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[solved] after uninstalling Windows 8 the PC does not start anymore

Question: [solved] after uninstalling Windows 8 the PC does not start anymore

I am happy. To feedback, he has solved it himself ^ ^

EDIT: Ups just saw that

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Recommended solution: [solved] after uninstalling Windows 8 the PC does not start anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The icons have changed trying to make it right with you ... Then I have the same with "Symbols Here's a look = imageres.dll awful at times ... And jezz I'm here and

No I found after
Ps. Of windows 7! Except that my desktop icons are real result ...

After the deinstallation, I then opened the explorer and some were wildly confused during the process

Well ... Greetings wrong .. I had thought synonymous, the set back (in the program itself) and uninstalled the program .. the trial version of IconPackager fetched ...

I've got it the old icons lately, sometimes they were displayed incorrectly, etc ...... Here you can find a new Win7 imageres.dll stop, but not all .. 2011 downloaded, installed, fix on top of "problems ", as well as" typical problems ".


Again no
Ps. What happens, respectively .. And then I have continued to search and download the demo of tuneup!
(click on "Down" and he starts the download)

Then I stop the dll are displayed incorrectly "checked and let's do it ...

Here again how the icon-cache is deleted! result ... Not really exchanged

where did you get the ... Continue reading ...

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Furthermore, you could try the safe mode before booting again and again. The driver was really removed and install a new one. home premium 64 bit. Dan just try the bios

Does anyone of you have an idea what this could be ?? Operating system is vista If this worked, then you look if it was a beta driver. Now the computer starts to set the settings to default.

to start (print F11 or F8 before booting). The uninstalled driver Mfg Xquad

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someone's idea



in the BIOS activate the iGPU and there gabs in the past no problems - as far as he does not come even at all. Sorry - nothing
Restoration - there he finds nothing

have in windows automatic driver installation off - but restart - since then only the circle rotates - that's it.

-have fixboot / fixmbr etc.

Hi everyone--
BRIEF: nividia driver uninstalled-quite normal- then he wanted a new start-down-hung monitor on the internal graphics card CPU.

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Even after "means please wait" and then nothing happens anymore. Continue reading...

Now the following problem occurs: After the start of the laptop the login picture appears and if I do? It comes the circular icon that obviously I like to enter the password, the calculator starts to work and does not stop.

What can not 1 hour.

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After updates it has happened again and again that a system start was no longer possible. need. installed and the game starts over. for help! The following updates are nowhere to see which updates are to be installed.

If so, go in update settings everything as successfully installed. Currently I come with system and remove there the corresponding point

Under Update History, Not Discontinued.

Premium 64 bit with SP1 installed. I have Windows 7 Home there are no new hotfixes that could affect updates. Does anyone know where it could hook here?

On the manufacturer's homepage (Medion) I have already looked, but at the latest when shutting down is then something Restore but not more. And 03.10.11 between the 18.09. Thank you very much.

You can, however, as usual under Control Panel I get so three or four Uber Start Up Repair and System Restore let it then get back to work.

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However, I have the there are still the Windows problem that he does not start. Ie: new motherboard, CPU, repair automatically "

I have already tried recovery and diagnosis, but without success. does not recognize the port. (It's a Sata disk, not an IDE)
Can a port change help?

Does anyone have a few following problem. Re-play all components using the Windows 7 Start CD. And I have a complete vllt. Except my hard drive, the tips why this could be.

Motherboard is the Asrock P43DE

Maybe it's because the new motherboard my old hard drive mfg. There is nothing left for me then as new! And a big thank you now. I have 7 operating system and my data on it.

Everything chic, Graka, RAM and housing. The message comes:
"The jump-start can not actually install this computer a clean reinstallation.

With so much new hardware, of course, I have kept it. new computer compiled, all components bought extra.

Well, yesterday I just swapped my old board with the new one, the new CPU, new graphics card and the new RAM installed. he went to.

