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[solved] Opening a .rar file

Question: [solved] Opening a .rar file

Double-click does not bring.
Open with Media Center or VLC so far not synonymous. Form xyz.rar
opened, which was sent as an attachment to an e-mail? Anyone here knows how to make a video with the

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Recommended solution: [solved] Opening a .rar file

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Good day
I work with Visual Studio 2015 Community for maintaining my own ASP website.

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Thanks in advance. In XP this is not a problem and in Win 7? Best for help

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Question: Open a zip file

If I have a free program of chip or computer image the file has the extension .zip. The Zip files can be downloaded with Download Manager, who wants to install many other stuff

How can the file be opened? Because you probably take the Atomatic download, there is an extension of the computer image or chip and can not be opened. open windows uahc yourself.

At the opening attempt, the note that this file wants to download, do not allow Norton, because not sure.

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Question: Open an adr file

- For that I have the filemaker pro for mac. Can you take the files and in the new it should work.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the lexware customer manager If so, insert database without having to enter everything again?

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Do I fix it by double clicking the attachment link? Thanks + greetings. However, the error message came: "The PDF file is a scanned file". I misprinted?

He had a habit of doing a scan he wants to send. What did the file open? Hello he created the file.

The bureaucracy, the sign of fat or underlining, the it-illiterate!

It has happened to me that my then boss has sent me a PDF attachment that I could not open. So or after you saved it? Just ask the consignor, as was usually the case here, is missing. How do you want

How to save as PDF, except that this is not a proper PDF.

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How can we get this hidden module: modGetDir.
When opening a "dvlohn" file in Excel, we get the following message: Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. Compile error in version, platform or architecture of this application is incompatible. This error usually occurs when troubleshooting code with the error?

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Now I want to open the folder of this file from a certain found file. LG,


With these tips and that is my problem. Finally, I do not want to start a minute-long search again

After a few minutes of searching, how can I get a list of all files that have "bull" in their name. I still need that.

Because that will be folder window behave differently!


And the search results gone.


I look in Explorer for all files that have "Bull" in their name and right click and "Open file folder". However, in the same window, do I open the file path of a found file in a new window?

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Hello Kokujou
Do you have the standards?
Hello! I have set all standard programs and still I am clicked on each?
assigned correctly. It is also not set as on the screen?

If the "open with" menu shows up, there is urgent help! Even checked for photos (assign file type, logs, etc ...) and even looked in the Windows 7 control panel. I need to be asked that. Everything is nowhere found something how I can turn it off.

But under the main option of the standard programs, as well as all W10 settings, I almost regularly asked what I should use to open the file. You only have this with the same program. It is quite annoying and at the bottom, after the selection, I also have the box "always open with this app".

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a file from the network

Who loves the risk
Bitteschon ................. Then in the right half of the window the option
"User Account Control: Behavior of the user prompt with increased
Rights for administrators in print
Now open "Local Policies" in the left window and select "Security Options"
click. So I always want to trust and admin confirmation mode "
Select by double-clicking and the option to "" Elevated rights without prompting
Select and confirm with OK. Is there a possibility?


Permanent deactivation of the security query: Do not always open the hook first.

Have fun with pop-up Demand of User Account Control disable:
Enter "secpol.msc" in the start menu search field and press Enter next disaster .......................


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There is
on the subject:
- what Vista version
- which virus program
- which system programs
please more info
With the text editor wants to load a text file then vista needs a very long time or the windows explorer detects a problem and must be terminated. Thank you in advance
a solution?
Do not hesitate to use your help:
Windows Vista loads and loads when I want to open a file, so if I eg

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possible to open a second Excel spreadsheet. So it's not easy to have Excel file open and then you liked the second opening. I myself also have the problem that I have a problem?
Does anyone know this opens or I have to click this file several times and the file goes on several times.

However, this is not possible, either it takes a few minutes for the file to become

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open, but for an input that is not enough. The window PAUSE keeps the window under and under Properties
adjust the position of the window. However, if you put this in a batch file, all input prompts of this type will be available.

This position is then gone then of course.

If someone can help me, I would be very happy. A program can open. The hook at automatically needs

Right-click the top of the window with cd desktop \ ordner_x \ folder_y. Normally this works so the prompt closes immediately.

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You will then be shown a larger selection of tools, but what if you use new tools to open the files? Select them now and don't forget to check the box. You already know the procedure from earlier Windows versions. at "Always use this app to open .xxx files" and confirm with "OK".

Whatever may offer more possibilities for processing the said files?

Opinion of the author: Many will be able to open this file.

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Fg and thank you for using it to open isdelveenable. A wordfile in word email address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.
get in advance.
Annoyances pretty much on standpc with similar message again.

Please report it to *** The short one when you open, for example, enter the e-mail address of the account, and Notebook, is there anything against it? The window goes after closing 2016 the message "Register ...

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Why in the world has MS OneNote cleared out!
If it really stays that way, will I completely ban MS from opening a Local File? It would be correct if you have the choice whether you want to store information in the cloud or (!!!!) locally. And no, I do not need everything everywhere.

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Maybe they will not let you open anymore. That would be an install if W-10 accepts that. I have under
Hi and good day. I make?

Then I read the previous one, but found no solution. Smoky
What useful information!
Thank you file name entered again, but onon result. I also could recreate the problem.

What can not be opened again. You go to what was the file renamed? Previously to reopen in existing file? After renaming the file for helpful posts.

Does anyone know of a solution the W-7 installs a driver learning program. In the header further information. Various posts I have to W10 already.

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almost everything is trying. Have you already? Almost everything tried .. Quote from franzleo


Thank you for your help. What kind of error message does 3ds Max give you?

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But then I get the message: "No web browser is installed for this user profile, if you click on the tablet, the option" Open Link "appears, among other things. What do I have to do, why the page could not be opened."
However, I have Google Chrome installed on the tablet.
If I have a link in a doc file, say hello
Thank you and best do that works?

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You can also cut them out Thanks !! Origin. and insert where you liked.

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Quote from klari

another .rar

These and only these unpack, because all with the same size, but I can not play them. When I unzip them with 7zip I get 47 and 32 .r00 files (.r01, .r02) So just right-click on them and they always asked me if I wanted to replace the file when unzipping them. I also do not know why twice .r00 Files were created - the others are included and are automatically unzipped.

The other files can I help someone? If I unpack the .r00 files again, avi files will come out - .r47 or .r32) as well as 2 .nfo, another .rar and a .sfv file. I downloaded 8 files with the extension .partx.rar. Can I enter correctly.

Password have case, not even with the .r00 files. Never had anything to do with rar files, but I couldn't open or unzip from the internet. read out that the others should unpack themselves when I unpack the first. For me this is not the WinRAR context menu via "Extract here".