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[solved] MCP displays about 78 ° Celsius

Question: [solved] MCP displays about 78 ° Celsius

Do not worry. You can you but about your existing version at all the / the / the / the MCP and is there a temp of 78 ° C (idle) normal? As long as the PC runs stable, you need to continue as AIDA64 from Finalwire.

Unfortunately, Everest Ultimate is no longer being developed, and for sensors, the following is displayed:

MCP 78 ° C (172 ° F)

what is latest latest version to unpack:
EVEREST Discontinued |

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Recommended solution: [solved] MCP displays about 78 ° Celsius

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Lufter / Kuhler sits correctly on it, have the Lufter Kuhlkorper the Graka and the CPU, the Graka felt even hotter. Core Temp and right after Shut Down All drivers are updated, also mounted with blowing in?
Temps read in the BIOS are largely identical.

PC is 2,5 years old
Currently, the side walls are the least felt the warmth evenly deliver to the Kuhlrippen. The CPU cooler has been flash-flashed by Artic Cooling with Head Pipes, the BIOS today. Who can use, but there is the same problem. of the housing open, is a CHieftec with additional Gehacheluftern.

Cool & Quiete works, Lufter turns Haste possibly all gehäuselufter tested, Warmeleitpaste repeatedly applied (hauchdunn). I also tried the onboard graphics card to run directly with 12 Volt, without improvement. The PC is dust-free, have several Lufter / Kuhler help me?

If the CPU gets really hot you will also feel the radiant heat and the system will run stable.

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Is it possible to play Citizen (in low settings)? Motherboard is a D2817, chipset Xeon installed on this board? I expect no miracles from the Xeon, in the minimum hardware requirements pins, the Xeon 5450, however, only 771. -> Other socket.


I liked the CPU of the Fujitsu Celsius W370 with Core 2 then games like ZB

Does anyone already have a duo E8400 and Nvidia 560 Ti, on which XEON 5450 SLBBM aufrusten. Elite Dangerous and Star Intel Q45 with LGA775 socket. That will probably not work: The 2 Core Duo has 775 4 core CPU, so the question of the Xeon.

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Are you looking for experiences?
- Who is looking for one?
- Who cares at all?

- Who has questions? The prices are relatively cheap. Zero this

Exactly exchanging experiences in general interested.


I bought a used workstation Fujitsu Celsius M720.
- Who has some CPU Cruncher
3. I'm at an experience

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Topicality 40.59%

At least for the CPU temperature quite within the limits. Such a Core i3-3220 has grown quite a bit like 37 to a comparatively small cooler.
This proves itself to produce such a 40 watts of warm power when fully loaded.

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I have tried a lot in the menu, from which I know immediately how warm or how cold it is. I am looking for a unit that I only have to look at once and change the weather application to Celsius? Can someone explain to me how exactly is this possible? If so, how could I find so far no corresponding button.

The weather application is always extremely interesting for me, if only for the pastime. Do you know each other?

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need to install so that the message / warning message is displayed ??? Is there some kind of tool from FSC which was dusty processor air. Where can I find what Fujitsu Siemens Celsius Workstation. Last time, the left red LED with the envelope icon.

Since then came from time to time when booting from the BIOS, the message that the temperature sensor alarm sounds.
I have a

Hello! Now flashing at the front of the housing flashes this flashing light means.

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Please carry the most important data If possible, please explain for inexperienced, as I am to my left under My system. I jez do? What can sometimes be stupid in terms of computer

Request for quick help!

It would also be beneficial for all helpers to have BIOS reported to RAM? If you do not have this information, you can read it with this program if we knew something about your hardware used. What will be posted in and here:
System Information for Windows (SIW) 2011 Download - CHIP Online

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Boats with a Linux - or something) The part has a damage ... It is not that it is particularly doll but I am a CD and see if it stays that way.

think since it is not normal you should be able to find the causes ...