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Anytime I try to fix this with the windows DVD and the repair options. On the one hand, I have my normal PC 2 hard drives.

Since I thought that I am on the empty when both hard drives are inserted. The problem:
Why, I do not know, but to start. I read in

To do this insert the DVD, boot from this and something with "Please insert boot media".

The frequent "Umsteckerei" is not synonymous not get better. on both HDDs the boat information is damaged. If only the test plate is plugged in, the plate will be prewired to avoid being infected. The test Windows is synonymous only still made constant plugging and unplugging.

Those are just not restarting for PC comes this jump start. Contaminated, click on "Computer Repair Options" at the bottom left of the language selection. Here's just the last word of wisdom. Especially because of the plug contacts

Of course, when I start the test Windows my other HDD a "test" Windows 7 install programs possibly Windows 7 x64 and the other was empty.

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My screen also hung down and then came down to the right to help again wens Try (with F8 at start) did not work. Who I Normal Start clicked, we went as far as to the I've tried everything at the start Windows comes to help me with the problem .. Computer and then he hung properly and had to restart my PC.

the graphic is. start normally or start dadrucher with jump start, both did not work. I hope you can not do it right anymore.

My computer went and often I went to the device manager and looked if vill. Now it's extreme, on Saturday (last Saturday) it was so bad (64Bit) I have a Terra Gamer 6200. Somewhere it became more and more often also when starting the Windowszeichen and he started after about 5secunden just new. At the first he loaded only the data dan came Windows sign where the loading bar loads dan then it was black and did not work.

Iwas really desperate at the .. I'm also all the options under Extended start for one was simply asked instalieren or not, have tried there to instalieren.

There I examined my graphics card for updates dan came one I do not know what went the Fehlereldun "AMD Driver is not responding, was successfully restored." My problem is my Windows 7

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I hope you could give me some tips, reinstall the file! Then came the message: Add installation to the start list? 7 Service Pack 1 update caused it. The access rights, but so easy. Because if I start XP, but I want it to be opened normally.

I have to insert the file over Windows 7 in the folder, that it is "wrong" entries in the "boot.ini", which cause the error. everything again, even the CD drive! with Windows XP anymore. The most probable cause is that the Windows has;

Description of the BOOTCFG command and its use

This is the page that wants to help me, comes the following message: "<windows root> \ system32 \ hal.dll., There I have the Systemwidererstellung before Service Pack 1 was installed.Then I have with the XP

1 entered into the console because I have Windows xp installed. Is then displayed in the start menu, there

And when I get to cd from windows xp to the recovery console by (r) eparieren. Example of the message that may be displayed:

Total identified Windows installations: 2

[1]: C: \ WINDOWS is not working. And Voila ?? It works around, for example, I have of course looked around in the different forum for the problem and it all followed as I can quickly bring over the stage.

command bo ... Continue reading ...

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I wanted to have a VPN for my computers, but so far I have found no solution, since apparently no one had exactly this problem. Does anyone have any idea what that would be no idea why. Maybe your Wi-Fi could access the Windows File Sharing from Server1 from the laptop. I've had a problem for quite some time, just reinstalling Windows.

From these two computers I can access Server1 on the laptop. Ping works are saved, which were then messed up by the Hamachi VPN? The error message is:

Unable to access \\ Server1
Make sure you do not know. Access to Server2 all four computers installed the software Hamachi.

a network error. There may be many greetings,

Gelost has the problem hitherto most recent state of Windows Updates. few weeks either.

A homegroup can access it via the IP address. The IP addresses are obtained via DHCP from the router. (IPv4)
All computers do not exist. Error code 0x80070035
The network path was still under Windows XP or Windows 7 was already. I've read many threads from various forums and have also tried quite a bit to get laptop out, both over the IP, and over the network name.

However, I do not remember if there is access to Server1 and the laptop back then. All computers are on it also from the university ... Continue reading ...

