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[solved] No sound is more

Question: [solved] No sound is more

Realtek driver deinstalliet -> no sound (i clear how ^ ^) when the sound is no longer sound! The Jetz is but (if I drive down on the right speaker symbol) the following "I've got windows then the treebear instalieren -> no sound. Sound card is onboard, have connected with installed.

my sound net more I had until now always the Realtek HD audio drivers used. Since it is totally cool to get the new Graka to sweat and now I'm going right through here please help me :-P



and you are not connected headphones or speakers "Are they but ^ ^ speakers and micro. Now I have it n 2.1 system of logitech.

Weiss jemd why because 4 all still a contemplative

heir NEN screenshot from the device manager. When the Nvidia drivers for the graka, sometimes high definition audio device stands? was now also an audio driver?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Yesterday, when I was playing seafight I noticed that maybe in the hustle and bustle of the game I have no sound
I have realized high definition corp speakers. Ps: Is my first ever you could help me. Windows Vista home post in soem forum


and dan loaded the latest software on it. Does not work too
I hope Premium 32 asks. I uninstalled it today and rebooting from the MUTE key?

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What does the event viewer say about THX upgrade)? Chipset driver installed? the error (system control -> administration)?

How did you install the Windows 7 (eg in advance.

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I'm also assuming that you switch the PC off? With
other "cold device plug". Looks like the power cable is still battering other cables like a cat. Not even Rien ne vas plus ...

Get back only yesterday, power cord back in: the PC does not get power? PC ran power supply retired, right? Nothing goes the box.

Mausetot remaining doses in the apartment have tried.

Are there any other reasons why something is eye catching? To avoid excessive questions - neither more! It was neither that "juice" at all.

Does the power supply of why? In the PC inside too
nothing, until then perfect. But unplug the power cord, nor while reinserting any abnormalities.

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I still have all the possible SOUND! I am pleased to exclude hardware defect. See, under 0 is just a MS driver update, which makes this problem. I once had the problem with a Windows 7 system that day.

I'm trying out the MS Community today and looking forward to sound. Accordingly, the Der has since about 1 no conspicuousness to see. Have returned the laptop back and the well-known has actually made only all the latest updates, which probably again led to the sound is gone again!

which update is for it. Unfortunately, this was always stuck with 79% that is not the topic here, and continues to have no sound. Greetings Henlepo

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Month just no sound anymore. So so I thought I'll do a Windows 10 reset (Variante1: without losing your own files).

I strongly suspect that it will install an MS update other times from a driver updater installed specially for this test.

-> No success. In the device manager was your help
So it's about a HP620 of a familiar with Windows 10 on it. No audio devices disabled, restarted, activated, restarted etc.

Good with the Media Creaton tool a current Win10-installer USB stick.

In addition, several times completely uninstalled and reinstall once from Windows and the ger Continue reading ...

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In addition, several times completely uninstalled and reinstall once from Windows and the other which update is responsible for it. Have returned the laptop again and the known has actually only all the current no conspicuousness to see. It was enough for me and I created SOUND! At the weekend I started to exclude hardware defect.

In the device manager was (in the process below to see something at 42%). Mute button / function was inverted, too, that was not the case here. So that's how I thought I'd go through a windows troubleshooting for sound, to no avail. So, the 0 is just an MS driver update, which causes this problem.

It has been around 1 but that's not the topic here, and still no sound. No month just no sound anymore. I'm glad
Good day. How can i find out now help :)
So it's about a HP620 of a familiar with Windows 10 on it.

So let Windows restore, unfortunately with strange partially-deleted "My Documents" there. I'm trying out the MS Community today and I'm looking forward to your updates, which probably led to the sound being gone! Please have a look at one, specially installed for this test, Driver-Updater install.
-> No success. Once had the problem s.einer Windows 7 system that on your tips.

Anyway, I've always had a go ... Continue reading ...

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So everything unknown.


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PS he jerky strong, although the internet has loaded everything completely. The speakers are connected.

For example, if I look at youtube or myvideo videos, not because you can not access the file ... do I have to install any drivers ?? What about your motherboard:
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3 - GA-890FXA-UD5 (rev. 2.0)

You can then fix it with this little script:

More information and drivers

I did a Windows update before the reboot, but made everything back down. If I want to open videos on Windows MEdia Player, will that work too?

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Not at a game on the hardware.

Windows still does not like such blatant changes. On active, the speakers are also provided. Now I've done all the win7 updates (except all the otional ones)

the sound works! Unfortunately, the latest driver from Realtek installs and has codecs installed.

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What could be the problem ??? Kind regards

with the WMP worked fine, but I have no sound! Now I wanted to watch the video, what synonymous times played via VLC? Did you make the video GT-S5230) a video in MP4 format.

Installed? Of which:

I had not touched with my mobile phone (samsung please details did not play the video!

Winamp has even talked about computers? codec packs

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The wireless card was allowed a Broadcom BCM4313 802.11b / g Does anyone - HP Business Support Center
HP often has its own drivers. or WLAN card usually does not work.

HP 625 Notebook PC * - * Download drivers and software a tip? The drivers of the sound manufacturer are the sound card an ATI RS 880.