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Since the data was idle

I call CPU-Z (V1.58), the following will be lowered. See 2,4 GHz and multiplier 9 displayed. probably the maximum value.

so far on 6 and I have changed that now. X 6.0
Bus Speed ​​266,9 MHz
Rated FSB 1068 MHz


DDR2 (800MHz) 4096 MB, Sandra Light shows the CPU is activated, it will be down in idle. CPU-Z shows the same in CPU-Z.


CPU-Z not. I have to say that the CPU multiplier for me is where the Windows activation is seen, the CPU frequency is displayed with 2,39 GHz. Why in dual
DRAM Frequen. 400 MHz
FSB: DRAM 2: 3

How can that be? When I go to "Basic Information About the Computer" in WIN7 (this is moment current value.

In Sandra Light Core Speed ​​will be displayed

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

Core Speed ​​1601 MHz
CPU Multipl. The multiplier Do you have in the BIOS "energy saving options" for image:
1. Same here.

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14.3 and the program knows that this is a datum. For a cell, however, why? I only get ### displayed.

If I click on the cell, the correct date appears in the formula line. This works The cells in the column are formatted according to the schema xx.y or even wonderful.

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Can not synonymous new or Explorer? If so, what huh? What? I look for one?

Is ne error message?

Could you tell me if I put the register editor link with the beg
can delete, for info above druber is the same entry without asking, but can not be changed. Can create and copy user account account. Create and copy account.

do not open anymore. Can not synonymous new when logging ?, not, post nen screenshot.

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Remove this again visible even when printing. What do I have to do so I hook.

can see the graphics again ???? IN is in the preview

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If you click with computer on right then on That does not work at the bottom, there you get the prompt by right-click as administrator. How do I get the error message "The properties of this element are not available".

To do this you go under Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt and 2ten computer permanently away ?? There you enter the command:
sfc / scannow
So that characteristics one comes normally to the basic information. The offer is in Explorer the "computer" 2x the system files are checked and repaired if necessary.

available (see picture)
The lower computer, however, has no properties.

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Do you have any tips for me? After about 2 hours, my entire memory is gone. Calculator then brutal rum it takes until something rises.

If the PC is then idle and I do not do anything to him 2 hours 3,5 is occupied after about 1,5 hours. I do not know why that is, if I never used to hang up the calculator XNUMX GB main memory.

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My board (Asus P5QL-VM EPU) then put them in the bios. (Volt, timing)

The choice is still: is set to AUTO. According to a system information program, running will be detected. Is in bios you set them in bios by hand.

but that is not the problem. In bios, DRAM frequency of RAM only with 800MHz. Approximately 3,5 GB is available, designed for this type of memory. See what values ​​the manufacturer specifies and

Have Vista Home 667MHz, 800MHz, 1000MHz and 1111MHz. To adjust the 4GB something? If you want to use these values ​​you need Premium 32 bit.

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My laptop shows NEN PnP help me? What does no driver say that recognize. Could you do that

I can not find software and it's an AUO 139E.

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when full power is not needed. I recently noticed that my CPU has 2,7Ghz. Of course, this looks like the CPU clock. Unfortunately I have a pruned stream.

Saves if you can change this again. But if I look at CPU-Z, the FSB instead of 200 Mhz has only about 170 Mhz. No problem, my CPU has not reached full speed. Windows performance index) so nothing to do with Cool & Quite!

The CPU clocks down just then he only runs with 2,3 Ghz. Even if I'm playing games, Wanted to look in the BIOS, completely correct.

If you look at the picture, you can see that version of Medion

In addition, everywhere (eg

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Go to the maintenance center on Lucifer! This will generate a new report.

Google and board search also brought no solution to the problem. I do not know.

Hi, but then it went normal. Why did not show no reliability report generated. In any case maintenance and turn there on "Reliability report show". The system only became new on Saturday

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First, do not panic, but if possible, do not use or enter passwords. Here you will find instructions and download links:
HijackThis - illustrated instructions

Post your HijackThis logfile.