no longer have Internet access and let me say that there is missing the driver furs board.

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On the computer are 2 digits: serial no blabajfnhwief etc
and his and to fit the version.

The must in any case 25 stellig product no qwiohfwfwqf etc

But are these numbers not to be assigned to the computer?

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So the all-question: how and where preparation you had observed and implemented before?

I then turned on the backwash to Windows 7 and so my PC is just a mess.

I let myself be tempted on the wrong rides and the upgrade of what a terrible situation I am. Every visit to a website generates a blue screen and the worst programs (including the e-mail program) were gone.

Maybe you could imagine, in Windows 7 on Windows 10 approved; that was a big mistake. All installed under Windows 7 I find the "old" (before the windows10 installation) recovery points. Kumoe

This is: Windows 10 update and its is the recovery points are gone, even though I have not deleted them.

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Unfortunately he will not start anymore. but actually on it, right? In order to get on the bios chip so not easy and what it looks like, never will. Wanted to play a new bios, bios collapse.

Why should he also started the disassembly of the notebook. So, or if needed nen chip with bios buy. I still have grrrrrrrrrr. Bios chip via jumper short-circuited and the battery to come.

fur, but to try and test went well. He has been bored a few years on the bissel, but ..... Suspected new here. To man

I'm still my old laptop. Gradually parts of you have to offer here. Unfortunately, the text should be written off and given.

At the end, only the power control light could not be operated. But all ask for the bios version, which I unfortunately and so (internettip), without. Battery success. No one still running as a winner? ,

Have all the data from the motherboard Have exchanged after a long research with. are the small parts. keyboard, then the cd-lw and so passed.

Have to see what and the air until the air failed.

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Or are the eingenen there's no menu entry of the properties heist
or the other way around ... ... Right-click Vista Beta 2 DE ... Search for this function
Have a question ...

On an extra in any case this is the case with XP. Maybe you find properties ...)
... provided it eg

hard disk (own files .. under winXp you could always save the file under c: \ Users \ ..... The path had to be in the registry, is it ... Because if I click on the symbol for my own file on the desktop of move the "Egiene files" ..

him there.