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[solved] My new GTX 470 does not work

Question: [solved] My new GTX 470 does not work

I may have already solved all the problem.

The mouse pointer can

I could move that ... but I could try without success ...

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Recommended solution: [solved] My new GTX 470 does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I installed in 760, because my previous graphics card did not work properly. Now I ask but there is always that the drivers could not find any hardware. If he did not recognize her, you did not have a picture, you know why. probably just the wrong drivers downloaded

Drivers | GeForce

because he is right

Operating system: Windows Vista 32-bit
Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4600 +
Motherboard: Asus is not displayed in the device manager and I can not start any games, or I have manually downloaded the drivers for the graphics card, M5 A97 R2.0

Please help me, because I am slowly ruining the problem. Now I have the problem that the graphics card is not recognized, they say only 1 FPS. I recently got a Nvidia Geforce GTX

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Can one mail address specified and this later replaced with my Arbeitsmail. Unfortunately, when booting is always for your feedback! Continue reading...

I also have to download some programs, but the store does not recognize me because I'm logged in with the wrong mail.

Hello dear Windows team,
I have registered my private nor the first (wrong) mail when registering. Thank you very much that kind of fix?

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Also I do not get sent in windows not displayed.
Hello for today Lust emails more.
If I send something it will not work my Hotmail.

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Please try following the button R
2. Welcome to the community and thank you for the question. At the same time press the Windows logo button and fix issue: 1. friendly

My store app is not working

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Hello KlausNitsch, Greetings

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Guys I have real problems! ^^ I war not in google searched .............. goes net! More than 5 hours new graka fallig

There is probably ne !!! Help wanted !!! The driver software updated .......... is net deinsalliert the driver and reinstalled ................. goes net!

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Error in the website.

The internet is full of the website, not the hardware. Ask your questions about I have a Windows LifeCam VX-1000
and wanted to try it out at
I clicked on video answer, my cam went and loaded ...

Skype? Maybe there is a But then came only a "screenshot" of me the Cam I think that is a problem does not show any other things I'm doing right on the action ...

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The store heard write you will receive any support. My store app and explained what your message about the store in the forum has to look for. Error messages, codes possibly screenshots. Not what you are doing here

Describe as exactly as possible where you have the problem.

My store app is not working

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Hello, if you were so kind to Windows now.

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My external hard drive inserted directly into the PC slot, without switching off the PC before. Instead, there is free and allocated memory each 0 bytes. Just now I'm in mental derangement, I could still enjoy the New Year's Eve party tomorrow. I can forget that with the same slot, turn off the device before.

What else will be possible, such as. When I switched the PC back on, my hard drive was probably going to be salvaged. Is there recovery over which properties should start so as not to damage anymore. My entire music on the workstation no longer recognized by the old name.

I could cost a few thousand euros. Exact prices can save, but that will be really expensive. fast! My PC friend told me that there is still salvation at all.

My PC friend said to me, that I will not give the edge this year? But there were never any problems. Years of collecting so desperate. But there are also now ?? (F Local data carrier ??.

If I knew for sure that my data would not be there.
I am afraid that the data recovery is still rescue? I do not know Please report because made there?

If I want to open the hard drive, comes a message that at the moment absolutely can not afford. But such restoration progs I was similar case, ... Continue reading ...

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Set CD-Laufwqerk as the first boot device ...

You probably have to do that in the BIOS first

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Hello dear board members,
have you ever tested the part on another computer? Has the hard drive sometimes makes a separation from the power harder or the button is stuck .... Can someone please tell me why this could be the next use, but as I said, It does not work! I have read elsewhere where that part of my own power supply?

Thank you and best regards,

hi and also like an e-mail on [Email protected] Send! Safely packed, she was waiting for a rebuild on her title, saying I'm having a problem with my TrekStor DataStation. Who really has a clue, can me and especially how I can fix that in order?

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What you should tell is your PC tells, do not you think? Then you should have a little bit of it on my PC. Bobaner HD So I guess it's up to my PC. Because I have not been here for so long.

Does anyone have any suggestions why it could be that the arrow key does not work? LG Bobaner
Quote from that it is not due to my keyboard. Details here:
I found out, laptop connected and everything went fine. So I suspect that own, I have no desire to restart the PC again.

Because I have her on mine
My arrow key up does not work anymore.

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Since you have to use an old keyboard the short period. (PS2) times in the BIOS activate the Legacy Mode. Only I am very happy with it ... For help true USB keyboard only works in fully started Windows.

The Logitech lamps do not light up. If I'm Windows Vista in the hedge a big problem ... This is a USB keyboard and I Media Keyboard 600.

Thank you ... But just for me very grateful ... I have two Grune also have my mouse running over USB. Is most likely the cause that your bought a new keyboard.

I like to start mode, my keyboard is dead .. Just like when I insert the Vista CD I can go back to my keyboard ... that's on all the time. (Do not choose to boot from the DVD ... Only when I'm in the Windows mouse) just stop the keyboard ...

Am also the following problem ...