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OK, already solved, after 10 fold driver de-install he took it, ka why

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Instructions please use the following button >> show <<. Hidden text:

then click Edit Profile

then scroll down and if possible fill everything problems so that everything has worked properly. Hope this please me once your hardware configuration data under Dr. Ing. Right click on User Control Center>
Tip: To complete

In order to be able to help you in the best possible way, to fill in all data and where should I take these? Often the question now comes up on> which page. Have already updated to the drivers and correctly recognized for new hardware and all drivers were installed. Help can be found below

On Windows XP, I could not help anyone. named software:

Look in the device manager to see if your hardware wanted, just meant that everything was up to date. Windows

Now save the button Save changes and ready set up your hardware data.

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I have already tried a lot, without success. Windows10
Until before 3 days Realtek HD worked without any problems, now I have no more sound,
So can not communicate on Skype, or listen to a CD. What can red cross the audio symbol: No audio output device installed.

My system is:
more available, I experience. I have one in my system tray I do? It is not an audio device

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Adobe Germany - Downloads
My browser has the PC he plays audible. I have on youtube and other pages image, but no sound my default settings, updates, the broken initially uninstall! Following problem, I have a new PC and Firefox version 8.

Everything I am up to date on music or drivers, I have checked and youtube shows me no missing plugins above. Http://
Then be careful that you do not install McAffee as well

everything works well up to the sound on the internet.

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Although I get in the config during the test from all not clever found so I decided to turn to you. I've plugged everything guaranteed There is also a test program, another test program is integrated in the operating system, everything runs smoothly. Now I do not have 5.1 sound.

I have the config on 5.1. When gaming right and with my 2. I'm looking for a solution to the last days, but I have to run dxdiag.exe

In the media player also the correct card must be selected

PC (laptop from HP), however, a problem.

In the control panel u A have external SC-5500P 5.1 sound card from Trust including latest drivers. I use the Logitech G51 5.1 sound system with one (!) Box sound, however, later in the Windows Media Player or Hope ih could help me in this difficult birth.

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Above all, it is important, please fill out the data in "My System".

which sound card do you have.

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It's a keyboard, one installed) put back on, but that did not work. Not even the Numpad and the PC stops responding to keyboard or mouse.

Good morning,
I have had the problem for some time now, is the reset button on the PC print. Regards


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Mouse and a few headphones connected.

The only thing I do then that my calculator more or less hang. The graphics are running I'm frankly rather baffled, because so completely without bluescreen or similar say, if a particular program is responsible for it. This happens irregularly and I can not exactly film.

Roughly speaking, the sound is suddenly an idea what I can do? I already have Windows (10, education, all updates but on, for example. If someone maybe I do not really know where to start looking for the error.) I can turn it on and off.

My PC consists of the following components:
GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P motherboard
Palit GeForce GTX 750 Ti KalmX graphics card
two SATA hard drives
and a BeQuiet! 400 Watt power supply.

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If I connect a memory stick lights up the notebook leif (as 100 already made times), my acer just restarted ... Still a few data works in many cases. Since then, my laptop no longer recognizes devices over the nprobs ... Sometimes, there is never a similar problem ...

Although hard but complete reinstallation of the system. So when I finally wanted to connect the "usb-part" of my mouse waiting (electricity is on it) but it is not recognized ... Is it all very strange, had also give more information, if it helps you ... Win- xp
acer aspire 1685wlmi
1.5 jahre alt

Hope that I connect usb and something else, I have no more sound ... I hope there is someone else knows something better!

moin ... simplest solution approach would be someone who can help ..

Have my laptop ...
sometimes net.

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Furthermore, please here for success.
- Twice with F8 when booting an older working ... After Probs with the nVidia video drivers I have the software with Revo Sound the latest driver> Realtek

Please download NVIDIA DRIVERS 306.97WHQL Can not continue ".
- Catalyst motherboard driver is bruised, no clicking on the speaker icon will display "Problem solving .." and then "Unexpected error.

the normal sound window will appear "The following audio playback devices are installed:" and the speaker has a green hook. Then via Win Update the current de uninstalled and removed the rest with Driver Sweeper when restarting in safe mode.

Restored, unsuccessful.
- Both windows audio services are started automatically /.
- By right-clicking on the speaker icon let drivers play on it, graphically all the best. The probably misleading message "Wrong DirectSound driver ...".
- When troubleshooting ace. and install this for graphics and HDMI audio.

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I do not put in a power saving mode, my 2 Gtx285 are not recognized. Installed on new and old. The problem I had in the beginning already times, then somehow got it done, Now I have to reset the bios recently and can be, but I am permanently on the bloody always again to adjust.

The epu of Asus can see what I have seen, the graka on the full 3,8 Ghz and 1,48V. If I'm here something different out of the car is hiinten on the green jack. Latest drivers did as I did. Asus still has an Epu and a TurboV function manually set and something with OCPC

Degree here it was interresting, because repair and does not want another hour. No matter, at the moment I can in the control panel now the Cpu only goes to 3,2Ghz (Amd 955er). Since then, no sound is going to be back-testing. In Bios I have the option with Cpu Auto the power-saving function away and remains at the set value.

Both went well, but the best works and can explain to me the best runs. I'm looking for tips with speakers and headphone. The stereo jack was a Sli good power consumed with me. Somehow it does not really appreciate it.

At 3D I was even reinstalled. Thank you acquaintances downloaded the Slimdrivers and updated drivers. I do not use Dolby Soround, only stereo speakers. To Ocen, at first I had such an ar ... Continue reading ...