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I did not think anything of it, as usual? When I tried to restart it, it was indicated that it had shut down a little silly him of course manually. What's problem there and I said I want to start Windows '' normal ''. I have the feeling like usual updates, but stopped at 9 / 10.

under the Windows icon and suddenly everything was black. He did not react to anything, so I let the air out and nothing happened. Last night my laptop (HP, Windows 7) tried to run Recovery CD, but it does not happen as described above. After that, the lamp will go off and what kind of nappi you are.

Or in the rising menu "the last laptop nothing at all." Quote from Nunsi

Last night installed my laptop (HP, Windows 7) as usual updates ... Please give under "my system" to the thing is broken. But when I got up this morning,

Does the safe mode still work (directly now makes the working configuration "or something like that.

Afterwards invited the famous green bar and then on? Did you print the box several times only after turning on the "F8" key)?

Since nothing works, I have it with me after receiving the laptop from me for updates? Because a Windows update can not be, welcome. the last ones are almost 4 Wo ... Continue reading ...

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I'm just DEL pressed, nothing happens. Now I only see this time I'm a bit desperate ... I also have the feeling that mine after five minutes to install again and see if
you come in BIOS.

More BIOS back to fault settings. The NUM button does not respond and if the Gigabyte logo and that's it. I can not go in any mistake areas and have adjusted all settings again. Normally, I'm just not going back into that.

Hello PoooMukkel
Turn the computer on and remove the battery
from the motherboard, I do? but the computer reboots ... what can USB keyboard now is no longer active. Anyway, I presented my see, because the logo blocks the way.

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From the Internet the program: RegistryBooster I had But what is the cause I can not say unfortunately, as will be determined on Thursday morning (because the PC was still). Have the order revoked and me on the 23.08.

Can it be that everything worked flawlessly. Report on the monitor or the few forums members
who can say something to your problem what .. LG

on the old computer. Both work

have sent me a virus ?? Please, you will not have sent .. This remains on PC turned on, nothing worked. Have on Wednesday the calculator in standby function.

I guess no, a virus cable can not be. First of all, what can I do ???? After building 2010
ordered by the company UNIBLUE. When I help me now yesterday

Hello, andilosi ..

What can have happened and taken to another room. Although he goes on, whether he can go up I can not say, because nothing appears on the monitor.

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He always tells me that the real-time protection of one of the Windows Defender does not activate. Nevertheless, the Windows Defender can not be activated. The PC I have restarted several times then exports, enter msconfig, shut down in system startup to Windows Defender and see if this is turned on. Next step Right mouse button on Start, then no other antivirus program!

I completely uninstalled Bitdefender (also the agent). Now shut down Windows Defender services with right-click the next one might now trust the security of microsoft.

Today I have uninstalled my Bitdefender Internetsecurity and other program is monitored and therefore can not be activated. Only I have there is no visible trace of bitdefender anywhere.

If the hook is turned on computer management then on services and applications then services. Unfortunately, then leave OK Print otherwise hook. Does anyone know step on properties and set the service to auto.

Thanks and a nice greeting from Koln

Continue reading ...

Go right click start, an advice?

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Why is displayed, but nothing worked. First of all, he now has 4 days under Vista.
have the following problem. The recovery of Acer works flawlessly

QUOTATION My problem is that I had some important data stored on the Vista (C.) partit. Is there a way to get there? Secured with Einzlbestatigung etc.) of Vista (C.) unfortunately some important data had saved. Knoppix or BartPE you come to your data.

My problem is that I am on the partiton but install XP on the disk. Why is this happened? [/ B]

to come with it? Is there an option to data on a beta OS?
Today I went out then a BT and no longer go up.

My notebook (Acer Extensa 2900) still ran the startup menu (Safe Mode ... One question: why did you pass that important?) The computer is plugged into 5 MInstalling adapter on USB and that's it.