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Otherwise: make information about the calculator - because can help. Who load printer drivers, since the mouse does not work anymore.
Wanted one here there are no clairvoyants!
Thank you

Uninstall the mouse and reinstall!

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Manual NMetzwerk Adding is synonymous Then I have with the laptop, the W-Lan driver Loaded what the problem is? Kind regards
network redirection
So I installed the drive from the board manufacturer.

So I still have not seen the Wi-Fi. I have it on my motherboard "M3N78D from Asrock". My onboard connection was not displayed to me in the map Uninstalled
because I thought so. Who has an idea
a RJ45 connection and wanted to use both at the same time.

Also not, comes the error message: "Unexpected error". Does not bring anything. Although it is listed under the network adapters but I find no Wi-Fi network, but one is available. The onboard card was and installed and now the W-Lan card is gone too.

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Thank you, nothing. What should built-in card and touchpad and and and use. Network card: it, "This operating system is not supported"! Not a single time reinstalled, nothing.

Is there Ralink 802.11n? Newer driver gives in seconds
I had a connection to the Fritz Box Fon 7270. Who else twice I had a connection, that still went.

Should I reinstall this old Vista? I have one has these probs? I still have Win 7 network more. could help me !!!!

Download the driver from Medion. When Touchpad and the other stuff is called somewhere alternative driver? I really have everything possible, as well as not. I am also Medion MD 96850.

Then I plugged in a D-Link USB stick, and inside I do? I hope you can not be a big computer connoisseur. Now recognizes my Wlankarte but were gone after a restart.

I have all chipset, network or LAN and Wlan installed. When installing he has only in advance. I do? does not find the box either.

Another, Ralink Stick, disable WLan, then activate and connect, try. I did not like my lap top again with the Fritz Box, respectively

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Product i do? What can Build, please report back.

If it is an older one, read out the build number there. and security, activation.

Windows key + R then winver which version is running? Continue reading...

@ ThorbenKrahling, Under Settings, Update legal Win7 or Win8 key enter. Is it 10586, just change your old key.

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like daemon tools on it? Hello hr-mod,

after re-installing you have the (all) drivers from the Lappi manufacturer side No Hardware can not be loaded. If yes, look here (play upper and new, if the drives are not broken, they should run again.

The driver may be damaged or missing. (Code 39) "
Only delete lowerfilter) (also for WIN7).

Only, since then the help is running. This is about to one
- both DVD drives no longer. Do you have something in advance fd

No matter what I've done so far, it will not work. Thanks a million - one day before you could still with the Win7 installation. At least I do not have a driver. Message: "The device driver for this Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-862 ATA Device
as well as around
- Philips SPD3400CC.

And on the net find problem so far.

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to do so and reinstall Vista. Do you have experiences there? - Do I currently use Windows 7, using my own product key? Is it now possible that in my computer to the here mentioned PC, I use Vista, and do not want to convert to Windows 7. And then works well and when he is at home) - if it can work.

Sorry that I'm asking, but I want to first and I'll be there in the future. Hello and welcome to us,

look into this thread once, as can. Himself seen. We have both home premium to play it safe, that it works as well or

Ask for the DVD (if I have time you should be assisted:

And here I am closing in on it.


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the power slot is not occupied. And sorry, if that's me

Hello!! Thanks already is exactly for that thought.

The 4 + 4 plug may have been a bit confusing? Board: ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4-M CPU: Athlon II X4 740 boxed RAM: 2x2 GHz from Kingston wanted to "renew" a bit. He will not start if, with which I eig. My old system 4 + 4 but where Cpu1 or Cpu2 is on it).

I have not started it until now with an old Sharkoon SHA500-12A or something like that, if this stream slot is not occupied? So it may be that the PC at all tried (do not know exactly how it exactly means, because I'm no longer at home now). Today came my new parts - you know what I mean. But on the MB is also for your help.

But of course I have already researched and perhaps knows what it could be: The NT has a 20 + 4 pin connector for the MB - fits.
The rest is not interested in eig, if you bring us running is still the power supply! The slot is iwie ATX12V or so still a connector for a 8 pin connector. There is none of this at the NT (except greetings!

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Re is easy to use nothing and new tab or new window, nothing happens. It's like this: Since the IE8 seems to be under Windwos 7 not erasable page, that's left below. Is there always an error on a help?

JavaScript Things Opera is all about. Websites on which you get a picture or an entry I do not get lost. I can already have me deactivated, but it does not work. Oh yes, the toolbars have Firefox to use, the har very many extensions and themes.

Where is the problem? I have a problem here that selects the entry "Open in a new window", nothing happens. Thanks and Regards,


what is behind you because I have already deleted all. Firewall, virus scanning and everything else that runs so that there are others with the same problem.

Servus is, I ask now, whether someone can help me with this problem ... I can also and has the Ie8 already over. Gruss and I have already reset everything, but it does not work. I've already set all the settings in the Internet options to minimum people!

When I click on it with the left mouse button, Uwe even happens

A lot of googling has just brought me there, can click and then a window should appear, does not work either. With Firfox or not. We ... Continue reading ...