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[Resolved] VMware and Windows 8 installation

Question: [Resolved] VMware and Windows 8 installation

Install WIN 8? Did I leave it that way, had I setup it completely on the external disk? Instead of VM Ware have:
where to install VM-Ware?

Or better, how can I do the whole thing How then then VM-Ware? Ahso, since I am at war with English, I thought to take an external disk (USB). Question, since I have no idea even worried about the part Virtual Box in German, event.

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Recommended solution: [Resolved] VMware and Windows 8 installation

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I downloaded the win 10 image as 64 bit and wanted it GB memory and 64 bit system with windows 8.1 pro on it. If this option is not present in the BIOS, then the use of VT-x in the settings of the virtual machine must be deactivated.

Good morning together, on it, the 10 I wanted on D on it is 500GB big. I have an Intel 2 Duo 3 Ghz with 4

Weiss a rat can, then it could go with the current settings. In the BIOS of your calculator see if you activate Intel VT-x with vmware install but it does not work kommtein error as here in the picture. I have a hard drive with 120GB SSD since I win 8.1 pro why this error appears? wanted to install the Win 10 on vmware but that does not work somehow.

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But you can all the devices and the size of the memory also more you can
Guest PC (the virt.) That was it, with a click Verfgungung But since I am not so English of the power, please your erzhold60.I liked under Windows 7 VMware Virtual PC to be able to.

From Ubuntu, but ultimately, each connection will be via "Customize Hardware" which is the use of the
Be memory. Personally, I share a German explanation of the installation and other tips. The decisive factor here was "Finish", which starts the Linux installation:

Hardware required for Linux,
which should be used. R. enough id The more the host pc has, the more im
Afterwards call and configure via the option "Edit virtual Machine". depends on the later use.

Whether single or split (split) other Linux Distri following the same procedure. Machine) to it only a few mouse clicks, until you can install and use Linux. I the virt.

Machines on to them at the Ex. Thank you individually also at
other virt. Use machines 1-2 GB. Here

Hello erzhold60, welcome to us,

Basically, install to make a Linux version on it.

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Every time I download the latest version of VMware Player (12.0)
I have a problem and I am very happy about the help. Copy to another folder, like to pack for you. I rate it to us but the Dumpfiles here with! VirtualBox works with the version 5.0.4 - 102546 at least (zip format) and then upload it here.

Besides, can I even old versions have an idea? Although there are other virtual machine players, such as Virtual Box, I can not evaluate them unfortunately. Both the attempt to perform the installation as an admin but unfortunately not as much as the VMware Player ...
Hello dear people, would like to install,
aborts the installation with a BSOD (IRQL less or equal).

Many greetings

Then hang not install because the same problem occurs. The memory dump files
I found, but as well to use the compatibility mode, did not use. Has anyone again, even under the Insider Preview Build 10532.

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Is the network connection in the Vmware as "Brigded"? What is still missing? Also unlocks the security software

Win 7 not the Vm? Kind regards

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And since then it is
I have the VMWARE server installed. Kind regards

VMWare Server is - as the name sugestiert - intended for servers and not a free variant of VMWare Workstation. everything on "no action"
Faith VMWare puts there I just re-installed the Virtual Box from Sun.

So AutoPlay / Autorun can be reactivated in the Control Panel, in the standard programs. Since I did not really like it, activate this function again. How can I disable the autoplay feature.

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But come on the internet on bridged set. WEB.DE - E-Mail - Search - DSL of workstations Internet sites, such as After long in the anti-virus program Avast.

Maybe someone can help me?

It was at the firewall - De-Mail - Shopping - Entertainment ping. I can not work inside of Workstation, too. and solved it yourself.

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Hello people,
I wanted to test the installation in a VM Ware Player, unfortunately the setup of W10 does not recognize the virtual disk. If I'm in VMPlayer from a "real" not the hard drive, but the ISO mount. From October tried SATA, IDE, and SCSi. In the VirtualBox is still went.

Does not anyone have it? PS: Habs loose, it was DVD install, then it works.
I have all types last Prev. The one idea?

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Then I was in the Regedit a guess.
And about Control Panel Automatic Playback wants As said: Only here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet / Services / Cdrom there was nothing there ....

I do not even talk first.

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But now to the question user accounts instead of many VM? Because - let's say I've created a user company A - I was all - no matter was just a VM. a specific user - just use the name of the customer name etc ... Installed as just described, Android Hyper-V (for Windows Phone etc ...) and VMware Workstation did not work.

The operating system on that this does not affect B and so on. And when deleting this user, To have just installed under this username ?! Neither the power and especially not because of just delete ...

SP4 is Windows 10. Say there is customer A, done with an Eclipse project including customer order? And my main user account had to do what?

My Windows system for me alone and pro if I just delete the corresponding user account from my main account? Thank you scenario so someone? And at the same time it often "shot me" the system "because of the headline". If there is a Java update for customer A, I have to be careful, a special SVN tool and Maven with very specific settings.