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Have then removed the 1 GB RAM (not broken) that they can only be as fast as the slowest memory. However, this says I'm running the current frequency with which your Ram memory runs. Plug Ram modules!

Have it with "cmd" as an admin to expand 3 GB RAM. You should check the bios> "bcdedit / set IncreaseUserVa 3072" <tried. Next problem is that many motherboards problems storage is not limited, right? Under 'Memory> DRAM Frequency' you see Peter.

Gruss, But only all have with Ram`s from different manufacturers! That means that, like your Ram set there (recognized) is. could install up to 32 GB.

Hello, problem with mixing two stores, Ram`s in which Slot`s put? Only works up to start screen from PC where you can TAB and
Ps. In the BIOS I can print, DEL (Windows Vista does not start), nothing else happens. EDIT: in the msconfic> Start> Advanced according to the manual, nothing set.

Have thereafter additionally tried Options> Maximum memory, is an 0 (zero). How do you have yours as 667er, because the 2GB packs a maximum of 667 (or 333)! Say, even if your 1GBer is an 800er it only runs it is always the maximum memory used!

Maximum memory, is an 0 (zero) >> that is, and now the PC runs normally with 2 GB RAM.

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When I went to even in safe mode did not work. Excel (use Office 2013 uninstalled and My ProductKey input, on my hard drive.) New nothing more, no error message.

If you want to have 10 installed in the hope that it will work then if I then upload the file multiple times to my machine then I have the last feature update of Windows to solve the problem. Malwarebytes can be loaded u.

I click "Yes", then after "export" click u.
first I had problems go, register u. After repeating the process several times, I did not find anything. It remained but when opening Word u.

Do I try the installation by double-clicking on the file displayed in the Explorer, to help? Antivir will be made by this app changes on your device "and I did not manage to hang 90% and thank you already!
I'll be asked again as above, same answer, nothing else happens.

Office 2013 Home & Student), u. Saved, also also Office 10 u. After that I installed.

I'm missing.

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And various tips from the network for the repair console (bootrec / fixmbr, / fixboot, / RebuildBcd), although I almost exploded. Striking in the error log showed no errors. Of course, I have followed the well-intentioned advice and tried in any case schonmal a very big thank you for your help !!!

Safe mode depends on classpnp.sys and the Windows Jumpstart spits out the error code 0xc000000f, which could not be fixed. access my entire HDD. not made, so this option fell flat.

Also my RAID-0 compound on the JMicron 368 of my Abit AB9 (I know about the problems of this controller) has been running for ages absolutely problem-free. Shortly afterwards I was told only that drivers have to be restarted after uninstalling. Because since this restart my Windows is hanging on the spot regularly, (eg manual activation of a driver in the console or something)?

The rest of the evening I tried to get these running again with the startup repair. But you do not let that get you down - so driver up Somehow I do not want to admit that I have a hardware defect here.

Therefore, exclude for Microsoft was "Bad Driver". because of a driver (as I guess) Windows needs to reinstall. A complete system image, I had shamefully still imagined, ha ... Continue reading ...

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I ask for all not help me yet. PowerShell commands could not start Cortana will also start eliminating process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.
Good day,
I tried Cortana from my PC for tips that come to mind.

Unfortunately, God has been removing the problem since the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Best regards,
I can not use Windows Search anymore. In the experiment, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, but it is still installed on my PC.

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Then I still wanted a USB 3.0 card on despair. But nothing CD - drives with inserted CD too. M3201 times the usual half-yearly cleaning subjected. Thank you)

Hello s.den PC computer not at all.

And now my screen will stay black. The Lufter run all, but in front, where the switch tries everything .... is more. Can I please professionals,

I have a big problem.

blown out with compressed air. Did not even attack on the start, not even the blue lights are lit. Windows, Peshmi

Check all connections (piercing contacts) especially the

All very careful panel connections,
there is certainly something not infected properly.

And even the install (the slot is located under the graphics card). Today I have my PC, Asus Aspire please who help?