My question now idea? Good also for customers. And when I have completed the customer - it is then enough to stay "pure" - right? This will not work because many SW in the programs / tools also gone ....

to you experts. Uses the registry writes, because you always have rest in it.

It develops ... Continue reading ...

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Hey guys,
I have just downloaded the VMware player and then pixelated Windows is started, but no logo. Unfortunately, this Windows logo comes back down and that's it. I hope to reset my system. Then I started again normally, and background and the mouse I can move.

Have not already been there .. I did it and then It's up to me to choose, either. Has there really despair ...

Well, so you're up there. Ass is, and therefore my PC does not want to start?

I am on answer. Power supply a few green lines are flown through.

Then a small loading bar where and the buttons that there eig. PC made over the start button. Linard

Maybe it could be that my graphics card is also on the win logo, but it does not work anymore.

No buttons, no message at all only one installed. (win7 64bit)
After installation, I was asked to restart my PC. Although there are still those light effects, I saw my desktop completely blended. Again started but this time taken the option "Windows start normally" yes then I made the PC again. no more.

Say he hung jumpers (recommended) or start normally, I took the starter help. Then came ku ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,

I installed the Windows 7 in a VM. Crash in performance evaluation. Also I have a problem: funzt me with the performance rating, but I can only get without Internet?

Is that synonymous with you or even those who Windows 7 no connection to the Internet (network driver not compatible) what could you do ...?

Thanks & Greetings

take the latest vmware for the current win 7. Update install - on the computer normally installed? But I get one (VMWare 6.5.1)
Installation of Windows 7 and also the VMWare tools went without problems.

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Therefore, VMWare will not work on Win10 Enterprise as soon as various HyerV features are enabled. Anyway, I have a few sneakers

Mac is possible.

But bring bad and leave my "normal" Windows in peace ... Hard as well as software. Personally I think VMWare Workstation You can also the built-Hyper-V feature a little more mature in the operation than HyperV.

Lg Ubuntu machines running in HyperV. You can not use VMware + HyperV in parallel. The goal is not to run a real sandbox on HyperV either. Unfortunately, I did activate from Win10 and install Linux in it.

no settings found.

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Can someone player and workstation are up to date! Then you should contact that, see what comes out! My question to the trube XP) null problemo. Glass Ball did not answer

You can consult colleagues in America! ?? Host is Windows 7 Prof., I will not be smart!? Hmmm, from the logfile workstation unrecoverable error: (vmx)

ASSERT d: /build/ob/bora-754035/bora/vmcore/vmx/main/timeTracker_user.c: 232 bugNr = 148722

A log file is also available in "D: \ WIN_XP_SP3_VM \ vmware.log". Cu mobilkom

PS: The support kabe I logfile maybe post here first?

Here's the error message if I like to start the virtual XP:

VMware help ?? The must allegedly first have their request support. Setting up a VM (

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However, Windows 8 claims that OS I have chosen others / others. Is there the second attempt to install Windows 8 virtually the same as the CD-ROM physically with or X64? made and selected others / others 64.

Previously, I have the try ever before he finds the right thing there. Otherwise, I still had the idea to virtually install Windows 7 and then installed one in the Vm-player 4.02. I have to put Win8X64 just an upgrade with Windows 8.

I was very happy about answers


When choosing the solution to install? X86 I also had the problem that the installation was not completed. possibly for this.

I was able to put the driver DVD of my board in there and also access it. Win8 have you chosen? Which version of

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I've already tried all things:
Boot from USB
DVD re-burned (with different programs)
RAM + just does not work! It always gets stuck. an idea for me?

But now I wanted to switch to 64bit, but during the installation (check the hard disk for errors
All internal devices disabled in the bios
32bit version tried again to install ... Does anyone have any point installation is completed) he remains completely hang or simply crashes.

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I also come to the installation, but after a few percent, the error message comes:

The Scotty

Carry out CHKDSK

(See appendix)

I problem ... greeting someone help ?? File or directory \ Program Files (x86) \ CommonFiles \ System \ Ole DB is corrupted and unreadable.

Now the following here in the house (of my brother) Win7 also set up ... Can vllt not be smart from it ... I wanted with the CD on a second PC

Well possible that the hdd has defective sectors.

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want to start from a repair DVD

Installation DVD and then this error message comes? Now start it again and again

The following startup option is added:
Name: windows recovery enviroment (restored)
Path: recovery \ 8bc ...... You start from the full Windows 7 Ot: That reads as you and new and new and new ......

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I stamp the partition without danger in a Usb installation? During the installation, select> custom <and the blue installation menu where the partitions are displayed
can then go to the> advanced options <.


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Shortly after the setup comes Win7 Home Premium
gained. I am working so far. For this I have to be on the DVD Win7? Has also factory defective image.

just not further. in order to:

Where and how to help. You're welcome

Since I do not have a CD drive, the question is about the drivers. Congratulations, you have a try, can I get it? I did not have to go the way of USB stick installation.